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Michael goes to bring Martha home and confront Maud
The week that Martha would be released to me had finally arrived and I would be going alone to Arthur's Estate in Martha's Vineyards to get her and waiting for Arthur to return from a business trip in Australia. Martha would be waiting for me there and in the event that he was delayed, I was to wait for him and Maud would see to my needs.

A point of clarification, I mentioned earlier that after Maud's Tribunal I made no claim on her person. On paper Maud is the community property of the Sanctorum. For practical purposes she is now Arthur's personal secretary... perhaps his lover. She is also a cook and housekeeper on occasion and Maud is forever a slave.

As community property it is my right to have Maud if I so desire as may any Master or Grand Master. Maud has been with Arthur these past four months and before that served several Grand Masters. She was deliberately passed around to humble her as part of her punishment and no doubt it was Maud's hope that she would be immediately purchased and shielded by Arthur or myself.

I know for a fact that Arthur eventually intends to purchase her from the Sanctorum and I doubt that anyone out of respect for him will stand in his way. I certainly won't and I have first consideration if Maud were to be put up for sale. Therefore if problems do arise, I remain Arthur's ace in the hole.

This thought has occurred to me, the desire to have and to own the former Grand Mistress Maud. It was and still is my right to ravage Maud upon being found guilty and Minerva as well and that precedent was set long before I was born. Their actions could have resulted in my death if I had been found guilty of their false charges and planted evidence. Fortunately I had taken precautions.

I remember well the first time I met regal Maud and in saying this I am in no way being sarcastic or flippant. Maud held audience as if she were a Queen and I were a serf being granted a favor or indulgence by her offer to purchase Sarah. She was gracious yet aloof, dignified and refined; in short Maud was a presence not to be ignored... so much better the challenge.

Maud was wearing a deep purple dress and this rich purple is reserved for Grand Mistresses for all formal Gathering of the Sanctorum. Her long dark brown hair was pulled back into a braided chignon at the nape of her neck. I observed barely noticeable hints of silver gray in her hair as I studied her and most likely she dyed it. She is as tall as Minerva and was at that time 30 lbs heavier and is exactly 20 years older. I knew this because they share the same birthday. While Maud may have let herself go a bit she remains a beautiful woman and was by far... by far, wealthier then Minerva could ever hope to be and most of Maud’s wealth is now mine.

Maud was also wearing an 18- karat gold filigree tiara in her hair. It was adorned with a flawless marquee cut 6-carat amethyst gemstone of a magnificent dark purple color. The tiara represents the Grand Mistress's symbol of office and was something that Minerva always coveted. Masters and Grand Masters have a simple gold signet ring with the seal of the Sanctorum and the upper right hand corner shield of the coat of arms on the Master's ring is left blank. When a Master achieves Grand Master a single carnation is engraved in this mentioned corner. Masters and Grand Masters did not have an official color and we dress as we please.

Maud was in her mid-fifties when I first met her… when I first looked into her haughty blue eyes. Those same blue eyes sized me up and dared me to refuse her offer and then counter offer. I was polite and met her gaze and I was thinking

"Maud is so much like Minerva and I would love to take her hair down to see how long it is”

And these were the censored thoughts and as for the rest... I am sure that you get the idea.

The last thing that Maud expected was that I would turn her down, politely of course and be looking for tells. Her hands were folded on her lap when I refused her. I watched Maud catch herself as she squeezed her bottom hand with her top hand in annoyance or anger at my audacity. Maud was aware that I observed her hand movements and saw the amusement in my eyes at discovering her tells and no doubt Maud was watching me intently as well.

Minerva was absolutely beside herself with anger and embarrassment although she concealed it well, aside from the flashes of fire in her beautiful green eyes that I ignored at my own peril. I had every right to refuse Maud, Grand Mistress that she was then and at a greater peril.

The laws of the Sanctorum are few. A slave, Master, Mistresses, Grand Master or Grand Mistress are expected to know them by heart and they are to be carried with us always. Justice is swift and sure and the penalties are determinant and harsh. As a case in point, you are either innocent or guilty while extenuating circumstances are seldom taken into consideration. Appeals are rare requiring the seating of the fifty and they are not to be taken lightly because death is the penalty for losing an appeal.

I digress, I must tell you of Arthur’s home. His large estate is complete with a stable for his riding horses as well as a barn.
The servant's quarters are separate from the main house and remain unoccupied. He keeps a Holstein cow for fresh raw milk and has a small fieldstone chicken for fresh brown eggs. Bacon & eggs with home fried potatoes and buttered sourdough toast is his favorite meal by far.

He is a man of immense wealth and power and yet he has never forgotten his roots having grown up on a farm. It is not beneath him to clean out his stables, his barn or chicken coop, or to feed and care for his animals and I dare say that he enjoys doing these things. By contrast Arthur's house is opulent with marble, slate and granite floors with 11 full baths for each bedroom and many other rooms and galleries. If I decide to add Martha to my household every bedroom in my home will then be occupied. These were bedrooms that Martha and I once hoped would be full of children.

When I arrived at the airport the limousine service brought me out to Arthur's gated estate. We went through the two armed security checkpoints. At the second checkpoint I got out of the limo and sent the driver on his way intending to walk the 1000 yards or so to the main house carrying my waxed canvas duffle bag. I had not seen or talked to Maud since her Tribunal.
We had much to talk about and I was still curious to find out how long her hair was among other things. Assuming that Arthur made no changes to Maud's hair as I doubt anyone else did out of respect for Arthur...or perhaps fear.

When I arrived at the Mansion one of the two cleaning ladies, Paula answered the door and then glanced over my shoulder looking for the limo. Arthur employs two frumpy and plump ladies of Italian decent and they come in every other day to clean. They are sisters and spinsters and they are also very discrete, very well paid and fiercely loyal to him. They lost their childhood home to taxes that was further complicated by the actions of crooked land developers in conjunction with crooked politicians. Arthur paid the delinquent taxes and then put a halt to the bogus claim of eminent domain. The limousine service that brought me here is the same one that brings them to and from work, and for them this is a perk of the job while being practical as neither of them drive.

"Good afternoon, Paula, you are looking as lovely as ever."

I smiled at her watching her touch her fresh coiffed hair and then return my smile.

“Is Maria working today? Sarah sent 3 pounds of her pecan fudge."

I opened the large side pocket on my bag intending on giving it to her.

"Maria is in the kitchen preparing you a little snack, Michael. You must be famished from your long trip. “Ms. McCabe (she was referring to Maud) “is waiting for you in the East Drawing Room. She has been primping like a peacock all morning. Please thank Sarah for the fudge, such a cook she is. Are you sure that she not just a little Italian? Well, at least you are half on your Mama's side and Catholic, praise the Madonna” Maria said, making the Sign Of The Cross.

These two ladies had no idea that Maud was a slave of the Sanctorum. Arthur explained to them that Maud was his personal secretary and on the surface that was exactly what she was. From the tone of Paula's voice I believed that she resented Maud being there. Although they were approximately the same age as Maud, Paula and Maria are not as beautiful, or as refined or as educated. However they are both fabulous cooks and Maria's Veal Marsala surpasses Salvatore's and that is high praise indeed. Maud and Minerva are Harvard Graduates with a PhDs in Business/Mathematics as well as a M.A. in English Literature. No doubt these Ladies may even be a little intimidated by Maud. I decided that Maud will be my bed partner for the duration of my stay and they would be none the wiser.

I gave Paula the fudge and followed her into the kitchen as Maria was laying out platters, plates and bowls containing Genoa Salami, sweet and sour headcheese, hard dry pepperoni, capiccola, soprsotta and sharp provolone cheese. There were black olives and green olives stuffed with raw garlic. The black olives were sprinkled with coarse sea salt and red pepper flakes. There was crusty Italian bread, plus sweet or hot roasted red peppers tossed in olive oil with whole roasted garlic cloves. There was a cold refreshing salad made with pealed segmented orange sections tossed with cold pressed extra virgin olive oil and freshly ground coarse black pepper and finally... homemade cannolis, their idea of a little snack.

I sat in the kitchen with them and ate while they fussed over me. I was enjoying my meal with a small glass of Carlo Rossi Paisano Chianti an inexpensive table wine that they favored and something that my Italian Grandfather drank. While they cleaned the kitchen to their exacting specifications, another reason why they both loved Sarah, I was working on the cannolis trying to make them go away and drinking cappuccino; salute Grandpa.

Tired of waiting for them to inform her of my arrival, Maud came walking into the kitchen and was quite annoyed with them.

"I believe that I asked you two ladies to inform me immediately when the Limousine pulled up in front of the house did I not?"

Maud asked in a demanding tone while standing there tall and regal like the Grand Mistress that she once was.

"Yes Ms. McCabe, you did" Paula answered, looking at her sister, knowingly.

"Then why didn't advise me that Mr. Buckley was here?"

"Because the Limousine did not pull up and Mr. Buckley walked from the second checkpoint and he looked famished. We can't have a guest and friend of Mr. Arthur go hungry, Ms. McCabe" Maria replied slyly.

"Your ride is here Ladies and we won't need your services for the next five days. I will telephone you if things change. We will definitely discuss this matter at a later date when there are no distractions”

Maud informed them before turning her attention to me.

"Mr. Buckley."

"Yes, Ms. McCabe" I replied just as formally for the benefit of Paula and Maria.

"Ms. Cardoso (Maud was referring to Martha's maiden name) “is waiting for you in the East Gallery."

"Thank you, Ms. McCabe. I am looking forward to seeing her, but first you and I need to clear the air about a few things. We had so little time the last time we were together. Please wait for me in the Billiard Room. I need to see these lovely Ladies to their chariot."

I then offered Paula and Maria an arm each to escort them to the limo and left Maud standing there. When I returned to the kitchen I finished my cappuccino before going the Billiard Room carrying my duffle bag. I closed and locked the door before putting the bag on the floor by the dry bar. Maud immediately assumed the position on the floor now that we were alone.

"You may heel, slave" I said, keeping my voice neutral.

Maud put her hand at the base of her throat, a gesture asking permission to speak and I shook my head for no. This is something that I taught all my girls and something that was no doubt was brought up in conversation between her and Minerva when they were free women; Grand Mistress and Mistress.

"Please stand with your hands at your side so that I can get a good look at you and so far I like what I see."

Maud was wearing a navy cocktail dress with a black lace embellished bodice plus a sheer black lace elbow length sleeves and a scooped off the shoulder neckline. The shirred natural waist gave her figure the appearance of a slight hourglass shape while the pencil skirt accented her curves. This dress had what Minerva would call a flirtatious black lace hemline... very nice. The silver open toe high heels that she was wearing definitely added a nice movement to her hips as she walked while the dress accented her ample bosom... very nice indeed. Especially since Maud had lost a good thirty pounds since I had last seen her.

I walked up behind her and put my hands around her waist rubbing her taut flat tummy thinking

"It is hard to believe this siren is a woman pushing sixty because if I didn't know better I would have guessed late thirties or early forties despite the hair."

I could smell her complex perfume mixed with her natural scent, much like the nose of mature vintage Merlot, rich and complex.... each sip a subtle taste or nuance. Being close to her like this was like a carnal epiphany.... no wonder Arthur wanted Maud all to himself and I envied him. With Arthur's tacit approval I would savor her and I was looking forward to it.

Maud's hair was stripped of the artificial brown dye that she once used to hide her gray. However her hair was not an ordinary gray. Her hair was now her own natural burnished silver gray color that suited her much better. It was pinned up in a simple cinnamon bun at the back of her head and judging from the size of her bun I would estimate that when Maud's hair was down it would fall to the bottom of her shoulder blades.

At some point Maud's much longer hair had been cut. She was wearing minimal makeup, but wearing it well; eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow and such. Her skin was wonderfully clear and wrinkle free skin, the exception being the laugh lines at the corner of her eyes. These gave her face character, a refined and worldly character that a young woman if lucky might eventually earn and even though Maud’s posture was that as a slave, her intelligent blue eyes were still all encompassing although no longer haughty.

God bless him, Arthur had no intention breaking Maud's spirit. And the process he spoke of, the one used to help Martha forget her nightmare about that scumbag Abzug must hold other surprises.

"I want you to walk to the end of the room and then stand by the billiard table and you know exactly what I am talking about. You have dressed this way to entice me and you have succeeded. You still do not have permission to speak”

I now commanded as she once did, politely, but then I slapped her shapely ass most disrespectfully. Maud did exactly as I instructed with her hips swaying nicely as she slowly walked on the silver heels and then stopped where I pointed at the floor in front of the pool table.

"Very nice my dear, very nice and you obviously have been dieting and exercising and I approve of your hair. It is such a beautiful burnished silver gray that I will have my hands in it shortly. You look quite exotic and the silver color sets off the blue of your eyes. You have permission to answer questions and please turn around and face away from me."

I unzipped Maud’s dress and then slid it down her shoulders and hips and letting it drop to her ankles for her to step out of. Underneath the dress Maud was wearing a lacey black bra, lacey black panties and black garter belt to hold up her stockings.

As I was removing her bra I asked

"How long was your hair before Arthur had it cut?"

"It just touched the bottom of my buttocks, Master."

I stroked her breasts watching her shudder as her nipples hardened at my touch and leaving me to wonder if this was a result of the process that Arthur mentioned. I then kissed and blew on the back of her neck watching the goose bumps rise on her arms and shoulders... interesting. I never took Maud for the goose bump type? I ripped her panties at the seams, taking them off and leaving her dressed in the garter belt, stockings and silver heels. I again blew on her neck and then kissed Maud behind her ears while smelling her perfume.

My right hand was lightly caressing her shaved vagina and I commented

“Such an interesting scent. I can't place the perfume, it is very complex. I also notice that your clitoral hood has been pierced.”

"Arthur gets the perfume from a little shop in Egypt and it was blended especially for me. I'm not sure what it is called or if it even has a name.... that feels so good, Master, so very good and I find that the piercings heighten my arousal."

"I wouldn't have guessed that you are so easily aroused and those precious goose bumps are such a nice surprise. Have you always been this way, slave?’

"No, Master?"

"You may address me as Master Michael for the present”

I offered while removing the hairpins to take her hair down.

"Under the circumstances those changes are for the best, as no doubt they will be for Martha...yes, there, the last one.”

I dropped the last hairpin to the floor and stroked her long thick ponytail and said

"You have no layers in your hair and this is just the way Arthur and I like it prefer our women’s hair, blunt cut to all one length”

I let go of her ponytail and then took a step back.

"Take the elastic tie out of your ponytail and shake your head."

Maud did as she was told tossing her head and I watched her silver tresses flow over her neck, back, shoulders and then caress her breasts.

" I envy Arthur! As you remember I treated you with respect and kept my word to you before the Enforcers took you both away for the Tribunal. I did not publicly rape or beat you after your Tribunal as is my right. That was then and this is now; you have a debt to pay and if I am well satisfied I will not beat you."

I stepped to her and roughly buried my hands in her hair and kissed her lips.

"You are mine for the moment and despite everything, my dear I have brought you a gift."

I walked over to my duffel bag and returned with a bottle of Gekkeikan, a Japanese Plum Wine that I knew to be her favorite. I put the bottle on the billiard table and then picked her up. I put Maud on top the so that her feet hanging over the edge and her surprised reaction to being manhandled handled in such a manner made me smile. Inspired and pleased I kissed her mouth a second time followed by whispering in her ear and blowing on her neck to be rewarded with more goose bumps.

"You will remove your remaining clothing while I get a glass from the bar."

I returned with a small glass and it was the type having a wide body, narrow mouth and a straight lip that was perfect for this variety of sweet wine. After pouring the wine, I held it up to the light to admire the pale amber color before dipping my index finger into it and then tracing my wet finger on Maud's lips for her to taste while I took a sip. Maud licked her lips and my finger and then took the glass when I offered it to her and sipping from it and then handing it back to me to take a sip.

I pushed her long hair aside and then dipped my finger several more times painting lines from the base of her throat to the middle of her breasts. Then I traced the outline of her areolas, nipples and finally her mouth before draining the remaining wine from the glass, I dropped the glass to the slate floor and then ground it violently beneath my engineer boot. I was certain that a woman of Maud's intellect, imagination and instincts would realize the symbolism of such and act and I was right, Maud closed her eyes and was trembling.

I grabbed Maud's hair with my right hand and pulled her head back to expose her throat. Then I kissed her mouth long and deep tasting the wine on her lips and letting her know that she was mine for the duration. Still tugging at her hair, I picked up her legs which were still dangling over edge of the billiard table and pivoted Maud on her shapely ass. I then forced her to lie prone. I spread her legs and stroked her wet pussy while probing her flower while still holding her head down on the table by her hair.

Maud's hips were moving from side to side and she was arching her back slightly as my fingers slowly caressed her sweet clitoris and wet musky vagina. She was moaning softly yet hesitantly as if embarrassed at her own arousal...interesting? Maud was certainly vulnerable with me standing over her while I roughly held down by her hair. Perhaps she was still expecting a beating while at the same time being aroused. I let go of her hair and kissed her mouth. I then kissed and licked her neck and the base of her throat working my way down to her breasts and nipples while continuing to caress her dripping vagina. Maud's eyes were open now and she was looking up at me with those beautiful blue eyes and she was taking everything in. She hesitated and then reached as if to touch me.

“You may touch me, Maud. I am not going to beat you as that would serve no useful purpose. I do not need revenge for revenge sake and I have quite forgiven your transgression and I am satisfied that your penance is served. Without it I would never have loved my marvelous Minerva as I love her now and in fact I am quite pleased with your submission and arousal as well as the goose bumps.”

Maud reached up and touched my face and then the base of her throat.

"You have permission to speak freely if you wish and nothing that you tell me shall leave this room.”

"Thank you, Master."

"Tell me what you want, Maud?"

"I want you to make love to me, Master."

"Is that all you have to say to me? I gave you permission to speak freely” and then I kissed her mouth again.

"I know about the top hat and the lilies, the whole story, Minerva told me” she said, smiling “It was very thoughtful of you for to bring me a bottle of plum wine. How did you know that Gekkeikan is my favorite?"

"You are welcome, Maud, and I know because Arthur told me."

"Did you really quote Shakespeare when you confronted those bikers?"

"Yes I did and I am told that you are quite the Shakespeare aficionado yourself."

“I adore Shakespeare and before my crime against you and the Sanctorum I once owned all of his works. Fortunately I have access to Arthur's expansive Library and may still read his works.”

"And so you should because life without books and music would be a dismal life indeed.

“How your ex-wife left you for that cockroach I'll never understand, Master, did she find you that boring? Arthur"....

I put my hand over her mouth to stop her from talking.

"We will talk later this evening my dear. Arthur being delayed a few days will give us plenty of time to talk and besides you will be sharing my bed tonight as no doubt you have already guessed.”

Stepping to one side to avoid the glass I removed my clothing and then got on top of the billiard table.

"Get on your hands and knees. That's right just like that you silver brace yourself”

I told her slapping her ass just hard enough for it to sting and I made her yelp.

"A slave needs to know her place, don't you agree?"

"Yes Master."

Maud's vagina was dripping with desire in her arousal and her vaginal lips were pink and swollen waiting for the arrival of my cock to ravish her and ravish her and I did. I was neither rough nor gentle with her and while my time with her was short, my need for her was very great. My manhood was rock hard from the anticipation of finally having her body if only for a few days. I would be seeing Maud often in the future however this might be my only opportunity to have her body. Minerva and Maud care a great deal about one another and Arthur and I planned on letting Maud visit on occasion when he was away on business or when they are together. On those occasions I will explore Maud's mind and intellect as a person.

I pounded Maud with my rock hard cock as she braced herself for my vaginal assault. I continued pounding as my first orgasm washed over me while bringing Maud to the brink of hers and then I pulled out. I started probing her clitoris with my fingers again.

"Do you want to come?"

I asked, bringing her the brink again and then denying her my manhood or my fingers.

"Please, Master, I can't help myself, I'm so horny.... please don't stop, let me come.”

This obviously was not an act, Maud was begging for it and she was flushed, wet and ready. The process in Maud's case removed much of her sexual inhibitions without altering her personality.... how interesting.

It made it much easier for her to enjoy sex and for a slave with a male Master this was definitely a plus and Arthur hinted as much. If Maud's process were taken to the extreme it could leave her as a woman in a constant state of sexual arousal, a sex drone. Arthur and I agreed that the old fashion way was best because our ways and our methods are so similar. The process was a tool to heal and enhance and it is highly secret to prevent abuse. It requires the seating of the 50 to sanction its use and thus far Maud and Martha are the only recipients.

What I knew for sure was that I was imprinted in Martha's mind as her benefactor much like a baby duck imprints on its mother. Martha’s pain from the loss of our son as well as the abuse at the hands of Abzug was removed or greatly diminished and Martha’s sexual inhibitions were treated the same but not her fiery temper or her basic personality. I would have Martha the old fashioned way or not at all. I insisted upon this...the greater the challenge the sweeter the reward.

I got off of the pool table and walked to the North wall and returned with an elegant cheery wood Queen Anne Chair. Maud was sitting in the middle of the table watching me with a puzzled look on her face as I bowed to her with a flourish sang

"Sigh no more, ladies, sigh no more, men were deceivers ever, one foot in sea and one on shore, to one thing constant never. Then sigh not so, but let them go, and be you blithe and bonny, converting all your sounds of woe into hey nonny nonny. Sing no more ditties, sing no moe, of dumps so dull and heavy; the fraud of men was ever so, since summer first was levy: then sigh not so, & c."

I then offered her my hand and helped Maud off of the table to be rewarded by a beautiful smile as she took my hand and taking her cue, Maud curtseyed and replied

"By my troth a good song, Master Balthazar.”

I sat on the chair while Maud straddled me and she was kissing my mouth as I slid my revitalized cock into her dripping and welcoming vagina.

"Now isn't this nice, Maud? Keep your feet on the floor and use your legs and feet. That’s perfect that's it keep it up and take your time... enjoy.... you are in control for the moment."

I held her hips as Maud put her arms around my neck. She pumped up and down on my cock stimulating her sweet clitoris. Maud's eyes were closed and she leaned forward occasionally to open them and kiss my mouth. It was wonderful watching her pleasure herself like this and watching as her long silver hair bounce and sway down with her ample breast close and available to be sucked and licked. Maud was rather quiet as she came being neither a moaner nor a screamer. I noticed an increase of her breathing as she inhaled and exhaled and that her face and neck was were flushed. I buried my hands in her hair and kissed Maud's mouth and face. Maud then leaned back with her arms still around my neck and she looked directly into my eyes like she did when she was a Grand Mistress.

“That you were once unkind befriends me now, and for that sorrow, which I then did feel, needs must I under my transgression bow, unless my nerves were brass or hammered steel.”

"That was very well said my dear, very well said. I am still looking forward to talking to you. However that will have to wait until bedtime because I going to get dressed and meet with Martha. Please bring my duffle to my regular bedroom.”

I was dressed and walking out the door when a thought occurred to me.

"Do you have any red lipstick?"

"Yes, do you want me to wear some this evening?"

"Please and put your hair up again so that I may take it down. Until then, I would I were thy bird."

I then waited for her lines.

"Sweet, so would I, yet I should kill thee with much cherishing. Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it be morrow”

Maud replied smiling, as she replied as Juliet to my Romeo and this simple exchange assured me an exceptional blowjob later this evening.

I then walked to the East Gallery which was a most unique room because of its stained glass windows. Arthur collects stained glass from Christian Churches or any unique stained glass windows from all over the world. These mentioned Churches were abandoned, remodeled or scheduled be demolished when Arthur purchased the stained glass for future generations to enjoy. Two of the walls from floor to ceiling have incorporated these mentioned windows and the room is breathtaking and it has a feeling of goodness about it, perhaps even holy and this is Arthur's favorite room.

When I went searching for her, I literally bumped into Martha as she came out of the bathroom in my room; I had to go myself when I caught her to keep her from falling.
"Hello, Ms. Cardoso, I will be with you in a minute."

I let go of her waist and then walked past her into the bathroom. Martha followed me in and started to say “Mickey, I..." before I interrupted her.

”Don't worry Martha; I will remember to put the toilet seat down."

I managed to get a smile out of her while minimizing an awkward situation. As I was buttoning up my fly I remembered that she always had to remind me about the toilet seat when we were first married. I also remembered how much I loved her then and how I spoiled her... and how beautiful she was. I took my first good look at her in the mirror while taking my time to wash hands. It is said that the clothing makes the man and the same can be said for the woman. Coincidently this was one of my marvelous Minerva's favorite sayings and is something that I always pay a great deal of attention too. How many married men or men with girlfriends fail to notice this often times to their ultimate demise.

Martha was wearing a colorful maxi dress with a large floral pattern of various shades of red, orange and green. It had spaghetti straps and a fitted elastic bodice at the waist, and the loose and flattering jagged edged of the skirt moved with her as she turned or walked and it came down to her ankles to meet the straps of the open toe red sandals on her small and dainty feet. As God made her, Martha is a small and petite woman with much the same figure as Mandy.

At one time Martha had such beautiful long black hair that was thick and soft, falling just to the middle of her back and I couldn’t keep my hands out of it, and then she cut it short to spite me. At the present time it is an awful artificial bleached white blond and mid-back length with layers. The same terrible color as it was when she collapsed into my arms six months ago and now with the black roots growing out and showing. This would not do at all and I will not stand for it.

Mandy would rehabilitate to its original black and then cut and shape Martha’s hair to my preferences while it was growing out. Being of Portuguese decent on her mother's side, Martha has dark onyx eyes and a clear blemish free very light olive complexion. Today Martha's face was makeup free and I approved because all in all Martha remains a beautiful woman with a shrew’s temper to be tamed.

After I finished washing I turned to her and said

"Let’s go outside for a walk and if you feel like it we will talk”

I offered her my arm and she took it.

"By the way, you look lovely in that dress."

"I want to thank you for everything that you have done for me, Mickey, and I don't know where to begin. Everyone has been so kind to me, especially in the hospital.”

And then Martha put her head on my chest and hugged me and continued to talk which gave me the opportunity to touch her hair and as I suspected it was somewhat dry and over processed.

"I didn't know those kinds of places existed and it must have been very expensive, especially being in Sweden. I have never been on a private jet before, Mickey.”

"They exist for special people. I had the private jet chartered to ensure your privacy.”

"This must sound terrible, Mickey, but I glad that he is dead. Arthur showed me the death certificate and the autopsy report said he a heart attack. Do you really still think that I am special after all I put you through?"

"I'm no Saint, Martha, and as a matter of fact I can be quite the bastard. I share some of the blame and you are special, otherwise I would have never fallen in love with you or married you. I should not have let your mother or aunts interfere the way that they did. We two sexes are bitches and bastards to different degrees and I let you get out of hand. I also should have kept a firmer hand with you and I know better now.”

"But I was wrong about you Mickey. My family was wrong about you especially my mother. I was wrong to blame you for Aaron's death and my mother encouraged that and I was wrong to think that you were heartless and didn't care. My father was a weak man, Mickey and he was nothing like you. He could cry at the drop of a hat. That is why mother hated you. She thought of herself as the Matriarch over everybody except she couldn't control you like father and behind her back we all called her the control bitch. Do you remember our wedding day; I thought that she was going to have a stroke on when you drove your motorcycle right up the steps of the Basilica. You parked it by the main door in defiance of her and by doing so that day you put her into her place."

Martha said, laughing.

“You put her in her place and she hated you for it. I don’t want to be like her, Mickey and I was turning into her and was proud of it.”

"Yes, I enjoyed the look on your mother’s face and your father's as well, although it is a shame that she took it out on him."

“After our divorce that internet romance didn't work out and I moved home to be with my mother. I should have tried harder to reconcile with you but you were so angry and were never home. I was afraid of you, Mickey and I hired a very good private detective to follow you and he was expensive and was said to be one of the best.”

And then she started laughing again, I used to love to hear Martha laugh.

"He quit, Mickey you scared him off. How did you manage to sneak up on him and glue his car doors and windows shut while he was sitting in it?"

"I did it by being available for him to take photograph, keep records etc. and by letting him think that he was accomplishing something even though I was watching him watching me. I let him think his hidden bugs and cameras were undetected and I allowed him to listen in on bogus telephone conversations. I observed that he always had a green Stanley thermos bottle in his sedan while on surveillance. He didn't drink out of the attached thermos cup but always in clean white paper cups that he kept in a plastic storage container in the backseat and they were the key."

"I don't understand?" she said, frowning.

"Perhaps I will tell you someday, Martha and please continue about your mother."

"I was under her thumb again, her fat daughter who couldn't give her grandchildren and she ever let me forget it. On the other hand she discouraged from losing weight, saying no man decent man would want me now that I was barren and used goods so what was the point because she wanted me fat like her. She also said that I was still beautiful in her eyes and to forget about men. Mama declared that it was God's will for me to be home again and I almost believed her. It would have been so easy to just give in. She said that she would take care of me. She had plans for my money and for what it could buy with father having died and she was lonely. When I lost weight and took up with Frank, she called me a whore and disowned me and I haven't talked to her since."

"The past is the past, Martha and as much as we wish that we could change it we can't, we can only move forward. I will do what I can for you however there is something you must know. The man you knew as Mickey has gone away. I am not sure if he will ever return or will ever be there for you the same way that he once was. My name is Michael and my Ladies call me that and so shall you. Now, how about that walk? I could use the fresh air...........”

When I entered the bedroom Maud was curled up in a large overstuffed chair reading Antony & Cleopatra and had a small glass of her plum wine on the table beside her. Maud was wearing green silk pajamas and I was pleased to see that she had twisted her hair up in a nice bun and it was held in place with two bamboo hair sticks. Remove the sticks and her silver tresses would come tumbling down and this was a very nice touch to go along with the blood red lipstick on her soon to be cock sucking lips. Getting up she put her book down and then assumed the position at my feet.

“I’m going to shower first, my dear. Please turn back the covers on the bed and get some extra pillows. When I get out of the shower I expect to see you as you are now.”

I returned naked to find my requests fulfilled and Maud in the position on the floor and I said “Heel my dear.”

Maud the former Grand Mistress was now kneeling nicely before me.

“How many Masters or Grand Masters made use of you before Arthur brought you here?”

“I was with three Masters and a Grand Mistress, Master. I was with Grand Mistress Pamela the shortest and she was the last until Arthur. She kept me on a leash the entire time. May I speak in confidence? I know that you allow your Ladies this privilege.”

“You may.” I answered and Maud continued.

“None of the three Masters had sexual relations with me of any kind. Do you want to know who they were?”

“That won’t be necessary.” I answered.

“All three Masters kept me on a strict diet and exercise program because they wanted to curry favor with Arthur. I was kept naked most of the time and when I wasn’t exercising I was given the most menial of tasks to perform. And I was a slave to their slaves. Master Brogan…I sorry it just slipped out.

“It is alright Maud, please continue.”

“Master Brogan dressed me like a slut, a cheap whore, heavy makeup and all and then made me spend part of my days running errands for him and making purchases at adult bookstores and sex shops. He made me return some them the next day and then purchase different items again to be returned. I know that cheap slutty look turned him on and aroused him and yet he never touched me. In for a dime in for a dollar as they say; he makes both his slaves dress like sluts and they are pretty young girls, what a waste.’

“You would never know this seeing how good they look at a Gathering.” I commented.”

“Yes I know. I was Grand Mistress Pamela’s doggy and I was made to bark and yip. I was made eat like a dog and too sit up and beg like a dog. She even made me defecate and urinate outside in the grass on occasion and I was never allowed to stand in her presence.”

I touched her face and said

“I get the picture but keep in mind things could have been worse. You know Arthur is going to purchase you and you have that to look forward too. You may put those things out of your mind.”

“Yes, I know he explained everything to me.”

“Then you also know that you will be seeing Minerva soon and that is another thing to look forward to and you look lovely this evening.”

“Thank you, Master Michael….would you have purchased me if Arthur doesn’t?”

“That depends?” I answered.

“What does it depend on?” She asked.

“Am I your first choice or second choice, Maud?”

“I have no choice, but you already know that. However I’m content to be here with Arthur.”

“Tonight you are my first choice, Maud and you will be mine until Arthur returns.”

“Would you still have purchased me if Arthur hadn’t?”

“You know the answer, Maud. “

“I want to suck on your cock now, Michael?”

“You are awful bold, slave by addressing me by my first name”

Maud ignored the admonishment.

“I need the practice, I’ve never sucked on cock before and I don’t want Arthur to know.”

“Is that why you asked to speak to me in confidence, you sucked me in you silver fox.”

“Yes, Michael and now I want to suck you off. Will you teach me to suck cock?”

“Goodness gracious! Such crude words from such a dignified Lady nevertheless stand up and turn around.”

I took the sticks out of her hair watching her tresses fall down her back like a silver water waterfall. Maud’s silver hair felt wonderful in my hands as I arranged it around her shoulders and back. I then put my hands on her shoulders and turned her to face me and Maud was smiling.

“Impertinent slave”

I pulled her close and kissed her mouth

“You have a saucy mouth much like Minerva’s. You do not have permission to speak. I have other plans for your mouth and tongue. Heel and start with your tongue. Be sure to look into my eyes or Arthur’s eyes when you are licking unless you are told otherwise. Yes that's right. Lick the entire shaft................Marvelous. Take your little tongue and lick the entire circumference of the tip.” Very good that feels wonderful. Alternate between the two, the shaft and the tip… the shaft and the tip and now in a circle with your tongue…in a circle with your tongue… keep licking.

As you can see I am shaved down below, a small concession to my Ladies. It makes oral sex more enjoyable for them and for me….ah yes…mmm... Very nice, Maud, you are doing fine… pretend that your tongue is a butterflies wings fluttering from flower to flower. Flutter your tongue on the tip…good you are reading my mind, in a circle, on the tip, on the shaft, good you are developing your own technique already. You have me throbbing and pulsating and I am holding back my orgasm to prolong the sensual pleasure and it feels marvelous. God, blue eyes…back off your teasing and lick the clear pre-come off of my penis… keep looking at me…. now take a break.”

All the while that Maud was licking I had my hands in her hair to keep it out of her face.

“At this rate you will soon instinctively know when your Master is about to come, the pulsating and throbbing cock and the pre-cum, learn how it tastes and then back off. If I wanted to come right now I would use your beautiful hair like a horses reins and then immediately ejaculate into your mouth. Many Masters would come on your face. I am not one of them unless that is your preference and only to indulge you, to spice things up so to speak. I am going to pull out slightly just before I do come so that you do not gag or choke Again, many Masters enjoy making their slaves gag but I’ll be damned if I know why though.”

Maud nodded her head and smiled.

“Most men also like to have their balls licked and sucked on…very nice…keep licking…lick the inside of my legs where my balls hang; ah, yes nice, very nice. That’s why I showered first, just simple common courtesy and good bed manners….take my balls in your mouth and suck and be sure to be careful with your teeth…good….suck and look up at me blue eyes… watch your…. yes, yes …ah..Nice, but enough of that for now, I want you to concentrate on my cock…blue eyes, stand up.”

I took her face in my hands and looked into her eyes as would a lover or Master of my ilk.

“You have beautiful eyes, Maud and until I arrived I expected to see brown hair, not the natural silver I see now. Your hair is like fine spun pure silver and yet as soft and silky as eider down. Your eyes are so cornflower blue as to shame the most precious and rare blue sapphires from Burma and so blue as to make Shakespeare sputter and stammer for lack of words. When we alone together I shall call you Blue-eyes and that shall be our secret. Please go get my leather jacket from the closet.”

When she returned, I removed a white envelope from the inside pocket. I bowed to her again and then took her hand and led her to the large oval floor to ceiling mirror on the far wall. I had her stand in front of it while I stood behind her. This mentioned mirror was bordered with stained glass and set in a black wrought iron frame.

“I brought you something else, Blue-eyes. Lift your hair off the back of your neck and hold it there on top of your head.”

I put a platinum serpentine choker with a four- caret stone that was set in a pendant and put it around her neck.
It looked lovely there, a perfect fit with the flawless sapphire nestled nicely against the base of her throat.

“As a Grand Mistress your symbol was a gold tiara with an amethyst stone and your color was the purple of your cloth. The tiara is a symbol that is common to all Grand Mistresses but unique to none. This blue Burmese Sapphire is set in platinum and this pendant is of one of a kind as are you. You are far more precious because of your intellect, your soul, even more precious to a Master who knows your true worth. Your color is now silver and your cloth is your glorious naked body soft and warm in your Master’s arms. See how the stone glows and sparkles now that it is warmed by your body heat and infused with your bright aura.”

She was at a loss for words and I saw her bottom lip quiver as she watched us in the mirror. I could also see that she was starting to cry so I reached around and wiped away that first tear from her eye. Maud turned and wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed my cheek and whispered.

“Thank you Michael, I’ve never received such an intimate gift…nor have I had a man talk to me like this before. I’m, I’m…...”

Then she kissed my mouth and put her head on my chest and started crying softly and yet she was smiling.
Maud, imperious Maud was lost for words and now so soft and warm in my arms…ah, the epiphanies of being a Master. I held her a few moments knowing that she was somewhat embarrassed and then I gave her bottom a playful slap and said.

“Remember your cloth and colors Blue-eyes and then please pour me half a glass of wine.”

I let go of her and then got into bed while sitting up and leaning back against the large pile of pillows in front of the headboard.
Maud undressed and then filled her wine glass ¾ full and took a sip leaving the volume ½ full as I requested before handing it to me and then got into bed with me and lay down with her head in my lap. I pushed her hair to one side and lightly caressed her cheek while slowly savoring the wine.

“Michael, may I finish now?”

“Of course you may, please show me what you have learned.”

I then drained the small glass and dropped it carefully to the carpet. She rolled over onto her stomach and started kissing my manhood while sneaking in little licks here and there. Maud kissed and licked my balls and the insides of my legs and crotch all the while teasing and probing. Maud was again licking the tip and shaft in a circular motion alternating between soft and hard while fluttering her tongue on the tip. Getting up on her hands and knees Maud kissed my neck and chest and worked her way down and continuing to kiss until she reached my cock. She took it into her mouth and started sucking, moving her head up and down the shaft.

I grabbed her hair and pulled her off.

“Watch your teeth, Blue-eyes” I advised her while lightly cuffing her head.

“Many Masters would beat you if you irritate their manhood with your teeth and you just did and it is if very important to mind your teeth. School is in session and this is your final exam to graduate. If you pass I will make breakfast tomorrow morning for the three of us. Besides, it has been a long day and I want to get some sleep.”

I lay down on my side after fixing the pillows to get comfortable. Maud slid down squirming to get to into comfortable position and was very careful with her teeth while she started sucking and doing a totally marvelous. I played with her hair while she licked and sucked, pulling back in into a ponytail, twisting it up into a bun and then letting it down again to caress her shoulders and back repeating my hair play and I was in no hurry to come.

When my orgasm finally washed over me I pulled out partially as not to choke or gag her. My semen felt white hot as I hosed the inside of her mouth with my molten cum. To her credit she swallowed most of it getting a smidge on her chin. Maud then sat up smiling at me and her eyes were shining as she was licking her lips. I wiped the spilled semen from Maud’s chin with my fingers and then she licked and kissed each finger clean. I then held her hair away from her face while she cleaned my cock and balls thoroughly with her mouth and tongue.

“There is mouthwash in the bathroom for you if want to use it. Afterwards you may stay up read if you wish. Goodnight Blue-eyes, you passed.”

I then stretched out in the bed, closed my eyes and went immediately to sleep.

I woke up the next morning with Maud snuggled up close to me sound asleep. I noticed that she had fixed her hair in a simple three strand side braid. Sarah does this with her long brown hair to keep me from lying on it while we are sleeping lest I accidently pull it when she or I move. Looking at Maud sleeping beside me reminded me of something. I have often thought that although I am a Master with four slaves, I was also like a husband with four wives to keep happy.

Totally obedient wives to be sure but all vying for my attention to various degrees, especially Minerva and Sarah. Discipline is paramount to maintain harmony in such a household and to cement their joint cooperation with one another. Discipline is followed closely by submission, loyalty, kindness, affection and love. Now that I have seen her and talked with her, would Martha been able to accept the fact I live with four women? Or that they love me? Could Martha with her temper and acid tongue be able to get along in our household?

Minerva can easily handle Martha if it came to a physical confrontation. Katherine is busy studying for her MD and is living off campus in her own house, a house that is in walking distance to her classes. She will not be around much for the next four years and will hardly have to deal with Martha. Katherine loves this arrangement and I spend two days with her every three weeks or so. We pretend that she is my mistress….the other kind, a kept woman. We have the entire house to ourselves to play chess and do whatever we like.

This is a concession and a reward for her studying hard to become a doctor, a foregone conclusion because Katherine has a brilliant and analytical mind. My little peach, Mandy has her business to attend to during the day with weekends off. It will pretty much fall on Sarah and Minerva to deal with Martha when I am away on business whether it be my own or that of the Sanctorum. I was just lying there contemplating these things along with my promise to cook breakfast when there was a loud knock on the door. I sat up getting ready to answer it and heard Martha call from behind the closed door.

“Michael, it’s me, Martha. May I come in? I made you breakfast.”

The knock woke Maud up as well. She sat up and pulled the sheet in front to cover her ample bosom. She was smiling and giving me a knowing look and was not at all embarrassed.

I was thinking

“I am sure I told Martha that would be making breakfast for the three of us.”

To late…Martha opened the door and walked in on us with a tray in hand with breakfast for two. When she saw Maud sitting in bed next to me… well, to say that she was surprised was an understatement. Martha was told that Maud was Arthur’s Personal Secretary and live-in house sitter/caretaker and after that there was no telling what Martha assumed or thought about the arrangement. Now she saw Maud in bed with me. Maud got out of bed and assumed the stern commanding persona that she used as a Grand Mistress, or should I say naked Grand Mistress Persona. She took the tray from a totally flabbergasted and now tongue-tied Martha.

“Thank you, Ms. Cardoso; it was very thoughtful for you to make breakfast for the two of us. Michael was just telling me that he was taking us out for lunch later. I would attend but I have no time in my busy schedule. So if you will please excuse us” Maud said as she put the tray on the bed “He will attend to you later.”

Intimidated and confused Martha left as Maud followed and ushered her out and locking the door before she turned to me, smiling.

“Do you take cream or sugar with your coffee, Michael?”

“That was mean, Blue-eyes!”

“What was mean, Michael?”

“Pulling the Grand Mistress on Martha, intimidating her and you did it so well.”

“She had it coming for the way she treated you”

Maud replied, pouring my coffee and taking the covers off of the dishes.

“You’ll have plenty of time to spend with her when you get home and besides I don’t want to share you with her until then.”

“If you didn’t want to share why did you tell her that I was taking her out to lunch and you couldn’t attend?”

Maud ignored the question and it was like dealing with an older version of Minerva.

“This looks delicious!”

She exclaimed taking a bite of omelet, chewing and swallowing.

“It has hot and sweet peppers, Genoa Salami, provolone cheese minced black olives and it is simply delicious.”

“So… I’m taking Martha out to lunch am I?”

“Yes, it is the least that you can do to thank her for the delicious breakfast that she made for us, although taking us out to dinner would be better and besides, it makes you look good in her eyes.”

“Did you just say us, Blue-eyes?”

“Yes Michael, us, as in Ms. Cardoso and me. I just discovered some free time in my busy schedule.”

“You realize that the breakfast was for Martha and me?”

“Well too late now.” She answered, taking a bite of toast

“Your omelet is getting cold, Master.”

I just sighed and picked up my fork, I had been outmaneuvered.

“Fine, be so kind as to make dinner reservations for three.”

“Of course I will Mr. Buckley that is my job as a personal secretary…………

I spent part of that day just talking with Martha about our failed marriage and the death of our son. Martha broke down and cried and I held her hand. We talked of things that went unsaid but should have been. We cleared the air about many things, many misunderstandings and laughed about many others and it was good for both of us. Then I took a nap alone until it was almost time for dinner. I usually travel light and only brought two changes of clothing this time. Maud was aware of this having made the reservations and she dressed accordingly to the establishment that she selected. It was a well known landmark oyster bar, casual but expensive and dinner was interesting in more way than one…..

I was wearing my scuffed engineer boots, blue jeans, a white silk shirt and my old friend, my beat up A-2 leather jacket.
While Maud was dressed in snug fitting blue jeans, white sneakers and a short jean jacket over her red silk blouse.
She wasn’t wearing any makeup that evening except for the red lipstick, and her silver hair was unbound and loose about her shoulders as it flowed nicely down her back and I was pleased too that she was wearing her blue sapphire.

Martha was deliberately left out of the loop about the correct time and proper attire and met us downstairs at the last minute dressed to the nines in a revealing black dress better situated for a formal dining establishment. She was wearing a beautiful pearl necklace with matching earrings that were a gift from Arthur and her makeup done to perfection. Martha’s hair was pinned up in a French twist with Maud’s help and despite the terrible bleached blond hair Martha looked nice. Martha wasn’t happy when she found out where we were going and she was glaring daggers at Maud. Although in the end she was a good sport about it and made the best of it. We drove to the oyster bar in Arthur’s classic 1960 Rolls-Royce Phantom V White Limousine. Martha sat in the back seat and Maud sat in the front with me while I drove. When we arrived I helped each lady out and then I walked into the restaurant with one on each arm.

When we got there the only table available was a raised one with tall bar chairs next the kitchen. In a better location Maud and I alone could have managed but it was difficult it for Martha considering that she was dressed so formally. There were two young couples, friends celebrating a first wedding anniversary in a prime corner away from the bar. I sent a drink over to their table and one of the men came over to thank me. I took him to one-side to talk with him and he in turn went back to his table to talk with his friends. With the help of one of our first United States Diplomats, Benjamin Franklin, a temporary treaty was reached and we switched tables. After we were seated at the new table Martha asked

“What did you say to him, Michael? I’m not complaining but how did you convince them to switch us to such a nice table?”

“I let Benjamin Franklin do the talking”

I replied, taking a sip of my India Pale Ale.

“I don’t understand?”

She said looking puzzled and putting her menu down.

“How many did it take?” Maud asked, smiling.

“Eight, I told them to consider it an anniversary gift.”

“So you bribed them?”

Maud emphatically stated while looking at Martha as if she had just scored a point.

“Essentially, yes” I said laughing with Maud joining in with me.

Martha looked at us thoughtfully and sipped her diet Pepsi. Somehow I got the feeling that Martha was being deliberately obtuse because she timed her next question as Maud was taking a sip of her pale ale.

“That’s a lot of money Mickey, can you afford it?” and Martha said it so matter of factually.

That bitter ale went down the wrong way and Maud started coughing and turning red. She had to put her napkin over her face to stop the ale coming out of her nose. I stood up to pat her on the back but she waved me off and rushed to the Ladies Room. The whole time Martha sat quietly, innocently studying her menu.

I glared at her thinking “tit for tat ladies” and then sternly said

“Well, Martha, what do you have to say for yourself? Was that really necessary?”

“Oh, I forgot, Michael, I’m not supposed to call you Mickey anymore,”

She was holding the menu in front of her face so that I could not see her mischievous smile, or should I say passive aggressive smile? When Maud returned to the table her face was still flushed and pink and her red her lipstick was freshly applied. She was staring knives at Martha.

“I meant the other thing, Martha.”

Martha folded her menu and put it down. “Oh that thing, I think that I shall have the steamed Maine Lobster.”

Martha replied sweetly returning Maud’s stare. I had to bite my tongue and sipped my ale to keep from laughing and then turning to Maud asked

“Are you alright?”

“I’m fine, what are you having, Michael?”

Maud asked, still glaring at Martha.

“I’m having dozens and dozens of raw oysters on the half shell with malt vinegar and black pepper and then more with Tabasco sauce.”

“That sounds fabulous, Michael!” Maud exclaimed “We can share…..

I must say that those fresh oysters were fabulous! Maud slid her chair quite close to mine while we ate and ate and we lost track of how many dozen oysters that we ordered until the bill came. I tipped the waitress a ten spot for each fresh dozen that she brought to keep them coming fresh and cold on ice. Martha ate her lobster and then decided to try a raw oyster and when she did what a terrible face she made as she quickly swallowed it.

She then ordered a jumbo shrimp cocktail and a Bloody Mary, this being her favorite mixed drink. I received many discrete intimate touches from Maud, much to Martha’s displeasure and when we went up to pay the bill the cashier, a pretty young redhead in her twenties slipped me her cell phone number and her hand lingered on mine much to both their displeasure. As I said, dinner was an interesting affair with a twist. I got an opportunity to try out a new technique.

There was an idiot, a rather large muscle bound Hulk Hogan lookalike in his twenties sitting with a friend.
This mentioned friend must have been the fools his single member fan club as well as a fawning fan and no doubt was an aspiring body builder himself although he was of average build. They were sitting at the table next to us. The body builder was the type of fool that lives in the gym and has contempt for anyone who doesn’t.

He was the type that dresses in tight sleeveless tee shirts regardless of the weather and probably stars in porn films for a living. He was loud, obnoxious, ignorant and opinionated…did I leave anything out? They were there to drink and he kept harassing their waitress, our waitress about the slow service and as I said our service was great. On top of that he grabbed the waitress’s ass a few times making the manager come over to talk with him. He was also leering at Martha and made a comment about the big-shot shrimp, me, throwing money around. In addition to all of this he was telling vulgar dumb blond jokes while he leered at Martha and then he licked his lips to which his fan club groupie laughed hysterically.

I got up to talk to him and asked him politely to tone it down. He didn’t bother getting up but shifted his chair instead so that his back was to me and he told another vulgar joke.

“Are you a Star Trek Fan?” I asked.

“What does that have to do with anything, shrimp?”

He asked laughing, his friend as well, to which I matter of factually replied

“Because the logo on your shirt is a Starfleet com-badge.”

When he glanced at the Nike logo I reached forward and executed the classic Vulcan nerve pinch rendering him unconscious and he slumped forward in his chair and thank God it worked because I left my reliable hand taster in Arthur’s limo I looked at his groupie friend and smiled.

“That was the Vulcan nerve pinch”

I lied while raising my hand like Mr. Spock, palm forward with the fingers spread between my middle and ring finger with my thumb extended

“Live long and prosper.”

By then the manager and a patron who was an off duty cop arrived. After questioning me and several of the patrons the Officer quietly ejected them both of them from the premises without further incident. It was assumed that the loud mouth had passed out from too much drink which left me nicely off the hook.

Although I did hear someone shout as they were escorting them out

“Beam them out, Scotty!”

When I finally got back to my table Martha leaned over and kissed cheek.

“There is no such thing as the Vulcan nerve pinch, Michael, what did you do to him?”

“I rendered him temporarily unconscious”

I replied, picking up an oyster and eating it.

“We know that but how did you do it?”

“I’ll tell you at another time, Martha.”

“Then will you tell me how you trapped my private investigator in his car?” Martha asked.

“I never heard about this one, what private investigator?” Maud chimed in.

“Start from the beginning and tell Maud what happened and I will tell the rest of the story”

I continued eating those fabulous oysters, and Martha did, ending with that he quit and wouldn’t return her telephone calls or her large retainer. I then ordered more pale ale for me, a Pepsi for Martha and ice water for Maud since she would be driving.

“As I said, Martha, the key was the disposable paper cups. I bugged his vehicle by putting a passive homing device in his sedan. Then it was a simple matter to find out then where he lived and who he was. When he was a home at night sleeping with his wife I disabled his car alarm and replaced one paper cup with another that was identical but special.”

“Then you coated his cup with some drug or chemical to knock him out, right?” Maud asked.

“Exactly, he was a creature of habit and drank a lot of coffee while on surveillance. After he was unconscious I removed the treated cup. I then dumped his thermos out and filled it with whiskey while making sure to spill some on him and the car seat. I took his cell phone and put it in my pocket for later. Next I glued his car doors, windows and trunk shut with a chalking gun containing a tube of industrial strength quick drying epoxy. I disabled his vehicle from starting, left him a special present and then drove to the airport. While at the airport, I made a 911 call to the Sheriff’s Department and then dropped his cell phone with the line open into a mail box.

I imagine that he had quite the time explaining to the authorities how he ended up that way or why he couldn’t stop sneezing. I was out of the country by then with an alibi in the event that I was questioned, but I wasn’t out of the country. I went as far as to send him a postcard from the Virgin Islands postmarked two days after my official departure date.
The next day he checked the airlines and my contact there notified me that they confirmed my departure to him as two days prior.
I immediately called your private dick on a prepaid untraceable track-phone advising him politely to drop the case and to check his laptop for an e-mail with an attachment titled “sleep tight.”

“What kind of present?”

They both asked together and then they looked at one another and smiled, inferring a truce of sorts followed by Martha asking

“What was the e-mail?”

“The e-mail attachment was a digital photo taken with his camera of him and his wife sound asleep in their bedroom with his camera as it was a very good one. If he were to trace the source of the e-mail, or even if the CIA were to trace it, the result would be the same, from a server in Nigeria.”

“What was the special present?”

They both asked again at the same time.

“It was a can of peanuts and the can was a façade, my lovely Ladies. It did not contain any peanuts at all. Inside was one of those novelty cloth covered coil springs that resemble a snake, open the can and it pops out. It was corny but effective....”

They were both looking intently at me, waiting as I took a sip of ale.

“It was effective because of the concentrated sneezing powder that was released in seconds from a small high pressure continuous aerosol dispenser placed in the bottom of the fake peanut can that was triggered by the snake pop out”………….

Martha and I sat in the backseat of the limo while Maud drove. When we arrived at Arthur’s estate I went outside and telephoned home to speak with Minerva, Sarah and the Mandy. I told Mandy about Martha’s hair and Mandy made a special appointment for her. Afterwards I ran a diagnostic on Arthur’s security system, installed some new software and then telephoned the security checkpoints for them to reset their systems. Martha was waiting for me in my room and was dressed as she was at dinner.
She got up from the bed and walked over to me touched my face.

“Do you still find me attractive, Michael?”

“You are a beautiful woman, Martha.”

I replied, putting my hands on her shoulders while looking into her eyes.

“I live with three beautiful women now. We have an arrangement and I consider them my family.”

“Yes, I know; they were very kind to me and they were so brave….but you said three, did someone move out?”

“Katherine is attending U. B. Medical School and studying to be a doctor and she now lives in a house close to campus. Minerva, Sarah and Mandy are there, each with their own bedrooms rooms and they are my companions and lovers.”

“It seems that you have many lovers, these days, Michael, including Ms. McCabe. You said I am still beautiful, I going to be one, are you ever going to make love to me again?”

“My current Ladies are quite submissive and I am sure that you have noticed that even Maud defers to me.”

I said this matter-of-factly, taking my hands off her shoulders while taking a step back and folding my arms.

“Only obedient women interest me now….take your hair down, Martha”

I said in a quiet but commanding tone and despite the surprised look on her face, Martha took the hairpins out of her hair and shook her head.

“That’s a start and I don’t approve of your current hair color or the layers, it makes you look trashy” I said, sternly while taking a lock of her hair in my hand.

“That was Abzug’s trashy preference and no doubt to humiliate you”

And I tugged at her bleach hair letting my eyes go cold, still angry at what he did to her and Martha just nodded, looking down.

“I am not angry with you Martha, but at him. But I assure you that this debacle will be corrected with or without your consent.”

Martha opened her mouth to speak and I put my hand over it while shaking my head.

“There is an old saying my dear, women and children should be seen but not heard. When we were married you were my equal and I’ve come to believe that was our demise. It has no place in your current position as my legal ward, do you understand?”

She nodded her head for yes and then I removed my hand and walked away from her. I lay down on the bed leaving her with a puzzled look on her pretty face.

“Please take of my boots off and then you will remove your pearl necklace and earrings. You will then draw a hot bath for me and call me when the tub is full…that is of course if you wish someday to be my future lover and certainly not tonight.”

I lay there with my eyes closed until she came to get me and so far she was obedient…good. Once there I undressed and got into the tub of hot water sliding down to submerge my head to wet my hair and then I came back as Martha stood there watching me.

“I forgot the shampoo, would you please hand it to me it’s on the counter behind you.”

As she handed it to me I grabbed her and pulled her into the tub causing her to shriek as I pulled her close.
When we were married she would never shower with me, her mother’s influence no doubt and as I said, Martha is a tiny little thing much like my Mandy. I held her effortlessly as she struggled to get free.

“Michael what are you doing, you can’t, you will ruin dress!”

I kissed her mouth to silence her and she tasted wonderful. When I kissed her I could feel her relax somewhat and she stopped struggling. .

“I don’t believe that I kissed yet, Martha. Don’t worry about your dress I will buy you another.”

“May I at least take off my shoes?”

“You may, mi Niña…start by shampooing my hair and remember, seen but not heard”…………………


2015-08-26 12:34:41
Shaved vagina? Surely, shaved VULVA? And pushing her face into a vagina? Lotta stretching involved there. And "off of" is so trashy, but the storyline is good.

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I loved this book. It had that pferect haunting quality, where you didn’t quite know what to believe.

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Great chapters cant wait for the next one

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Smack-dab what I was lokoing for—ty!

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