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Well Katie came over one day, we both new our arrangements of being friends with benefits. So we got right to it.

First we went into the bedroom. She was wearing a light blue tank top with a cute skirt. I had just a t-shirt and shorts on. She looked good she has blonde hair thin body; she’s a cheerleader and does some gymnastics too. She has a nice ass not to big but not small. Her tits aren’t huge also and there not small there round and firm with perfect nipples.

She just looked at me when we sat down and we started to kiss. First we kissed with ease, then a little harder and faster. I started to lean on her and then she ended up lying on her back, me on top kissing her more and more.

She was a good kisser her tongue tasted and felt good with our lips locked tight. I felt her hand sort of tickle my stomach and her other played with my hair. I ran my hand through her hair and then she took my shirt off. She felt my body and touched it felt good.

I stared to move down from her lips. I kissed down her neck and then the top of her chest. I pick my head up for a second and saw her hard nipples through her shirt and could tell she had no bra underneath. I then took the top off and sucked her firm tits and nipples. I rubbed the tit I wasn’t sucking with one hand and moved the other from grabbing her firm tight ass under the skirt to rubbing her tight virgin pussy. Katie then reached down my short and began to rub my cock. I stopped what I was doing to her and pulled my 9 inch cock out. She grabbed it tight and gave me a great hand job.

We had the radio on and her favorite song came on. By this time we were both naked and up for anything. She said lets dance. So we both got up. She looked so sexy naked. Her perfect tits nice and firm and he cute little pussy. She turned around and I put my hands around her so that they were on her stomach and her ass facing me. She started grinding to the beat rubbing her ass on my rock hard cock. I moved one hand to her tit and the other to her pussy.

We did this for a while the she turned around with one hand she grabbed my cock and kiss me. She kissed down my body until she was on her knees with my dick in her face. She then took hold of it with her mouth and gave me and incredible blow job

After only a few suck we moved to the bed I layed down and she began sucking again. She spread her legs over my face so we were 69ing. I said do you want your pussy licked? And she said yes so while she covered my cock with her mouth I ate out her pussy. I licked it and it tasted real good I took a finger and stuck it in her pussy to get it wet then I put in her ass and she flinched but then said that felt good. After I got her dripping wet she pulled off of me and said are you ready to go all the way? I said are u ready to be fucked? And she said yes

She said that she wanted to be on top so I layed down and left my cock standing straight up waiting for her. She spread her legs over me and grabbed my extremely hard dick then put in up against her virgin pussy. She pushed the tip in and exclaimed that it hurt but felt good too. She then went deeper and monad as it got deeper and deeper she said with every more of my cock in her in felt better and better. Then she had it all the way in she was sitting on my cock it being hard deep inside her.

She began to move up and down on it slowly then faster as she got the feel of being fucked. Her tits were bouncing up and down then I grabbed them both and pulled her down on me I wrapped my arms around her back and took control as I kissed her. I slammed my cock in and out of her pussy she loved it she let out squeals of hornyness and said she loves my cock.

We fucked for a while like this unit I slowed down. I then told her to get on her hand and knees. She did.
Her ass stuck right at my cock as if it were saying get inside me. I said do u want it in your ass. She hesitated and said let me so she slowly guided my cock into her ass. I moved in slow then faster and faster she loved it she yelled "FUCK ME FUCK ME DEEPER YOUR COCK IS HUGE” I gave it to her in the ass for a while then soon felt the need to cum.

I said I need to cum she said okay. I pulled out and she put my wet cock in between her tits taking control. She rubbed it licked it sucked in between them. She then held my balls with one hand and then sucked on my cock. I was throbbing and ready to blow any second then I felt a squirt into her mouth she pulled it out left her mouth open and jerked my cock while my cum covered her face and filled her mouth. I stopped and she said she wanted to get fuck by me every second she could. She then continued to suck on my cock with cum everywhere until I was hard no longer

after that encounter we fuck sooooooooooooooooooo many times shes great she does anything now i cum in her pussy her mouth and ass she doesnt mind she loves to fuck with me

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2012-02-12 11:26:25
3vw65v Thanks for the news! Just was thinking about it! By the way Happy New Year to all of you:D

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2010-12-06 17:22:26
That sucked.... Ya needta dó it longer and jetter next time

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2010-12-06 17:22:17
That sucked.... Ya needta dó it longer and jetter next time

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2010-12-06 17:22:06
That sucked.... Ya needta dó it longer and jetter next time

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2009-05-02 00:25:48
got me hard and the girl wet

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