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It was a nice Friday afternoon, around 2:30PM time. I was in my last lesson of the week, which was Maths, The usual GCSE subjects, so nothing really interesting there. I couldn’t wait for 3PM for the school bell to ring as tonight was going to be an exciting night.

The reason it was going to be an exciting night was because me and this girl called Jessica Gardner were going out on a ‘date’. Jessica was 15 and had a great body. She beautiful, see blue eyes and silky soft long brown eyes. She had big 34D breasts and a really nice ass. She had the looks to die for, just thinking about her gave me an erection.

We had decided that we would meet up outside the cinema’s at 7:30 to watch a film and maybe go out for a meal afterwards if we still had time.

To try and make the final 30mins go quicker, I began to draw on the back page of my maths book. And before I knew it, it was o’clock and it was home time. So I grabbed all my stuff and threw it into my bag and rushed to the gate to meet my friends who I walked home with. They didn’t know that I was gonna date possibly one of the sexiest girls of our year and I planned to keep it that way.

I got home at around 3:40 so I had nearly 4 hours to kill. So I got my stuff ready for the night, then decided to take a shower. Once I finished in the shower, I just collapsed onto my bed, completely naked. I decided to think about Jessica again, and no surprise, I got an erection. This made me quite horny so I decided to load up her facebook page, and masturbate to some of her ‘sexy’ pictures on it. There was once photo where so was wearing probably the smallest mini skirt I had ever seen. That picture on its own nearly made me burst my load. I grabbed my throbbing cock and began jerking it as fast as I could, and it wasn’t long before I blew my load, about 4 loads of hot creamy cum came shooting out all over my chest and stomach. It felt like the best orgasm I have ever had.
I cleaned my self up and got a quick snack. Which was also the time when my mother told me that she and my dad were going out for the night and staying over at some friends, so they wont be back till tomorrow. Perfect, I could now bring Jessica back to mine if it all goes well. My parents thought I was going out with my friends for the ‘usual Friday pissup’

It was now 6:PM so I went and got changed into my going out clothes, I went for a pair of skin tight boxers that really made my cock bulge and look bigger than it really was. I went for some worker style jeans and a retro style t-shirt. I did my hair and put deodorant and aftershave on and went for the door.

The cinema place was only a 15min walk from my house, so I decided to walk it. My heart was pounding and I was getting more nervous with every step I took.

As we had arranged, she was there outside the cinema place. I saw her just before I turned the corner, so I stopped, took a deep breath and went up to her.

‘CRAIIGGG’ shouted a feminine voice, which was Jessica. I looked up and she was there running up to me.
Jessica was dressed to kill that night. She wore 3 inch high heels with black mini shorts. See-through tights covered her beautifully tanned legs and she was wearing a top that really pushed her big tits up.

Before I knew it she jumped on me giving me a kiss on the cheek with her soft lips which were covered in red lipstick.

‘Wow you look stunning’ I said trying to keep my cock down.

‘Aww thanks’ she said blushing ‘your so sweet’

She took my hand and we went to the ticket office. We settled on this chick flick film. But I wasn’t bothered, I couldn’t take my mind off her. We were lucky enough to get back row seats which made me even more excited.
We stocked up on popcorn and pepsi then went into the cinema and found our seats. The film was due to start in about 5mins and the cinema was really empty, just about 4 other couples in. I thought this just couldn’t get any better. The lights dimmed and the film started.

The film was really slow starting off in the 25mins that we were watching. I noticed her hand on the armrest so I decided to take a change by putting mine on top of hers. She grabbed it tightly and leaned over and rested her head on my shoulder. My cock began to throb which was quite embarrassing. She must have noticed it as she put her hand on my chest and started rubbing it. This made me really hard and horny, so the most natural thing for me was to put my hand on her thigh. So didn’t flinch or hesitate so she must have been up for something.

Her hand movements got faster and hand had lowered to my stomach. She constantly caught the top of my hard cock while she was rubbing. I moved my hand up to her crotch area and started to stroke it over her shorts. She started breathing more heavier than she was doing so she must be liking it. Suddenly she grabbed hold of my cock and began stroking it for a bit before unzipping my jeans. My cock was that stiff it was nearly ripping my boxers. She pulled it out and took a little gasp. There was a little pre-cum at the tip of my cock. She grabbed it and started masturbating me slowly.

Not wanting to miss out, I unbuttoned her mini-shorts and pulled them down a little bit. She was wearing a black see-through thong. Her pubes were shaped in a little triangle, maybe less than 2cm in diameter, terminating at her clit. What pubes she had were neatly trimmed. It was the best pussy I have ever seen. I put my hand down her panties. Feeling her wet pussy was just heaven. I wasted no time and started to rub her clit. Her breathing got heavier and heavier. I began to run faster and occasionally sliding a few fingers inside her. She has a perfect pussy, not too tight, but not too loose. I could feel her pussy get wetter and wetter. She started to move her pelvis to the flow of my rubbing. She started to get faster with her hands.

Her head was moving closer and closer to my cock. I completely forgot that we were in a cinema, but I didn’t care, I was having the time of my life. After a few minutes of her teasing me by breathing on my penis and licking around it, she started sucking it. ‘Ohh my god’ I said trying not to cum straight away. Her tongue was sloshing around the head of my cock. She was brilliant at giving blowjobs. I grabbed both armrests, I could feel the best orgasm ever coming on, better than the one earlier.

‘Im gonna cum’ I said trying not to keep quiet so the rest of the audience couldn’t hear.
‘Great’ she replied and started to suck harder. After about 2 minutes, I shot my load straight into her mouth, about 6 loads of hot, sticky cum went shooting into the back of her throat. She got up and swallowed the lot.
‘Your turn now’ she said pulling her drenched thong down. I got off my seat and took my position, knelt down between her legs. I started to lick her sweet pussy. It tasted beautiful, it was obvious she took great care of it. She grabbed hit right tit with one hand and put her other hand on her stomach. She started to breathe really heavy with the occasional ‘Ohh Yes’ coming out her mouth. I continued to lick her pussy paying constant attention to her clit. I slipped my fingers into her drenched pussy and began to finger fuck her. ‘Ohh my god’ she said moving her pelvis into my face. This girl was close to orgasm. I got faster and faster with my fingers and was licking her clit vigorously. A few minutes later her body seized up and pussy juice squirted from her pussy onto the row of seats in front, she was trying her hardest not to scream. A second shot of pussy juice shot out all over the back of the chair in front followed by a third shot, but this wasn’t as powerful as the first two. And went over the floor. I took the chance to lick up the pussy juice which was dripping out her pussy. It was quite thick. It tasted great.
By now I was hard again. I got up and sat back in my chair and took her hand again. My cock was out and fully erect. She was out of breath from the most intense orgasm she has ever had.

‘When I get my breath back, im gonna fuck you’ she said grabbing my penis.

It took her only a few minutes to regain her breath and surely enough, she got off her seat and mounted my stiff cock. ‘That feels nice’ she said it went fully up her vagina. Her pussy juice was working as a great lube. I got her tits out of her top and started to lick her beautiful, small nipples. This really turned her on and soon, she was breathing heavy again. We started to fuck faster, the feel of her pussy rubbing against my throbbing cock was fantastic. With every thrust Jess tossed her head back she started to rub her clit fast. Her pussy was starting to get wet again which really turned me on, the thought of making a stunner like Jessica wet just sent me into ecstasy.

It wouldn’t be long before I blew my load if I carried on fucking as hard as we were, so I slowed down a little.

‘Why you slowing down babes?’ she asked

‘Im not far from blowing my load if we keep fucking as hard’

‘Its ok, you can cum inside me, im on birth control’

That sent me into dreamland. Ive fucked other girls before without a condom, but each time I had to pull it out, but to cum inside Jessica’s hot, wet pussy was a dream come true.

So i started thrusting faster and harder. ‘Ohh yess, fuck me, fuck he hard and cum in my pussy’ Jessica whispered in my ear. I grabbed both her tits and squeezed them, her nipples were solid and her breasts were firm.
‘Ohh my god, im cumming’ I said as my cock started to reach orgasm...’Ohh yesss’ A whispered loudly as I shot my load into her saturated pussy my orgasm lasted for way longer than other two and soon, her pussy was full of my hot cum. She dismounted my and stuck 2 fingers up her pussy and pulled most of the cum onto my stomach and proceeded to lick it all off.

There was only around 10mins of the film remaining so, I pulled my boxers up over my now flaccid cock and pulled my jeans up and zipped them up. Jess did the same, but she had to take her thong off as it was too wet. When the film ended, she tool my hand and we left the cinema. As we were walking home, she asked if she could stop at mine, with my parents being out, I said yes.

When we got home, we got a bottle of Jack Daniels and had a few JD & Cokes, then rushed to the bedroom. This time we were not confined to a cinema chair. We had a full bed.

‘Lets do anal, ive never tried it’ She said as she was unzipping my fly.

‘Sure’ I replied as I was unstrapping her push-up bra. When we were both completely naked, I went into my drawer and pulled out a tube of lube. I poured a bit over her ass and a bit over my cock. She rubbed it in for me and I went for her ass.

Her asshole was quite tight so it took a little time getting my cock in as I have quite a big girth. After a bit, my cock was buried between her ass checks. I started to thrust faster and deeper into her virgin ass ‘OHHH YESSSSS’ she screamed as I penetrated her. We continued to assfuck until I came in her ass. Not much cum came out due to the three other orgasms I had today. But nevertheless, it felt great.

Afterwards, we laid next to each other, exhausted from tonight. We kissed romantically for a while before falling asleep next to each other.

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