Hope folks like this as much as they like my last
I was drinking with a buddy Joey last week in one of our local watering holes. We were talking about just about everything from the weather to sports, when like all conversations in a bar the topic switched to women. We were both single and happy being that way, but we were between girlfriends so not getting laid anywhere near as often as a young man would like.
“I just wish I could get a blowjob without having to wine and dine some bimbo,” I complained.
“Got a great one last night and only had to say 7 words to her and only spent $30,” Joey informed me with a smile.
“It was good, it was cheap, and she swallowed ever drop.”
“Yeah, sure what did you do find a hooker on the street,” I criticized.
“A hooker yes, but not on the street, no, I found her at Wallyworld,” he replied.
“Huh, Wallyworld hookers, that’s a new line of business for them. I guess the economy is getting worse than the news guys are making out. Hell they don’t even sell Playboy there.”
“Crap you are stupid! There are 2 or 3 high school girls, maybe more, selling blowjobs at the store down the street from their school.”
I decided to play along with this line of bullshit he was feeding me just so we could get to the punch line of whatever joke he was building up to. “So tell me about this teenie booper blowjob sale at Wallyworld,” I queried.
“Well here’s how it works, you go into the store and go to the area around the fitting rooms. The girls hang out there and turn there tricks in the booths. You look for a girl wearing a neon green hair tie thing, you know a scrunchy or something like that,” Joey explained. “Lat night it was this well built blonde, that may have been 18, but I doubt it. Then you make your approach you have to say to her, ’Do you like Hooty and the Blowfish?’ to let her know that your not some weirdo, but a customer.”
“Yeah, right, seven words.”
“Shut the fuck up and let me finish,” he replied. “Then you follow her into the changing room. You have to give the old biddy working the door $10. Then it’s drop your pants, fuck her mouth, shoot your load, and get the heck out. No muss, no fuss, no worries.”
“Bullshit,” I told him.
“Don’t believe me. Go on over to the group of cock teases in the corner, spend $50 on drinks, and hope for the best,” he laughed.
That just about ended the night; a person can take only so much bullshit.

A couple of nights later I was at home reading porn on my favorite site and getting rather horny. There were a couple stories about teen girls turning prostitute that reminded of what Joey had said at the bar. I started to wonder if there was any chance he was telling the truth. Naw, there couldn’t be, could there?
Well I was horny enough to just go see, if only to rag him about it the next time we met. So I drove down by the high school and into the Wallyworld parking lot, the place seemed a bit slow, it was only 8 O’clock, but then maybe things were getting slow in retail locally. I couldn’t believe I was even doing this; Joey probably had a friend in Security just waiting to see me trolling around the changing rooms. Now that would make some good reality video at a party.
I went in and headed straight for the men’s department. I was checking out some jeans and looking over the racks towards the fitting rooms and seeing nothing that looked like a hooker. The place seemed as empty as the parking lot had indicated it would be. Then I saw her, or at least her head. There was a redhead full of hair with a neon green tie holding up a pony tail making its way through the racks. She wasn’t very tall, probably barely 5 foot, as I couldn’t make out anything about her accept top of her head bouncing up and down going toward the fitting room.
I started moving in the same direction trying to get a look at her. When suddenly she popped right out between two racks of blouses and stopped like she was shopping. Boy, this was no Wallyworld trailer trash; she was about 16, wearing a black leather mini-skirt, and skin tight white halter top. She turned and it became obvious that she was braless under that halter and sported a very nice pair of titties, 36C would have been my best guess, but one someone of here height and stature they really looked huge, She had it all going on; young, hot, and from the hair tie sign she was wearing, she was willing.
I circled around seeing who else was about, and saw no one in the area that seemed out of place. If this was a joke from Joey I was going to kick his ass,
I moved towards her. “Do you like Hooty and the Blowfish,” I asked from the far side of the rack she was looking through.
She smiled and said, “About time you got down to business, if you spend as much time getting off as you did approaching me I will have to charge you extra.”
I reached into my pocket and pulled out a $20 bill I had shoved there earlier and handed it to her. She looked it over and said as she started towards the rooms, ”You will need $10 for the room monitor, “.
I followed quickly, already getting hard, watching those sweet hips swaying under the mini. Her legs were shapely and I would have bet she was a runner from the muscle tone. She walked right passed the room monitor and headed into the back of the changing area. I stopped long enough to dig out another bill for the older lady at the door and continued my journey behind her.
I swung into the same door she had entered and she was already on her knees taking her top off. “Most guys want to see these, something about the pink nipples of a real redhead turning them on,” she explained.
I turned and locked the door behind me. Turning back to her I settled into the chair waiting there for me. I reached out and scooped those luscious globes of feminine flesh into my hands, testing their weight, and allowing fingers the feel their soft firmness. My fingers slowly slid upward until they finally reached those pink nipples she was so proud of.
As I started tweaking her rosy buds ever so slightly, she started undoing my belt and the button on my pants. I stood to give her better access, and she pulled down my zipper. Reaching in, she fished out a quickly hardening piece of man meat and licked her lips getting them ready to do what I had been thinking about for two days.
“That’s a nice one, we should both enjoy this,” she said and started licking the drop of pre-cum that was forming on the head. Slowly she lowered her mouth onto it while holding the base in her fist. She pulled back and started down again, taking what must have been 15 seconds before her lips met her fist. As she pulled back again, I felt her tongue working the soft underside with obvious skill. Her next step was to remove her fist and to take even more of my shaft into her mouth. She was sucking up and down the entire cock with the practiced skill of someone much older. It was quite possibly the best blowjob I had ever received.
I needed to make this last just a bit longer, so I told her, “Suck my nut sack a bit.”
She looked up, nodded her understanding and took one of my hairy nuts into her mouth while continuing the work she had begun on my cock with her hand, stroking it up and down its full hard length. She sucked first one then the other, before moving back up the shaft and taking the head into her mouth. Suddenly she turned on the vacuum and I thought she was trying to suck my balls up through my shaft.
She must have sensed that I was just about ready to let go. She said, “You can cum on my chest or in my mouth, just let me know which you want.”
I grabbed onto her ponytail and put her mouth back onto my cock. “Swallow it all,” I told her.
I started stroking myself in and out of her mouth, fucking it, making it mine, using her as my cheap little cumbucket. Within a minute I exploded my man juice into her oral cavity. She swallowed as much as she could but it had been 2 months since I last had a blowjob and some dribbled out and down her chin.
She was still on her knees trying to clean up when she said, “Come back a little more often, a load like that shouldn’t be wasted.”
“Thanks, I needed that,” I said as I tucked my self in and unlocked the door.

No Muss, No Fuss, maybe I will come b

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I love hot stories about underage prostitutes. And I do mean underage between 8 and 13. And I realy get HOT if there daddy or stepdaddy is pimping them out.While there mother is out with her girlfriends or going to her garden club. Daddy/Stepdaddy is at home fucking the little bitch in her cunt and ass hole and having his buddies cumover to do the young slut in all of her holes also and charging them to gangbang the little slut and also taking her out on the street and pimping her to who so ever comes by or how about taking her to bars and letting strangers fuck her as thay like for the price of a drink. I ran into a guy in a bar in colorado about 3 years ago who let me fuck his stepdaughter for half a day for only 50 bucks and I used every hole the little bitch had several times beforeI gave her back to him at the bar. She did not like it at all and cried and begged me not to hurt or fuck her so I had to beat her ass and tits with my belt a bit but she finale shut up and got fucked.

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Hot storie. If I hade a place like that where I could go to pick up underage hot little cumbucket sluts Id be there two or three nights a weekand not just for a blow job. That little whore bitch needed her belly filed up with a big load of hot cum and one up her ass hole also. I love fucking underagd bitches especially a redheaded underage slut.


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Awesome, really great.

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Very good!


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I gues you CAN get EVERYTHING at Wallywerld!
Thanx-4-the story

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