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It was June 9, a month before my birthday when my parents went away for vacation to Aruba. I was left at the house with my aunt Jackie. I pleaded not to have a babysitter as I am 14 now and can handle living by myself for a week. Sadly, my parents weren’t taking any of my crap. I was doomed to hang out with my aunt for the week. Let me back this up. My name is Chris and as you know I am 14. I’m 6' tall, muscular and have long wavy hair. My aunt Jackie wasn’t that bad either. She’s 34, about 5'6", athletic build, 36c tits, and a plump heart shaped ass.

The week started out like any other week, I would go to school, come home, hang out with friends, and go to bed. But on Tuesday night that all changed. Again, the day started out normal. I went to school, and on the bus ride home I wore headphones and was blasting heavy metal. I hadn't gone to the bathroom all day and my bladder was throbbing to take a piss. I practically ran into the house and ran into the bathroom only to find my aunt Jackie had just got out of the shower. She was drying off her back so her whole body was exposed to me. We both stood frozen staring at each other for at least 15 seconds, while I caught a few good glimpses of her body. She quickly covered up and I left the room not realizing what had just happened.

At dinner we didn’t talk, and the plans we had to catch a movie never happened. We both stayed at separate rooms of the house for the remainder of the night. That night, my mind started to replay the images seen by my eyes in the bathroom that day. All I could think of was Jackie’s dollar sized nipples and shaved pussy. All of this got my cock really hard, and before I knew it, I was jacking off to the thought of my naked aunt. I blew the biggest load I had ever done all over my stomach, cleaned up and went to bed feeling quite satisfied. I woke up the next day and again it was just another boring day at school, I didn’t come home after though. I went to a friend’s house to avoid seeing Aunt Jackie as I don’t know what I would say. When I finally did come home, she greeted me with a hello and I responded with “hey”. I stated towards my room but she called me back saying “hey, hum, we need to talk”. My heart sank as I reluctantly turned around and headed towards her. I sat down on the side of the couch and she said “this is no place to talk, let’s go back to your room.” We walked back and sat on my bed. She said “Chris, I was thinking abound yesterday, you know, when you came in the bathroom and saw me?” I shook my head. She went on to ask, “Well, did you enjoy what you saw?” I couldn’t believe my aunt Jackie had asked me that! I could not lie to her so I responded “very much”. She smiled and then asked me the question that started the fun for the week. “Well now that you’ve seen me, could I get a good look at you?” I shook my head again and stood up in front of her. “I didn’t do anything for a little bit and I think she realized I was a little nervous. She said in a cute voice “let me help you out.” She took off my shirt and unzipped my pants, both of them lying on the floor. This left me in just my boxers which were on the verge of ripping from being poked by my 7inch hard-on. She noticed I was already turned on and instantly worked the boxers over my cock. When my manhood poked out, her eyes instantly began to glow, and I could tell she hadn’t gotten much sexual activity in a while.

She asked me if I had ever gotten more than a kiss from a girl and I truthfully said “no.” She continued to analyze my dick and after a short while said in a soft voice, “would you like to change that?” my teen hormones quickly started raging even more and I quickly responded “yes”. Without missing a beat, she got off the bed and onto her knees, where she grabbed my cock and started to stroke it. It was the best feeling I had ever had in my short sexual life. I was extremely hard now and she slipped the head of my dick into her mouth. The feeling sent shivers down my spine, and she could tell. “You like that, huh Chris?” my response was simply “mmmmmmmm”. She giggled and understood I was feeling in heaven. After getting my cock lubricated with her saliva, she started to pull me deeper into her mouth, faster and harder, wrapping her tongue around my dick and licking the sensitive underside of my head. Before I knew it I was announcing to my aunt “Jackie, I’m gunna cum.” At this point, she grabbed my ass and used the leverage to deepthroat me as I blew my load into the back of her throat. To my surprise, she swallowed it all. She stood up, greedily licking her lips exclaiming, “your cum tastes sooo good.” I reached down to pull up my boxers when I heard her say, “uhmm where do you think you’re going?” I stood there trying to think what I was doing but before I could respond she was already telling me that she was not even close to done with me yet.

She asked me if I wanted to see her naked again. Without having to think I responded “yes”. She told me to undress her however I wanted. I started by unbuttoning her blouse and dropping that to the floor revealing a black lace bra holding her beautiful breasts that I so longed to see. I then unzipped the fly on her jeans and let them fall to the floor where she then stepped out of them. She was wearing polka-dot panties but I could see one dot that was not supposed to be there. It was a spot of wetness from her being so turned on from this whole experience. I turned her around and unclipped her bra which fell to the floor. When she turned around I saw her beautiful breasts again, but this time, I grabbed them and felt her rock hard nipples between my fingers. I sucked on her left nipple for a minute or so, biting the nipple ever so gently as she let out a moan of pleasure. I then slipped my hand down the front of her panties and felt her shaved pussy. Her love juice was rushing out telling me it was time for the main attraction. I slipped off her panties and saw that marvelous shaved pussy again, but this time, I stuck my finger into it, to be greeted by a very lustful “ohhhhh!” she took my dick in her other hand which was well past hard yet again, and started to massage my balls. She said “I want to fuck you so bad!” she pushed me on the bed and I lied down.

She climbed on the bed, and out lips locked for the first time ever, her tongue in my mouth, mine in hers, she leaded back and grabbed my soon to be no longer virgin cock. She aimed it at her vagina and sat down. Her tight pussy engulfing my shaft all the way down. I could have cum right there, but I knew she was looking for a better time than that. At first she slowly rose and fell on my cock, the pleasure increasing with each thrust of her pussy on my cock. Then, when we were in sync, she started to go faster and faster, and my cock just couldn’t handle it anymore, I announced again “Jackie, I’m gunna cum!” she was moaning extremely load by now, and between moans, she uttered out “I hope it’s as much as last time.” I came inside her pussy and she didn’t stop the speed, but her moans turned even more pleasure-filled. She collapsed on the bed completely drained of every last drop of energy, but filled with the same burning desire for my cock. I rolled over onto her and we locked lips once again, waiting for my cock to give me the ok to go ahead and fuck Aunt Jackie.

With the last bit of energy she had she spread her legs and I saw her beautiful shaved pussy. I put my face in it and for the first time, I smelt her scent, and it made me crazy. I shoved my tongue inside her hole and she let out a soft moan with every thrust of my tongue. I got a constant motion down and she started bucking her hips to the beat of my tongue. I then took my tongue out of her vagina and flicked her swollen clit. This was too much for her and she let herself go. She came right in front of my face and I watched her juices run out of her vagina and pool on my bed underneath her. I then climbed on top of her and inserted myself into her very wet pussy. I thrusted with all I had and kept it going fueled by the audible moans of my aunt Jackie. Then, as her moans gradually got louder, she this time, announced “Chris, I'm going to cum!” I pulled out of her and saw the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. She squirted all over my pelvis while her orgasm made every bone in her body twitch with pleasure.

I returned to my spot inside her vagina and gave my last couple of trusts. After that show, I could not hold myself back. I came inside her pussy with all I had. I collapsed beside her in exhaustion as we both lay there, thinking of the events that just occurred. She turned on her side and cuddled up against me. We both fell asleep and could not dream for our dreams had all been fulfilled. I woke up the next morning and looked over to see my naked aunt sprawled out on my bed. I had gotten quite sweaty the past night and decided I would go take a nice shower. The running water must have woke her as she walked into the shower not too much longer after I did. She grabbed the soap and began to wash me all around. I took the soap from her and started to wash her body. When I got to her vagina she let out a wince of lust that I knew meant I had permission to enter again. We fucked in the shower for a good 15 minutes before I came for the third time in 12 hours. We had breakfast, went for a walk, and went out to lunch. We talked about last night and how we needed to do it again. We discussed how sad we were that my parents would be back in the states any minute now, and that she would have to go back to her apartment. After she did leave, I lied to my parents and said she had forgotten something so I rushed out the door and stopped her before her car pulled away. I got into the passenger’s seat and leaned over to her and our lips met once more, as my hand slid into her pants, making sure I had some scent of her on my fingers. I told my parents anytime they left for vacation, always call Aunt Jackie. The end.

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2014-07-02 05:33:33
My dad' s younger was only about 8 years older than I was. She used to always stay over when my parents went out. She loved to tease me and eventually she would do whatever it took to get me hard. She took my virginity when I was 14 and we had sex until I left for college.

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2011-12-22 16:42:59
Good story but please check grammar/spelling

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2009-05-27 06:33:04
proofread next time 8/10


2009-05-03 04:44:17
i've done the same to my aunt

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2009-05-01 23:47:30
Horny auntie. WIsh I have one.

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