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Young Brother and Sister Masturbation
Scott has found the enjoyment of having his cock rubbed and the feeling of it growing to thoughts of girls. Sometimes he thinks of the pictures in the catalogs his mom has of women dressed in bra's and panties and tight outfits. Other times it is girls he knows and even older women. Women his mothers age with their large breasts. He has found a way to bring himself to an exciting climax and does it every night.

His room is across from his sister. Two years younger, Misty is beginning to fill out, her breast starting to fill her t shirts and her hips and ass beginning to take the heart shape that makes him think naughty thoughts. Her blond hair and blue eyes make her one of the cutest girls in school.

One day his little sister is home alone when he arrives early from school. Going upstairs in the large house he notices her door open. He looks in to say hi but the sight that explodes in front of him is his naked little sister, her cute ass facing the door as she humps her pillow between her legs. Little moans come her lips as she moves her body pressing her little pussy along the pillow. He can't see it, but the pillow is wet from her juices as she has brought herself to a climax once already. Like her brother, she too has dreams. Dreams of boys, their thing (that she ha seen pictures of on the computer) doing things to her. Touching her in her private places.

Scott just stands there watching and finds himself touching himself. Rubbing his crouch as it grows to the site of his sister making love to her pillow. She rolls over on her back and opens her eyes as she cums once more. Then with a cry of surprise she sits up, the pillow still between her legs. She starts to get up, the pillow falling to the floor and Scott's eyes go to her young slit. Then her eyes go to his bulge that is still being rubbed.

Then both young siblings begin to talk at the same time.

"What are....oh please don't're touching....."

"Sorry Sis........I didn't look so ........."

Just as quickly they both stop. Her hand on her slit trying to cover herself yet her fingers tickle her little fuck hole as her brother continues to jack himself thou his jeans.

"Sis I'm sorry. Don't get angry. It's OK. I do the same............"

Her eyes move to his. "What? Do what? You shouldn't.... you weren't suppose to be home. What do you mean you do the same thing?"

Moving towards her his hand moves away from the thick bulge in his pants. I do the same thing you do. With my pillow. Only.... wait let me show you."

Scott turns and runs to the hall way. Misty doesn't know to follow him or not, but just stands there with her finger still rubbing her pussy. He returns with with two large bath towels. "Here give me your other pillow and I'll show you what I do at night."

She turns and he gets a look at her hot cute little ass. As she bends over to pick up her other pillow Scott moves right up to the bed. As she turns their eyes meet and she slowly takes it from her.

"Here roll this towel up like I am doing." They both roll the huge bath towels up in as tight a knot at they can. Scott then takes them and pushes them between the pillow and the pillow case. "See don't they look like tits...I mean boobs or whatever you girls call them?"

"So what? What do you do?"

"I have to take my clothes off and I'll show you. I mean you are naked."

This brings back the fact to her and she starts to try and cover herself up.

"Don't I like looking at you. You're...well you're pretty."

"You really think I'm pretty?"

"Hell yes Sis. You have cute tits and I love looking at your ass and your...well your pussy. That's what the guys call...."

"I know." She says with that nasty little pout that drives him crazy. "So take your clothes off. Besides I want to see your thing.'

"My cock?" Scott asks proud of his knowledge of sexual words.

"Yes your cock. Hurry up. I want to see what you do at night."

Scott pulls his t shirt off and then unzips his jeans tugging them off. Then he puts his hands on his briefs.

"Can I? I mean can I pull them off?"

This makes his cock twitch at the thought of his little sister touching him. "Yes..yes I would like that."

She moves in front of him, only inches away and goes down to her knees. His eyes stare at her young buds of flesh as she puts her delicate hands on his hips. He can feel her hands shaking as she touches the white briefs and starts to pull them down. It takes a little effort to get it over his cock, but as it clears his prick bounces and points straight out. Her face is close and it touches her chin. She pulls the shorts all the way down and then brings her face back up and he can feel her breath on him.

"It's nice. How does it get stiff like that?"

"When I think of girls, their tits, ass, pussy, touching them and things it just gets hard. Looking at you makes me hard. I never saw a girl naked before except in pictures."

Misty reaches out and touches the head of his cock then her other hand wraps around the shaft. "I never saw one of these either. Except on the net."

"You're not suppose to be looking at sites like that. If mom ever...."

Misty looks up and laughs. "Stupid. What do you think she would say if she knew I was holding your cock and you were staring at my boobs? I think the net is the last thing we have to worry about, but we'll have to compare sites. Now show me what you do."

Misty gives him a squeeze and then stands up. Scot doesn't want to stop the feeling she is giving him but does as she asks. "I turn it around so the "tits" are so I can put my cock between them and then I hump the pillow kind of like you were doing."

Scot lays down on her bed and taking his cock arranges it between the two towels sticking out and lays down. She joins him laying next to him and puts her pillow between her legs. They look into each others eyes as they both began to masturbate themselves. It isn't long before both are moaning and Scott feels his cock explode soaking the pillow. Misty also gets her pillow wet with her girl juices.

They both just lay there and try to catch their breath.

Scott reaches across and puts his arm over his sisters back. Letting his hand slide down to the curve of her ass he drags his fingers over the soft globes of her ass cheeks. "I bet it would be even better if I lay on top of you and rub myself off."

Misty smiles and say "Yes, I bet it would. Do you want to lay on top of me?"

Scott moves off the bed and puts the pillows on the floor and half drags his sister to the middle of the bed on her back. Then climbing on the bed next to her. He places his hand on her left breast and cups it. She puts her hand on his back and pulls him on top of her. Both feel for the first time the heat of the body of the opposite sex naked and close. Misty opens her legs and his cock finds itself snug between her legs, the soft fur of her cunt touching his.

"Scott I like this. It feels so perfect. I can feel your cock rubbing against me. Do you really think I'm pretty?"

('Stupid girls' Scott thinks), but says; "Oh course I do. You are so beautiful and I love how my cock feels pressing against you. I can rub myself on you. Do you want me to?"

"Please. Please I want to feel you do it. I want to feel you shoot your stuff like you did on the pillow."

Scott begins to move his hips, moving his prick tightly against her cunt. His hand cupping her tit and then his lips go to hers. The kiss, the first for both, is a little sloppy, but soon their lips mesh and his hand squeezes and pulls on her tit. His cock pressing harder against her pussy. He can feel her wetness and his need is great. For the third time, but with more energy than she has ever felt, her body reacts to the feeling between her legs and Misty pushes her ass off the bed as her juices flow like a river.

Scott's cock erupts sending thick white cum all over her belly and his. Again and again it shoots it load of sticky cum over both their bodies and he presses now hard on her body. His lips against her, her tongue forces its way into his mouth. The bed squeaks with their effort.

Misty digs her nails into his back holding him tightly. Scott is exhausted and tired and it is with an effort that Misty pushes him off her. He wants to close his eyes and sleep, the sleep of a well fucked boy. "Come on Scott, we have to clean up and dress before mom gets home. Wow, that was fun. Can we do it again?"

'Yes squirt. I loved how it felt. I came on you. Man we are a mess. You go ahead and clean up and then I do it. We don't have much time."

"Why don't we take a shower together? Not like we haven't seen each other naked. Besides it might be fun."

"Man you are naughty. OK Sis. But we can't mess around too much. Mom should be home in less than an hour."

The two young lovers hold hands and move to the bathroom. John turns on the water and they climb into the shower. For two people who have just cum together they look at each other shyly. Then Misty takes up the soap and cloth and begins to soap her brother. She does his chest and then his hips and goes to her knees and does his legs. His cock starts to get hard again and point out and she drops the wash cloth and soaps his prick with both her hands. Then letting the spray wash the suds away she does something that seems to come natural. She leans forward and takes the head of his cock between her lips. One hand goes to his balls and she cups them. Her lips move up and down his shaft and her tongue licks it. She pulls back and then kisses the head and then holds the thick cock meat up and licks the underside.

Scott closes his eyes and puts his hands on his sisters head. Grabbing her hair he feels her put it back in her mouth and pulling her head forward begins to thrust his cock in and out of her warm mouth. One of her hands moves between his legs and grabs his ass. She doesn't know why, but this seems so right and wonderful. Suddenly she feels the cock in her mouth swell and then explode and she finds her mouth filled with his cum. She tries to pull back, but Scott holds her and she begins to swallow. Even then there is too much and some escapes from the corners of her mouth to be washed away by the shower spray.

It is a couple of minutes before he releases his hold on her and pulls his cock from her lips. Looking down at her, her mouth open, his cum still on her tongue, he watches her swallow the last of it. Scott pulls his little sister up and holds her tight, feeling her tits pressed against his chest. He kisses her lips and then moves back.

"Wow. What did you do to me?"

"I just kissed it. It felt so good having you in my mouth. I didn't expect you to shoot your cum in my mouth."

"I'm sorry Misty. I didn't have any control. What you were doing felt so hot. Man it was cool."

"That's OK. I liked it. Will you kiss me between my legs like that?"

"I want to but damn we better wait. I'll do it tonight after mom goes to bed if that is OK."

"Yea, that will be rad. I'll be waiting for you. But you're right we better finish and get dressed. She'll have a cow if she caught us like this."

They dry each other off. Scott watches her dress and asks her for a favor.

"What that bro?"

"Will you dress....well will you dress pretty for me tonight? Like the pictures in mom's catalog?"

"You want me like that?"

"Yea. It will be hot. Please."

"OK. I'll put on my best little bra and panties and the teddy that my girl friend gave me. Mom doesn't know about it. I know you will like it."

They finish and are in the kitchen with only five minutes to spare as their beautiful mother arrives home from her job.

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i would like to fuck dat brother so pussy is so wet now....aaahhh....cant resist....have to use a dildo....

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2009-06-01 17:21:33
It was okay ive read better 5/10

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even though that's brother and sister itstill is good !!


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its people like you that I laugh at! The person writting this was writing in the 3rd person and i'm almost positive that if you write something from memory you will write it like you are the main character..... this is FICTION! most of the stories on here are unless stated that they are true. Why do people automaticly think things like this are true, incest is probably the easiest thing to write a story about. Please think before you post... Newb

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