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Hi. This is my first story. So it sucked, But now I FIXED IT. So now that it's FIXED, It's time to DOIT!
Zack and Cody Martin walked out to the pool located on top of the hotel they live in.
Unfortunetly noone was there; But they stayed there anyway.
"Where is everybody?" Cody said
Zack said "Beats me,Lets just get in" The boys walked to the changing rooms and change into their swimsuits.
They got to the shallow end of the pool and soon they made it to the deep end.

They swam for about twenty minutes then they took a break.
Zack brought up the basketball game they played earlier and bragged about how his
team beat Cody's. Then Cody said "You would of lost if Max didnt have to leave." "Yeah sure blame it on that. You sore loser." "Shut up!"
"Speaking of Max; wernt you two suposed to go to the Red Sox game?"
"Yeah but you wanted to go swimming."
"Whats your point the games tonight?"
"Yeah I know but your my brother I can't say no to you."
"But that still dosent make any sense. You should hanging out with her. Ican come up here by myself." "Yeah. But I don't want you to drown or worse get in trouble. You're not supposed to swim by yourself."

Zack said "Yeah I guess your right if I went swimming by myself it would'nt be any fun."
And with that said he pushed his brother into the pool. "Besides I can't do that by myself."
Zack then joind his brother in the pool. They swam until three and then went back to their room.
Five minutes past Then Cody started watching tv when all of a sudden he herd a noise in the other room. So he wnt to check it out as he opened the door he saw Zack's blanket moving up and down really fast and with a curious voice said "What are you doing?" Zack jumped up and said "Whaa! Cody. Get the hell out."

Ten minutes past and Zack walked out of his room and apoligized to Cody.
"Look I'm sorry I yelled at you I was just doing something private and you wern't supposed to see me doing it. Cody said "It's alright I do it sometimes to." Then Zack said "What?" "Masterbate to Max." Cody said. The Zack said Actually I wasn't masterbating to Max."
"Then who were you masterbating to?" Zack's face got red and said "Don't get mad; But I was masterbating to you." "What?" Cody said a little shocked "Yeah I do it alot I'm sorry."
Than Cody said "It's ok lets just pretend it never happend." Cody then had a dream about the whole ordial and woke up with a raging hard on. So he did his bussiness and went back to sleep.

The next day they went out to the pool again and once again noone was there. "Again, Just because it rained earlier."
Zack said "Fuck it lets go swimming." "Yeah that sounds great." Cody replied
Ten minutes went by then Cody asked brother if he wanted to play marco polo. Zack said "Yeah!" and so they started to play when it was Zacks turn to be polo he would often gaze at his younger brothers ass and then Cody cheated and opened his eyes and saw his brother looking at him.
"What are looking at?" "Nothing...Hey why dont we go skinny dipping I bet it'll be fun."
Cody paused and then said "No way!; what if someone sees us?" "Hold on I'll fix that." Zack got out of the pool and then locked the door with the key he stole from Mr.Moesby. "They wont see us now."
Then Cody got out of the pool and asked "What if Mr.Moesby notices that the key is missing?" "Don't worry he'll never know it's gone."Then Zack noticed that ther was a hard on in Cody's trunks and was quick to point it out. "Is this a stick up or are you just happy to see me?"
Cody quickly tried to cover it up. "It's ok you don't have to cover it up; After all you almost saw mine last night." Cody replied "Yeah almost,But that dosen't count tho." "Oh so you want to see it; huh?" "No I just said that...." "Oh nothing to say" "Fine I'll show you; but you can't tell anyone ok."
Cody acted like he did'nt want to see it. But inside he really did want to see. So Zack removed his trunks and said "Now it's your turn show me yours." "What?" Cody said "Yeah thats how it works. I show you mine you show me yours." Without further protest Cody slowly pulled his trunks down to show his brother. "Hey I've got an idea."
Zack then walked up to his little brother and said "Do you want to play another game?"

But he did'nt give his brother time to anwser he stepped closer and grabed his head and started to kiss him. Soon Cody tried to get away; But Zack broke the kiss to stop his brother and then said "You don't have to be afraid I won't bite i'm not an animal you know." Then he got down on his knees and put his mouth around his brothers dick.
Cody was about to step back; But his brother put his hand on his ass and said"Where do you think your goin?" he asked "I don't think we should be doing this." "It's ok noones gonna see us so calm down." He then started teasing Cody's dick by doing little circles around the head. Then he got up and said "Lets get a towel so we can both have some fun."
Zack took a towel from the cabana and laid it down by the pool and said "Well what are you waiting for?; lay down; "What are you gonna do?" "You'll see." Zack said as he grabbed his brothers arm and laid him down on the towel and then he mounted his little brother in the sixty-nine position and thrust his dick in his brothers mouth; Also taking his brothers dick into his own mouth.

At first Cody did'nt like this new expirence; But eventualy warmed up to it as he started moving his head up and down on his big brothers dick. Zack took notice of his younger siblings curiosity and then took advantage of it. As he began licking up Cody's young shaft he noticed his brothers dick start to pulsate. Shortly after Cody blew his wad down his older brothers throat. Zack tried to swallow it all but there was to much. "Wow you cum like a horse. Now it's my turn." Zack started sliding his dick in and out of his brothers mouth, Until he blew his load down his brothers throat. He then got up and asked Cody if it felt good. And Cody replied "Yeah! can you do that again?" Zack said "In a minute." The boys rested for a little bit and in no time Zack was ready to go.

He grabbed his brothers hand and brought him over to a small stool. "Now bend over the stool it's time for the real fun to begin. Zack looked around and found some suntan lotion and put some on the tip of his dick and a little more on his brothers asshole. The he said "Hold on; This might hurt a little bit; But it'll feel good when I start moving it in and out; So don't worry it'll be fine."

With that said he slowly rubbed the head of his dick on Cody's ass and than started entering his brothers ass and with a moan pushed it in half way. "Damn Cody your so tight."
"I'm not tight your just to big." Cody replied. Cody's ass started to relax and Zack put his other three inches inside his brothers ass and slowly started to fuck him. With a few heaves he reached full speed as his dick sank deep into his little brothers ass and than out. Cody let out a sigh as he noticed he was hard again. He grabbed ahold of it and started stroking it in rythem with his brothers heaving. Soon Zack was reaching boiling point and told Cody "Cody; I'm gonna cum in your ass." Cody said "Ok." And with that Zack came his little brothers ass. Zack than pulled out and Cody started sucking off what little cum remained. Zack thanked his brother and lied back down on the towel to catch his breath; Then Cody got his attention and when Zack looked Cody came all over his face. "No thank you." He then started sucking the rest of Cody's cum off his dick and said "Mmm. tasty."

Two minutes past as the boys cleaned up and headed back for their room.
Than cody said "Can we do that again sometime?" Zack replied "How about tonight?" "That sounds great." Than the boys watched tv and waited for their mother to go to sleep so they go for round two. To be countinued....

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