his joystick moves ahead
nosing down
a downward thrust
appear o'er head

She came into view
lying on a Sea o' Blue
'n streaks of white
her hands o'er head a bow

She twists on blue
her wake in white
her leg's unstraight
she no Man o War

a thing of beauty
lying beneath him
long n slender
at his mercy

stacco deaf n's
leathel rays appear
wing like arms
loosen their grip

she pears up
tis eyes o' fire she see
amid a smoke like haze
the ordinance upon her

a breast o' her
tips rise up and up
a fire inside o' her
arche' her back

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2013-04-25 03:08:59
wait! Nada and Almarai have sour cream as a product? I've never heard that berofe.. I was planning on going to Lulu tomorrow morning.. Inshalla I find it and get it.. only then I'll be able to make the cheesecake that I've been staring at all time. :p and for the red velvet cake! I will be so grateful if you did! my friend's birthday is coming up soon and I want to bake her a red velvet cake.


2009-07-25 07:24:11
You know something? I liked this poem. You really need to watch the spelling, but you certainly painted a picture of lovemaking that I'd not seen or thought about before!!

Well done ewe!! Positive rating from me, keep improving that spelling though!!

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2009-06-04 15:34:09

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