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With a whole new campus full of people, none whom she is familiar with, will Mina have even more opportunities to explore her sexual fantasies, or will she be left loving herself again?
It had been only been six months since Mina had her first sexual experience. At least the first one that involved another person. Sure, she had masturbated at least once a day, but she had been a virgin until that day with Ms. Marlena and the two male students. Nevertheless, that experience was one that Mina could not get out of her head. Every time she touched herself that was what she imagined.

To make a long story short Mina had been assigned as Marlena’s student aide after it had been made school wide knowledge that Marlena had a sexual experience with a few of her male students after class. Mina was supposed to keep tabs on Marlena’s behavior and report anything suspicious to the dean. Since the rumors were never confirmed, Marlena was able to keep her job on that condition.

What ended up happening was Mina walked in on Marlena and two male students. However, Mina was so turned on that she joined them. Therefore, instead of screwing Marlena by getting her fired, she ended up screwing Marlena sexually, along with the two other students. And it was the best experience of Mina’s life. The guy that she had that evening gave her pleasure like she had never known, and even having Marlena fingering and licking her, though she never thought about a woman doing things to her, was pleasure that she could not forget.

Mina had intended to continue as Marlena’s assistant the following semester as well. She wanted nothing more than to be able to relive the experience again and again. But Marlena’s review of Mina’s performance as an assistant had been so good that Mina was accepted into an Honor’s program at another one of the University’s campuses. Best of all was that between her grades and her performance review, not only was she going to be employed by the school; she was also going to get more scholarship money. So there was no way she could pass up that opportunity. And while she knew that Marlena did not intend to have Mina leave the campus, she was still a bit upset with her.

In the long run Mina knew how lucky she was, but that did not satisfy her when her mind wandered to that day, causing her pussy to get moist, her nipples to harden, and her insides to get warm. The only thing that would satisfy that was what she felt she would never be able to get at this point.
Mina is beautiful and would no problem getting a man to go out with her. But she was shy and there was no way she would ever have had the courage to do what she did if not for Marlena. And that was another setback. Mina did not just want sex, but she wanted to feel Marlena again, too. She wanted to feel Marlena’s full lips and her soft tongue on her pussy, licking her as she came. She wanted to feel her own mouth on Marlena’s big natural breasts, her hard nipples inside her mouth.

“Mina, are you alive in there?” Tricia asked.

Mina had zoned out again as she always did when thinking about her experience with Marlena. She never told her friends what she was thinking about, but if her body reacted the way her mind did, it would not be hard for them to figure out what was on her mind.

“Of course I’m alive. I was thinking of things of school.” Mina said in her thick Russian accent.

Mina was studying on a student visa and that was another reason why she could not pass up the great opportunity at the new campus. She didn’t have a lot of money and her job situation had been pathetic until the school gave her a job.

Mina and Tricia lived together in a small apartment off campus with only one other girl. Mina obviously hadn’t known them before moving, but she and Tricia hit it off since that first day in July. Carrie was nice enough, but she was a little more private and a lot more stuck up. Still, Mina could tell there was something about Carrie that she wanted to figure out. Something that might help her figure out why she was so distant.

“We are doing margaritas and pizza tonight. You are in right?” Tricia asked with her trademark enthusiasm.

Tricia had beautiful red hair that went down to her shoulders. Her body was tight from her years of lacrosse, and she was naturally gifted in all of the right places and she knew it. When she wasn’t expected to dress a certain way she liked to be in workout tops and tight booty shorts. They may have been presentable length denim at one time, but once Tricia got her hands on them they always became provocative.
Mina nodded and went to her room to get ready for her last class of that Friday evening. She’d get out of class right on time to return and pick out a movie and pizza toppings with the girls. She figured Carrie would be there too, giving her a good opportunity to figure the girl out. After all, in wine there is truth, and given the amounts of alcohol these girls drank, there would be a lot of revelations made that evening.

Mina and Tricia made the call to order the pizza while Carrie and two other girls from her AP classes made the drinks and danced around to various Top 40 songs that came from the MP3 dock. They were just a group of honor students with a lot of pent up energy, and they were releasing it the best way they knew how: alcohol and noise.

Carrie turned on the blender as Mina was talking to the pizza guy on the phone. She gave Carrie a stern glance, but she ignored it and continued with the blender. Mina took the call into another room but she wasn’t planning on letting the incident slide.

After the order was made Mina returned to the kitchen to confront Carrie, but she was cut off by one of the other girls who handed her a margarita and began dancing with her to “To Be in Georgia”. Mina had always hated the song, calling it “one of those country songs that were written by a city guy.” But she danced anyway and soon forgot about Carrie.
Unfortunately that didn’t last long. Carrie continued to annoy Mina throughout the evening. She’d bump into her, or disagree with everything she’d say. There even came a point where she would talk over Mina every time someone would ask her a question. Mina had finally had enough.
“Carrie, I want to talk to you in other room.” Mina said.
Carrie laughed but got up and followed Mina to her room, stumbling as she walked.
“Why do you be so mean to me? What do I do to you?” Mina asked.
Carrie looked a little nervous, an emotion Mina had never seen from her, but figured it was the alcohol. Instead of talking, however, she just stood looking nervous and as if she wanted to talk, but couldn’t.
“Fine, forget it.” Mina said as she turned to leave the room.
Carrie grabbed Mina’s wrist and asked her to stay. She then told Mina she didn’t want to be mean to her, but she had to. She had something to hide. And for ten minutes she just kept beating around the bush.

“Well I’m going to go. You have nothing to say.” Mina said.
“Mina, I like you.” Carrie said.
“So why do you be mean to me?”

Carrie exhaled slowly. She then explained to Mina that she liked her as more than a friend. That she always thought she was gorgeous and that the only way to hide it was by being mean to her. She couldn’t let anyone know that she was actually bisexual.

Carrie was sure Mina would get up and leave the room, if not leave the apartment altogether. She was surprised when Mina actually sat down on the bed next to her. Mina then placed her hand under Carrie’s chin, turned her face towards her own, and kissed her on the lips. Carrie responded by pushing her tongue past Mina’s lips and placing it on hers.

Mina had finally figured out Carrie’s secret and was pleased when she did. Except for the fact that there were other girls in the living room and Carrie did not want anyone to know about her secret desire for another woman.

“I want to make love to you, but I don’t want to get caught.” Carrie said.

Mina told Carrie that if they could convince the other girls to play truth or dare, and have all of them join in, that it would be considered just a college thing, not a sexual orientation thing. Carrie smiled and the two kissed one more time before going back to the living room.

“Truth or dare time you guys.” Carrie said as she reentered the living room.

The girls whooped and hollered and formed a circle on the floor, each with a full margarita in her hand.
“Who is asking first?” Tricia asked.

Mina volunteered and asked Tricia if she wanted truth or dare. Tricia put her hand up as if she didn’t want to play.

“You know these things always end up with people just making out.” She said with a serious look on her face. “So let’s just skip the game and start making out.” Tricia said with a devious smile on her face.

Not knowing if she was kidding, none of the girls moved. That is until Tricia leaned towards Mina and French kissed her, grabbing the back of her head and sucking her tongue hard. Mina loved it and kissed her back before pulling away and going for Carrie.

Mina and Carrie began kissing as they had in the room by themselves. This time Mina, forgetting about everyone but Carrie, placed her hand inside Carrie’s shirt and played with her hardening nipples. Carrie seemed to forget about everyone too as she massaged the outside of Mina’s silk shorts, feeling her pussy getting warm, wishing that she could touch it. She then put her hands inside of the shorts and rubbed Mina’s moist pussy.

The girls, who had already begun kissing, stopped and watched Mina and Carrie who were oblivious to the other girls in the room. Carrie lied back and lifted her shirt over her head, exposing her braless, perky breasts. Mina sucked and nibbled on her pink nipples and grinded on Carrie’s pelvis. Carrie pulled down Mina’s shorts and her pink thong and gripped her tight ass so she could pull her into her harder. She then raised her legs and wrapped them around Mina’s back Mina sighed and moaned, as did Carrie, feeling Mina’s breath on her breasts.

Mina pushed up on her knees, unwrapping Carrie’s legs from around her. She then pulled down Carrie’s shorts and massaged her wet lips. Then she put her mouth over her and licked her the way Marlena had done to her during the spring semester. Carrie thrust her hips forward as Mina stimulated her clit with her tongue, fucking her with three of her slim fingers.

The girls were enjoying each other, not thinking about the others in the room. They were all alone with each other and their passion as far as they were concerned. And Mina continued to eat Carrie’s pussy until she began to cum. She squirted, her legs up in the air. She quivered and shook as Mina rubbed her fast, sending her ejaculation into the air, over both of them.

Tricia was totally naked and touching herself as she watched her two roommates having sex. She loved it and she wanted to be apart of it. And every time her fingers entered her vagina all she could do was imagine Mina’s tongue there. The two other girls were in the corner in the sixty-nine position having a good time. It was only Tricia who had no one.

It only took a few moments before Tricia decided to take a closer look at Carrie and Mina. She got behind Mina who was still on her hands and knees over Carrie, tasting her growing bud, and licking her bright pink lips. And with Mina’s pussy only inches away from her face, Tricia could not hold back anymore and she put her mouth over Mina’s pussy and licked it sensually.

Mina gasped suddenly, and then yelled out Marlena’s name. The memories of her coming back to her with each lap of the tongue she felt on her clit. Suddenly, she was no longer in her own apartment, but back in the classroom where she had her first lesbian sexual encounter, and her first sexual encounter with a man. Mina started moving back and forth, going with the rhythm of Tricia’s tongue, her own tongue performing the same pattern on Carrie. And every time she paused to catch her breath she whispered Marlena’s name.

With Mina’s newfound pleasure and motivation it didn’t take long for Carrie to reach her second orgasm. This one longer and more intense than the first. And when the squirting and pulsating stopped, all Carrie could do was lie still and sigh in pleasure and exhaustion.

However, Mina was not finished. She wanted to pleasure whoever it was behind her, but she didn’t want the licking to stop so she stayed in the same position until she reached her orgasm. And when she did it was just as intense as the one Carrie had. Mina’s thighs quivered, her pussy convulsed, spewing out a thick and clear liquid. When Mina’s legs gave out she lied stomach down on the carpet. She then felt the familiar mouth on her pussy, tasting the sticky liquid that poured out of her.

When she recovered, Mina turned around to see that it was Tricia who had brought her pleasure, and she was determined to return it. There was no way she could resist Tricia’s sexy body. Her perky, pale breasts. Her bright pink areolas that surrounded big erect nipples. Mina was even turned on by the wild brush of red hair surrounding Tricia’s vagina. And so she crawled over to Tricia who was waiting with anxious eyes and she gave her the pleasure she knew she wanted.

After all of the girls had their orgasms all they could do was lie down on the floor next to each other and sleep. They hadn’t even had the energy to get dressed. They all lay naked next to the person they pleased, and were pleased by; the two AP girls in the corner, while Mina, Carrie, and Tricia were curled up beside each other. Tricia’s sticky little hand rested on Mina’s thigh near her pleasured area. And while the girls slept, Mina awoke, thinking about what she had just experienced, and comparing it to what she had with Marlena. She then looked over at Carrie who was sound asleep. Mina had finally figured out her secret, and was glad that she did. And perhaps now that everyone else may know too, maybe she and Carrie could get together more often.

At that thought, Mina’s thighs began to tremble again and she instinctively ran her hand over her stomach and down to her pussy. The movements awakened Tricia who put her hand over Mina’s and helped her touch herself.

“So, who is Marlena?” Tricia asked.

Tricia’s voice startled Mina out of her daydream and she brought her hand back up to her chest. Tricia’s hand still lingered over Mina’s hungry vagina.

“Oh, is just something I say when I have orgasm.” Mina said, knowing that it sounded less believable than when she had thought it up. But it was all she could think of.

Tricia giggled as she continued to rub Mina’s pussy, feeling her moisten again. Her walls contracting and her legs opening wider as the pleasure became more intense.

“Well I think I think you are in the mood for another ‘Marlena’.” Tricia said as she changed from massaging Mina’s vagina to inserting her fingers inside of it.

“No”, Marlena said, “I’m in mood for Tricia.” But when she closed her eyes all she could see was Marlena with her hand inside of her, and Marlena’s tongue teasing her clit.

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That addersses several of my concerns actually.

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Nice series.

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