An older woman rents her guest house to a younger man
Rachael Winters looked in the mirror as she tied the red silk sarong over her black bathing suit. She knew life was not always fair, but when was enough going to be enough? She had always believed that God would never give her any more than she could handle, but she was just about to her limit.

Rachael had married David in 1975, with dreams of a life together filled with love and children. Cancer stole their dreams of a large family, but at least Rachael could say she recovered.

They still had their love, and life was good in Fort Lauderdale. They had their jobs, their intercoastal home and each other – until cancer stole from them once more. David was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer two years ago. He fought valiantly, but succumbed to the disease in a matter of months.

Always the fighter, Rachael tried to pick up the pieces and move on. She was doing all right - until her job was eliminated. Now, with money starting to run short, her only hope to keep their home was to rent out the guest house.

Who knew interviewing potential tenants would be so hard? And why were most of them so demanding? It was cute little house, small kitchen opening into a living area, bedroom, bath and parking. They could use the pool whenever they wished, but that wasn’t enough.

Demands for washer and dryer, satellite and not cable, wiring for sound and internet, supplying a grill and wanting to have the house painted different colors. It was enough to make her want to scream.

The door bell rang, and Rachael sighed as she braced herself for yet another interview. As she opened the front door, the warm Florida breeze stirred her short blond hair gently – and opened up her sarong, giving the young man standing before her a good look at her shapely legs.

“Hi, I’m Brian Keaton. I’m here about the house for rent” said the tall man standing before her. Rachael did a double take. This could have been David twenty-five years ago.

Clearly shaken, Rachael stepped back as if the wind had been knock out of her. “No.” was all she whispered, her eyes showing her surprise.

“Excuse me? Perhaps I have the wrong address. I’m sorry.” Brian said as he started to turn away.

“No! I’m sorry, honestly.” Rachael said breathlessly. “I was... It’s just... Never mind. My apologies. Please come in.” She extended her hand in greeting.

Brian was over six feet tall, short, curly, brown hair and eyes the color of milk chocolate. His large hand easily enveloped hers. He smiled down at the woman standing before him.

“Come on. I’ll take you out this way” she said. They walked through her home and out the patio doors. Rachael chatted easily as Brian watched her walking in front of him. Her hips swayed gently, and her voice was soft and melodic. He had a sudden appreciation for this curvy woman. Mentally he slapped himself thinking – this woman is old enough to be your mother! What the hell are you thinking?

When they reached the small guest house, Rachael turned saying, “Of course you have full use of the pool. Utilities are included, but I’m afraid laundry will have to be done in the main house. The guest house has cable, but not internet.” She held the door open for Brian to enter.

Brian stepped past her and entered a place that could only be described as charming. All the colors of sea glass, but none of the stereotypical Florida beach d?r. It was fully furnished, and he immediately felt at home here. “You said something about laundry?” he asked.

“I know it may be awkward for you, but I’m sure we could work out a schedule that would be mutually convenient.” Rachael watched him go from room to room. “Of course, if there is anything else you need, maybe we can negotiate.” Her heart fluttered as her late husband’s double turned to her.

Towering over her, Brian could easily see down the front of Rachael’s suit. The sight of her breasts, sprinkled with freckles, stirred him; this was one good looking woman he thought, before again realizing she was probably his mother’s age. “It’s perfect. I’m sure you have more people to interview, but I really hope you’ll consider letting me have it. It’s a far cry from the complex I was looking at. It’s so peaceful here.”

“Brian, you’re my last interview. If you really want it, it’s yours.” Rachael looked up and smiled. He was so much like David, she felt a warmth come over her. She wondered had they been blessed with a son, if he would have looked like Brian.

With paperwork signed and move-in times agreed upon, the two parted. Rachel smiled and waved as Brian got into his car and drove away.

Suddenly, all seemed right again; he proved to be the perfect tenant. Polite, respectful and offering his help – whether she needed it or not. He was outgoing and friendly. She found herself looking forward to their meetings.

They met for coffee at Starbuck’s and talked about his family and her life with David. While swimming in the pool they played and teased each other. He would chase her and throw her in, and she would try her best to dunk him under the water.

Often, they would share a meal they cooked together on the grill. The more time they spent together, the less Rachael thought of David when she looked at him. He was Brian. He was himself.

# # # # # # # # # # # # # #

A few weeks later, Rachael was sitting on the patio at about nine in the evening, when Brian drove up. “Hey stranger,” she called to him. “For a teacher, you keep some pretty late hours.” She remembered he taught at Pine Crest High School.

Brian crossed to the patio, running his hand through his hair, and stifling a yawn. “Please, don’t remind me. I agreed to take on a creative writing course for Adult Ed. I don’t know what I was thinking.”

“Here, sit down. Can I get you something? Juice, beer, wine? Would you like a sandwich?” Brian said a beer sounded great.

The two sat in the quiet, warm night talking about his work. It was the first time in a long time that Brian could say he felt truly relaxed.

“I used to write” said Rachael. “Back in college. God it’s been years.” Her face took on a far-off look.

“What did you write”, he asked. “And how did it make you feel?”

Rachael smiled. “Oh, silly stuff. Some poetry, some short stories. Nothing really. I kept a journal for years. It always calmed me. Made me feel at peace, you know? Well, silly me, of course you would know.”

Brain smiled back and asked, “If it made you feel good, why don’t you still write?”

Rachael became very quiet. “I stopped when my husband died. I just didn’t seem to have anything to say.”

Brian leaned forward and placed his hand on hers. “Have you ever written about him? His death? Your lives together? You might find it helps”.

She slowly pulled her hand away. “No. I... I don’t think I could”

Seeing the look on her face, Brian apologized for suggesting it. “No, no,” she said. “Don’t ever apologize. It’s just me. Don’t ever be afraid to talk to me about anything.” As she looked into his brown eyes, she again saw David.

Rachael finished her wine and rose from her chair. “I’m going to turn in now. Sleep well, Brian.”

As she disappeared into the house, Brian could feel her pain. He wondered if any woman would ever love him the way she obviously loved her husband.

# # # # # # # # # # # # # #

Brian wasn’t sure what woke him. There had been a noise in the night that he didn’t recognize. He rose from his bed and looked out of the window towards the water - he saw her. Standing in the moonlight, dressed in a flowing white robe was Rachael. Brian pulled on a pair of silk boxers and stepped outside, only to hear her weeping quietly. As he walked closer, he could see her shoulders shake.

“Rachael?” he whispered. Rachael’s head snapped up and she quickly turned away. As she started to move, Brian’s hands reached her arms. With her back to him, she gasped. “Hey, what’s wrong?” he asked as he held her.

As if flood gates opened, Rachael began to sob. Brian turned her around, pulled her into his arms and held her close. Her arms went around his waist and she clung to him.

Brian bent and kissed the top of her head. All he wanted to do was to protect this woman and make her pain go away.

Gradually, her crying slowed until there was only an occasional whimper and sigh. Without saying a word, Brian backed up toward a chair and sat down, drawing her onto his lap. Rachael sat, burying her head in his neck. Brian stroked her back, whispering “Shhh.” and pressing his lips to her forehead.

Rachel slowly raised her head. “I’m so sorry” she hiccupped, looking at him with tears flowing from her eyes. “It’s just sometimes…”

Brian shushed her once more, holding her closer. After a few moments, he felt her relax against him. Rachael’s arm wound around his neck and he felt her lips press against his jaw.

Brian sat quietly for a few moments. Ever so gently, he put his hand under her chin and tilted her head so he could look at her. As Rachael closed her eyes, he lowered his mouth to hers, savoring their first sweet kiss.

Brian drew back, checking for her reaction. Rachael’s eyes opened once more. She looked at him for a second, her eyes oddly blank; but before he could ask, her hand went to the back of his head, and she pulled his face to hers, kissing him deeply. Brian’s mouth opened as she pushed her tongue inside. The arms that had been gently holding her now drew her tightly to him, as the two were soon lost in each other.

Rachael’s thin robe could not hide her nipples as they grew hard against him. Brain slipped his hand inside her robe, massaging her breast. Rachael moaned and pushed her chest against him. He kneaded her soft flesh, taking his finger and tracing all around her nipple. Rachael broke their kiss to utter, “Oh.”

Brain’s cock began to grow; the weight of her soft ass pressing and shifting against him encouraged it. “Jesus”, was all he said as he put his arm under her legs, lifting her as he stood up. As Brian carried her toward his house Rachael nibble his ear. He managed to open his door and walked straight to his bedroom where he gently laid her on the bed.

With only the moon for light, Brian gazed at the woman before him. He reached down and untied her robe, sliding it back to reveal her womanly body.

Her large, white breasts seemed glow in the moonlight. She had a narrow waist and beautiful curved hips. Her tender mound was bare, and looked as if it were soft to touch.

Rachael sat up – easing the robe off her shoulders. She reached up for Brian’s boxers and began to lower them. As she pulled them down his hips, his thick, velvet, hard as steel shaft sprang forth. She gazed at his manhood, leaning forward as if to take him in her mouth, but Brian gently eased her back down on the bed. He carefully spread her legs before lying down on top of her.

He held her head in his hands and began to kiss her again; long, deep sensual kisses. Leaving her lips, he covered her eyes, her cheeks, her nose, with his mouth. The more he kissed her, the tighter her hands gripped his back. As he started kissing her neck, her felt her nails dig into him, ever so slightly. Rachael whimpered as Brian kissed, licked and sucked on her long neck.

Her hips moved under his weight and he felt the warmth of her pussy radiate outward. Down and down he kissed gently exploring her smooth white skin with his lips, until he reached her breasts. Brian squeezed them together – flicking one firm nipple with his tongue, and then the other, back and forth. Rachael’s hands were in his hair, pulling, forcing him down on her supple flesh.

Brian was lost in wonder as he massaged her breasts. He felt Rachael arch as he took her nipple into his mouth. He took turns sucking each wondrous mound. Moving lower he licked the sensitive underside of each breast and nipped at Rachael’s ribs. Lower still to her rounded belly, he kissed her skin, tenderly and passionately by turns.

Rachael’s hands suddenly pulled his head back as she struggled against him. “No!” she cried out breathlessly.

Brian immediately stopped. He could see her fighting with herself. Rising up to look at her, he stroked her cheek. “Baby, what’s wrong?” he asked in a whisper.

“Wrong? This is wrong! What am I doing? What are we doing?” Rachael started to babble, as she sat up.

Brian moved away a bit and let her go on. “I’m so…and you’re so…and you look… Oh God, what have I done?”

With her tears starting again, Brian pulled her into his arms. Very calmly, he started to speak. “We haven’t done anything. There is nothing wrong. You are a beautiful, sensitive woman, and I like you.”

He looked down at her, “Rachael, I want to make love to you.”

“But…you’re only…” she cried.

“No buts. There is nothing you can say to change my mind.” He smiled. “And don’t you even begin to talk about our ages. Rachael, I’ve been attracted to from the moment I saw you. Age only matters when it comes to fine wine and cheese.”

The corners of her mouth turned up a bit and Brian bent to kiss her tear-stained cheeks. “You taste salty” he whispered, before kissing her lips. No hesitation, Rachael answered him with kisses of her own.

As they lay back down, their kisses became more urgent. Their tongues danced as their hands explored each others bodies. Rachael reached down to touch Brian more intimately. He jumped as he felt her hand take hold of his cock. He reciprocated by gently opening her legs and stroking her mound.

As Rachael pulled and stroked him into hardness, Brain ran his finger up and down between her moist lips. Each time he pressed his finger in a little more, until it slipped inside her. He was surprised she was so slippery-wet, as if she had been waiting for him. His thumb began to massage her clit as he turned his hand to curl his fingers up massage her sacred temple.

Rachael’s hips rocked and her hand moved on him with the same rhythm.

As if she were on a roller coaster, Rachael started to soar. Her breasts heaving and her moans getting louder as she climbed toward an ecstasy she had not known for a long time.

Brian watched as the woman he held in his arms reached to peak of her ride. Her legs tensed and straightened, then clenched around his arm. Her back arched as Rachael called out “Briannnnnnn!”

Brian kept on moving his fingers, teasing her expertly as he leaned in to catch her nipple and suck. Small moans came out of her mouth, with each panting breath until he heard “AAAHHHHHHHHHH!” He felt his hand grow moist and warm, and she fell back against the bed.

He released his hold on her and drew her to him. Settling kisses all over her gasping face, he held her until her breathing slowed.

Rachael looked into he eyes, then lifted her head and kissed him deeply. Their kisses began to grow intense once more. Brian rolled over and pulled her on top of him. She moved with him, her legs straddling his body. As she sat up he reached for her breasts, gently pulling on her nipples. Rachael shivered and moaned.

“Ride me” he growled, as he slid her down his body. Feeling his cock begin to probe her, Rachael rose up to crouch over him. She grabbed his hard, fever-hot staff, lined him up with her wet, quivering opening, and began to lower herself onto him.

Slowly she impaled herself, filling the deepest part of her with his manhood. It had been so long - Rachael doubted whether she would be able to accommodate his size. Lower and lower she went, until she was fully sitting on his lap. She pressed her hands against his abdomen and began to ease herself up and down, working her trembling, and sensitive pussy on his cock.

Goosebumps rose on Brian’s arms as he watched this sensual, beautiful woman move. He reached for her breasts again, lifting and massaging them and playing with her hard nipples. Her eyes closed, Rachael let herself go. She savored the feeling of riding this young stallion.

Up and down, faster and faster, working her most intimate muscles, she rode Brian hard. Brian let go of her breasts and sat up, holding her body against his. His hands went to her hips, and he held her there, helping to lift her, and then bringing her down on him – over and over and over. Rachael’s arms were around him, her mouth on his neck, biting and kissing him.

Brian knew he was approaching his own climax. “Rachael, stop...I’m going to cum…” he panted. She looked at him, confused. “Rache, where? Where do you want me to cum?”

Rachael had never been asked before. She answered astonished, “In me. In me.”

That was the only encouragement he needed. His hands helping drive him deeper inside her, his whole body tensed as he began to shoot. He held her down on him, shuddering, until his cock stopped shooting. He shivered and jerked, then put his arms around her and held her close.

Their lips met once more as he rocked her on his lap, feeling their combined juices seep out of her and run warmly down his balls. He lay back, pulling her with him, keeping his lips on hers, and rocking her until his cock finally slipped out of its new, warm and welcoming home.

The lovers lay in the moonlight, their bare limbs twined together. Rachael ran her fingers through his hair and she kissed him, so sweetly.

Brian held her close, afraid to let her go. It was Rachael who finally broke the silence that enveloped them as they lay together.

“Brian, I don’t know what to say. I don’t know if this was the smartest thing we could have done...” She looked deep into his eyes, her face serious. “But I do know one thing. You are an incredible man and you will make some woman very, very happy one day.”

“Rachael, I’m not looking to make ‘someone’ happy – I want to make YOU happy. I know it doesn’t make any sense - but at some point tonight I fell in love with you.”

“No, Brian. I mean, this was wonderful. The best. But you’re not in love with me. In lust, maybe, but not in love.” She smiled sadly.

“Damn it Rachael” he said, and sat up. “Don’t tell me what I feel! I’ve wanted you for weeks, but this is different. Don’t you understand? “Brian pulled her to him, and then cupped her face in his hands. “I AM in love with you. I want you. I need you. I want to be with you, for however long this lasts.” He looked at her, his eyes suddenly soft. “Forever, I hope. Till the end.”

As he spoke to her, her face twisted, tears starting down her cheeks again. “Oh God Rachael, don’t cry. I don’t want you to be sad.”

“No baby, no. Not sad” she sniffled. She looked at him then, and smiled like a child through her tears.

“These are tears of joy. Because Brian - I love you too.”


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