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Taking his new slave's cherry
Looking out of the dark tinted windows, Angelique has no idea where she was. They were no longer on a street or highway, instead on a dark, private road running parallel to large, deep looking, pond in front of a large stone mansion.

“I said I’d take you home.” He tells her after seeing the look of bewilderment on her face, gathering his coat as the car slowly comes to a stop in front of the mansion. “I just didn’t tell you whose home you’d be going to.”

“What the fuck is going on?!?!?” Angelique screams out to Mikhail, drowning out the sounds of the front doors of the limousine being closed. Remaining quiet, Mikhail takes another gulp of his alcohol as he watches Angelique with amusement. Her panic filled eyes flip back and forth between the long windows as the dark shadows of people slowly make their way down the side of the window. As the doors by Angelique slowly open, she tries with all her might to close the doors, stretching her arms out to pull them back in.

Mikhail’s blood begins to flow as he watches the young virgin’s ample chest jutting out, breasts heaving as she tries with feeble attempts to prevent the inevitable. With grunts, the men on either side of the door prevail, yanking the doors open at roughly the same time.

The larger of the two, Nikolai reaches into the limousine and easily pulls away Angelique into his grasp. Futilely she screams, and tries to cause him pain with her knees and elbows, to no effect. His face is expressionless, as if he were a statue as he waits off to the side of the limo for his Boss to exit.

Slowly Mikhail emerges from the back of the limo, brushing off his lap as he does. Smiling upon seeing his new million dollar toy struggling in his bodyguard’s arms, he slowly walks up the long, flat stone stairs to the large wooden doors. The doors open slowly by another large Slavic looking man. As Mikhail passes by, the man slowly bows slightly in respect, while Mikhail pays no attention to him.

Setting Angelique down in front of him, Nikolai pulls her in tightly to him with his large hands tightly gripping her arms. If it weren’t for the fear in her mind, Angelique would have been amazed by the mansion she was standing in. The large, cavernous foyer gave off the impression of magnificence, with its light colored marble floors and large limestone columns with intricate carvings at the base of each column. Its two large curving staircases flanking each side of the door with gold railings only added to the elegant impression of the room.

Mikhail stands away from the small group at the front door as he casually flips through the mail sitting neatly on a table off to the side, a large potted plant perched beside the letters. Sorting through the letters, he holds out a portion of the letters in the direction of the group of people. Immediately the man who opened the door rushes forward to take the letters from his boss. “Take these down to Mr. Albertson’s office and put them on the desk. Fucking accountants…” He tells the man in Russian, his voice strained and tired.

Immediately the man walks down the large foyer, making a right down one of the numerous halls. It isn’t long before he turns his attention towards Nikolai and his new toy. Looking upon her, he couldn’t help but be amused. Something about the fear in her gave him satisfaction. It would make it easier to bend her to his will.

“Take our new guest to my room. Then come join me outback.” He tells Nikolai in his dark Russian voice.
Nodding his understanding, the large Russian named Nikolai grasps Angelique tighter in his hands before lifting her up over his shoulders. Kicking and screaming, Angelique is taken against her will up the closest staircase to the second floor. Her futile screams reach no one as she’s carried down the long hallway to the large doors at the end of the ornately decorated hall. With ease Nikolai reaches with his free hand for one of the gold doorknobs, turning it as he holds down his Boss’s prize.

“Let me go!” Angelique yells at the Russian as he quickly carries her over to the large elegant bed facing the door on the far side of the room.

Remaining silent, Nikolai carries her over to a large bed, throwing her down onto it with ease. Before Angelique could even attempt to escape from the large Russian man, his large bear claw-like hands push her chest further into the soft bed. Her screams are futile as he quickly straps her to the bed, wrists first before moving to her kicking feet.

Letting out a soft smile, with his dark eyes narrowing as if he were looking at something adorable and
cute, Nikolai turns away from Angelique despite her cries for him to come back and release her. Grasping the tight rope tying her wrists to the bed posts, Angelique peers out across into the large bedroom. As with the rest of the house, the grandeur and elegance of the room was awe-inspiring. The dark stained, ornately decorated wood paneling of the walls, along with the faint glowing of the lights in the room gave it the feeling of being from another time period, as if it had be transported from the old eighteenth century manors seen in movies or books.

Lying on the soft, pillow-like bed, Angelique can’t help but feel the fear and dread sink in as she looks around at the surroundings. ‘Why the fuck did I ever say yes to hanging out today?’ She thinks to herself, letting the harsh new reality sink in.


The young Russian crime lord stands alone on the expansive balcony overlooking the large garden with its neatly trimmed hedges and trees. Just beyond the hills, Mikhail can see the faint glowing of the city skyline, his city’s skyline. He was the one who controlled the city, regardless of what the other leaders of the various gangs thought. No one had the political connection or the capital to even come close to him. As long as he had any say in the matter, it would stay like that for as long as he wanted it to. He was the man in charge, except when it came to the Council.

He despised the Council more than anything. Comprised of the highest ranking members of each Crime Syndicate, no one made a major move without consulting each other at their bi-monthly meetings. Mikhail much preferred the time in which his father, his mentor, had control. There was no Council back then, people did what they wanted, no questions asked. As they say in the movies, it was only business. Now you can’t open a new front in any neighborhood without consulting with each other. ‘Fuck the System.’ Mikhail thought to himself whenever the thought of the Council crossed his mind.

The cool breeze blows across his face as the sound of the door opening derails his train of thought.
Waiting in the doorway stands Nikolai, pausing to be acknowledged by his Boss. Slowly Mikhail turns to face his most trusted associate, a caring smile on his face. The two men embrace in a type of hug that two brothers would share. They felt like they were brothers to each other. Both men had grown up together, their families being so close together in the Business. Their grandfathers were like brothers to each other, both having died so young in a gang war that claimed both of their lives.

The two men exchange welcomes in their native tongue before turning back to the limestone barrier of the balcony. Mikhail hands Nikolai a cigar, similar to the Cuban he had between his fingers. Leaning against the barrier, the two men puff away slowly on their illegal cigars as they stare out across the expansive garden, the soft rushing of water in the fountain the only sound.

Finally Mikhail breaks the silence as he turns towards his Comrade. “Tell me Brother, how is my new pet?” Mikhail asks Nikolai in his Russian tongue. His tone is casual, as if this were nothing new to him.

Nikolai takes another puff from his cigar before answering. “A little tied up at the moment.” He tells Mikhail as he rolls the cigar between his fingers. “She looks like she’ll be lots of fun.”

Mikhail chuckles to himself at hearing the words from Nikolai. “Virgins are always fun. It’s like breaking a wild horse into a show horse. This one should be fun, unlike the other slut.”

“I’m sure the boys downstairs loved the slut.” Nikolai comments.

Mikhail smiles to himself, remembering the last girl that became useless for him as she groveled at his feet for his mercy and forgiveness before being given to the men as a token of his appreciation. “When you go down, remind the boys my policy about my pet and their demeanor. I’m sure they remember what happened to Boris when he talked to my slut in a way that I didn’t like.”

“Yes Boss.” Nikolai replies with his acknowledgement as he nods his head in the affirmative.

“Good. Get some rest Brother. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day and I want my Brother at my side when the Jamaicans come tomorrow.” Mikhail tells him, patting him on the back as he stuffs out the cigar under his shoe.

“I would say the same,” Nikolai tells him, a smirk sliding across his face. “But I think we both know it will be a while before you sleep.”

Chuckling to himself, Mikhail gives Nikolai another pat on the back before heading back into the mansion. His feet are heavy with fatigue as they carry him through the halls and up the long spiral staircase. Images and thoughts of what he wants to do with his little new Pet float into his head as he nears the bedroom door, filling him with anticipation of playing with his new Slut.

As he opens the two large doors to the bedroom door, Mikhail can’t help but be somewhat amused as he sees her lying exposed and restrained to the bed, his bed.


Angelique remains silent as she sees the Man that tricked her, the Man somewhat responsible for this, enter her line of sight. Terror slowly fills her as he walks closer to her with each footstep. Watching him intently, her eyes never leave his, as if she were trying to pull at the mercy in him. With futile attempt, Angelique tries once again to test the tight bonds that are holding her in place.

Turning away from the bed, Mikhail slowly takes off his black sports jacket, neatly placing it on one of the armchairs. He turns back to face her slowly as he continues to undress, remaining silent as his hands toy with the crimson tie and shirt. Staring deeply at her, he finally speaks.

“There are only three people with keys to this bedroom door when it’s locked.” Mikhail tells her as he begins to unbutton his shirt after tossing the tie into the same armchair, sitting on the edge of the bed by her feet. “But from the inside, I’m the only person alive with the combination to the door”

“Why are you doing this to me?” Angelique asks Mikhail as he unties his shoes. Intently she watches and listens to him, listening for any signs of trickery.

“Once upon a time, there lived a drug kingpin…” Mikhail begins as he slowly strips away the long black socks off of his tired feet. “He was a unique businessman. Instead of taking out his enemies and rivals with bullets, he took a more unconventional approach. What he would do was to take girls off the street, and depending on how much of a nuisance you were to him, he would inject the girl with an STD, or a special virus especially engineered, just before planting her into the rival’s bed. Some didn’t even last until the next morning. That will not happen to me.”

Slowly Angelique’s breathing increases, her heart feeling like it’s about to burst with sheer fear. “What are you going to do to me?” She asks hesitantly as she looks into his eyes.

“Tonight, I’m going to break you in. In the long run, you’re going to be my little fuck toy on a leash.” He tells her casually, leaning in closer to her body to examine her. His eyes lock in deeply into her completely shaven pussy, a small trace of wetness on her labia lips as she tries without success to cover herself.

Chuckling softly to himself, Mikhail reaches out to her exposed cunt. Angelique jumps slightly as she feels his large masculine hands slowly caress her thighs, working their way up to the sweet wet spot. His soft yet masculine fingers feel like electricity through her body as he finally caresses her sensitive and aroused lips.

“I think my little virgin likes that…” He says softly, noticing her face trying to hide the sign of being turned on and aroused. Slowly his index finger works its way through her opening while his large thumb rubs her clit in slow circular motions. It takes all of Angelique’s willpower to stop from crying out in pleasure as his fingers make her feel like melted butter. ‘My own fingers never felt this good’ she thinks to herself, quietly enjoying the feeling between her milky thighs.

Carefully removing his fingers from her cunt, Mikhail plunges them into his mouth. Slowly his fingers lick away at the sweet juices on his finger, savoring the taste of his little virgin toy. The wetness only increases his ravenous hunger for her flesh, his lust burning deeply within him.

Standing up slowly, Mikhail faces Angelique as his hands quickly manipulate the silver of his leather belt, letting his pants fall to the floor as his eyes stare deeply into hers. Like a spring, his cock bounces back up after being freed from the dark slacks. Angelique’s eyes lock onto his engorged and throbbing member, the dick that she knows will be the first inside of her.

Climbing onto the foot of the bed, Mikhail crawls forward to Angelique like a tiger before its prey. His eyes burn with a hungry lust as he crawls closer, dipping his head slightly to take a longing lick of her cunt, tasting her arousal straight from the source. Angelique’s eyes roll back into her head behind her clenched eye lids, the feeling of his tongue against her virgin cunt like electricity.

Gradually Mikhail climbs on top of Angelique, his cock firmly pressed against her very wet and aroused opening. With an agonizing slowness, Mikhail slowly presses his hips harder into Angelique’s until the soft fleshy hymen prevents his dick from going further. Dipping his head down against her neck and collar bone, Mikhail gradually sinks his teeth into her soft flesh, teasing her with pain and excitement. “This is going to hurt.” He whispers softly into her ear.

Before Angelique has any time to react, any time to prepare for the pain, Mikhail’s throbbing dick breaks through her soft fleshy hymen in one large thrust. The intense sharp pain of being broken in rips through Angelique’s body, her small hands gripping the binds tied around her wrists to the bed post. Feeling so full and painfully stretched, Angelique cries out softly from the pain, her dark eyes welling up with tears at the tearing sensation between her legs.

Enjoying the tight wetness wrapped around his dick, Mikhail pauses on top of Angelique, his dick pressed crudely against her cervix to allow her to adjust to the feeling of being stretched. Slowly his kisses and biting on her neck intensifies, his teeth sinking deeper into her flesh as his dick slowly plunges into the shallow depths of her tight cunt.

Soft tears run down Angelique’s face from the sharp pains on her neck and in her cunt. Audible moans of pain fill the room with Mikhail’s soft grunts of pleasure. Slowly the pain coursing through Angelique’s body turns to a dull pleasure, building and building within her senses. Her soft moans soon turn lustful as Mikhail thrusts deeper into her.

“You like that, don’t you, you little whore?” He asks, bringing his head away from her neck as he stares into her eyes, small droplets of blood on his chin from the vampire-like biting of her neck.

Panting softly, Angelique tries to ignore his words, but the shame of the truth sinks in. "Get the fuck off me!" She screams out, hoping to alert anyone in the house. Feeling so absolutely full with his cock, it feels as though Angelique’s cunt can no longer stretch to fit his entire dick, but nonetheless he keeps thrusting in spite of his little slut’s now slight pain and discomfort.

Softly Mikhail laughs in a low, sadistic laugh as his hips thrust harder into hers. The soft feeling of his large masculine hands explores her body, slowly making their way up her chest before reaching her soft neck. Gradually the grip around the soft flesh of her neck, breathing heavily with fear, tightens around her as Mikhail stares into her eyes with his deep dark brown pupils. “It looks like my little fuck slut needs some lessons in manners.”

Without mercy his free hand slaps Angelique across the face as the loud slapping sound fills the room. The burning sensation on her face makes small tears well in Angelique’s eyes from his rough treatment of her body.

“Get used to this.” Mikhail whispers to her over the low squishing sound from her cunt. “This is what you’re going to be doing for the rest of your life, my little slut. Your body is my body now. I’m going to do whatever the fuck I want and you aren’t going to do a fucking thing to stop me, got that?”

His deep thrust to Angelique’s cunt become more urgent as the words slowly sink into her mind. Trying with all her might to fight off the intense pleasure building within her young body, Angelique remains motionless at his words. The depravity of her future strangely makes Angelique even more aroused at the thought of it. Small tears trickle down her face in shame of being turned on and aroused by the outlook of her life.

The grip of Mikhail’s hand around Angelique’s next tightens violently as he jerks her head towards his gaze. Mikhail always loved the feeling of having a terrified person’s throat in his death-like grip, feeling the panic and life literally in the palm of his hand. “Answer me, you stupid little whore, or I’ll make sure you wish you were never born.” He whispers softly to her, his eyes wild with rage and lust, as his finger nails dig deeper into her neck.

“I-I understand!” Angelique cries out, her voice distorted by the tight grip of the man on top of her as she stares back into his.

Slowly Mikhail’s tight grip loosens around her delicate neck, keeping it just in the loose grip of his hand as his thrust become deeper and hard against her body as his hard dick carves and tears away at her sensitive, soaked cunt. His head lowers to hers gradually, licking away her tears down her cheeks to taste the tangible fear and pain in his little fuck toy. Soon he presses his head against the side of Angelique’s, his hot panting breath against her ears sending shivers down her spine as he mercilessly pounds away at her shallow tight hole as Angelique struggles to shield the fact that she is actually enjoying the now pleasurable thrusts.

“Now I’m going to make you my own.” He whispers lustfully into her ears, panting hard as Mikhail gives one last, plunging thrust into Angelique. Groaning and grunting in pleasure, Mikhail’s dick spasms uncontrollably, erupting inside of Angelique. His hot seed coats her insides with its salty gooiness as he collapses on top of her bound body.

The sensation of his warm jizz shooting into her sensitive cunt, along with the feeling of Mikhail’s warm, sweaty pelvis pressed firmly into her throbbing and swollen clit send her body over the edge. Her silken soaked walls grip his slow throbbing dick tightly as the intense orgasmic rush over runs her body. Eyes rolling back into her head, Angelique can’t help but to grind her hips, her clit, into her Russian Master’s body, trying for anything to increase the already intense orgasm filling her every senses until her body slowly calms.

Mikhail’s soft, low chuckles of amusement fill Angelique’s ears as she realizes her body got the best of her. Shame slowly washes over her at the mere thought of being fucked and broken in by him, even enjoying the sensations he made her feel.

“I knew you would like that, you little whore.” He groans out as his hands slowly untie her from the bed.

“You need to learn that from now on, many simple things are privileges. Letting you live, for example…”
Casually he tells her as he moves to her ankles, gently rubbing her rope-burned skin. “Next time, you’ll be a good little fuck toy and ask to cum. Otherwise, I’ll electrocute every fucking nerve ending in your fuck holes so you never cum again, understand?”

Slowly Angelique nods her head as her small hands rub her wrists, fearful of his threat. Something deep down inside her told her to not say anything, to not even question his threat. Her eyes lock onto his body as he slowly rises from the bed. Before she could react, Mikhail’s large hands find the long dark hair flowing from her head, yanking her small body out of the bed with ease.

“Another fucking privilege you need to earn is sleeping in my bed like a real woman.” He tells her over her cries of sharp pain as he drags her to the foot of the bed. “Until then, you get to sleep like a little slut toy: in a dog cage.”

Letting her head go roughly from his grasp, Mikhail’s bare foot pressed down firmly on Angelique’s head as he manipulates the lock of the silver cage, running the width of the bed. Throwing the top of the cage open, Mikhail quickly bends down, scooping up Angelique into his arms only to let her drop onto the dark red plush cushioning of the cage. His now free hands quickly slam the top of the cage shut, locking it in place before Angelique could put up any resistance.

“Time to sleep, my little slutty princess…” Mikhail tells her with a broad smile on his face as he climbs into the bed. Within moments the room is covered in blackness as Angelique lays in the fetal position in her new bed, the slick feeling of Mikhail’s cum slowly oozing from her sore and aching cunt as she slowly sobs herself to sleep.

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