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Sue needed more and the Alley was the place to go.
Sue's second night in the alley.

Getting home Sue put the soup can on her dresser and removed her skirt and blouse. Looking in her full-length mirror she looked over her body, funny it didn't look like she had entertained so many guys tonight she thought. Her inner thighs were slightly bruised but everything else looked fine. Her nipples were still pretty hard even after the ride home; she rubbed them sending chills over her body. True her breasts were small and after the way the stranger and the bums had talked about them she had felt a little humiliated but their small size hadn't stopped anyone from fucking her and getting enjoyment from her sweet pussy. Thinking about how she had let everyone use her pussy and how she did give them a nice tight one each time, it still pissed her off that the stranger hadn't returned or at the least told her she was a good fuck. Maybe tonight he would if he was there tonight.

Waiting for her bath she used two douches to clean her pussy out. Then soaking in the warm water she thought about the soup can, wondering just how many pennies it held. She thought about the night she had learned a lot in the alley. One thing was that black guys were no different then white guys for one thing. They all wanted the same thing, some were good at fucking some not so good. When she had kept her eyes closed she couldn't tell what color the guy was, a cock was a cock no matter what. She started to count the men, the stranger, next the three bums, then a line of men had come down the alley, about fourteen she though. The bums had fucked her again, but she didn't want to count that only the total number of men not how many times she was fucked. Eighteen men before she had passed out, now she tried to remember how often she had "dreamed she was being fucked" Damm it seamed like every few minutes she felt a cock in her. If each guy took five to ten minutes she figuring maybe six to eight an hour. She had been out for somewhere between three and four hours, so knowing that some had come back and did her a second time she used six per hour. That still would mean about twenty to twenty four men plus the eighteen, god that's about forty men fucked her. She rubbed her pussy, it felt fine there was no way she had fucked that many men, the only way to be sure was to count the pennies in that can.

After her long bath she lifted the can, it was heavy but the bum had said he put a rock in it each time she had a repeat, that's it the rocks made it feel so heavy she decided. Her count must be off not forty maybe twenty something she decided. Even with only the eighteen she knew, she should be so sexually satisfied that she wouldn't want or need sex for a good six to nine months so why was she planning to go back again tonight? Telling her self that it was to see if the bum had lied about that guy's big ugly cock, yes that was one reason she was going back to that alley to see this big ugly cock. She did want to see it and maybe feel it inside her when she was awake this time. She also wanted to see the stranger one more time.

Relaxing all day and only eating a small amount of food the day finally turned into night. At nine she was back in the tub, taking another nice warm bath to insure her body was relaxed and extra clean before she went back to the alley. After soaking for an hour in the bath she climbed out dried off and checked her self in the mirror, her inner thighs looked good, the redness was gone now, and her whole body was clean, soft and very white.

She took some extra time doing her hair and make-up, highlighting her eyes, dabbing on her best perfume, powdering her body, even adding blush to her nipples making them look a little darker. Finished with that she took one more look in the mirror. Her blonde hair was sparkling clean, her pretty blue eyes had just the right amount of shadow and liner, her tits were still small but her nipples looked nice being a little darker then normal, her tummy was nice and flat and her shaved pussy, showed off their pink lips, lips that would welcome all the hard cocks that wanted it tonight. She looked perfect, perfect for going out and picking up a young stud at any bar in town. She smiled at her reflection, yes perfect for that but that wasn't what she was going to do, was it. The old dirty bums and the black men wouldn't care how she looked as long as they could fuck her but she still wanted to look good for them also.

Not concerned on what to wear as she would spend most of her time nude anyway, she put on a blue cotton blouse and a not to short wrap-a-round skirt, easy things to get in and out of. Slipped into her high heels she was almost ready to start her night. Just one more thing to do, get her purse and some things she would need for her night. Dumping out the purse she repacked it, drivers license, cotton underwear for after the night was over, she didn't want to leak all over her skirt like she had done this morning driving home. A small tube of sensual lubricant she didn't plan on using it but just in case if she needed it. A roll of pennies and a sixteen oz empty soup can. She added one more roll of pennies before heading out the door.

She felt like she was going out on a date as she drove towards the bar. Thinking of dates, she normally expected dinner, tonight she would be getting loads of cum to swallow and in place of a movie she would watch as the men slide their hard cocks into her. The thought of seeing those dirty cocks and most of all the black ones use her clean pink pussy was making her wet as she turned on the street next to the bar. She parked on the street near the entrance to the alley. She checked the time on the car radio, ten fifty; she had time to rethink her plan.

Sitting in the car she remember what the stranger had said, "Honey, you can do what ever you want". She could put the car in drive and leave or she could shut it off and go down that dark alley it was still her choice. She knew that once she went down that alley the men there wouldn't give her much of a choice, if she showed up they would know that she came so they could fuck her. She reached over shut the car off, dropped the keys in her purse and got out of the car.

She entered the alley it looked darker then last night but the eclectic feeling was stronger tonight then it was last night, maybe because she knew what she was walking into this time. She walked softly towards the trash containers listening for any voices. Getting close to the bins she could hear someone talking, she stopped to listen. As she listened she felt those same chills as the night before run all over her body. Her nipples got rock hard and her pussy felt like it was on fire.

She heard a deep voice talking, "You told me she would be back again tonight so I could fuck her again. I even told my friends about her they didn't believe me and now I don't see her and if she doesn't show up they will think I lied to them." Sue heard the old bum whimpered, and said, "She said she would be here at eleven, honest that's what she told me".

Listening, she couldn't tell how many guys were there or if one of them was the guy with the big ugly cock but her pussy was getting wetter as she pictured herself being fucked by these men and this was just the beginning of her night. Thinking of what it would be like when the big ugly cock fucked her first before anyone else fucked her made her super hot. She wanted to wait longer and just listen to them talk about her but it was nearly eleven and she had told the old bum eleven so she walked around the trash bin and stopped at the edge of the mattress.

Looking at the men there, the three bums were there and a group of six other men, not very big men but black ones and very dirty ones at that.

Smiling at the old bum she asked, "Any of these that guy you told me about"?

"NO, he said he would be here after work about two thirty. He said he was bringing some friends to show them, ah how you would like him really fuck you, hope that's Ok?"

"Would you like to see that too?" She asked the old bum.

Sue reached into her purse handed him the rolls of pennies and the soup can, "Same deal as last night, but tonight I'll do whatever you want me to do like I did for the stranger last night. I'm all yours tonight how does that sound?"

The old bum looked surprised as he nodded his head took the pennies and the can. Then he said to the other guys, "See she came back like I told you she would." Then looking at her he said, "Well girl what are you waiting for, get undressed, show them what you look like".

Sue turned her back on them, dropped her purse and undid her blouse putting it over her purse. Unhooking her skirt she laid it over her blouse and turned back to the men. She stood there with her legs open for a minute giving them a chance to get a good look at her before she said anything. Seeing that the sight of her nude body had affected all the men, she smiled. "Is this body good enough for you to fuck?"

"Your pussy, looks real fuckable to me", one of quickly said. The other men all agreed with remarks about her pussy looking real fuckable. Then to her surprise the deep voiced one said, "You have great looking tits and I'd love to play with your pretty nipples."

Their remarks about her pussy didn't surprise her, she had heard lots of guys tell her that, all the guys loved to fuck and any pussy would do, she knew but the remark about her tits thrilled her and almost made her blush. She looked at him, "Feel free to play with them all you want when and if my friend says you can," she said as she pointed over at the old bum. "He's the boss tonight".

With a big grin and a nod at her, he said, "You can play with them after she sucks and fucks me."

Sue moved to the mattress and knelt down, "Can I suck your cock now, I can't wait for your nice cock to fuck me, when I'm done sucking you" she told the old bum.

The bum pulled out this hard cock and walked over to her holding it out for her. Before he pushed his cock into her waiting mouth she saw how nasty his cock still looked and smelled. She opened her mouth wide so it's big head would enter her mouth with no trouble. The head was covered with dirt and dried cum from the night before. Once the head was inside her mouth she closed her lips over it and let him face fuck her. She sucked and licked it as he moved his body back and forth. He grunted as he shot a small load of cum into her mouth. He quickly pulled out before he shot anymore and told her it was time he fucked her. Obediently, Sue laid back and opened her legs he him. He knelt between her legs and when she felt his large cock head start to push at her pussy, she push towards him helping him push passed her tight pussy lips sending his cock deep into her. His long shaft pushed in till his balls slapped her ass and the head was buried deep in her. She squeezed her pussy tight once he was inside her and let him fuck her as hard and fast as he desired.

She enjoyed feeling his big head as it moved deep inside her each time he rammed it into her. She felt some pain as it pushed passed her cervix and entered her womb each time. She wished it was longer so it would push even farther inside her, she bucked hard trying to get it as deep as she could. Her bucking caused him to fill her with his hot cum before she wanted him to but it felt good just the same. When he shot his final load he got off her. Saying he guessed it was time for the others to fuck her. "It will be my pleasure to give your friends a good time," she said. He looked at her and said, "When you said you would do whatever I wanted you to do for my friends. What did you mean?"

"Whatever you want me to do I will," she told him. "Show them what a tight pussy you have and how you like being fucked," he said. "Don't worry I'm going to keep my pussy tight but maybe you would like to tell them how they should fuck me, you're my boss tonight," she sweetly told him. He was thrilled at the thought; he was her boss, what a great night he was going to have.

"I want you guys to know that as her boss, she will let you fuck her and suck your cocks when you're done fucking her. Line up so you can take your turn at her, and when your done you have to leave we don't want a big group standing around, you can come back later if you can get hard again, now line up," he ordered them. The two bums that were with him got in the front of the line, behind them stood the six men.

The second bum fucked her hard and fast leaving some cum inside her pussy and the rest in her mouth as she sucked him while the other fucked her. She was happy that both had shot most of their cum in her pussy. After finishing both bums the old bum stuck his finger into her to check if she was still tight. She squeezed his finger with her pussy to show him how tight she still was. "Her pussy is tight, fucking her will be like fucking a virgin," he told the others. As the next man got between her legs the old bum told him to fuck her hard, like he was popping a cherry.

He got the head between her lips and shoved hard, sending his whole cock into her in one hard fast move. Then continued to fuck her hard and fast like he was told too, "She's got an amazing pussy, she feels as tight as any virgin I ever fucked!" he told the others. Each man followed suit and fucked her hard each enjoying her tight pussy, and warm mouth. All five men had come inside her and her pussy had milked their cock's dry. She had licked and sucked them but none had any cum left for her mouth. Once the guys were done they didn't want to just wandered off. They said they wanted to watch the last guy fuck her. The old bum agreed that they could watch as she let the last guy fuck her. Then they had to leave, all said fine, so Sue opened her legs and told the last guy it was his turn. The bums and the five other stood around her to watch. The guy stood over her, and said, "I love your pussy."

"I thought you said you liked her nipples and you would love to play with them?" one guy asked him.

"I think she has great looking nipples but I would like to make them look even nicer, bigger I mean," he told them.

Sue looked at the old bum as he said, "Sure go ahead, and make them bigger if you want, I like to see how you do that." The man looked at the bum then at Sue, "Are you sure, it will hurt," he said. "Won't stop her from being fuckable will it?" asked the bum.

"NO, she may even fuck me better then she did the others, some girls really enjoy it," he said.

"Hell that I want to see, Tell the man it's OK girl. Tell him you really want him to do it," the bum said.

"Please play with my nipples, let me see how nice you can make them look. I really want you to do it." Sue meekly said.

The man reached out and brushed them softly at first, they responded by getting stiffer for him. Last time the two other bums had pinched, squeezed and twisted her nipples making her moan loud for them. She thought this time it would be the same. The man produced some rubber bands from his pocket; he wrapped some around his fingers and grabbed her left tit. He clamped it between his fingers and pulled it hard then told her to slide the rubber bands off his fingers and over her tit. She pulled them off his fingers till they were around the base of her tit. He released it and did the same to her other tit. Both tits stuck out like light bulbs and her nipples looked bigger now. He wasn't done; he put his mouth over one nipple sucked hard then clamped his teeth over it. He bite down hard and pulled his mouth away from her. It felt like he was ripping her nipple off her tit and she let out a loud moan. He did that to the other nipple till both were dark red and looked like cherries. The group all agreed her nipples looked larger now, that was before he attached two clothespins to them. The springs of the clothespins were very strong and pinched her nipples tightly and painfully.

He told her he wanted to be on the bottom, so he could enjoy the way she fucked him. On his back he told her to sit on his cock, Sue got over him placed her pussy over his cock and slowly lowered herself on to his cock. She didn't have any trouble as she felt the tip of his cock at her pussy she moved down on it. She was ready to ride it when he reached up grabbed the clothespins, squeezed them even tighter as he pulled her down some more. "I'll control how you fuck me," he told her.

He used the clothespins to control her moves; he twisted them to make her moan loud, clamped them tighter as he pulled her up then yanked on them to pull her down nice and fast. Over and over, each time she let out a loud moan both from the pain and the pleasure she was receiving from him. He made her ride him hard and fast for a good fifteen minutes before he was ready to cum. He increased the pain as he neared climaxing, he made her slam her pussy down hard by using the clothespins like nipple handles. He fucked her for five more minutes before his cock sprayed cum deep into her womb. He emptied every drop of cum from his balls before he released the clothespins from her nipples. The release of the clothespins caused her to moan even louder as she bounced up and down on his cock wanting more.

He pushed her off and told her she was not only a good fuck but he had enjoyed using her nipples very much and he would be back later for more fun. Finished he put the clothespins in his pocket commented that her nipples looked better now and headed down the alley before she could reply all she could do was continue to moan.

The two bums were telling the old one that they had been on the right track last night when they played with her nipples. The old bum told her to stand up and stick out her chest. They wanted to play with her nipples now. Submissively, she did what he told her. The two bums played with her nipples, their rough hands again pinched, squeezed and twisted her nipples to make her moan. They fingers hurt but not like those clothespins had. The old bum pushed two fingers into her pussy and told her to show him how tight she still could make her pussy. Sue did as he told her and clamped her pussy tight. He pushed four fingers inside her, and began fucking her hard with his hand. He asked how it felt, "Wonderful," she moaned between climaxes.

She was enjoying the way they were using her body, they were anything but gentle with her and she loved it. For her it was something very different then she was use to, willingly letting them do whatever they wanted with her body, wasn't new but the pain was, it made her feel just as dirty as them. The two bums had fun playing with her nipples, till two more men walked over to the mattress.

One asked if she was the bitch that was willing to let everyone fuck her. The bums stopped playing with her as the old bum, told them she sure was, and they could fuck her.

Sue was ordered to get on her hands and knees so the guy could have her doggie style. She complied and he quickly thrust his cock into her wet pussy. Only one quick in and out before he moved it up to her ass and thrust it into her again. While he fucked her ass the other had her suck his cock. The men switched positions and filled her with hot cum at nearly the same time.

Done with them she rolled over on her back only to see more men waiting to have her. Man after man got between her open legs and pumped cum into her, some she sucked after they fucked her some just walked away. They all played with her popped up tits and nipples. When the line of men finally finished, she was left alone to think about what a slut she was. She had kept count this time; so far twenty-eight guys had fucked her. She thought about that and what time it must be and said, "Guess big ugly is not coming or he's going to be later then he said."

"Hell girl I told you he said he would be here after work. He works till two as a bouncer at a bar and said he would be here about two-thirty. It isn't even two yet, I can tell the bars still open, there lights are still on. Don't worry he will be here, he wouldn't pass up a chance at fucking you again."

Not even two yet, she had fucked twenty-eight men in less then three hours? Maybe her count was wrong, no she knew her count was right and decided to just stop counting and keep fucking till morning. She asked the old bum if she could take the rubber bands off her tits now. The other bums said something to him and got up to leave. "No, leave them on, makes your tits look real nice," she was told.

It wasn't long before the other bums came back, one held what looked like a paint stirring stick. He told her to get up; she didn't move and stayed on her back. He got mad and yelled at her to get up, she still didn't move. The old bum asked him why should she get up? "I want to hit her nipples and see if she will moan extra loud for me," he said. The old bum told him maybe later, right now there are some men coming down the alley probably wanting to fuck her, so he would have to wait.
That's exactly what they wanted and that's what they got. After what seamed like an endless line of men had fucked her, the bum told her that the bars must have closed. Counting by the number of guys that had come by to get some entertainment with her. Her first thought was good that meant that big ugly would be here soon. Then maybe she would go home and be done with this night. While she waited for him, her legs stayed open, inviting every man that came past to go ahead and use her. Somewhere during all the fucking the rubber bands had been pulled off her tits. Leaving them still puffed up and looking larger then they were. Her nipples looked very big still also.

She was lying with her eyes closed as the men used her. When suddenly she heard an anger voice say, "Bitch wake up, your not going to be asleep this time are you"? She wanted to wait to see just how mad he would get if she didn't open her eyes. That pissed him off, just like she had hopped it would. He roared at her, "Wake her girl I want to show my friends how your pussy can take my cock, all of my cock. Now wake up."

Sue opened her eyes only to see a mountain standing in front of her. She blinked and realized that it was not a mountain but a very big very black man. He had two men standing next to him grinning at her. They were big but not as big as the mountain. She quickly looked at the old bum and didn't need to ask if this was big ugly. The bum was nodding his head as if she had already asked that question.

Sue looked up at the massive mountain of a men and asked, him if he had fucked her last night.

"Yea and you enjoyed it," he told her.

She smiled. "Is your cock as big as my friend said it was?"

He told her he had the biggest cock she would ever see. "Show me," was her reply.

He dropped his pants and out spring a huge cock, it was the biggest she had ever seen. She had to agree with what the bum had told her, it was big, twice as big as his, and longer then his; it was completely black, even the head was black it had no pink color at all, just coal black, and it was very ugly. She had never seen a more repulsive cock; it looked like it had been slammed in a door. The head was huge like a tennis ball and the shaft looked twisted and bent the only thing bigger then its head was his balls. They looked like ripe navel oranges only black not orange.

She got up on her knees and watched as he began to stroke it, it started to get hard; it didn't get bigger just hard. She was amazed as it started to stand up in his hand, she could see why no other girl would let him fuck her. How he had gotten it in her pussy was beyond her. She thought about the tube of lubricant in her purse but changed her mind, her pussy was soaking wet already. He was going to either rip her apart or give her the best fuck she ever had, she hoped it was the latter. She also hoped that how bad she wanted it hadn't shown on her face. He asked her if he was the biggest she had ever seen. Not wanting to boost his ego she didn't answer him but instead said, "You claim that you fucked me last night, look at my small pink pussy. You want your friends to believe that I let you put that whole thing in me. I don't think it will fit, not all of it right up to your balls, I mean. Maybe you only got the head part way in and shot your load on my pussy not in it." She could tell he was getting very pissed off saying that to him and in front of his friends. Then she added "To shot your load in my pussy you would have to ram that thing in pretty hard to get it in my little pussy. Hell you would probably cum long before you got it even half way in me."

That did it he was burning up, he yelled at her, "You moaned real loud when I fucked you last night, tonight you'll beg for me to fuck you a second time after I'm done with you. Now get your legs open and ask for me to fuck you. I'll show you and everyone that you can take all of my cock and how long I can fuck you before I cum".

Hearing him say that, she pictured herself being fucked by this angry man. Thinking of what it would be like if he used that anger on her when he fucked her made her super hot. Sue got on her back again and opened her legs wide and said, "Show me, how you can get all of that in me, all of it till your balls hit my ass. Go on prove it, ram that monster all the way in, do it nice and hard so I can feel it and empty those big balls of your deep inside my womb."

He quickly knelt between her legs and pushed the head hard against her waiting pussy. Pressing it against her open lips he moved quickly and pushed hard making the big head opened her up as it moved past her pussy lips and into her love canal. She was glad that she had been fucked so much tonight and was so wet from her climaxes and spent cum or it might not have slide in so easy. Sue felt her pussy being filled as he pushed harder sending it deeper into her. That head was pushing her wide apart as it moved in, filling her like nothing had done before. Suddenly he loamed directly over her and shoved his whole body forward. Sue's mind and body exploded as the pain he was infecting on her reached her brain. His huge head didn't stop moving till his balls banged into her ass, by then the head rested deep inside her womb.

With no warning he pulled it all the way out of her, this caused a sucking sound, as it pulled free from her tight pussy. He told his friends to watch as he with one fast hard thrust pushed it back inside her till again his balls hit her ass. Sue screamed out in a mixture of both pleasure and pain. Her body convulsed with giant orgasms as he pulled out and rammed it home again and again. Each time she could feel the big head pushing her inner walls wide open as it moved on its journey that ended deep in her womb. He didn't slow down he continued to fuck her hard and fast.

She screamed out that it felt good, and for him to keep going. He didn't need that request he planned to keep going till he came and then maybe some more if he felt like it, he told her. She asked if he would get up off her a little so she could see his cock as it fucked her. He rose up and told her to look down and watch as he pulled it out. She watched as his long twisted bent shaft pulled out of her pussy. It still looked ugly as hell but felt so good inside her. She watched as he rammed it in then out over and over. Her hands moved down to feel her belly and the way it moved up every time he shoved his cock into her. Moving her hands down to her pussy she touched his wet cock with her fingertips. She felt it slide between her hands as it moved in and out of her; he had slowed down his movements so she could feel it. She was moaning loudly as he picked up his pace, and lowered his body back down on her. Her arms were trapped between their bodies but her hands could still touch his cock. He whispered in her ear, you like that full feeling don't you, feels real good being filled with cock, don't it, she moaned "yes". Just think how much better it's going to feel when I roll you over so my friend can put his cock up your ass, then you'll really feel full.

She moaned, "Please don't yours is enough, it's filling me up now." He pushed deep in her then rolled over and wrapped his arms around her pulling her tight against his body. She could feel his hard cock inside her as her belly was pressing against his hard stomach. It felt like she had a loaf of hard bread inside her. He was buried in her up to his balls but now holding her tight like that she could really feel its size. He had stopped fucking her and only held her tight, she tried to move but he was too strong for her, "Please fuck me some more, don't stop now," she cried. "You want to be fucked more all you have to do is invite my friends to join us".

She heard her voice meekly call out asking his friends to join in and fuck her ass. As she finished saying that she felt hands pulling her ass cheeks apart and felt a cock rub her ass. She tried to relax her muscles and closed her eyes as the guy behind her pushed the head of his cock into her ass no sooner had the head pushed in to her waiting ass, she felt something rub across her lips. She automatically opened her mouth and a cock pushed passed her lips and into her mouth. The guy behind her shoved hard, she tried to scream but the hard cock fucking her mouth muffled her cry. Now she was filled with cocks and big ugly released his tight hold on her.

"Now it's your turn to show us how much you love cocks. Start riding girl, show me you love my cock."

Sue felt totally impaled by these cocks but started to rock back and forth making the three cocks slide in and out of her. Her pussy felt like it was being stretched to its limit with that bigheaded cock in her but she pushed hard each time she moved back against the two cocks. Big ugly didn't come out of her as she moved forwards she stopped before the one in her ass popped out leaving most of big ugly still inside her. She was pushing hard each time making sure all of his cock was inside her.

His hands like iron clamps grabbed her tender nipples and forced her to increase her speed by pulling on her nipples. The harder he pulled them the faster she went. She rode him harder and harder slammed down very hard sending him as deep as possible into her. She was really enjoying his huge cock and the one in her ass, together they had her climaxing over and over. The one she was sucking, well being face fucked with erupted with no warning and filled her mouth with hot sticky cum. She slurped it down as fast as he could shoot it in her mouth. The one fucking her ass soon followed suit and shot his load into her. With only big ugly left she started to fuck him even faster then before, shamelessly pounding her pussy down harder into him. His balls kept banging into her as she tried to make him cum.

Clamping his cock with her pussy was out of the question his big cock filled her so tightly already she couldn't make it any tighter. He was able to keep going much longer then his friends she didn't care as long as he shot his load inside when he was ready. She went on and on riding him hard till he released her nipples and grabbed her waist. He pulled her down hard and held her there saying, "Now its time to fill you with my cum." He didn't just shoot a big load of cum; it felt like a fire hose had been turned on inside her as he flooded her womb with his cum. She cried, "yes", as she felt him filling every space of her womb with his hot cum.

When he released her waist she slide off him and moved down to suck his cock. That big head filled her mouth like it had filled her pussy. His cum tasted sour but she sucked it like a pro. She sucked every drop of cum from it before she released it from her mouth. Then used her tongue to clean off all her juices from the shaft. Him and his friends got dressed and she heard him comment to his friends what a great fuck she was before they headed down the alley. She had climax so much from this section of fucking that she was exhausted. She closed her eyes to take a short rest hoping that no more men would come around at least not for a little while.

Just as she began to relax there was a sharp cracking noise followed by a terrible pain on her left tit, she spring up and looked around. One of the bums was holding that paint stick in his hand and grinning at her. Before she could utter a word he swung it at her hitting her tit again. She yelled at him to stop!

The old bum told him to wait and told her to kneel with her chest out and her legs open, she obeyed him without question. Then he told the bum to continue. The bum swung again hitting the same tit. She cried out again to stop it hurt and covered hit tit with her hand. The old bum told her, "We made a bet that you would climax if your tits were hit with the stick, now we want to see if it will work, besides look how nice it made your nipple pop out."

She looked down and yes her nipple was popped out, it was puffy and red and hurt like hell. She kept her hands over her tits and just looked that them. "I thought you said you would do whatever I told you to, now put your hands down and let him hit you," the old bum said.

Without a word Sue moved her hands to her sides and pushed out her chest. Five more hits and she climaxed for them. Thinking it was over she felt her sore nipple, it was very red and puffed out now. The pain had made her climax but she preferred a hard cock to the pain. The old bum told her to stick her chest out again; they had to make the other nipple look the same he told her. She climaxed twice more before they got done hitting her. Now both nipples hurt but looked the same, red and puffy. Her cries had attracted some attention and three men had come over to see what was going on.

Sue lay back on the mattress, opened her legs and invited the men to fuck her. Her legs stayed open and inviting the rest of the night and she stayed awake because each time she went to doze off the paint stick woke her up. Every guy that came along had taken a turn at fucking her. When dawn finally came her pussy was very sore it and her stomach had been completely filled with cum from all the fucking and sucking she had done that night.

One thing about the bums they wanted to fuck her before she left. With the two bums satisfied Sue was ready for the old bum he would be her last. As he got between her waiting legs she wrapped her legs around him, she wanted him to enjoy this last fuck. She held him tight as his big cock kept driving into her. She was coming as he pounded her with his hard cock. She was tired and her pussy was swollen from all the fucking not to mention how sore her nipples were but she was enjoying this fucking very much, so was the old bum. When he finally came it wasn't much but he continued to pump her till what little cum he was gone. Before he got off her he told her, "Never had a pussy like yours, after all that fucking your still tight."

Getting off her he said, "Guess the night is over its already light so you should get dressed and be on your way. It's a night I won't ever forget, thanks."

Sue found the strength to get dressed, and walk out of the alley to her car glad and sad the night was over. She put the heavy soup in her car and headed home. All the way home she thought about the night and the alley, and knew she would not be coming back here again not for a while anyway.

All this happened years ago, Sue never saw that stranger again. She looked for him in that bar and many more. She also searched those bars for her perfect man, she found him. One that likes her just the way she was. Sue is happily married now with her perfect man one that loves sharing her with his friends. She still gets fucked by lots of men, and even that old bum gets to fuck her now and then but her biggest thrill is when her husband uses his big ugly cock to fuck her. Oh yes, she still has the soup cans from both nights in that alley. She never counted the pennies in either can but both weigh about the same.

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Good story.

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no, but you have to be either 18 or "over-mature" to understand them ^_^

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no, but you have to be either 18 or "over-mature" to understand them ^_^

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