A not-so-true story based on Boys That Fuck part one.
Boys That Fuck II - A Fantasy We Always Wanted

Intro / Disclaimer

The first Boys That Fuck is a documentary piece about true events in my past. This is not a sequel, it is a fantasy based on reality. Think of it as one of a series, but don't take this one as seriously as the original. This is a theoretical scenario based on some wild fantasies I've had, but I'm going to try to keep it in the same style, trying to remain as realistic as possible. If you haven't already, please read the original Boys That Fuck first for context. If you liked my first piece but want more with even more kinkiness, you are going to love this one.

I must reiterate a disclaimer that if you don't want to read about some young boys doing some very gay things, please stop reading.

Chapter One - Fun at the Pool

Growing up with a best friend who doubled as a casual fuck buddy was truly an awesome thing. As we were growing up together, our raging hormones turned us into horny little teens. The older we got, the more sex we needed, and we took it all out on each other. By the time I was 16 and he was 15, there wasn't anything we hadn't tried doing. We both kept our cocks shaved clean when we started growing pubes, and our uncut dicks were now a respectable 6 or 7 inches when hard.

We knew that the secret flip-side to our relationship was taboo, and if anyone found out about it our young lives would have been ruined. We knew we had to keep it super secret, because we sure weren't going to give up all the sexy fun we liked to have. We were hooked, and wanted to fuck around more and more. We still had some sexual fantasies that we wanted to try out together. We knew that the pool facility at my apartment block was a risky venue to have sex in, but we had been doing it for years now and we knew how not to get caught.

One lazy afternoon, my best friend came over for a "swim" after school, and we excitedly headed for the pool. We got there to find the place empty except for one female lifeguard, so we took our time changing into out bathing suits and we switched on the sauna. After a quick symbolic dip in the pool, we headed back into the change room for some fun. We got into the shower and peeled off our wet bathing suits, our dicks springing out and getting harder and harder. With the hot water streaming over both of us, we pressed our dicks up against one another and started humping face to face. We rubbed around like this, slippery and wet, until we got fully hard and started getting into a rythm.

Over the noise of the shower we heard a loud bang. Shit! The main entrance door upstairs had just slammed shut - someone had just come in. We turned off the water and listened, grabbing our swimsuits off of the rail we hung them on. Loud hurried footsteps and the familiar voices of young boys raced down the stairs. Quickly we jumped back into our bathing suits, turned the water back on, and acted like we were just showering before jumping in the pool. I had barely enough time to suit up and jump out and leave my friend in there alone when the door swung open and two younger boys came in, thankfully without a father or other male adult - the thought of an adult walking around in there would have put an end to our fun for that day.

But it was just two boys, around 12 or 13 years old. We could deal with that. And wouldn't you know it, it was the same two boys that we used to see in there all the time. They knew us by now because when we were in the pool we had chatted and passed the ball around with them quite a few times. They went to a different school, but we were casual acquaintances on account of living in the same neighborhood. So we said "hi," and and my buddy and I showered off as the other two boys were changing. One boy seemed extra shy, and out of the corner of my eye I saw him pull off his briefs to reveal a raging boner, which he was trying his best to hide. As they finished changing, we went back into the pool. The boys came out a minute later.

It was times like this that pushed our patience to the limit because now we had to make a concerted effort to appear as though we really came down there to swim. All we wanted was to go be alone in the change room and fuck around, but with others there we couldn't be too obvious about it. So we stayed in the pool for a while and played around. After a while we'd convince ourselves that we could sneak away for a bit. We were getting impatient and decided that we could fuck around in the sauna for short intervals despite the boys being there, a risk we didn't always take.

But we figured that since the boys had just got there and they usually stay for a couple hours, we had some time. We would only be in there for 10 minutes anyway, and the young boys never came into the sauna. So I quietly told my friend that I think it's time to go into the sauna for a bit, and we climbed out of the pool. We got into the sauna which was nicely warmed up by now, but we kept our bathing suits on for the moment. In this higher risk situation, we decided only to pull our bathing suits down just enough in case we heard the boys come in. We sat quietly for a while listening for any sign of being followed in, but we could still hear the boys playing around and yelling in the pool. No other sign of people to be heard, it was go time. We both pulled our swim shorts down just enough for our dicks to pop out, and I was reaching down and pulling my balls up over the waistband when he reached over and started jacking me off. I reached over and started returning the favor. We started slow, always listening in case the boys started heading back into the change room.

After jerking each other off for a few quiet minutes, we moved on to blowjobs. Sitting side by side, I went down on him by leaning over to the side. That way a quick escape was still easy. I sucked him like crazy for a few minutes, and our confidence in there was starting to grow as we started losing ourselves in the moment. When we traded places, I sat back up and he layed down next to me on his stomach. Propping himself up on elbows and crossed arms, he guided my cock into his mouth with a stuck out tongue. He started bobbing up and down on my dick, licking, sucking and slobbering all over the place.

All of a sudden, I heard footsteps in the passageway between the change room and pool. He heard it too because he abruptly stopped, and we I yanked up my swim suit. I tucked my boner away as best I could, and I opened the sauna door to look out. Nobody. The boys were still in the pool with the lifeguard, we were in the sauna, and there was no sign of anybody else. So I turned back inside and told him we were probably hearing things. We sat quietly for a moment to make sure, and then got right back at it. We exchanged some more blowjobs again before we realized we were pushing our luck, time-wise. We let our boners die down a bit before jumping out of the sauna and running back into the pool.

When we got back into the water, the two boys looked at us as if they wanted to know what we had been doing in there. We said nothing, and they didn't ask. I could almost feel the tension in the air as these two young boys pondered over the mystery of why we disappeared for ten minutes. But we played on as normal, like nothing out of the ordinary was going on.

After about 20 minutes back in the pool, we were ready for round two, and we got out of the pool and headed back into the sauna. The boys stayed in the pool again. We reset the sauna timer for another half hour of heat and got in. Again, we kept our swimsuits mostly on and kept a careful ear out for intruders, but soon we were sucking each other off again.

My buddy was laying on his stomach again, giving me another sloppy blowjob. I put my hand on his back, and leaning over a bit I ran my fingers down the small of his back to the crack of his ass. I reached under his swimsuit, and feeling my way betweet his smooth, tight butt cheeks I found his hole and started fingering him. I held his waistband up with my wrist, and watched my fingers slide in and out of his ass as he continued sucking my cock. When I turned and looked forward again, that's when I realized we were being watched.

Chapter Two - Finally Busted

The door to the sauna had a grated air intake near the floor. The slats in it were positioned in a one way diagonal pattern, and from inside the sauna you could clearly see through to the floor just outside the door. This meant that from near the floor on the outside, you could see up and into the sauna clearly. When I looked at the door, I instantly saw a set of wide open eyes staring up at both of us through the slats. One of the boys had quietly snuck out of the pool, and was now crouched down outside the sauna watching my friend suck me off and me finger his ass.

It was a huge shock, but I didn't immediately stop or tell my buddy to stop either. I remained cool, and realized that we were already busted whether I flipped out or not. So I calmly pulled my fingers out of his ass, and told him to stop as if it were time to switch up. I resisted the temptation to point to the door and tell him what I saw outright, and chose instead to quietly whisper it in his ear, telling him not to react so that the kid didn't realize that we were onto him. I assumed the boy didn't realize that we knew he was there because he wasn't going away. Anyway, my buddy was equally shocked but he reacted well. He glanced at the door, but quickly enough not to let the watcher know we were on to him. He must have had an unobstructed and clear view inside because the slats were a good two inches apart, and his face was right up against the vent. We were trying not to look back at him, and we needed a plan. He must have realized that we had seen him, because he suddenly disappeared and quietly scurried back into the pool.

Our hearts were pounding from being caught in the act, and we sat there for a bit and debated what to do about it. All we were really concerned about was these kids ratting us out to adults, or starting rumors that would find their way back to all of our friends. We didn't actually care that much if either of these two boys found out about us, as we had previously fantasized about finding a way to get them in with us so we could suck and fuck them like crazy. It was a far-fetched idea - a four way gay orgy that we wanted badly but never considered remotely realistic. Getting caught in the act by them had changed everything. We knew we had to confront them about it now, one of them seeing us in the act had left us with no choice. Hopefully we could at least earn their respect (or put some fear into them) on account of being a few years older.

First we needed to somehow make sure they weren't going to rat us out, but at the same time the situation presented an interesting opportunity to talk sex with some new boys. We had no idea what they'd think or how they would react, but something had to be done. Still sitting in the sauna, we debated our options and quickly came up with a rough plan.

We figured that since the one boy had now seen us in the act, he'd probably come back for another look, and he'd more than likely bring his friend to see as well. We knew that if we were in the sauna it was only a matter of time before they came to peek in again. We figured we could use it to our advantage, and the plan was to put on a show and catch them looking at us, and then confront them about it. We didn't know what exactly to say to them, but we figured there was no choice. We even got kinda horny thinking about doing a live sex show with an audience, and we started to get excited about the idea regardless of the consequences.

With a rough plan formed, we got out of the sauna and jumped back in the pool. The boys were in there, and they couldn't help but look at us a little strangely. It was obvious that one had told the other, and they both had completely changed their tone despite trying to act as if nothing happend. We played along, enjoying another half hour or so in the pool, pretending like nothing was happening. I probably would have said something to them then and there if it wasn't for the lifeguard sitting next to the pool. We needed to get them back in the change room, and soon enough it was showtime.

I told my friend we should head into the sauna again, this time not being quiet about it at all. I made sure the boys heard me, and we ran back into the sauna. We quickly pulled our swimsuits down a little bit, and reached over and started jerking each other off. We sat right in front of the door, making sure we were in clear view through the vent, and we stared at it in anticipation. The plan was to let them see us jerking one another off, and at then look right back at them. If they realized we saw them, we were going to keep jerking off, look right at them, and wait to see what they did. We wanted to see how they reacted if they knew we saw them watching us but we didn't stop what we were doing. We were hoping for a favorable reaction, not knowing what to do if they ran away.

Chapter Three - Secrets are Revealed

Either way, the plan was now in motion. We sat there slowly stroking each other, growing more and more excited as we watched, listened and waited for any sign. We didn't have to wait long, and soon we saw shadows milling about outside and we could barely hear the boys' hushed wispers just outside the sauna door. It was hard not to instinctively stop and hide out cocks, but we pushed through it and kept jerking each other with our legs spread, looking anxiously at the vent. Their feet came into view, and they stood by the door. But they weren't crouching down for a look. Faint whispers could be heard coming from outside, but we couldn't tell exactly what they were saying. I could just make out a few words, and they were going back and forth whispering "No, you do it," and "I dare you..." and such. We knew that at any moment at least one face would appear in the slats, and we readied ourselves and kept on jerking.

What we didn't expect is for the door to the sauna fly open, exposing us in all our glory to both of the boys, who were now standing amazed at the entrance to the sauna.

"Woah!" one of them exclaimed, as they just stood there and stared.

We weren't expecting this, and we quickly stopped and tucked our boners back into our swimsuits. They turned from surprised to appollogetic quickly, and me and my friend tried to pretend that nothing happened. We didn't flip out or react harshly. Now out of ideas we just slid over, made room for two more on the bench and asked them if they were coming in, acting like nothing was out of the ordinary. We expected them to run off, but they didn't.

"Ummm... ok..." they said after looking at each other. So they climbed into the sauna and sat next to us. A brief uncomfortable silence later, I spoke up.

"I'm sorry about that guys, I didn't think you two would ever come in here. I hope you aren't going to tell everyone about this," I told them. I got a more honest response than I could have imagined.

"Don't worry man, I actually opened the door because he told me to," the older one said, pointing at his friend. "I thought he was making up some bullshit about you guys messing around in here, and I didn't believe it."

"Yeah, we saw him looking in here earlier," I interupted, countering his honesty with some more up-front bluntness. "We kinda knew you'd be back to look and we didn't care. He already saw us messing around, but we don't care if you guys know about it so long as you don't ever tell anyone about this."

"That sounds fine," he said, looking over at his friend who nodded in agreement. "We don't want to get you in trouble or anything, I was just curious and had to see for myself. Again, sorry about barging in like that, I thought he was making stuff up."

We sat and chatted with the boys in the sauna for a bit. Our boners weren't going away, and looking at the other two, it was clear they were hard as well. Nobody changed the subject, and we had a detailed disscusion about what had just happened. We learned that these two boys were pretty smart because they had picked up on our strange behavior around the pool and they had previous suspicions about what we were doing. We also discussed the fact that they must have been quite curious and interested in it if they went to the trouble of catching us in the act. This also caused me and my buddy to have our own suspicions about these two younger boys, and it all led to them fully admitting that they also liked to fuck around, exactly like we did.

We always wished it was true, but never imaged it actually was. It was going better that we ever could have imagined. Only in our wildest dreams did we think these two boys were like younger versions of ourselves, with the exact same secret to hide. And it was obvious the younger boys were as elated as we were now that the four of us had shared our little secrets with each other.

Now we were all on even ground again. They knew about our secret, but we knew about theirs. We had enough reason to trust that nobody was going to tell anyone, as the two pairs of us had kept these secrets for a long time. It was actually really exciting to know we weren't alone in what we did, and finding someone to talk to about it was making us very horny. Our far flung fantasy of having a wet, sweaty, gay orgy with these two young, hot and skinny little white boys was starting to look like it might even be a possibility.

At first the boys remained a little apprehensive because we were a few years older, and they didn't think that we would be OK with that. But I told them how we had started doing stuff like this when we were even younger then them, and how I admired their guts for being open with us about it. We told them how we wished for some older boys to do it with us when we were younger, and they started to really trust both of us.

Pretty soon we were talking about all the different things we like to do, and how we started simple when we were really young and had discovered new activities as we got older. I told them about our old club and the big suck circles we had, and they seemed jealous. Their story was similar to ours, but they had only fucked around with each other, and only started with it recently. We didn't know how far they had taken it, and we were sure that we had done kinkier stuff than them. To find out what they had and hadn't tried, I started telling them about the different stuff we liked, asking if they did it too. I told them we liked to suck cocks, especially 69ing, and they said they did it often as well. I told them that we like to buttfuck, and they said they only tried it a few times with only limited success. When I asked them if they tried fingering or licking asses, that and anything beyond was a "no" or "not yet".

Chapter Four - A Fantasy Comes True

They had tried out the basics of gay sex with themselves, but clearly we had a lot we could teach them. The thought of a 4 way gay orgy was starting to drive me nuts, and I had enough of the talking and wanted some action.

"Now that you guys know and everything," I began, "are you going to stay in here if the two of us start doing stuff? You can totally watch or join in if you want."

"What? Here... and now? What if someone comes in?"

"That never stopped any of us before. We can hear if anyone is coming, and there's nobody else around now anyway."

"OK then, you guys do whatever you want, I'll just watch for now," the older boy said with the younger one nodding along.

"Good, you can make sure nobody is coming," I said as I whipped out my boner and started jacking off. My dick was rock hard and pretty huge for a 16 year old, and the younger boys stared at it amazed. My best friend sitting next to me also pulled his boner out over his waisband, and started wanking it. His cock was also rock hard already, but it was just a little smaller than mine. We reached across each other and began to jerk each other off in front of the two young boys.

"Wow, I hope mine gets that big," the younger boy said to me as they both reached down and pulled their dicks out. They both had nice, smooth and straight little uncut dicks which they held out for us to see as they began to whack off. Being a bit younger, their dicks were smaller but already developing nicely. Me and my friend looked intently at them jacking off, and a flood of memories from the club came back. We were now jacking off in a group again, and it felt awesome.

It took a few minutes of whacking off to realize that these two young boys were growing more confident and trusting every second, and they were clearly warming up to the idea of fucking around in a big group. As usual, I was the first to make a real move, and I went down on my best friend with the two younger boys watching and stroking their cocks. Kneeling in front of him on the lower bench, I took the whole length of his cock in my mouth and started sucking and licking like a pro. As my head bobbed up and down on his dick, I could see the boys watching from the corner of my eye. They had swithed to jerking each other off, and they were clearly starting to enjoy the whole group concept a whole lot. They looked amazed at our bigger cocks and our total lack of inhibition around them. My buddy and I had been in group sessions before, but these two had never seen anything like this before other than the experimenting they had done by themselves.

They watched intently as I licked and sucked my best friend's cock, jerking him off with one hand and stroking my own cock with the other. Putting on a live sex show for these two hot young little boys was a massive turn on, and he was so horny and sensitive that it didn't take long for him to get close to climax and stop me. I wasn't done sucking, and wanted more cock in my mouth, so I turned to the older of the two boys and asked if I could suck him off next. He said OK, and I moved over to him.

He sat down next to my buddy, and I put his little cock in my mouth and started blowing him furiously. I made no attempt to start slow or take it easy. I went crazy licking his head all over, flicking his dick hole with my tongue, stroking him with one hand. His little boner was smaller than my friend's, but I had sucked many smaller cocks when I was younger. I didn't even need to stroke his cock with my hand because the whole length of it fit easily into my mouth. He leaned back, and I looked up into his eyes as I kept sucking him off. He looked right back at me, the expression on his face implying "Holy shit, you are good!" I kept on sucking and licking, stroking his dick and playing with his balls until I could feel his cock throbbing uncontrollably.

"I'm gonna cum," he said. He was already worked up from jerking off.

"I don't care," I quickly replied between strokes, and I went on blowing him. I was so turned on that I couldn't help reaching down to jack myself off at the same time. Faster and faster I bobbed my head and licked the underside of his cock until he tensed right up and started to cum. I kept on going, and felt the base of his dick swell up. I felt the wave of cum rush through the underside of his shaft, and his warm, sweet cum burst into my mouth. It tasted smooth and silky, better than any load I had tasted before. About a dozen little squirts of cum came shooting out onto my tongue, and I swallowed it all in many quick gulps before he was even done.

Looking back up into his big doughy blue eyes, I gently licked his dick clean as he started coming back down from is amazing orgasm. He looked at me with absolute shock that I had cleanly taken his entire load in my mouth and swallowed every last drop of it.

The other younger boy was sitting and watching, jerking off slowly, and he looked even more surprised at what I had just done.

"Did he just squirt jizz in your mouth?!? What's it taste like?" he asked, "We never tried doing that before. I heard it was gross and I didn't want to try it." The older boy agreed that cum was supposedly gross. So I told them it's not gross, and I enjoyed the flavor and texture. I also told them not to judge until they tried it. The boy I just finished sucking off was done for now, but the other one agreed to try tasting it. So I sat down next to him and told him to suck my dick.

He looked down at my massive boner, obviously still marveling at it's size. He was used to his friends little dick, and he'd never seen one so big let alone touched or sucked it. I was so horny that by boner was throbbing, bobbing up and down by itself with every heartbeat.

"It's OK, go ahead..." I said to him.

"Alright," he answered, "but I don't think I can do it as good as you."

"I don't care, I'll teach you."

"Ok, but warn me before you cum, I might not like it and spit it out."

"Spit it out if you want, but I'm pretty sure you'll like it. It tastes like salty almonds."

So he got down in front of me and guided my cock into his mouth with one hand. His cute little face looked surprised as his rounded lips slipped over my shaft, the head of my cock entering his mouth and touching his tongue. He was a petite little preteen, and he could barely fit the first third of my dick into his tiny mouth, leaving lots of room for him to stroke my shaft at the same time. I grabbed the his hand and clenched it right down on the exact perfect spot on my cock, and started guiding his strokes up and down. He got the rythym down quick, and I soon let go. He kept on jerking me and sucking and licking my cockhead, and soon we were both really into it. He wasn't bad at it at all, and I didn't really have any pointers to give him. His tongue was sliding up and down my shaft, twirling around my cock head, licking the hole while he bobbed up and down on my dick.

I was enjoying it so much that I made an effort not to cum right away, and I let him keep sucking my dick for a good few minutes. He was either getting bored or impatient, because he stopped and asked why I wasn't cumming. He thought he was doing a shitty job and he wanted to make me cum. I told him that it was alright, and that he was doing so good that I just didn't want him to stop and that's why I wasn't cumming. He said he wanted to taste my cum already and was getting tired of sucking me off.

"OK then," I said as I stood up, "open your mouth." I was almost ready to blow anyway.

He opened his mouth and leaned his head back. I stood right next to him and began stroking my dick rapidly, taking aim at his cute little face. I was so horny it took me only seconds to get close to an orgasm, and as I got closer and closer I brought my big hard dick within an inch of his open mouth. His head was tilted back, his mouth wide open, and his eyes staring at my cock. Just in time, I told him to stick his tongue out. Right then, I started cumming and I aimed right at his mouth. My first squirt came out fast, and I missed. A gob of goo shot over his mouth, hitting his top lip and dribbling down his cheek, leaving a shiny trail down his adorable 12 year old face. I squirted again and again, now perfectly aligned and shooting the rest right on to his tongue, watching my hot white goo slide down into his mouth and pool at the back of his throat. He stared up at me looking surprised, his big sweet eyes blinking, wondering when the torrent of cum was going to stop. But he didn't turn away, he didn't gag, and he didn't spit it out. He paitently waited, keeping his mouth open and tongue out as I drained the last few squirts of jizz out of my dick, wiping it off on his tongue.

I finished up and we all looked at him for a reaction. He closed his mouth, and after a few seconds he took a big gulp and swallowed it all. We waited for him to say something.

"Hmm, you're right, it's not bad at all," he said, wiping his lips and cheek off with his hand. "That was a lot though." He looked at me with approval, and I just smiled. I was exasperated by my massive orgasm, and I sat back down on the edge of the group.

By now we had been in the sauna for a good while, and all four of us bailed out after that despite two of us still having raging boners. After quick cold showers, we were back in the pool swimming around. To this day I wonder if the lifeguard ever suspected anything when we went in and out of the pool numerous times like that. I wondered if sneaking off four at a time was any more suspicious than just two.

Chapter Five - Better Than The Original Club

Those first events unfolded so quickly that afternoon that we still had a good chunk of time to go until we had to head home for dinner. I knew we had enough time to sneak away for at least one more session that day, and I was super excited about getting to do more with our new buddies. I just needed to recover from my big orgasm first. I was still feeling a little drained when the four of us got together in the corner of the pool and talked about going back into the sauna. The two who hadn't cum yet were rearing to go, we had waited long enough anyway. I knew I'd be hard again in seconds. All of us were young and horny and could perform over and over again with quick recovery times in between.

Words cannot describe the awesomeness of having these two hot, skinny little white boys join in on the action. It had been a few years since the original two of us had any action with the old club, and even though it had stopped at only blowjobs and suck-circles, we missed the big group sessions. We had made up for it over the years by doing everything else in the gay sex manual, but we were just a pair and never imagined we'd get to try stuff in a group again.

Back in the sauna, we stood there and quietly discussed what to do next. We were all super horny from having a group encounter, and we wanted to take it farther. I first asked the younger boys if they wanted to play around with our asses, and I told them they could each take a turn sticking their dicks into me. I promised to guide them and teach them, assuring them they would have no problems like they said they had when they had tried it themselves. Neither of them hesitated, and they agreed to take turns fucking me up the ass.

The older boy stepped up first, and his younger buddy and my best friend stood there and watched the action. I got into the corner of the sauna on the upper bench on all fours with my ass sticking out, and I pulled my swim trunks down just past my hips to reveal my wet, smooth little white butt. He came up onto the bench behind me on his knees, and looking back I saw him staring at my ass with anticipation. I told him that I would guide him in, and I reached one hand out behind me waiting for his cock. He shuffled forward and pulled his dick out, and I felt him place his rock hard cock in my hand a mere inch away from my asshole. I felt his uncut lenghth of about 4 or 5 inches up and down a few times, and he was all wet and slippery from the pool water and sweat. He was a bit shorter than me (penis & height wise) so on his knees my ass was still a bit to high for him.

So with his cock in my hand, I bent my knees and leaned back and down onto it, guiding his dick so the tip of his head touched the center of my hole. I told him to grab on, and as he grabbed his dick and held it in position I pulled my hand away. I relaxed my asshole and told him to push in. He slowly applied a little bit of pressure, holding his dick straight with one hand. As I let the tension off my asshole, I started feeling the tip of his cock slide into me. His head plunged inside my ass, and his foreskin rolled back as he continued pushing his full lenghth into me. When he had penetrated me as far as he could go, I let my ass tense back up as he started pumping a slow rythym.

"This is cool," he said, "We tried this before but couldn't get all the way in like this. What do you have to do?"

"Being wet helps," I replied, "like with water or spit or whatever. It makes it slide in easy.

"But it feels different then when we tried it," he continued as he kept on pumping his dick in and out of my ass. "I can feel you relax and tighten your hole. How do you do that?"

"What, this?" I said as I turned my head around, looked in his eyes and started consciously squeezing and relaxing my hole, grabbing hold of his little dick with my ass as hard as I could.

"Yeah, exactly. I didn't know you could control that."

"It's easy, you just have to relax and push just a little bit like you are trying to take a shit.

"Oh, I want to try that then," he said as he finished a few more thrusts and pulled his cock out of me. "Can I go next? I want him to try it on me," he said pointing to his younger friend.

I figured it was a good idea cause the smallest dick around would be the best for him to train with. The younger of the two boys was in the middle of puberty and his cock was still pretty small.

So I got up moved, and he bent over into the same position that I was just in. Standing next to and facing towards him on the lower bench, I helped him peel his swimsuit down past his perfect little butt cheeks. The youngest boy came over and got down on his knees behind him, and pulled his boxer shorts halfway down to his knees. I reached over the older boy's back and grabbed his butt cheeks and spread them apart, looking down at his tiny pink little hole from above. I looked up to see the younger boy kneeling there readily with a nice little boner in his hand.

"Hold on one sec..." I said as I took a step, leaned over, and put his little boner in my mouth. He was sweaty but clean and smooth tasting, and having such a little boner in my mouth reminded me of good old times. I slobbered all over his dick, peeling his foreskin back with my tongue and licking him all around. "Ok, that should do," I said when I was finished.

The older boy was still in position and I reached over to spread his butt cheeks again. The younger boy now moved forward and touched his slobbery wet dick to his friends hole, lining it up and holding his cock straight. I told the older one to relax as best he could, and watched as his ass was slowly penetrated. His cock slipped in effortlessly, and he rammed it in there as far as he could go.

"Whoah, this feels awesome!" the younger boy said as he started to pump his dick in and out of his friend's ass.

"Yeah, it's not bad," the other one replied, "it feels wierd but cool."

My best friend and I just stood there and watched for a bit as the ass fucking continued. We were getting so horny we couldn't help but be jerking off while watching these two cute young boys learn how to fuck an ass properly. They were obviously reveling in it as well because they were all smiles, enjoying every second of it and soon ready to switch spots. The younger boy was curious to see how it felt to have a big hard dick in his ass, and he eagerly traded positions with his friend. I helped out be spreading his butt cheeks again while my best friend went down on the older boy and gave him a sloppy wet blowjob. Then they lined it up, shoved it in, and in no time they were fucking like pros.

My sickest fantasy was coming true. I stood there amazed, stroking my throbbing boner as I watched these young little boys get into the rythym of fucking each other's asses. The old club never did shit like this, and as I grew older I started to wish that it had. Doing it all with just my best friend was good enough, and until that day I never imagined something like this could actually happen. These two cute little boys were just like us - young, curious, and above all horny. They were just like some of the younger boys from the days of the old club, only now me and my best friend were past that age. We had messed around with boys that young when we were that young, but we'd never touched any boys that were this much younger than us. Not that it felt wrong, we wanted nothing more than for them to trust us and go with it. In fact we were pleasantly surprised at how enthusiastic about the idea they were, and just like the old days we now had younger boys that looked up to us again. Only this time they were 3 to 4 years younger. It was extra hot because they enjoyed the age gap as much as we did. They loved having older more mature boys with bigger cocks and more experience to show them they way, and we loved taking in some young students and sexually training them to their full extent. When we were their age, we would have loved to have some trustworthy older boys around for this kind of thing.

The training continued that afternoon in the sauna, and after the two young ones had taken turns fucking each other in the ass, it was time to switch it up a bit. I told them there was an even better way to stick it in the ass, and I told the younger boy to come sit facing me so I could show him. I stood on the lower bench of the sauna, and he came and sat down in front of me. I reached one hand around the small of his back and pulled his ass forward, telling him to lean right back. His spine curled forward as he slouched against the back wall, and I pulled his swim suit right out from under him and slid it all the way off over his ankles, lifting his legs up in the proccess. He was small and light enough that I could pretty much pick him up and manuever him, and I cupped his ass and lifted and moved him around until I found the sweet spot. He was laying right back with his ass at the edge of the bench and his head propped up against the back wall.

"OK, just relax now," I said as I stepped up and got into position. Holding his legs up and out, I could see his tight little hole was still glistening wet. I went right for it and pushed my swollen cock head up against his hole. I could feel him trying to relax, but his ass was small and tight. Compared to his friends dick mine was much bigger, and his hole was much tighter than mine or my best friend's. It was going to take some convincing. "Just relax," I repeated, "...even try to push out a little bit."

That did it. I pushed harder as I felt a brief wave of relaxation, and I drove my big cock hard up into his tight little ass. As my cock head popped through, he winced a little bit, and I stopped to make sure he was OK. He said that it hurt a little bit at first, but now it was fine. Slowly and carefully, I pushed my throbbing cock further and further, watching his face for any sign of pain. The pain gave way to pleasure though as I felt him gain control of his ass muscles and start clamping down on my big dick. I plunged all the way into his tight little asshole until his balls were touching my stomach. I couldn't believe that my entire massive boner had dissapeared up into this little boy who was so much smaller than me. He looked deep into my eyes with a strange look of utter satisfaction as I pulled back out a little bit and started pumping his ass. He was so tight I had to go slowly at first. He layed there all naked and sweaty, his perfect skin glistening from the sweat, and a raging boner sticking straight up. As I got into a rythym his little body started moving back and forth from the increased force and speed. He looked like so tiny impaled like that on my massive boner, and I was quickly close to going off.

The other two just sat there and watched, jerking off and getting very turned on from watching me absolutely fuck the hell out of this young little boy. I told them they should get doing stuff too, and they did. While I continued with they younger one, my best friend took the older boy and started fucking his ass in the exact same way. The two young boys now sat side by side, both of them getting plugged up the ass by cocks bigger than they'd ever seen. My best friend and I were balls deep in our sickest fantasy, and we stood side by side as we fucked the two cutest, tightest asses we'd ever seen.

As I pumped the full length of my throbbing wet cock in and out in slowly more powerful and faster strokes, I reached a hand down and started to stroke the little guy's boner for him. I started rubbing his little ball sack in one hand, and matched the rythym of my pumping with the other hand on his dick. He was so aroused and getting so hard that it almost felt as if I could feel his cock grow in my hand. His face was twisted in a confused expression that seemed part surprise and part absolute pleasure, with a bit of agony thrown in. His stared at me with big wide shocked looking eyes, and his mouth wide open and breathing heavily. With every thrust into his ass and every stroke of his cock, his eyes began to blink slow, overwhelmed looking blinks, and he let out quiet little moans of satisfaction. It was like I had turned him into an ass-fucking crazy nymphomaniac in one session, and he writhed around with sheer pleasure and clenched his asshole tight on my dick with every stroke.

Looking over at my best friend, it was going equally well for him. He had the older boy splayed out on his back in front of him, and he was fucking him up the ass so hard it almost looked violent. He was pumping him harder and faster, making no attempt to hold back. He was obviously in the home stretch, and without stopping what I was doing I watched him slam his dick in and out of that tight little hole until he clenched up and started cumming. He drove his cock deep in with his last few strokes, and pumped squirt after squirt of hot white cum into that tiny ass. He finished up and pulled out, pulling a string of cum from his ass with the head of his dick. A small stream of goo oozed back out of the boy's ass and dribbled down.

After watching that, me and the young boy were both ready to blow. I pounded him harder and faster, matching the speed with jerking him off. I carefully watched his face for a sign that he was going to cum, and I kept myself on the brink so I could go off when he did. He wriggled around a bit more as I fucked him before he couldn't take much more, and he batted my hand out of the way to finish jerking himself off. So as he vigorously stroked his own cock, I bent over forward a bit and grabbed him just above the waist with both hands. I gave him everything I had, and in a few long and fast strokes through his amazingly tight hole, I pushed myself over the edge. I looked down to see him slowing down and start squrting goo everywhere. He shot a respectable little load of cum all over his chest and stomach right as I went off and started to pump my hot goo into his ass. I came so much I could feel my load filling his ass up and swirling around in there, and before I was even finished some jizz started leaking out with my last few strokes. I thrust my last few squirts into him, and his cum had started sliding down his torso and onto his crotch. When I stepped back and pulled out, a long, hot stream of my cum oozed out of his ass, stopping only when he tensed up to sit up again. He was totally exhausted and covered in and filled with cum.

In the meantime my best friend had sucked the older boy off after blowing his load in his ass, and all four of us had finished up within a few minutes of each other. We quickly exchanged thoughts on how awesome what just transpired was, and after re-checking that the coast was still clear out there, all four of us got into the shower naked to clean ourselves off. Then we put our swim suits back on and headed back into the pool, where we continued to play around like normal kids as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening.

Before we left the pool that afternoon, we reafirmed the pact of secrecy with the boys, and told them we'd love to pick up where we left off the next time we see them down there. It was a deal, and none of us could wait for the next time...

The End,

...for now.

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