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Hi, it’s Tina again. About three weeks has gone by since I got “caught” by Dre in the crawl space between our bedrooms. We have been busy in the last few weeks. I know we should not be doing what we are doing but we just can’t stop. I hear some of the older girls at school talking about how horny the boys are and how gross it is to have anything to do with their penis. I don’t get it, I think about Dre and his tight body and long cock all the time. I can’t wait to feel his long hard cock through his speedo. Or pull off his shorts and taste his hard Jamaican cock.

I have sucked his cock every day, sometime 4 or 5 times, in the last three weeks. I don’t know if all guys are as horny as Dre. I sure am glad he is because I can’t get enough of his steamy hot nigger jizz. Sometimes I have to swallow three times to get every drop. I am getting really good at knowing just what he wants, too. How fast to go. How many hands to use to stroke him. I can put both my hands on his long cock and the head and about an inch of his shaft stick out. When he is getting close to cumming, he likes it when I stroke him with one hand while playing with his balls with the other. By then I have slobbered all over his cock and it runs down on his balls so they are all slippery and covered with slobber.

I have gotten much better at swallowing every inch of his hard cock. The more I do it the more slobbery his cock gets. I love to hear him moan softly as I swallow every inch. I have learned to control when he cums by speeding up and slowing down the pace of my stroking.

Sometimes he pins me up against the wall and fucks my face. He thrusts his huge throbbing cock all the way down my throat over and over. I gag and choke but I love it when he is a little rough. When he finally cums, it can be a huge mess, One time I had a couple of cups of slobber and nigger jizz all down my chest, in my lap and on my legs. He made me lick it all up. That was so hot

I can hardly do my homework any more hoping that I will hear him tap on the wall. That is a signal that he devised to let me know he wants his huge Jamaican cock sucked.. He makes sure that no one ever sees us together. I know he has a girl friend, one of the cheerleaders at school, Tamika Williams. She is 15, the same age as him, and has a really tight sexy body. I can assure you of one thing, Tamika is not taking care of her man. When he gets home from a date with her, I am the one who gets the tap on the wall. My mouth is the one he fucks. I am the one who sucks every drop of steamy hot jizz from his hot throbbing cock.

Both of our families will be gone this evening. I can’t wait to have some time to spend with Dre. I had a surprise for him. I had borrowed one of my moms baby doll nighties. It was my favorite, light yellow satin with matching panties. The color was perfect with my caf?on leche skin tone. I love the way it feels when I rub my pussy through satin panties. I would borrow them from time to time and play with myself.

It was about 7:30 when I heard the tap I was waiting for. I opened the access door and scampered through the crawl space. His door was already open. I stood up and saw him standing by his closet. I was glad he still had on his basketball shorts and jersey. He looked so hot in his basketball outfit.

I said, “Hey sexy.”
He turned and his eyes popped out of his head when he saw me in the baby doll. I smiled and blushed knowing I had gotten the reaction I was hoping for.

“Wow, you look sooooo hot Where did you get that?” he commented.

“It’s my mom’s” I said.

“Damn you look phine girl, so grown up and sexy as fuck. Come over here .” he commanded.

I made sure I walked slow and sexy so he could get the full impact. His eyes were on me. I sauntered over. He pulled my hair to tilt my head back and covered my mouth with his lucius lips. I could feel his tongue part my lips and enter my eager little mouth. I sucked his tongue gently at first and then deep into my mouth. I rolled my tongue around his clockwise several times and went back to sucking it gently. I could feel his cock getting hard and poking me in the stomach.

He broke our kiss and said. “Damn girl you know what makes me crazy. Dis Jamaican boy gettin hot”.

“I haven’t even started yet.” I said and pushed him back on his bed. He plopped back on his bed and propped himself up on his elbows. I slid into bed on all fours next to him and kissed him gently on his mouth.

“Let’s get that jersey off.” I said tugging at it.

He sat up and raised his arms up and I took off his jersey. He had just gotten back from basketball practice and had not showered so he was still a little sweaty. I loved his musky smell. My little pussy was getting hot and wet looking at my stud. His chest was soooooo hot. No hair at all except a little hair going south from his belly button to his cock. I noticed his nipples were hard. I licked the left one. I made several rings around it and then sucked it into my mouth gently.

I could hear him sigh and murmur under his breath.”Oh baby that feels so good.”

“You like” I cooed.

“Hell ya baby” he said.

I licked my way over to his other nipple, circling it with my tongue and gently sucking it into my hot mouth. I could feel his breathing getting faster. I licked my way down to his belly button and plunged my tongue deep inside. I could feel him shutter and heard his muffled moans. I worked my way south licking his happy trail. He went to remove his shorts and speedo (he always wore a speedo under everything, a swim team thing.). I tugged on the speedo so he would keep it on for now. I loved to feel his massive hard cock in his speedo. It felt to hot, silky and smooth. He was wearing may favorite one, too. It was a royal blue and white striped one with narrow stripes. I loved the way the stripes would get distorted where his hard cock was. I loved to see his hard cock bend around his left leg inside the suit. His cock was fully hard and wrapped around his leg with the head nearly to the side leg seam.

I laid down next to him with my feet towards his head and my face right near his crotch, I rubbed his speedo the full length of the outline of his massive cock. I rubbed it over and over with both hands. I could feel it pulsing and jerking under the speedo. I was getting so hot. I felt Dre’s hand rubbing up my leg so I moved my right foot closer to my ass spreading my leg. He worked his way up to my satin panties. I jerked as he rubbed my little pussy through the panties. My shit was already on fire.

“That is one juicy wet little pussy you have there. Those pretty panties are soaking wet. I think you like that big fucking dick of mine” he gloated.

I could not even answer. I placed my mouth on the outline of his hard cock. I kissed my way to the head. I placed it inside my mouth and breathed a hot breath on it several times. I licked the shaft down to his balls and circled his balls with my tongue. The speedo was sweaty and musky by his balls. Fuck, I was getting dizzy.

I felt his hand pull my panties aside and he rubbed my pussy several times and slid his finger in my soaking wet pussy. My breathing was getting rapid and shallow. My hips started humping his finger. He picked up the pace of his thrusts. I thought I was going to collapse. I pulled down his speedo. I saw a bead of precum on the tip of his cock. I thrust the head of his massive Jamaican cock in my mouth tasting his sweet precum. I was hoping it would take my mind off his thrusting finger. It didn’t . I was sucking feverishly on his cock and he suddenly stopped fingering me.

He pulled his finger out and said softly “Not so fast. I have a surprise for you”.

He pulled me up on top of him. He put a leg on either side of his head and nuzzled his face between my legs. I could not believe what happened next. I felt his tongue lick my wet little pussy. I sucked his cock wildly. Gently he licked the lips and hole. I could not believe what I was feeling. It felt like nothing I had ever felt before. My hot little pussy was on fire and quivering like never before. I swallowed Dre’s huge cock to the base several times. I started humping his face like crazy. My pussy exploded I almost blacked out. Dre grabbed my hair and pulled me all the way down on his throbbing cock. His massive Jamaican cock erupted pumping bolt after bolt of steamy hot jizz down my throat. I wasn’t ready and his hot jizz jetted out of my nose. I gagged and choked and coughed. His hot cum was everywhere. We laid there for a minute quivering and shaking. I heard him softly laugh.

I said, “What?”.

He said laughing softly, “You nutted all over my face”.
“What?”, I said and turned around to see. OMG his face was slimed big time. I was horrified and said, “Oh God baby, I am so sorry.”

“Sorry ” he said and laughed and repeated “Sorry That was awesome. You split my lip humping my face.”

“Oh my God I am so sorry” I said as I moved closer to see.

“Damn that was hot. You are one hot little slut for a girl who is only eleven.” he said.

Slut Slut , I thought, should I be mad he called me a slut?

“I am your hot little slut, Dre” I said as I kissed his mouth all covered with my nut

We laid there and I thought about him calling me his slut. Less than a month ago I had never even kissed a boy. I am only eleven years old and he is fifteen but my body has taken over my mind Now I am laying next to the hottest boy in school. Both of us exhausted from cumming inside each others mouths. I would do anything for him. I worshiped his sleek black body all muscled and tight. I craved his huge dark Jamaican cock. I wanted it down my throat every minute of the day. His steamy hot jizz was like honey in my mouth. I knew he didn’t want to be seen with me because I was so young but my tight little body, pretty face and eager mouth kept his attention. Was I his slut? Or just a slut? I wondered.

That night was incredible. We stayed in a 69 for near an hour and a half. I came at least 15 times that night including 3 more squirts. Dre fed me his massive black cock like the mandingo stud he is. I deep throated his long black cock and swallowed 3 more loads of his steamy hot jizz. We were exhausted and got in his shower. I could see all the flowing water and slippery skin was getting his cock aroused. I dropped to my knees and slid his soft cock into my hot mouth. In less than a minute he was hard as a rock. In less than three minutes he pumped another hot load in my eager little mouth. I kissed him tenderly on his split lip. I rinsed off. I left him in the shower. I got out dried off. I gathered my stuff and scampered through the crawl space to my bedroom. I slept that night like a baby

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2011-05-05 23:50:53
Being Panamanian I would never say nigger maybe nigga but its a difference stop the racist slurs


2009-11-30 22:03:44
well i'm black and i do!
- p.s. why tha girl gotta b a slut??? u shud make tha guy break up wit his girlfriend,

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2009-05-05 18:23:44
Great story. Who cares about the word. It's used all the time by latinos and black people. I'm black and don't have a problem with it

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2009-05-05 00:06:55
Stop bitching it just a word. It's a great story.

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I agree, please stop using nigger and racial indicates. its not really attractive whatsoever.

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