My new neighbors have two male dogs - Yeah
I guess you should figure out by now that my main fantasy is to be fucked by a dog. It hasn't happened yet but I am still hopeful. In the meantime all I can do is write about it. And actually my neighbors did have two male dogs. I still fantasize about them. Anyway here is the story.

I like my new neighbors: They have 2 dogs.

I knew my neighbors were selling their house but it had been on the market
for quite sometime now. I drove up my driveway today and noticed some new
people next door. I learned they had bought the house from my previous
neighbors. I also learned that they had two large dogs - both males. I got
a hard-on just thinking about that. I am going to have to introduce myself
to them - the owners that is (yeah right). I hope the dogs are in the yard where
I can see them, otherwise I will have to make an excuse to go next door and
introduce myself so I can see the dogs.

Well I haven't seen the dogs in the yard so I did the introduction bit. The
neighbors invited me in. I quickly saw 2 dogs, a boxer and a doberman, laying
on the floor of the living room. They looked at me when I walked in and I quickly
asked if they were friendly. I was told they were and that their names were Tom
and Jerry. I walked over to them to pet them. The Dobie rolled over on its side so
I rubbed his belly. I saw the tip of his dick exposed and quickly got a hard-on
but got up quickly hoping the neighbors hadn't noticed that. I would have to hope I
can house-sit for them some day or somehow get the dogs to come to my house.

I was in the yard one day when I noticed my neighbor's boxer Tom was walking around
out in front. I looked at his cock right away and got a hard-on. I called him over
and he came over like he has always known me. Guess they are friendly. I had the garage
door open and walked inside. Tom followed me and I closed the garage door. This was my
chance. I looked next door and did not see the neighbors so I undressed and called Tom
over. He came over and started sniffing me. Upon seeing my hard-on he gave it a lick
which made it throb. I saw the tip of his dick come out and thought it was now or never.

I got on my hands and knees and waited to see what would happen. Tom came around my backside
and licked my asshole. Damn my cock was throbbing. After a minute or so of this I felt Tom
jump up on me and he immediately started humping looking for somewhere to stick his dick in.
I moved around til I was able to get Tom to find my asshole as he drove it in me. I came
right away as he gripped me tighter and started humping me like there was no tomorrow. I
reached back to stop his knot from going in cause I wanted a good fucking for a while. Tom
pulled out and shot his clear pre-cum on me. Then after licking it off me he mounted me again
and drove hic cock home. Again he started fucking me like a machine and again I reached back
to stop his knot. After a nice fucking he pulled out and shot more pre-cum. He mounted me
for a third time and I was ready for his knot this time as I felt him tighten his grip on me.

He shoved harder and I felt the knot slide in. I came for a second time as Tom started fucking
me harder. He then stopped with just a few thrusts as I felt his come fill my ass. We stayed
tied for about 15 minutes and he slipped out. I quickly got up and opened the garage door. Tom
went out after a few minutes and next thing I know I saw Jerry the doberman make his way into
the garage. I quickly looked toward the neighbor's house and did not see them yet so I figured
I would let Jerry have his way with me too. I closed the garage door and got back down on my
hands and knees. Jerry quickly licked my ass and found all the goo seeping out so he kept
licking a few minutes before I felt him mount me. He started humping and quickly connected with
my asshole since it was already wide open from Tom's fucking. Jerry had a nice pace going and
I started meeting his thrusts. Jerry was going at it for about a minute when I felt him
tighten his grip. I was a bit tired of being on my hands and knees so I thought I would let him
get his knot in right away. As I felt it slip though my asshole I came for the third time.

I then kept meeting his rapid thrusts when I felt him start shooting his come deep inside me. I
kept thrusting back on his cock as he just stayed on top of me squirting. When I felt he was done
I just relaxed and he was able to pull out in about 10 minutes. There was come all over my
garage floor. Good thing I kept a rug around just for these occasions. I got up, let Jerry out
and to my surprise Tom was standing outside the garage door looking at me. I was tired for now so
I closed the garage door when Jerry went out and went inside to wash up.

The next day when I got home from work my neighbor came out and greeted me. He was telling me
that he was surprised his dogs were hanging out in my yard and just laying around in my driveway.
He made them go in the house. I said that I had seen them around yesterday and invited them to
some dog treats and apologized if I was out of line. He said no problem and laughed saying that
explains why they were hanging around. I told him they were welcome to hang out any time
Phew - guess I have his permission to have them over now. Lucky me. I like these neighbors.

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