Part one of what my neighbor's do together
I really complained to my mother about having to go get her stuff from the attic but it didn’t matter, I knew I was going to have to do what she told me. I jumped up and grabbed the edge and pulled myself up into the hot attic. It wasn’t as hot as it can get up there but still plenty hot. I was sweating before I got to the end of the house where mother told me I should find the box she wanted.

To my surprise at the very end the vents were open to the outside and I could see out, something I had never noticed before, probably because it was normally night when I had been up there. I glanced out toward my neighbor’s house and to my delight I could see over their fence and Mrs. Davis was laying out in a skimpy bikini. Mrs. Davis is a very hot woman who I have gotten many boners over, but with their fence I had never seen her in a swim suit. My teenage cock responded immediately as I realized she wasn’t wearing a top. She was face down but her tits are so large they squeezed out the sides and that was enough to set my hormones off.

I wondered if I could stand the heat and avoid my mother’s call long enough to jack off. I wished I had my spy glasses, but I could see enough to satisfy me for now. I freed my steel rod from my shorts and started stroking it hoping she would flip over and show me her beautiful breast. I jerked myself with the speed only a kid can manage and within two minutes I felt my balls expanding as they readied themselves to blast my sperm all over.

I was hoping my mother couldn’t hear me beating off as my young cock spurted a stream of cum onto the vents and floor. Right as I milked the last drops of juice from my stiff shaft Mrs. Davis turned over and sat up. My teenage mind almost couldn’t comprehend the sight of her massive tits hanging down with their huge nipples sticking straight out.

My cock never even had a chance to relax and I was stroking it again with my own cum as lubrication. I couldn’t believe my fortune being sent into this hot attic, I was in heaven. As Mrs. Davis stood up her melons sung from side to side. She was so beautiful with cloths on but this was too much and I shot my second load of cum, except this time I trapped it all in my hand and used it to lubricate my shaft even more.

I had once cum 6 times in a row just look at a playboy magazine, I wondered if I was going to break that record this time watching Mrs. Davis or was my mother or the heat going to cut me short. My cock felt good in my hand as it slid through my slippery cum. Then she did the unimaginable, she slid her bottoms down, turned to face my way and laid them on the table. I could clearly see the triangle of brown pubic hair and my heart races as I increased the speed of my stroke.

As Mrs. Davis turned she leaned over with her ass facing me and lowered herself down on to all fours. I couldn’t think of anything other than jamming my dick into her hole that opened up to me as she kneeled on the lounge chair. Oh what it would be like to finally stick my cock inside a real woman instead of my pretend hand. I was beating my cock like a madman as she laid down flat with her beautiful round ass facing me and her massive tits squeezed out the sides. As I felt my third orgasm starting to boil my mother yell my name. Panting I yelled back, I’m coming but I stayed right there until I sent my third orgasm on to the vents.

I could have stayed there all day jerking off to Mrs. Davis but I had to get the box and get out of the attic. Here I cum mom I yelled back as I packed my cock back in my shorts and grabbed the box. What took you so long my mother asked? Nothing I was just looking around I told her as I handed the box down to her. As I lowered myself down I hoped she didn’t notice the bulge in my shorts or the wet spot my dripping cock had made on the front of my shorts.

Chapter 2
All I could think about was my naked neighbor right on the other side of that fence as I walked around outside imagining walking in there and sliding my young cock into her sexy body. After a little while I couldn’t take it anymore, I got my spy glasses and went back in the attic. I hoped Mrs. Davis was still outside and I also hoped my mother didn’t come back to find me up there.

I got to my spot and there she was face up now with her jugs hanging off to each side and her legs slightly parted exposing her pussy. I zoomed in and focused the binoculars right on her pussy. It was so close up I could count her pubic hairs. She was so beautiful and sexy, I could hardly believe my luck to be seeing this. My cock was rock hard as I moved up and down her body but I couldn’t look and beat off so I just watched her for a while.

Mrs. Davis turned her head toward the house like she heard something and then I saw the older of her two daughters. I knew Jasmin but not really because she is extremely hot, almost sixteen and all the guys liked her. So a thirteen year old like me doesn’t even think about her, I just say hi when I see her in the driveway and she ignores me. Jasmin didn’t even seem to notice that her mother was nude. I started to wonder what kind of people we lived next door to. I have never seen either of my parents naked in the house and I knew my mother would never be caught dead outside naked.

Jasmin and her mother talked as she got a chair for herself and opened it up. I had already thought I had dies and gone to heaven watching Mrs. Davis but when Jasmin lifted her shirt off over her head I couldn’t even comprehend it. Her tits were freakishly large for a fifteen year old, but they didn’t swing or hang like her mother’s, they just stood straight out with their puffy cone shaped red nipples popping out two inched off the tops. Then she slowly lowered her tight shorts wiggling her round ass to get them past her hips. As she pulled them past her ass cheeks it was like her but popped out and bounced. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

My cock couldn’t take anymore so I grabbed it as Jasmin laid down on her back next to her mother. I jacked myself like an animal in heat as I watched two beautiful nude women, mother and daughter at that. Wow this was going to be a hell of a summer I thought as I climbed down from the hot attic. I didn’t know how I was going to stand the heat when it got really hot but I’d figure some way for sure.

Chapter 3
I’d check on the Davis’s every chance I could get in the attic but had been disappointed the past few days because they either weren’t home or I couldn’t get into the attic without being seen. I had almost given up but finally in the late afternoon my mother left for the store and I rushed up into the attic hoping to see someone without their clothes. At first I thought it was Jasmin but once I looked closer I realized it was her little sister Susan. She was just eleven but she was going to be really hot like her sister when she got older. I of course never paid her any attention for the same reasons Jasmin didn’t pay me any. However my thinking changed now that I was seeing her nude. She had a sweet little but and was already showing lumps on her chest.

Well I had questioned my neighbor’s morals before but now seeing Mrs. Davis and her eleven year old both nude in the back yard I knew this family wasn’t anything like mine or most of the people I knew around here. Maybe that’s normal in California where they are from but here in the Florida I’m pretty sure that’s not normal. I sure didn’t mind though as I looked closely at Susan through the binoculars. She didn’t have any pubic hair or curves like her sister but her bald slit was very exciting to me. Her tits weren’t really tits yet just big nipple sticking up off her flat chest like dark red cherries.

Susan lifted her legs and put a foot on each side of the chair like she was going to get up but she didn’t, she stayed there with her legs open and the sun beating down on her puffy little pussy lips which were opened just slightly. Wow I was more excited for some reason seeing her than her mother.

I heard a car and looked quickly to the front hoping it wasn’t mother, but the realized it was Mr. Davis. I was disappointed thinking they would go in the house or cover up, because I was sure he wouldn’t approve of them sitting around nude in the yard. I waited watching closely to see how they reacted to the sound of the car. They just seemed to continue whatever talking they were doing and Susan flipped over on her stomach. Her but was very sexy for such a young girl but I zoomed in my Mrs. Davis’s nipples which were rock hard as they brushed against her legs in the sitting position she had taken.

Finally she looked toward the back door as it opened and Mr. Davis came outside. Now my young world was turned completely upside down and I would probably never be the same. Mr. Davis walked toward his wife with nothing on and a huge hose hanging between his legs. I had never seen a man’s cock before but I was pretty sure they shouldn’t be that big. I couldn’t even imagine something that big hanging between my legs. It was like the size of my arm and it was soft, I wondered how big it would get hard.

I guess this is a whole nudist family I thought as he approached his wife and daughter. Susan looked over and appeared to just say hello before putting her head back down. I wondered what she thought of the sight of her father’s meat log hanging there in front of her little girl eyes. That thought was completely eradicated by the sight of Mrs. Davis reaching for her husband’s hanging cock and lifting it toward her face, and then opening her mouth to accept his dick head. My god she is going to give him head right there I thought. I had heard of blow jobs but I had never seen one especially in the backyard while your daughter is there.

I couldn’t even be bothered with jerking off I just glued my eyes to Mrs. Davis’s mouth wrapped around that cock. With each suck it grew bigger and now it was standing straight out and Mrs. Davis had to sit up higher to receive his meat into her face. He grabbed her head on each side and started rocking his body back and forth, shoving a little more of his giant pipe into her mouth with each forward motion. I couldn’t believe how much bigger his shaft had grown in such a short time, but even more amazing to me was how much of it fit in her mouth. I imagined it must have been going down her throat because it couldn’t possibly be just in her mouth.

I was zoomed in so close with the binoculars that all I could see was her lips sliding up and down the meat pole in her mouth and her cheeks puffing out with each forward thrust of his hips. In and out he went while she jerked the bottom of his cock with one hand and rubbed her enormous tits with the other. Mr. Davis’s giant balls were swinging back and forth as he fucked his wife’s face. I wondered if he was just going to send his cum down her throat or if he would pull it out and I would get to see him splatter her face.

I was so engrossed with the sight of a man’s prick being suck by a woman that I had completely forgotten about the heat, my mother, and Susan being there but suddenly her face appeared right next to her mother’s. I dropped the binoculars and look at the wide view and sure enough there she was kneeing next to her mother with her face right next to Mrs. Davis’s. What the fuck was going to happen now I wondered as I looked back though the binoculars. I zoomed out so I could see a wider view. Mrs. Davis took her husband’s dick out of her mouth and with her hand wrapped around the shaft she positioned it in front of Susan’s face.

As Susan’s tongue shot out and licked at her father’s dick my balls erupted in my shorts. I could not have come up with anything more erotic even in my wildest fantasy. Let’s face it I was thirteen living in the Bible belt and had only seen a playboy magazine a couple of time, and here I was watching a man feed his cock to his young daughter and wife.

Susan’s mouth really had to stretch to fit him inside but she looked like she had done this a few times as he worked the fat head in and out between her teeth. She wrapped her lips tight around it and sucked hard as it popped out of her mouth like she was savoring her favorite ice pop. Mr. Davis was now jerking his shaft as the head went in and out of her mouth and Mrs. Davis was rubbing his balls and ass crack.

Without warning he pulled back then thrust forward and splattered Susan’s face and head, then he repeated the forward thrust except this time he aimed at Mrs. Davis open mouth and she gulped down the fluid as it landed in her mouth. Then he squeezed the base of his enormous rod and slid his hand up toward the top. Susan placed her mouth on the top and sucked the last drops of cum from her daddy’s dick. She licked her lips and smiled up at him as she swallowed down his cum.

That night I tossed and turned with the images of that day flashing through my mind. I had to masturbate three times that night to try and relieve my lust, but nothing worked I stayed horny no matter what I did.

Chapter 4
I didn’t think anyone was home at the Davis’s but my parents weren’t home so I thought I’d go up to my secrete spot and if nothing else I’d add another cum stain. I looked through the vent and was surprised to see just Jasmin floating in their small wading pool. She was wearing nothing of course and her nipples were sticking up out of the water as she floated on her back. Her thin light brown bush glistened in the sun light every time she pushed her pussy out of the water. I watched her for a while as the sweat ran down my face and my cock grew hard. I wanted to wait to jerk off because I thought I might actually run out of cum because of the number of times I had beat off in the last three weeks.

As Jasmin walked up out of the pool her skin shinned as the water ran off her. Her nipples erected to their full size and I imagined what it would feel like to suck them deep into my mouth. She didn’t use a towel to dry off she just walked over to the edge of the patio and to my surprise and delight she leaned back a little with her hands on her ass, pushed her hips out, and then a powerful stream of piss flowed out from between her legs. The sight of a hot chick taking a piss right on the ground like a nasty bitch made my balls twinge and my lust grow.

When she was done she laid down on a chair face down with her feet toward me so I could zoom in and see the crack of her beautiful round ass. I was so close I could see the fuzzy hairs on her cheeks and I was hoping she would spread her legs enough so that I could see her but hole. I jumped at the sight of something getting in the way and when I looked around the binoculars I saw their dog poking his nose around her ass. Jasmin swatted at him and he stopped but he stayed right next to her chair. He’s a medium sized German Sheppard that they got last year as a puppy.

I watched as he sniffed at her ass crack again and I thought what a lucky dog, what I wouldn’t give to poke my nose in her crack. This time she didn’t swat at him, but instead rolled to her side and said something. He looked like he was licking at her ass but I couldn’t tell for sure, so I looked though the binoculars again and as I pulled back a little to find my target Jasmin had rolled over completely and turned sideways on the chair. She was leaning back on her elbows with her feet on the ground and her legs opened. The dog immediately got his head between her legs and started licking at her.

Like he had done it many times before he got his front feet up on the chair and moved up between her legs. I zoomed in closer and could see his long red cock sliding out from inside its sheath. Jasmin lifted her pussy up off the chair and the dog started humping at her trying to land his gorged dick inside his bitch. She moved around but she wasn’t getting her hole in line with his thrusting cock so she stopped him and got on her knees with her elbows on the chair. The dog knew right what to do and he licked at her crack a few times before mounting her.

I could see her reaching back between her legs to try and aim her lovers rode in her hole. It was clear when he landed inside her because his fucking motion became smooth and fast. I had seen two dogs fucking on my front lawn once but this was the most exciting thing I had ever seen, this dog was slamming into Jasmin at light speed.

I zoomed in close on the dogs hammering ass just in time to see him finish squirting inside her cunt and as his enormous red dick slid out of her I saw clear fluid running out too. The dog licked at her hole like he was cleaning her up and then he laid down and licked at his cock and balls. Man that lucky fuck was all I could think as I watched Jasmin collapse on the chair and I sent one more load of semen on the wall.

The next time I thought of going to the attic I wondered if I could possibly ever see anything more exciting than what I had already seen, I didn’t think so and I just went to my room and beat off thinking about Jasmin getting fucked silly by her dog and Susan eating her father’s seed like candy.

There is a part two to this, if anyone is interested let me know and I'll post it.

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