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WARNING: This is a very gay story. It includes sexual activities between two minors, both aged 14. If you have any problems with that please do not continue reading. Also, the character Ace in this story was inspired by Bax 026's sleepover series. I take no credit for the originality of that character. Enjoy.
Ace was staring at the television set, bored out of his mind, as Seth was killing, destroying, and pillaging enemy territory on Halo Wars. Both boys were glued to the television set but both were about to pass out from sheer lack of entertainment.

Ace was spending the night at Seth’s house, a common happening as the two were best friends and had been for the past three years. Both boys enjoyed each other’s company as they brought each other laughs and good times as only true friends could share. There was never any secrets between the two except for one. The secret belonged to Seth and it was one that could have altered the friendship permanently:

Just a short year ago, Seth was exploring his new-found interest in boys. He hadn’t before heard terms such as “gay” or “bisexual” but, unknowingly, he would fall under both labels as he aged. Seth hadn’t considered himself weird or even at all different from the other boys, he just knew that something that he liked about guys did not exist in women and that same thing would be the key to his loss of interest in the opposite sex. Now, as a wiser fourteen-year-old teen, Seth was fully aware that he was indeed gay.

Seth did not know if it was because he and Ace were so close, or if it was the face the Ace was wonderfully beautiful, but as he realized his homosexuality and as months passed, Seth found that whenever he was near Ace, whenever he thought about him, there was always a longing for something more. Later declared by Seth as love, this feeling made him always want to be closer to Ace and always made him feel as if something was missing. As he did with his orientation, he had discovered with age that this feeling was truly love and there was nothing he could do about it but to feed the lust or longing anyway he could.

Seth had good reason to have such a liking towards Ace; Ace was one of the best choice in boy that a guy could want. He was not only strikingly handsome, but he was witty, had a wonderful personality, topped with a hilarious sense of humor, and a spark of boyishness, maybe childishness, that set it all off. All of this mix that made up this perfect boy came encased in a wonderful body and mind:

Ace was about five foot seven, maybe five foot eight. He had long blonde locks that stretched from the top of his scalp down to just above his eyes and his high cheekbones in the front and lied on his collar in back. His eyes, deep sea-blue sapphires with an inviting shimmer encased inside of them, made you want to gaze into them and let yourself become lost. He had wonderfully full, red lips that begged to be kissed and pampered with equally perfect lips pressed against them in the most loving way. Keeping a clean-shaven face, no part of this handsomeness was hidden by facial hair or the slightest blemish.

As if this were not enough, the body that held up the majestic face was even better; Ace had a build of a regular high-school track runner: a very slight muscle tone with a subtle hint of femininity and a slight six-pack over his abdomen that can be seen if looked at hard enough. Beyond this, he wonderful legs, built by a master craftsman it seemed, as each section fell together in the most handsome way to create a finish of greatness.

Only one feature surpassed all of these small things: the main attraction of Ace’s body, his beautiful ass. Ace was unlike any other boy in his high school by the sheer beauty of his backside. Contrary to the flat-assed regular class of boy, Ace had the perfect heart-shaped ass that was contoured with an inviting roundness and tightness only a virgin could keep. On top of this, the entire ass was just a little too big for Ace’s frame, which just made it look even more mouth-watering as Ace’s touch of femininity surfaced when he walked, allowing his hips to sway from side to side in a girlish fashion.

Seth looked at Ace as a Greed god, a perfect ten, a one-in-a-million beauty. Now, Seth was not too bad looking either. In fact, he was quite tempting himself.

Seth had jet black hair that was short clipped and only intruded upon his face when his bangs came to his eyebrows in the front. It ended just above his collar in the back, giving him the look of the All-American boy stereotype. His emerald eyes glistened when looked into and sparkled in the sun and drew in the gaze of any onlooker with their innocence. He had a select few freckles spread across his face that accented his handsomeness well, along with semi-full pink lips that, when stretched into a smile, invited you to share the grin.

Seth’s body wasn’t too bad either. He was like Ace, not too muscular, just a hint of muscle tone beneath the surface. He was slim, but not too skinny, just the perfect amount between slender and ripped. His legs were average, but his ass, like Ace’s, stood out among a crowd of boys. Ace and Seth had the same blessing, an ass that made their jeans tight.

Seth was much more feminine than Ace and it showed, also, in his walk, but more so in his personality of understanding and a true friend. Seth was equipped with an intelligence that made him A’s in school and allowed him to make good decisions, a wonderful sense of humor that everyone enjoyed, and a charm that went unmatched.

Now, as the boys sat in the bedroom, playing that video game, Seth stared longingly at Ace, who was now in possession of the controller, thinking about all the times they’d spent together. Oh, how he wished it could be more. Seth would kill to have that beautiful boy to call his own, to kiss whenever he wanted to, to love at any time, to have a nice fuck any night of the week with… That was Seth’s dream: a steady, romantic relationship with that gorgeous hunk of guy.

Now, as Ace put the controller down and turned his gaze, their eyes met and Seth quickly broke the connection.

“Are you going to bed soon?” Ace asked.

Now in focus, Seth replied: “Yeah, I was thinking about it. It’s nearly 2:00 A.M.”

Ace yawned. “Can I wash my hair before I go to bed?”

“Shower is where it’s always been.”


Ace rose from his chair and exited the room to go to the adjoining bathroom. Seth began to watch TV sleepily and soon began to doze.

Soon, he felt a vibration in his pocket.

He pulled out his brand-new blackberry phone and checked the screen. It was an incoming call from Ace.

Seth answered. “Did you get lost?”

“Ha, funny. No, I just realized I don’t have a towel and there aren’t any in the closet. Can you bring me one, please?” Ace replied.

“Sure thing. Be right there.”

Seth exited his bedroom and walked to the laundry room, picking up a red towel. He walked back to the bathroom and turned the doorknob and pushed to see Ace, totally naked, with his back turned towards Seth whose eyes instantly fell upon the unclothed ass that stood before him. Seth was announcing his presence but cut off mid-sentence just from the sight. Ace turned around quickly, accidently flashing his cock into Seth’s sight.

Seth had never before seen Ace’s cock. Now, as he looked upon it, it was the most mouth-watering thing he’d ever laid eyes upon. He’d seen plenty of hot cocks on porn websites but Ace’s was superior in every way.

Ace’s cock was about seven inches long, very well endowed from his father. He obviously shaved his pubic hair, as he only had a trimmed patch lying above his succulent member, which just made it look bigger than it was, and Seth was okay with that. Ace’s cock was unique as the pink tint on the shaft from the state of erection did not match the color of the head, which was a furious scarlet and throbbing. His semi-low hanging ball sac was a beautiful pink color and also shaved, and his testicles looked positively suckable.

Seth did not have much time to look upon this moment of delight as, realizing he was standing in all his erected glory, Ace’s hands flew to his crotch, covering what Seth was drooling over.

Unable to form words Seth sat there dumbfounded.

“You can put the towel on the counter. Thanks.” Ace said shyly.

“I thought you were just going to wash your hair.”

“I couldn’t without getting inside.”

Seth’s shower was a rather large one, with two sliding glass entry ways. You could open the shower from behind the water stream or in front of it, which forced you to stretch to get your head in the stream from outside the shower. Ace’s excuse was totally understandable.

Seth didn’t want this moment to end. He’d always dreamed of the day that he’d see Ace nude, that he’d taste said nude body, and that he’d be the boy to please every nerve in Ace’s gorgeous body. Therefore, he hesitated with his words, to prolong the scene.

Seth set the towel down and stood there, looking Ace’s body over.

“Thanks…” Ace said, awkwardly.

“No problem.” Seth said, knowing that the moment was over. He opened the door behind him and left.

He stood outside, thinking about what had just happened. He’d just seen Ace Carrington, his dream guy, totally naked. Seth looked down at his feet and, for the first time, noticed that a giant bulge was in the front of his jeans, working at the seams.

Seth knew that he should walk away. He’d have more chances to look at that body. For instance, when Ace slept, he slept in his boxers. Late at night, he could pull back the blankets and examine him. However, even as Seth thought about this possibility, he knew that it was unlikely. He’d never have the courage to do that, his fear of Ace waking up would be too much. No, this was his only chance. Letting lust take his body over, Seth watched as his hand reached for the knob, twisted it, and pushed inward.

Steam had filled the room already, the hot spray already on. The noise of the water hitting the tile of the shower floor overpowered the sound of Seth’s entrance, letting him go unnoticed. Seth could believe what he was about to do but, disregarding his basic instincts, he opened the back section of the shower door, and very, very quietly slid it open until his head fit inside. Seth peered in and saw the glorious sight of Ace’s wet backside once again. Ace was lathering his abdomen with fragrant soap and Seth was lost in the scent and the sight.

A splash of guilt worked over Seth’s heart and he removed his head from the shower. Thinking it over, he decided that he’d done enough. The sound of a light moan shattered that previous thought and Seth instantly looked in again. This time, he noticed the small movements that Ace was making, his left shoulder moving quickly, his right arm at his side, his knees slightly bent… Ace was jacking off in Seth’s own shower!

Seth had to hold back a gasp at this realization and looked in with even more curiosity. His brain began to work fast, keeping pace with his pounding heart.

“Ace is horny,” Seth thought. “Obviously so… he’s jerking off. He wants to cum… if offered a blowjob, wouldn’t he accept as the alternative would be his left hand? I would…”

Seth had decided then and there that this was the night he would make a move. He closed the shower door and knocked. A short gasp came from inside.

“Yeah?” Ace’s voice came, unsteadily.

“Um, are you okay?” Seth asked stupidly.


“Sorry, um, that’s not what I meant to ask. Um… I saw you jacking off.”

“You… saw me? How?”

“Well… I looked in on you…”

“Like in the shower; while I was in it?”

“Yeah…” Seth responded with a short hesitation.


“Isn’t it obvious,” Seth responded, laughing nervously, “I like you, Ace! There, I said it. I like you!”

“You like me…?” Ace asked, now out of the shower, looking Seth in the eyes, a towel around his waist. “Like gay like… so you think I’m…?”

“Yes. I like you, I’m gay, and yes, I think you’re hot. Gorgeous, even.”

Ace chuckled, his ego growing. “Why are you telling me this?”

Seth pointed to the hard on making a tent of the towel. “I wanted to help you with that.”

Ace looked down and a smile spread across his face. “How?”

Seth’s eyes widened. “WHAT!? You mean you would actually let me!?”

“Duh, dude… You’re my best friend. If I were going to trust anyone to do something like that and keep it a secret, it’d be you. Plus, you know, I’ve got a thing for guys… I’m not gay, I just, like, am interested. Maybe I’m bi… curious? Whatever, it doesn’t matter, what I’m saying is that, yes, I’d let you.”

Seth slowly comprehended what Ace was saying. “So… you’re cool with me being gay?”

Ace chuckled. “Is that even a question with what I just told you? So… what do you want to do to me?”

Seth’s brain was blank. “Whatever you want.”

Ace thought about it and answered quickly. “Well, when I’m jacking off, you know, I always get off faster when I’m watching a blowjob… Girl sucking cock? Maybe I have a fetish for it but I’d really enjoy it if you sucked me.”

Seth’s mouth fell open. He could only nod.

“Well then,” Ace said as he moved his hand and the towel fell to his ankles. “Loose the clothes, and get in here,” he finished, getting in the shower.

Seth quickly ripped off his t-shirt, hitting the wall as he moved so fast with anticipation. He undid his belt and tore down his jeans and boxers, letting his own throbbing, six-and-a-half-inch cock free. He opened the back section of the shower again and went inside.

Ace was standing inside, smiling.

Seth really didn’t know how to start. Ace picked up on this and offered guidance. “Rub it a little bit then just get on your knees and suck it.”

Seth followed his instructions precisely. He reached out with his hand and wrapped it around Ace’s really warm rod. Seth began to jerk it a little bit. Using his other hand too, he gave it a small jerk with quick speed. Ace said that he’d had enough of that and wanted Seth to begin the blowjob.

Nervously, Seth kneeled down on his knees and Ace’s cock was right in his face. Playfully, Ace hit Seth in the face with it. Seth chuckled and wrapped his hand around the base of the cock to start. Slowly, Seth stuck out his tongue and licked on the head. Ace shuddered as his tongue hit it for the first time, obviously never feeling this before.

Seth kept licking slowly, under the head, on the side, all around it. Seth licked the shaft up and down and moved on to Ace’s balls, using his tongue to take one into his mouth and then the other. Ace could no longer take the suspense and thrusted forward to push his cock against Seth’s lips. Seth opened his mouth and took the head of the cock in between his teeth gently. Quickly, Seth’s tongue was swirling around it nonstop. Seth went further down on the shaft and allowed Ace’s cock head to hit the roof of his mouth.

Seth tried a deepthroat to get proper lubricant. Having no gag reflex, he was able to take the full seven inches into his throat. Seth then began to pick up a rhythm of an up and down motion on the shaft, always keeping the pre-cum-oozing head in his mouth and his tongue feverishly lapping at it. Ace had also picked up a rhythm of thrusting in and pulling out of Seth’s mouth as Seth went back and forth.

Seth still had his hand on the base of Ace’s dick, jacking it off slowly as he used his mouth to milk it for all the cum hidden in the depths of Ace’s balls. Ace was throwing moans in as his breathing increased in volume, degree, and tempo.

Seth was still in disbelief. Even as he had the sweet, sweet meat of Ace’s manhood in his mouth, running past his teeth and pulsing against his tongue, he could not comprehend that this was real, that he had actually landed his dream boy. Seth decided, then and there, that there was a very generous God watching over him.

Looking back to the task at hand, getting Ace to cum that is, Seth took all of the length in his mouth and he could feel the head of Ace’s cock, oozing precum, on the back of his throat and moaned himself out of pure pleasure.

Ace grinned but, as Seth started going back and forth again, this time quicker, the grin was replaced with a moan and Ace used both hands to take hold of Seth’s head, getting a handful of hair, and hanging on tight as he felt a slight tingling in his balls.

Seth read the reaction and knew what it meant. He instantly started going even faster on the cock, practically bouncing on it with his mouth as he pleased his dream guy orally. Seth, once again, used his hand to please the base of Ace’s cock and his wonderfully full balls. Forcing his tongue to move faster around the head of Ace’s cock, Seth sucked hard, using Ace’s cock like a straw, and got a taste of cum, the beginning of Ace’s orgasm.

Ace couldn’t believe it. He was cumming already! With a hard moan he thrusted forward and let loose.

Seth could feel Ace’s juice flood his mouth. He imagined the creamy liquid on his tongue, around it. He could practically feel the tingling sensation that Ace had in his balls on his taste buds. He felt Ace’s warm cum flow into his throat and swallowed quickly.

Ace couldn’t believe how much he was squirting! This was about the eighth time his cock had flexed, shooting a massive stream into Seth’s mouth and it didn’t feel like he was going to stop!

Seth swallowed again, the second time that Ace had flooded his mouth, and was ready for more, but it seemed as if the well was dry. Seth continued to suck, getting shudders from Ace as Seth’s tongue ran past the ultra-sensitive head.

Ace pulled out, “Okay, okay… wow… that’s enough. Damn…”

Seth grinned as he licked his lips, searching for more cum, more juice.

Ace was panting hard, his face flushed and his knees shaking. Ace had never been able to cum that well from jacking off. Seth was an experienced cock sucker, he had to be. Ace leaned against the cool tile of the shower wall and let himself come down from his orgasm.

Still on his knees, Seth licked hungrily at Ace’s cock head, which made him jump slightly. Seth smiled and slipped his tongue past the slit, licking harder as moved to the shaft.

“Seth, wow, that was amazing. You can stop now, there’s no more left in me, I can assure you.”

Seth stood up and wrapped his arms around Ace. He gave him a hard kiss against his lips. “Thank you,” Seth whispered.

Ace laughed. “Your thanking me?”

“Of course. You don’t know how long I’ve waited to do that.”

Seth kissed Ace’s neck and worked his way up to Ace’s lips.

“Seth, that was the best thing that’s ever happened to me… I don’t want this to stop.”

“You want me to do it again?”

Ace looked down at his hard cock. With his youth and hormones, he had recovered almost instantaneously.

“Well, maybe later, but I want to do something else…”

“Like what?”

“Just come with me,” Ace said, grabbing Seth’s hand and turning off the shower.

The boys dried off with the same towel and both got boxers back on. They went back to the bedroom and sat down on the bed. Seth kissed Ace again and Ace chuckled.

“So how long have you liked me? You said you’ve waited a long time to blow me,” Ace said.

“About six months or more.”

Ace was taken aback. “Wow… so do you like… y’know, jack off to me?”

Seth blushed deeply as he remembered the multiple times he jacked off to pictures of Ace from MySpace.

“Um, yeah… sometimes.

Ace laughed. “Really!? Wow! Do you really think I’m that hot?”

“Well look at you! You have a gorgeous body, a big cock, and you’re absolutely beautiful!”

Ace looked Seth dead in the eyes. “So you enjoyed that; blowing me? And you’d do it again?”

Without missing a beat, Seth responded: “Yes, anytime!”

Ace looked down at his feet. “So you’d do anything with me?”

Seth nodded as Ace took his eyes of his feet and looked at him.

Ace leaned over and kissed Seth on the cheek, scooting over to Seth to close the gap between them. Ace pulled Seth close to him with one hand and pulled Seth’s head towards his own with the other. He leaned in and kissed Seth deeply. As their lips touched, Ace slid his tongue past his lips and into Seth’s mouth. Seth gave a light moan as their tongues wrestled. Seth leaned in further, making Ace lie down as Seth climbed on top of him and kissed him harder.

Ace rolled over, pulling them both in the middle of the bed and made out with the beautiful boy as he was getting just as much pleasure as Seth was from the passionate kissing.

Ace suddenly pulled himself off of Seth, lingering about six inches from his lips. Seth moved up to kiss him again.

“No, wait…” Ace began, “I want to do more.”

“Like what?” Seth said after hesitation.

“I want you to suck me again… to get me wet.”

“And then what?”

“Well, my dick will be slippery… and I could then… y’know… fuck you.”

Seth hesitated for several seconds. “Like… anal?”

“Well… yeah. If you’re up to it”

Seth waited. “I’m a virgin, though… I’ve never taken it up the ass.”

“And I’ve never given it… We’ll learn from each other.”

Ace stood, a tent in his boxers. “If you want to…” Ace pulled down his garment and kicked it to the side. “You can start.”

Seth rose from the bed and bent down to get on his knees again. Ace, once again, hit him in the face with his thick cock.

Seth grinned and playfully bit the head.

“Ow, ow, okay. I won’t do it again!” Ace said, laughing.

Ace made sure there was a lot of saliva in his mouth and started sucking quickly. In a few moments Ace’s cock was dripping with boy-made lube.

“Okay, bend over the bed and spread your legs,” Ace said.

Seth positioned himself where the bed supported him to his waist and then supported himself with his legs.

Ace pulled down the boxers and threw them near Seth’s head. Ace then pressed his warm, pulsing cock against Seth’s tight hole.

“Go slow. It hurts,” Seth said.

Ace pushed slightly against Seth’s virgin hole but nothing happened. He pushed harder until his head slipped past and went inside Seth who, in turn, jumped slightly.

Ace pushed again and let more of his cock go inside the whimpering Seth who, at this point, had grabbed hold of the bed sheets.

“Ready for more?” Ace asked.

“How much is left?”

“About five inches.”

“Fuck… okay… go.”

Ace pushed in more, getting about two more inches in before Seth groaned again.

“Sorry!” Ace said.

“No, no… Keep going.”

Ace pushed until he was all the way in.

“That’s all of it.”

“Good. Now, go slow at first.”

Ace pulled out until only the head remained inside of Seth and then slowly pushed in again. As he gave more thrusts, Seth stopped wincing and whimpering and began to moan.

“Can I go faster, now?” Ace asked pleadingly.

“Mm… yeah…”

Ace picked up a steady motion, pulling in and out of Seth’s ass, fucking it gently but quickly.

Seth’s moans eventually mixed with Ace’s as his tight, virgin hole formed a tight grip on Ace’s cock from its first fuck. Ace had picked up a steady speed, now going faster and thrusting harder, getting as much pleasure as he could from Seth’s tight ass.

“MMM! This feels great!”

“Let’s switch positions; my leg’s falling asleep.”

Ace pulled out of Seth’s ass and Seth climbed fully on the bed. He patted the spot beside him to signal for Ace to sit. When he did, Seth kissed him hard and pushed him down on the bed in a horizontal position. Now, Ace’s cock sticking straight up, Seth stood above Ace’s waist, his hand around the pulsing cock, guiding it into his hole. Feeling the head on it, Seth sat down until all seven inches were inside of him.

Ace began thrusting but Seth quickly stopped him. “No, no, cowboy. I’m riding you.”

Ace smiled and Seth began to bounce up and down on Ace’s hard on. Ace was surprised at how easily it came to Seth. As Ace grabbed hold of Seth’s hips, Seth had begun to move towards Ace’s torso, then towards his legs in a back and forth motion to please Ace even more. Copying what he’d seen in various porn movies, Seth was shifting from motion to motion, letting Ace’s throbbing cock dance inside of his hole, stretching the tight walls.

Seth placed his hands on Ace’s chest and bent forward to kiss him. Lips locked, Seth now used his knees to move back and forth on Ace’s cock, forcing it to enter and exit his ass at high speeds, getting a hell of a fuck from his dream guy.

Ace couldn’t resist it anymore. Seth was doing a great job of riding, but Ace needed to cum and fast. He tightened his grip on Seth’s hips and began to thrust his hard meat deep inside of Seth, more so than Seth could do alone. Seth, moaning hard, allowed this and kissed Ace hard against his full lips. Full of passion, Seth’s hands then started exploring Ace’s body, moving over his torso and chest and nipples as he got his hard manhood deep inside him. The feeling of ecstasy was like a drug, a hard drug like heroin or cocaine. Seth grabbed Ace’s hair and let out a hard, extremely loud moan as Ace’s cock pounded against his prostate, hitting just the right spot.

“FUCK ACE!! MMMM!! JUST LIKE THAT!” Seth practically screamed.

Ace chuckled and felt himself coming close to orgasm. He stopped thrusting.

“Seth, stop. I want to switch positions again before I cum.”

Seth got up off of Ace and received instructions to lie on his stomach. Ace got on top of Seth’s body and pushed his cock into his hole from behind. Ace lied down completely on top of Seth, putting his head on the bed alongside Seth’s. He held Seth’s hand and began to slowly fuck his partner.

Sliding his hard member in and out of Seth’s ass, he felt his orgasm climbing closer and closer, felt the tingling in his balls get stronger but he didn’t care. Seth moved his head towards Ace’s and kissed him on the cheek.

“Want it inside you?” Ace said, egotistically, as if Seth were to beg to have him shoot in his hole.

“MMM… yes, please!”

Ace kissed Seth and rose from his position. Now on his knees, bending slightly forward, he secured his hands on both of Seth’s ass cheeks and started to pound him quickly. Seth buried his face into the sheets in a moan of passion as Ace’s balls tingled with a new level of pleasure.

“I’m about to blow! Oh shit, Seth, I’m about to cum!”

“MMMM!” was Seth’s only reply.

Ace pushed in a final time, engulfing all seven inches of his well-endowed, rock hard cock inside of Seth’s perfectly round ass, and felt his cock jerk upward and his balls empty a hefty load of semen inside. As he shot his load, both Seth and Ace moaned. Seth was getting his dream turned into reality, his perfect boy’s seed inside of his ass, and Ace was getting his dream: losing his virginity to someone well deserving of his cum.

After the third gush had left Ace’s cock, he pulled out, spraying another geyser onto Seth’s ass and a fifth onto his back.

Ace continued emptying and finally began to pant as he felt himself become empty as he did before after the blowjob. Ace fell forward, getting his own sperm on his stomach and waist as he lied on top of Seth, and continued to come down from orgasm, catching his breath.

Seth chuckled and kissed his boy on the cheek once again.

The pair stood up, leaving the semen where it lie, and kissed each other hard. Seth wrapped his arms around Ace’s body, crushing them together once more, getting the sticky concoction on their bodies even more messy on their youthful skin. Seth’s tongue invaded Ace’s mouth and vice-versa as the boys loved on each other for a solid ten minutes.

It was Seth who broke the kiss, only to point out his hard on.

“I’m still ready for more. You never did make me cum.”

Ace, feeling brave, told Seth to prepare for a sweet surprise. He pushed Seth back against the bed and lie on his stomach, positioning his head on Seth’s lap, their bodies forming an L. Ace slid out his tongue and licked against Seth’s aching shaft.

“You’re going to blow me?”

“Until you blow your load,” Ace responded.

Not knowing what to do exactly, had never given head before, Ace tried to take all of Seth’s cock into his mouth only to gag.

“Just take a little bit at a time,” Seth guided.

Ace decided to get closer, now getting in a 69 position with his mate as he gripped Seth’s cock in his left hand and taking the head of the cock in his mouth, letting it hit the roof of his mouth.

Seeing no better opportunity, Seth slid out his tongue and sneakily licked the bottom of Ace’s ball sac. Seth was about to take Ace’s half-hard cock into his mouth but then saw Ace’s never-before-fucked and never-before-rimmed asshole as Ace got more comfortable and opened his legs wider.

Seth grinned at himself as he leaned forward and slid his warm, wet tongue against Ace’s hole.

Shocked at the anal stimulation, Ace slipped on Seth’s cock and grinded it softly with his teeth against the shaft.

He instantly apologized and the boys returned to pleasuring each other: Ace had got about half of Seth’s hard on inside his mouth without gagging and was moving his head back and forth to match what he’d seen in porn. Seth now had his hands on Ace’s ass and was eagerly rimming Ace’s hole as he got sucked. Ace’s cherry had loosened up a bit and Seth could now slide his tongue inside, which he was now enjoying.

Ace was now sucking like a pro… well, semi-pro. Still in unfamiliar territory, Ace had about three-fourths of Seth’s member in his mouth and was licking it profusely as he quickly moved up and down on the hard cock.

Seth was ready to move on. Ace’s ass nice and wet, Seth could now get a finger inside. Using his middle finger on his left had, he prodded at Ace’s hole and slowly inserted it inside. When Seth had it all inside, he received a bite on his cock from a very surprised Ace.

Unskillful in blowjobs already, it was hard for Ace to keep focused when Seth played with his virgin ass.

“Okay, Ace, you’ve got me close already. For both of our welfares, why don’t you jack me off the rest of the way?”

Ace agreed and they shifted positions. Ace was now lying on the bed and Seth sat upon his chest, jerking his cock, wet with Ace’s spit.

“Let me do it. I want to repay you,” Ace said, thoughtfully.

Ace wrapped his strong hand, his left, around Seth’s cock and began to jack it off quickly, moving his fast hand up and down harshly on the hard rod, making Seth lean forward in pleasure. He’d never been jerked so hard! Ace, jerking himself off up to 3 times a day, was now in a comfort zone he was familiar with, and was determined to get Seth to cum.

Still moving quickly, Ace’s hand flew on Seth’s cock, going quickly up and down the entire shaft, circling the head, and pushing against his balls. Seth was in disbelief that Ace could move so fast.

“Oh fuck, I’m going to cum soon,” Seth said, half-moaning the sentence.


“Ace, you’re really good at this… fuck… how are you going so fast?” Seth asked as his back arched from pleasure.

“I jack off a lot,” Ace said laughing, “a whole lot. I’m used to going this fast.”

Seth remained quiet after that and enjoyed the tugging. His slick cock was sliding through Ace’s warm fingers and it created a pleasing friction that Seth simply loved.

He moaned hard and Seth quickly let his load fly all over Ace’s face. The warm semen found itself on Ace’s lips, in his hair, on his throat and chest, but most of all, on his tongue. Ace tasted the unique flavor of Seth’s cream and smiled as Seth dripped onto Ace’s torso.

“Mmmm… not bad… I think I’m a little bit more than curious now,” Ace said with a chuckle.

Panting, Seth replied: “Any time you want to experiment… count me in.”

Ace laughed and licked his fingers clean of Seth’s cum. Ace and Seth rose from the bed and the boys cleaned themselves up when Seth had come down from his peak.

Now, laying down to go to bed at 4:45 A.M., the boys got under the covers together, not bothering to put any clothes back on, and cuddled against each other. Sharing the same pillow, Seth kissed Ace hard on his lips and felt Ace’s cock push against his own.

“Hard again?” Seth said, taking hold of Ace’s cock.

Ace chuckled and kissed Seth’s forehead. He positioned his cock between Seth’s legs and placed his hand on Seth’s ass to pull him closer to his own body. “Not until tomorrow,” Ace said sleepily.

Closing his eyes, Seth sighed contently at one of the most eventful and happiest days in his adolescence and let himself drift into dreams of his and Ace’s future adventures together in bliss.

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2015-10-06 12:49:55
Fucking great - me and my bro read it together - we both chummed twice

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2013-03-17 12:40:25
Great story, one of my favorites. I've read it loads of times and love it more each time. Love the details on body type and faces most.

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2012-02-04 18:12:35
Wow...I don't have any words to explain how fucking amazing this story is!!!! I hope u keep writing more of this!!! If u write a sequel I can't wait for it!!!


2011-11-03 08:05:31
fantastic, continue with the story of those 2 ace and seth, is very good

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2011-09-10 20:09:30
U have 2 write another 1 plz;)

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