Boy / Older Male , Story. Soccer, Imagination
I was at soccer practice one day running victorys up and down the field with my team warming up
after four full field sprints we all came to a halt at the goal post all winded and catching our breaths I wasn't the fastest
but not the slowest either at 14, 5'1 and 100pounds I wasnt built but wasnt flabby or fat I was always glad to take off my shirt
and show off.
The coach came over and told us to do jumping jacks and the assistant coach also came over and joined us as the
coach yelled out " one two three four! " on and on after we all almost collapsed from the jumping jacks the assistant coach
went to the coach and wispered something about his girlfriend and how he was having trouble getting it up. the whole team laughed
and i blurted out " i can get it up easy " the Assistant coach looked at me then said " prove it. " i laughed with the team
then we continued our practice with some corner kicks and throw ins. I didn't realize it then... but that was a invitation.
a few days later at our next practice i grabbed the assistant coachs shirt and said i was having trouble breathing he told the coach
and then picked me up and rushed me to his truck where he had his cellphone he was about 6'2 170pounds maybe around 23yrs old.
once we got to his truck he pulled his tailgate down and sat me down and said " lay back and stay calm " he grabbed his cellphone and started
to dial 9-1-1, i grabbed the cellphone out of his hand and closed it and said " sorry i lied.. but I just needed to get you alone to prove something"
i hopped down from the back of his truck and pulled my shorts and boxers off he tryed to stop me but i slid sideways he looked away but slowly
turned back towards me I stood their pants down and my un hard 3inch penis and looked down then up at him and said " here goes " after about
thirty seconds i was rock hard and my little prick grew to 4inchs and a inch and a half in girth.he smiled and laughed i looked down and said
" hey dont laugh... " he said sorry and picked me up and threw me into the back of his truck. he had a shell on he climbed up in with me and closed
the tailgate and pulled down the shell window i looked at him " uhh.. i think i should go back to soccer practice now " he smiled " nah.. its time to have some fun "
i looked into his eyes " fun? " he pulled down his his pants and started rubbing his crotch through his own breifs i recoiled and slid all the way to the back of the truck
" dont worry this will feel good " i fake smiled and looked at his hand rubbing his penis and watched it slowly grow inside. he looked down " well damn im harder then ive ever been"
he slowly pulled out his 6 and a half inch penis that was atleast two inchs thick and looked at me again I closed my eyes.
I was scared but not scared at the same time. ever since I saw my big brothers friends penis at a party one night he was 17 and un hard it was over 6inchs and a inch and a half thick
he was drunk as all hell he put some bunny ears on tied a string to his penis and started hopping around the house everytime he hopped he pulled on the sting making his penis fly in different directions
and we played truth or dare and i got dared to shove my thumb in my ass every time i showered after that i put more and more of my index finger in my ass
it was weird but I enjoyed it at the same time. as I was thinking back to my friend and the bunny incident the coach slid towards me while My eyes
were still closed and reached over with his hand and grabbed my penis i opened my eyes " i dont think we should be doing this... " he looked into my eyes
" dont worry this can be our secret " he used his thumb, index and middle finger and slowly started rubbing my penis up and down he grabbed my hand
and placed it onto his own fully erect penis and wrapped his hand around my hand around his cock and started going in a up and down motion also
I had already been masturbating for about two years and had even started cum. My parents had internet connection and i of course looked up the white stuff that came out
when i was finished. and learned all about cumming from masturbation.
he started rubbing my cock with his hand and his own with mine faster and faster untill i
moaned " im going to cum! " he smiled and kept rubbing after i started to squirt all over his hand and my legs i looked at him and he brought his hand
covered in my cum to his mouth and licked it clean then said " my turn " he violently grabbed me and flipped me over onto my stomach and moved his legs
in between mine forcing them to be spread apart i looked back at him he spread my ass cheeks and spit onto my anus I just closed my eyes
and tryed not to move wanting more but scared he started rubbing my ass with his thumb in a circle and then suddenly pushed it in i took a deep breath he pulled out his thumb then inserted his index finger working it in and out slowly at first then faster and faster it started to sting like rug burn " slow down " i was screaming in my mind but couldnt say it out loud.


2009-05-05 08:00:39
You read the entire thing? What are you? 14?

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2009-05-02 19:21:06
WTF! This story was horrible, what are you 14?

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