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ok lets sum things up they are two blond boys 6 1/2 dicks height don't know....Anyway this is number four the way it was supposed to be. Sorry it might be con fusing but you'll get it. I hope you like it. XOXO LOL
The two boys just got done with their shower and decided to go play basketball. But they had no clue that the basketball court was closed because of flooding.

"Well that sux!" Zack yelled as they got back to the room. "What are we gonna do now?" "Lets go see a movie." "No...Theres nothing good out." "No not for the movie; You know." "Oh, Thats my little brother. The boys started to make their way downstairs when out of nowhere Mr.moesby stepped into veiw. "And where do you two think your going?" "To see a movie." Cody replied "Well theres something I wanted to ask you, Have either one of you seen my roof key?" "Ah; Nope have'nt seen it." "Well I left it in the usual spot." "Well we don't know where it is." "Well if find out that you took it, You're both gonna be in big trouble." "Ok, we're just gonna go; But we'll tell you if we find that key."

The boys finally got to the door and stepped outside to see that was still raining. "Gahh, Is it ever gonna stop?" Zack said fusterated "Hey don't worry I'll make you feel better when we get to the movies."

The boys got into the movie; Then waited for it to darken. They managed to get into an "R" rated film so there would'nt be much people caring about small sounds. Finally the sex scene came on, Two boys were making out when all of a sudden the tallest of the boys got a little grabby. He reached for his prize; But then his mother walked in, Ending the fun. Zack and Cody were mistified. And both had hard ons. Cody then voted it the opprituntiy to pleasure his brother. He slowly reached over and grabbed his brothers zipper. "I was wondering when you were gonna reach over here." Zack moved Cody's hand and then unzipped his pants, Then proceded to pull his pants down. "Mmm, Looks tasty." Cody said as he bent over to lick his brothers dick. He started doing circles around the head; Just what Zack likes. He then took the head into his mouth and started bobbing up and down. "Man Cody your gettin good at this!" "Well you know I better than you at a lot of things." "Oh yeah, Well check this out." Zack reached over and pulled Cody's pants down and without warning deepthroated all six and a half inches. Cody reacted with a jolt of pleasure as his legs streched out to get comfy.

Zack was going slow then fast, fast and slow, and really slow, Which made Cody loose control in no time. He threw his head back, straightened his legs and unleashed a waterfall of sweet cum into Zack's mouth. Zack whispered in Cody's ear. "Yummy, I could get addicted to the taste of that." Cody was amazed at how good his brother could give a blowjob. "Zack, will you teach me how to be good at that?" "Cody you're already good at it. I don't need to teach you. Now get over here and sit on my lap." "But Zack, What if some sees us?" "Don't worry it'll be fine." Cody agreed and stood over his brothers lap. Zack grabbed his hips and pulled him down slowly onto his meatstick, It was easy to insert, cause of earlier expirences. He managed to get the head in before he slowly eased it half way in. Cody let out a soft moan and then just sat down without warning, which made Zack shudder. "Damn Cody, You want me to bust without having any fun?" "Sorry Zack, But it hurts to do it slowly."

Zack took his brother and started moving him in circles on his dick. The boys let out two soft moans. Zack started to lift Cody up and then sit him back down until he took over and started doing it himself. Cody grinded up and down for six minutes before another sex scene came on. The two boys were back in the room this time with the door locked, the shorter boy was kissing down the taller boys stomach until he got his belt. He started to undo it, then pulled his pants down. Zack and Cody were upset when they cut away to the mother talking on the phone. But then it cut back to the boys, the boy on his knees was obviously was giving the other boy head. But of course they did'nt show it.

It then started cutting back between mother and boys until the boy started to cum in the other boys mouth. This sent Zack off the deep end, He pulle out and dry humped Cody's ass until he came all over his cheeks and back. Then Zack leand his head back to see a glowing orange light. He paniced and told Cody to pull his pants up.

The boys were almost caught, But just almost. They finished the movie and made their way back home. When they stepped in the room they noticed their mother was still gone. So Cody said. "Alright lets go for round three." (Remember its the same day as part three.) The boys ran to the room and shed their clothes and started making out on the bed. Cody started reaching down Zack pants and was shocked to see it was soft. "Hey looks like I'm goin first." Zack replied. "I guess you're right." Zack got off the bed and got on all fours. "But you have to fuck me this way."

Cody agreed and went up to Zack and put his dick in his mouth. Zack started sucking but was disapointed when Cody took it out. Cody got behind him and started to intrude his ass. He started fucking hard but found too difficult to fuck on his knees, so he rose up and stood flatfooted, grabbed his brothers shoulders, and started thrusting back and forth. This posistion proved too much for and he pulled out and came on the entrance of Zack's asshole. The boys got back up on the bed.(When all of a sudden their mom walked in.)............NOT!! They just started making out again while they jacked eachother off.

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2013-12-23 06:26:40
man i wnt 2 do tht wit bth of thm espcly zack i luv hm mre thn cody but i luv thm bth

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2013-10-18 14:37:11
I want sex with cody.I really love u cody
you are my life and I want we both sex like a animals

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2012-05-03 04:57:01
Blame Me if You Must,But PleaseDo Not Punish This Magnificent Hotel This Line Made Me Cry,Its so Sad How They Judge People Just because they wntead to help someone else and risked the game because they tryed to help

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2011-07-27 11:28:33
u should redo the series and make them have a foursome with maddie and london

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2010-06-25 08:37:29
x.x nose bleed i'm def, a malexmale no malexfemale or threesome/moresomes this is the goods

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