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This is the last run between Shey and Pheniox, it ends with no real ending because the other writer and myself lost touch and have not been able to get back in touch. Though I am using the character Shey in my third version of this story where she meets an incubis and falls in love.
"So where are my vials?" asked the councilmen as he looked down at a stack of papers on his desk and not up at the fat man with the bad comb over who stood before his desk quivering. "No sir, there was an incident and he escaped. But don't worry we know where he went and are dispatching a unit to Lt. Commander Sheyera West's apartment as we speak." Looking up from his paper work his eyes darkening with rage, "You are going to opening attack a member of the military, after you botched a kidnapping? Are you just acting like a retard or did your whore of a mother drop you on your fat head?!" he shouted as he slammed an angry fist down on the desk. "But sir...he is with her and has been staying with her....the vials will be there for sure...." The councilmen stood, "And you want me to give you the ok with the fact that you are going to do something that could destroy everything that I have worked so hard to build?! Recall that team immediately and get from my sight before I feed you to some ravaging monster." his voice low with threat as he returns to his seat and goes back to his paperwork. The fat little man backs out of the office quickly to carry out his orders, hoping it was not too late to save his own ass.

Shey laid close to Phoenix her soul aching for him wishing she could take away his pain, when a thought came to her and she propped herself slowly up on an elbow. Now looking down at him she pushed a strain of her thick hair back from her face, then did the same to his own red allowing her to look fully upon his face. *I could bite you....* she thinks to herself, *Bite you so that you become a lycan like me. Those wounds would heal instantly, you would be well again.* she leaned down a little closer her face close to his own as she sniffed at his face, her sensitive nose taking in his physical condition. *So easy to just...* she thinks to herself leaning closer, her mouth hovering over his neck, to the thick artery she knew was there. She opens her mouth slowly, her fangs gleaming in the fading light of the candles only to stop and close forming a kiss instead which she placed gently on his neck. *No I will not do that to you my love, not unless you asked me to and even then I'm not certain I could. I love you for who are, there is nothing about you that I would change...well perhaps that smoking habit.* she smiled to herself as she laid back down fitting her body against his, trying her best to transfer whatever strength she could into his body. Soon the sound of the beating of his heart mingled with that of her own and she was fast asleep.

Cement walls quaked and dust perforated the air as cracks began to form on their massive solidarity. A mammoth black iron door with bars across it shuddered as something pounded into it over and over. Something big. People were rushing around putting things in cases, putting armor on, typing things into consoles until they all matched a bright blinking message of "Data Destroyed." Phoenix was in front of a large console were an cylinder held hundreds of empty testing vials. He was sweating hard, droplets falling on his thin glasses, his red hair astride across his forehead. "Bloody hell get the second barrier up we don't have much time!" Phoenix was shouting over his shoulder until two fairly young people fixed two small machines at opposite walls. A large blue screen expanding cutting off the door from the rest of the room. "Move back! Move back! Jack, Shawny! C'mon!" Phoenix had loaded the empty vials into the injector gun and was making his way further towards the back. A white lab coat fluttering in the air as he half ran jumping over testing tables and knocking over chairs. In the back of the room was a massive lab area, the ceiling rising 2 stories, a large empty cylinder at the center for testing specimens to be held along with what looked like makeshift living quarters and food pantries. A red haired girl and black haired man where running towards Phoenix as he stood at a large switch. With a metal screeching rip the black iron door ripped open, a semi truck head of a hundred eye demon pushed through. Its mouth opening and letting out a roar. "Come on! Hurry the fuck up!" Phoenix was yelling over the sonic boom of a roar. As the demon's mouth opened vile orbs ejected from its mouth, seconds later the orbs straightened into pale fleshed human looking demons. The after effect of the humans that were eaten Phoenix knew. The pale fleshed demon's ripped through the second force field like paper and were fast, too fast. Jack was down almost immediately, a demon piggybacking him to he fell and began to tear away his skin. "Shawny! C'mon! Please!" Phoenix reached out leaning from the control out to her, she was almost there, almost. A pale skinned claw caught her foot and she fell, her body thudding against the metal floor hard. Phoenix grabbed her hand and tried to pull but he was only human and he was nothing compared to them. As they teared her away from him Phoenix's eyes welled up and he could see her eyes changing to black. Phoenix pulled the lever, a whirring of sirens and lights and massive doors began to close in front of him from floor to ceiling. A shaking hand raised a .44 Desert Eagle as its aim hovered at Shawny being dragged away. Shaking, his finger depressed and his ears were filled with its call of fire.

"Shawny I'm sorry!" Phoenix yelled out as he sat up and backwards suddenly falling off the edge of the bed with a loud thud. "Aw...f-fuck... " Eyes wincing he turned on his back looking up at the black ceiling. The floor was cold but was a relief to his body that felt like it was under the sun. He must have been having fever dreams, his body raising its temperature in reaction to his wounds. Phoenix listened to his chest rise and fall harshly before he sucked in enough air to go "Shey? Blaggardin' fuck..." The second part came more whispered.

Shey had felt him move from the bed and on instinct had rolled to the other side her hands finding the sawed off shotgun loaded with silver ammo. Looking over the edge of the bed and seeing no one, she sniffed the air, still only their two scents. Breathing a sigh of relief she slides the 12 gauge back under the bed and gets up stretching her naked body she walks over to him crouching down in front of him. Brushing his hair back gently from his face, God how she loved the color of his hair, she looked into his blue eyes "Bad dream.." she said as she helped him back up into the bed as gently as she could. Once he was comfortable once again she went into the kitchen, coming back she had a glass of water for him. Handing it to him she climbs into bed beside him, she looked down at her hands taking a moment before asking the question that was now on her mind, "Who is Shawny?" she asked softly as he finished taking a drink of water.

Phoenix's breathing was still labored and his head was hot and he was wondering to himself if he was getting worse or better. Both of them seeming to hurt just as bad. He shut his eyes a moment trying to recall what he was dreaming about and took a hard swallow.

"Shawny... She was my sister." Phoenix tipped the glass back swallow gulp after gulp of water till it was empty. He sighed and started again. "When the demons started coming, spreading. I was working underground with a team of scientists working on cures, antibodies, anything that could stop the disease that seemed to be spreading. We all lived down there, ate, drank, breathed the work we did. Some went crazy, some killed themselves... Shawny was my little sister, she worked with me.. Jack was her husband... One day, or night.. I'm not really sure, we never saw above ground much, the sensors went off. We had only seconds before it was at the gate and slamming its way in. We destroyed our data, and started getting what we could together and were going to seal off the chamber back to the lab and living quarters where we would retreat to..." He trailed off shaking his head pressing his palm against his forehead frustrated. "We had time.. everyone was supposed to be able to get out.. Then when it broke through, I knew otherwise. A class 4 demon... They were torn apart still running, Shawny was pulled away feet away from me. Her eyes, turned black.. and I knew that she was going to turn into one of them. I shut the seal door, pulled up my gun, and shot her..." Phoenix let out a quivering breath and wiped his forehead. "Feck, its blazing in here." He leaned back, his head resting against the headboard with a thud. "After that, I stayed alone for as long as I could. Invented equipment to make myself stronger, modified the weapons I had, and promised myself that I'd figure out what was making this rock the clusterfeck it is.." He rolled to his side wincing nestling his head in the crook of her neck and sighing. His skin was hot to the touch, almost too hot. "I'm sorry.. I brought this on you Shey... I couldn't let them hurt you. I love-.." And with a sighing breath he began to fade again and sleep.

Shey was once again alone in the darkness with just the sound of his labored breathing, mixed with that of her own eased deep breathing. She was worried for him, she treated his wounds to the best of her ability which was pretty good considering she was a healer in her previous pack. They use to say she had the touch of Gaia and could heal anything....but that was before the war...that was before all the pain and lost she had experienced. Now her hands did nothing but kill and shed blood, yet as she laid him on the bed and began to clean and tend his wounds her hands seemed to remember their past. Even if she herself could not remember fully the woman she use to be. The fever was to help him stave off infection, she should give him a shot of some antibiotics, but that would require her to return to the barracks and get them. Then there would be questions...

She stroked his head gently and began to hum and old Lycan lullaby, one her mother sang to her and then she to her own daughter....Sara...her heart got a sharp pang and the humming faltered for a moment before she regained control. The only child she had ever choose to conceive, when she thought she loved this man who claimed to love her. He was so very strong....kind of gave her no option into not being his mate claiming that she was his soul mate and had to be within. It did not hurt that she was born to a high ranking family and by being mated to her it boosted his own rank and station. They had a daughter Sara, whom she loved with all her heart, but he was only interested in a son and so ignored Sara. She continued humming as she stroke his hair softly thinking of the night that Sara was taken...the night the war reached their pack...

There was a noise outside the house, Sara lay sleeping in her arms just a small child of five. Shey climbed out of bed careful not to waken the sleeping child, going down stairs softly she heard voices. Her mate Ulric was talking to some one with a strange accent...his voice sounded unnatural to her sensitive ears, or maybe it was just that it was really early in the morning. She pauses at the bottom of the steps listening to them talk, "So it is agreed you can have our territory, the town and all of the children. And I shall be come the new alpha." her mates voice, "Yesss." the cloaked figure hissed, "Then you may have my wretched daughter child as a means to show good faith till the attack tomorrow after the full moon, when the pack will be at its weakest." "!" Shey found herself shouting as she snarled transforming and attacking her mate, though then she was just a healer and not a warrior as she is now. There was a brief struggle she managed to rip into his shoulder before the world went dark for her. When she awoke the there was the scent of burning flesh about her and she found her body to be sore from a beating. There around her the town her pack had called home lay burning, not just wood, but also the burning of flesh. She wondered around for she is not sure how long till she can to a tree, there she found the limp burnt body her daughter.

She gasped awake realizing she had dozed off a single tear rolled down her cheek as she held close to Phoenix, "I love you too.." she whispered into his hair, "And I swear to protect you from all that would choose to bring you harm." she says softly into the darkness as she slowly drifted off to sleep, the shreds of the memory still fresh in her mind.

Phoenix had been a scientist for years, graduated at an ivy league school, transfered out of country and went beyond a masters into PhD. After that he still felt there was something missing, he began into religion and world studies to find that missing piece. Somewhere in between there was an answer to everything he always thought. This he had only confided into Shawny one drunken night, for he knew that his peers would have none of those thoughts or ideals. It was when he was studying prophets that his scientific mind would be challenged..

The cold air of Mother Russia blew around the museum of World Religion and Myth in St. Petersburg. Phoenix had spent 2 days in Russia studying icons and relics that the museum offered. He had organized an interview with a high priest at the Russia sect church, a personal assistant to the Tsar at the time he was of great importance.. It was that night that facts and myth became utterly clear to Phoenix. When he had sat down with the stocky bearded man the conversation was dull, until Phoenix told him he was strictly a scientist of fact. When he told him this the man straightened and said "To know truly, you must be able to feel the auras and powers around you, things science cannot explain boy." With that Phoenix had to hide his arrogant smirk. When the man scowled and told him bluntly "You are a fool, I will let you see.." And before Phoenix could question him the man pressed his hand to Phoenix's forehead and everything went black. He woke up the next morning in his hotel bed. Ever since then, even after the demon's came he could feel them, feel people and more things that fact couldn't prove he knew were real. People, animals, monsters, sometimes he saw almost as a negative in a photo but with a different aura and then he saw their intentions. Hiding this for as long as he could remember, it only came up with emotion or distress now that he never used it. But now, he felt they would need it..

Phoenix groaned a bit and shifted his weight in her arms. The fever was still there but he was feeling slightly better. Till a streak of cold was sent up his spine, Phoenix's blue eyes flew open and he grew rigid. Sucking in a breath he moved from her sitting up a hand reaching under his pillow pulling out a Colt .45 pointing it at the window. His breathing was sharp and jagged, his other arm around his ribs, a stain of red starting to spread on his bandages. "" He pressed the words in between rasping breaths.

Shey was up once again in an instant, her eyes and nose checking the environment. Looking over at Phoenix...seeing his opening wounds...."Lay back down I shall tend to whoever is out there. But you must rest my love...." she whispers to him as she plants a kiss on his cheek. Then rolling from the bed she picked up the shotgun and handed it to him, "Use this should something come in after me. It will take out a werewolf in one shot." she says to him in a whispered voice. Then changing into her wolfen form she stalks her way to the window looking out she tries to see what was out there....

No don't leave! Don't go! Phoenix's mind was screaming as he watched her slowly go. His teeth were gritted in pain, he couldn't open his mouth to talk. Outside three men in dark camo suits with silenced weapons were climbing up the railing to their floor. They obviously were geared for silence, a sneak-in-n-out operation. There cells had been dead, the industrial zone always had trouble with soft lines. Phoenix's eyes shifted towards the window, his blue eyed gaze piercing. A shadowed form seemed to be hunching over the railing, his hand raised and the .45 fired a single shot. The noise was ear shattering inside, the bullet zipped through the window's glass, over Shey's shoulder and into the throat of the figure. A choking noise sounded and blood shot like a spray gun splattering the walls.
"Errrfuck!.." Phoenix rolled to his side clutching his chest, the recoil from the handgun made his body scream. With a trembling hand he gripped the shotgun and began to prop himself back on the headboard in case anything came in.

Shey felt the bullet wiz by and was impressed by how good a shot he was to catch the guy in the throat. Shey stood in the window, her golden eyes alight in the darkness as she caught sight of the other two would be attackers. Not wanting them to get to Phoenix Shey launched herself at the pair using the sides of the window as a means to fling herself like a sling shot. She caught the pair by surprise and cloths-lined them over the railing where they tumbled to their deaths. She gripped the railing snarling in disgust that they were so easily dispatched, she howled to the moon in triumph and turned entering the apartment once again. "Security system armed. Seal off damaged window for safety." The computer complied and you could hear the system booting up as she returned to her human form and crawled back into bed beside Phoenix concern evident in her eyes before she spoke, "Lie down and I will treat your wounds for you. "she says to him as she get back up getting the firs aid kit she treats his wounds. "Rest is most important now and you need to get plenty of it..." she says dabbing a little of the pain soothing gel onto his wounds.

Phoenix gritted his teeth and leaned his head away to the side as she touched over the torso length bruises that covered him. "I feel about as well as that ejit with the .45 cal in his throat. Only my chest rather yeah?" Phoenix staggered a laugh and then whimpered an 'ow' afterwards. Suddenly aware he was still gripping the shotgun with a death grip he released and exhaled a breath bending and extending his fingers stretching them.

"They wouldn't be as blatant as to send a direct assault on an officer, something went wrong on the grapevine I assume..." He said suddenly sucking in a breath as her hand glided over a cracked rib. "They'll be more secretive in their attempts if this is as deep as I think... We need to find a place for the vials, carrying them and leaving them here are both too dangerous." Words just kept spilling from his mouth it felt. Resting is what he should be doing but he was too concerned, too protective, too analytical to just let go for a few minutes. With a large tired sigh he set his head back into the pillows. Slowly his hand brought up the .45 to Shey pressing it into her palm. "Keep it around if I sleep. She never misses.." Phoenix closed his eyes and sighed again. When she turned it over in her hand she could see along the silver slide in long curling letters was "Shawny"

Shey smiled as she held the gun close for a second, then placed it under the pillow and the shotgun back under the bed. "Your right. Something is going wrong at head quarters for them to attack me openly, or perhaps they are that stupid. In any case you are right and we need to find a new place to hide the vials." she sat there trying to think when am idea came to her head, "We could take it to my commanding officer. He is dragonkin, so they have the tendency to horde things. If we give it to him and tell him how protect it while we away." she says simply. Looking over at him she watched his labored breaths, "I would take you the medical staff, but I'm afraid that you would be in danger." She stood and went to the kitchen, she grabbed her hydration unit from a hook on the wall and filled it up. Bringing it back she hung it on the bed post bring the tub up so that he could reach it easily. "The security system is armed, you will be safe here until I return. I'm going to go and get rid of those two bodies and see if I can't find anything about them." she says softly to him as she turns to the window, looking out she checks and sees if anyone else is there. Not seeing anyone else, "Computer lower shielding on damaged window." there was a beeping then there was a shimmering and then she felt the night air on her face. Climbing out she turns to the window, "Computer raise shielding on damaged window." there was a shimmering again. Kneeling she scented the blood that was there from the one that Phoenix shot, not seeing anything else she transformed. Her bones popping and shifting as she grew fur and muscle. Jaws extending out and filling with new fangs and sharp teeth, ears growing and moving to the top of her head. In a matter of moments she knelt in her wolfen form, tail swishing from side to side as her ears swiveled from side to side detecting any noise that might be out of place. She looked over the railing and counted, where was the third?. Snarling and leaping over the edge she falls to the ground landing lightly on her feet. She sniffed at the two bodies laying there, the one with the bullet wound and one of the ones she knocked over, but the third was missing. She dragged those two out of the street and dumped them in a trash container that when the lid closed you heard the roar of a fire. Now crouched low she scented the air again and found what she was looking for...."Gotcha!" she snarls as she takes off after her prey.

She did not have to very far before she found the man leaning against a wall holding his arm, which was bent at an awkward angle, and his thigh which smelled of his blood and she could see a bone pressed against the material in the black fatigues he wore. "Hello there. Fancy meeting you here." she says to him, his head jerking up in surprise the air suddenly becoming thick with the scent of fear. "Now now don't fret I'm not going to hurt you again, I just have some questions thats all." After he lost his third finger he told her all he knew which was not much but was enough. It would seem that the fat man worked for someone on the council and was looking to cause a level of chaos within the city. After she was sure that this information was true she quickly snapped his neck with her jaws, then dumped the body in a similar trash container. With the new information in hand she started home trying to figure the pieces to this growing puzzle.

Phoenix was wavering back and forth on the bed sitting up, trying not to fall asleep or go unconscious. Of that he wasn't sure which he would go to. The shadows seemed to play tricks on him, moving away from his eyes to reappear next to him and hide away again. His fever must be screwing with his head pretty bad. Concentrating on his breathing, in and out he waited patiently. His body began to fall forward into sleep when his closed eyes were flashed with the sight of two snarling werewolves slamming their fists into him. "I'm not telling you anything!" Phoenix yelled into the still air catching himself before he fell to the bed. Breathing heavily more sweat seeming to have appeared on his forehead. Blue eyes shifted around the room and he sighed with relief and regret. That it was a dream and that he had closed his eyes in the first place. Turning his head slowly to see a werewolf coming to the window his hand clutched the .45 sliding under his pillow quickly. A calm gentle blue flaming aura seemed to burn around the wolf and he shook his head and let go of the gun. "You scared the bloody hell out of me Lass.."

Shey looked up at him as she padded over to him, "Sorry bout that, I was hoping you would be asleep." she says this as the fur falls away from her body as she returns to her human form. Standing and stretching she crosses to the bed checks on him and his wounds. She goes back into the first aid kit and gets him something out for his fever, a small patch that she stuck onto his arm where it would slowly be absorbed. Climbing into the bed she drew him close to her "I had to get rid of those bodies plus one of them was alive. So I got some questions answered." she then went on to him about the fat man working for the councilmen,"So thats where we are at. This is a lot higher up then I had thought, we could be in a world of trouble." she snuggled close to him, "But this can wait till morning. You need to rest, don't worry the security system is on and I wont let anyone get in here to harm you. So please just relax and get some rest, hopefully that fever will break and you will be feeling better come morning." her voice was gentle and full of love as she leaned over and kissed him gently on the lips.

Phoenix nodded his head sleepily in her embrace mumbling "Dragonkin.. vials.. tomorrow." Strands of red hair drifted into his eyes as their pools of blue shut quietly. In a murky blackness the remembrance of the vials came to him slowly but surely. His muscles tightening in dream state and releasing every so often in her arms.

Phoenix was running, a herd of demons rushing after him. Their fangs gnashing and saliva thick and black. Worms coiled and ate through their decaying skin, they were viral, diseased, sick even on a demon standard. Phoenix was strong, but with those leg muscles he was fast, very fast. His boots slammed into the earth for mere milliseconds every step that throttled him forward. A cliff came fast and Phoenix swan dived, ejecting 10 feet off the cliff and starting to descend. In a quick spin he was aiming at them, a .45 Colt and .44 Desert Eagle in his hands, his blue eyes narrowing behind his mask.

The image flashed and wavered. Phoenix stood on the ground dusting himself off, each step plowing aside tens of twenties of bullet casings. Behind him a mound of decaying demon corpses, the rank air visible in green trails that rose from the bodies. Phoenix moved in Shey's arms his eyes wincing shut. His hands nimbly filled vial after vial through a single syringe. 4 in all. Clicking them in a secure see through plastic container where they held fast to his vest with belts. As he finished a claw reached from the mob reaching for him slashing down with claws that seemed to extend forever. Raising his hand not thinking he felt the claws dig through his gauntlets metal with a screech, Phoenix diving back unholstering his shotgun blasting the claw clear off its arm before he landed. He moaned slightly in his sleep like something pained him and he rolled over on the bed. The red wing tattoo showing on his back, his muscles tensing. Phoenix tore the gauntlet off and cried out in pain as he looked at his arm, gashed and bleeding. He wasn't sure if it was the gauntlets jagged metal that had cut him that day or the claws. Daylight seemed to pour in on Phoenix's naked body still wrapped up in blankets as he shifted his weight up on the bed pulling the covers over his head. Phoenix now sat knelled in frontt of a fire praying, a beaded roserary wrapped around his arm, disinfectant materials on the side used, he had performed an exorcism and standardproceduree medical care. Now he could just hope. Finally Phoenix moaned at the light's persistence and he emerged from the blankets, his red hair a mess atop his head, his blue eyes wincing at the light. Sharply reminded of his torso he hissed and then breathed easy. Phoenix slid out of the bed biting his tongue as pain shot through up to his chest with the vibration of his feet landing. Slowly he walked his way towards the kitchen, everything was on. Turning with a raised brow he muttered "Shey?"

Shey had not been able to fall back to sleep, two transformations in one night not to mention the best sex in her life made for a very hungry werewolf. So once he had fallen asleep she removed herself from the bed, pulled on a tank top and some boy-shorts before heading into the kitchen. She went into fridge and took out the leftovers from this morning and proceeded to eat all that was left, her high burning body needing to replenish all that it had lost that night. Satisfied and full she could still not fall asleep so went about her normal morning ritual, she cleared the couch back from the center of the living room and began her morning workout.

Counting out her final push-up somewhere around 500 she stood, her body now coated in a sheen of sweat, she checked on Phoenix and he was still sleeping so she went into the bathroom and got a shower. Coming out and dressing in a fresh tank top and some sweats she went to the kitchen to make him breakfast, seeing how the sun was not up. Rummaging in her fridge she found a steak, with a smile she fried it up alone with a couple of eggs just as she heard him get out of bed. She had just set the plate on the table "Shey?", "In here love." she said casually as she set a glass of water, next to the orange juice and tea that were already sitting there. She goes to him gently embracing him, and giving him a soft kiss on the cheek, "I made you breakfast. I'm glad to see you are up and moving on your power...though I bet its due to your stubborn nature then having healed up." she says with a slight chuckle as she guided him to the table, pulling out the chair for him to sit down in. Once he was settle she sat down across from him, "So how are you feeling?" she asked her voice full of concern.

Phoenix sat down still not clothed and began eating. Each swallow felt like someone was clamping his neck but he was hungry as hell and would endure the pain of it. Running a hand through his hair he leaned forward with his chin in a palm, elbow on the table. "Like I got worked over by some testosterone injected wolves and a badly dressed fat man. How about you Lass?" Phoenix laughed and took a drink of water and sighed. "Not as bad as last night I assure you bloody so. I'll be able to make the trip with you to see the dragonkin, just don't expect no extraordinary gymnastics yeah?" Phoenix smiled and stuck a piece of steak in his mouth and chewed thoughtfully before speaking again "Well.. Daylight is wasting. Food is fabulous love." Phoenix got up swallowing hard and drinking the rest of his glass and started for the shower slowly. Turning around and making his way to her he planted a gentle kiss on her bottom lip, a hand brushing across her cheekbone. "Thanks.." Phoenix said with a rich accent and full of truth. Slowly but surely his naked body moved across the room to the shower "Bloody Hell its cold in here, King Richard thinks its God damned Iceland!" Phoenix shouted comically waving a hand over his head before stepping into the shower.

Shey watched him go, then stood to clear the table when a thought came to her. Smiling she followed after him into the shower finding him in the process of trying to remove the bandages alone. "I thought you might need some help." she said softly as she entered the bathroom. Going to him, their bodies close as she removed the bandages as gently as when she had wrapped them. Her hands caressed his body softly as she checked over his wounds, his body still a grand example of masculine strength and definition. Her breath came a little quicker as her arousal was peeked just from the look of his body, "Get in the shower." she ordered/directed him. Once he was inside she undressed and climbed in behind him, "Water Hot." she said to the shower, which instantly came on. "I'll wash your back and your wounds for you." she said to him in a whisper as she grabbed a body sponge and soaped it up then slowly, gently she washed his back.

Phoenix's breathes came in short jolts and holds when her fingers grazed more torn spots but she was more gentle than anyone else would have been able to do it that was for sure. Leaning his head back to stare at the ceiling counting the invisible beams he knew were there trying to keep his mind from the gutter as her hands ran over his chest. After she directed him "Aye, warden.." Phoenix mused as he stepped in. Slightly surprised when she stepped in quickly after him, the thought washing away with the hot water that spilled over his defined body. Leaning forward on an arm and letting the water flow over a knelt head he let her wash his gouged back. The horizontal gashes from when his body would recoil from a hit and jack against the rough back of the chair. His breathing eased and calmed breathing in the hot air and out it seeming to relax his body and lungs, a shiver ran up his spine at the thought of Shey naked behind him and shook his head with a smile, his head still down. Not the time ya brute... Want to kill yourself yeah? Phoenix told himself as he ran a hand through his wet maroon hair leaning his head back with a relaxed breath. His mind still toying with images and then urging his body not to show it.

Shey moved closer her breath now hot against his neck and shoulders, "It would seem that our minds are on similar trains of thought." her voice a little husky with desire as she began to gently kiss on his shoulders and neck, her hands still gently washing his back being ever so careful of his wounds. "Let me love you and please you." she whispered again into his ear as she continued to kiss on him, her hands moving to wash his ass and down his thighs. "You don't have to hide anymore, running in the desert alone. I will be here for you, just relax and let me be with you. Your pain shall be my pain, your joys my joys. You are my mate and I will never leave your side, not even in death for I would find you again on the other side." her kisses continuing to trial along his shoulder on neck, her hands still washing and caressing his body.

Images of demons being thrashed by his blades, downed with his bullets flooded his mind. Nights of him sleeping in rock crevices without a fire to keep his cover concealed, days of relentless tracking and travel. Friends gained then lost, all seeped into a watercolor painting that was doused by the water he was in, streaming away in colors. Phoenix's body seemed to relax a little, his shoulders resting lower, his back resting backwards into her arms. "Alright.." Phoenix said with his blue eyes shut letting his mind take more pleasing turns and surrendering to her intentions. What she had said, he truly wanted, as long as they didn't get killed before their lifetime was really a lifetime.

She continued the kisses as he leaned back into her, finally relaxing completely allowing all that weight he had been carrying to leave him. "Alright..." she heard him say as she slowly moved around to the front of him kissing him along the collarbone. Now facing him she kisses him up his neck along the jaw until their lips meet. Gently and deeply she kisses him holding the moment there for a moment enjoying the close tender moment. She opens her golden eyes seeking to find his blue ones. Finding them open now she smiles into them as she kisses him again with a little more passion. Then leaning him back to rest against the cool shower tile she starts kissing him gently along the chest her hands gliding over the scars she found there, her heart aching for him even more. She continues this until she is now on her knees in the shower, the hot water on the back of her neck and down her back. Kisses continue until she is past his hips, there she begin to kiss along his dick slowly till she reaches its tip. Then she kisses it back down its length, then up again on this trip to the tip she takes him into mouth. Slowly she does this making it all last drawing him in then out.

Phoenix's breaths began to deepen as he kissed her feeling the warm touch of her lips dot his skin, warmer than the water itself. His hands with their battered knuckles from striking lycan flesh and bone roamed over her wet body smoothing the water away in waves before it cascaded down again. As she kissed down his chest he bit on his lip half with anticipation and half with self-conscious of her looking at the scars that littered his body with their white streaks. His shoulders leaned back against the shower wall with a painful thud that was drowned out by his mind completely and utterly in another place. If his body was screaming in pain he didn't know, didn't care to know. The world seemed to melt away and there was only them and the water. Phoenix bit down harder, a breath quivering out of him as he felt his dick slide into her mouth. As she slid it in and out his hands ran through her lush hair as he sank a bit "Oh-f-fuck.." Phoenix hushed through a bit lip as pleasure began to mount in him.

Shey continued to draw him in and out slowly as she felt his hands go through her hair, pleasure coming from the way his strong hands caressed her so gently. In and out she drew him in over and over wanting to give him pleasure, her own coming from satisfying him. Bit by bit she picked up pace her mouth taking him all the way in then all the way out again.

Phoenix's breaths came in drawn out pants now, his breath steaming the air even in the steam of the shower. The feel of her lips gliding up and down his shaft, her tongue pressed against his head were getting too much to bare. His fingertips glided through her hair pausing from time to time to caress her face as she sucked him hard. The view of her glistening wet naked body down on him was obsessing his mind, the echoes of pain in his body from activity being overriden and ignored. Phoenix exhaled sharply as he leaned forward outstretching a hand and leaning on it, a hand still through her hair as his thigh muscles began to tense. His head leaned down and eyes shut as water cascaded over his neck and shoulders, his body beginning to orgasm. "Oh God yeah-!" Phoenix moaned out as a wave of pleasure ripped through his body as he came, his head leaning back into the water with panting breaths, his cum shooting into her hot mouth. He gave a shuddering breath as his muscles relaxed from their tight coil on his bones from cumming. "God your a bloody angel.." Phoenix said with a smile as water still cascaded over his neck catching his breath.

Shey felt and heard his breath quicken, feeling his body react to her attentions as she sucked him harder and faster. Her own desire building, yet being satisfied with the knowledge that he was being pleased. His fingers caressing her face and working through her hand gave her chills, one of her hands gliding up and down his dick, the other gripping his ass pulling him in and out of her mouth as she blew him. Feeling the muscles in his thighs tighten, his form casting a shadow over her "Oh God yeah-!" she sucked him even harder and faster. The water once again cascading down her back as he leaned back again as he came in her mouth. His taste was strong and surprisingly sweet, there was also a lot yet she still swallowed it all. "God your a bloody angel.." she heard him say as she stood in the water planting an arm on either side of him as she smiled, "No just someone who knows that a good blow job is a great way to start the day." she smirks as she leans forward and plants a quick kiss on his lips, "Just look at that as a sample to the mornings we could have together." she says in a low seductive voice then she winks and is out of the shower in an instant. Towel in hand as she dries herself off, wrapping it about herself as she scoops up her discarded clothing and exits the bathroom a smile on her face, sway in her hips.

Phoenix was left with a smile on his face leaning in one of the corners of the shower. A hand ran through his wet red hair as he slowly caught his breath thinking. More mornings to come I hope.. as long as we can stay alive. He stood in the water for awhile longer and began to feel his muscles ache creeping back in, their argument to his activity apparent, his mind telling his crying muscles to piss off that it was worth it. A slight smirk breaking across his face. Slowly Phoenix got out of the shower making the most of the time he had while the adrenaline and endorphines coursed his body. Phoenix pulled on his camo pants and a white tight fitting shirt and wandered over to where is gear resided, an arm wrapped gingerly around his ribs. Shuffling through the gear he noticed his cigs were gone and narrowed his eyes slightly and sighed before he rummaged more. Slowly he pulled a clear case out and set it on the arm of the couch, the vials. More sifting and he pulled a syringe full of blue liquid. "This will help for a few hours, hopefully..egh.. we wont be that long." Phoenix tapped the syringe with a flick of his finger and stuck it in his arm pushing the plunger down till nothing was left. "Muscle relaxer.." Phoenix said as he bent down seemingly easy now and slid his kevlar vest on leaving the holsters empty but sheathing the broadsword on his back. Leaning down he pulled his boots on clicking the switches where the straps tightened on their own. With a stretch and roll of his shoulders he sat up and walked over to Shey hugging her from behind kissing her ear. "When I'm back to myself, I'll make sure you get your payback.." Phoenix said is an alluring voice.

She smiled as she leaned up against him, his form already a huge comfort to her as she breathed deep of his fresh scent, "I'll hold you to that promise." she says with a smile as she moves away from him and undoes the towel, showing off her amazing fit female form as she begins to pull on her clothing. Her body was marked with lighter skin in places from scars of her own, many of them, in fact, mostly across her back and shoulder area. Dressing in her uniform she straps on her sword and stands ready to leave. "Well lets go and talk with my commander and see if he can help us with our little problem." she says with a wink as she heads to the door.

They walk the few blocks to the barracks Shey trying to go as easy as possible, but not wanting to wait until the muscle relaxers wore off. As they near the building a scent in the air causes Shey to pause holding her arm out to stop Phoenix as well "Something does not smell right." she looked around the streets were fairly empty, too empty for this time of day. She grabbed him by his shirt collar and moved into an alley moving close so that she need only whisper for him to hear. "I'm going to go on ahead. You wait here and keep those beautiful blue eyes open for me." her voice held a nervous edge as she pressed herself against him and kisses him with as much passion as she could muster.

Phoenix's eyes were scanning around them as they walked, too quiet. Then he was jerked aside a sharp pain yelping in his shoulder as he was tugged into an alleyway. Phoenix nodded to her and kissed her back savoring it in his mind as he watch her go.

I really should have brought my gun.. Phoenix whispered to himself as a slow hand reached up to the hilt of the broadsword on his back, his arctic eyes scanning around the cityscape watching for anything that would blindside her, trying to focus and keep his eyes from staring at her ass. Phoenix's ears perked as he picked up a low growling, it seemed to bounce off the alley walls, it wasn't near. It seemed to be climbing, Phoenix's eyes rising and scanning the roofs of the buildings. His eyes darting back and forth from there to Shey keeping a watchful eye.

As she neared the building that uneasy feeling grew, as she was about to get to the door it burst open with a flash grenade. "Argh!!" she cried out as it blinded her, hurting her due to her enhanced senses. Then she felt a heavy metal net be thrown over her causing her to sag from its weight though still keep her footing, that was until a stun baton took her in the gut. Double over as the air left her, she went to her knees. She felt her wrists get bound behind her, then her arms pinned to her side just below the shoulders. The net was dragged away and lastly a muzzle was placed around her face, allowing her to breath and talk but definitely not bite. Her vision still blurry from the grenade she shook it out as she tried to focus on the blobs in front of her. "I'm sorry Sheyera. Just don't fight them and it will be ok." she heard a familiar voice say near her ear, "Commander? Whats going on? Why am I tied up?" she asked confused and angry. "You are tied up because you are under arrest." came a voice she had never heard before. "Arrested?" For what?" she exclaimed as she looked up to see a balding man over weight man with an umbrella." "Who the fuck are you!?" she asked as rage began to build in her. "Just an enforcer of the council. Thats all you need to know. As for why you are under arrest, well thats very simple. For harboring a criminal who seeks to unleash plague in our great city." Vision cleared now she looked around and saw over two dozen well armed and trained soldiers surrounding her, plus the fat man and her Commander who had his head hung low and was looking like he was going to slit his own throat. "I don't know what your talking about. I have done nothing but risked my life for this city day after day for 15 fucking years!!! I have awards that would match even your weight..." she says sneering at the fat man, "I am Lt. Commander Sheyera West. Daughter to Falon of the Nordic tribe and Una of the Cherokee. You do not know who you are fucking with!" she roared as she got to her feet but was then struck down again. "Oh but I do. Your just another dumb whore who picked the wrong fuck buddy, your just lucky I don't add murder to those charges. Help her up." he says to a pair of his men, then turning to her commander, "Thank you for your help. You clan will have their rookery returned to them without a single egg harmed." "Your not going to get away with this." he growled to the fat man, "Oh but I have. Unless you want to have your eggs smashed, after all they are still in our possession." To that her commander just turned away as they dragged Shey to her feet and lead her away, her only hope that Phoenix was not foolish enough to try and rescue her alone and in his condition. She could put up with whatever they could throw at her for a few days before she began to get annoyed. Forming up they lead her away and into an APC that lifted off into the sky and headed into the heart of the city and the building where the council met daily.

Phoenix looked on from the alley in horror and rage. His fist clamped so tightly around his sword that his knuckles felt as if they would crack under strain. He knew... Knew that going out there now would be suicide, for the both of them. Blue eyes welled with tears, his teeth gritting with fury as he watch the APC lift and fly away. A heavy thud sounded behind him and Phoenix slowly turned.

"Revenge is a bitch.." A tall grey werewolf stood at the end of the alleyway, an eye scarred and limb gone showing the signs of a slow regrowth. It was the last one from Micheal's posse' that hadn't died.

"You want to fuck with me NOW!?" Phoenix cried out as his broadsword spun and shifted into its massive sword size, his wrist flicking and torquing its metal red hot. The blade felt heavy in his hands, usually he could barely feel its weight. "Everything I get in life God takes away! Everything I've ever loved. And now I'm gonna make someone pay..." Phoenix felt adrenaline surge through his body as he saw the werewolf lumbering towards him in long gaunts. "This is where you die! And the rest will follow!" Phoenix yelled so hard his throat felt like it'd bleed. Gripping the sword with two hands he spun in a hard horizontal swing, its blade cutting clear through the right wall hitting air, then the left wall and coming out to slice the werewolf clean in half with such force the two bits went flying down the alley way, the two buildings beginning to shake and crumble. His body began to cry out in pain. The broadsword slowly shifted and geared back as he hoisted it to his back latching it. He began his painful walk back to the house. He'd need his guns.. and more meds.

Shey sat in a small room her hands, arms and mouth still bound. She glared around the empty white room and sighed, "Look if you are going to keep me here you might as well interrogate me or something, because I have better things to do then sit around and wait for you all to get your heads out of your asses." she calls out as she sits and waits, *Like being with Phoenix.* she thinks to herself, when suddenly the door opens up behind her she sits up straighter. "Ah my dear Sheyera I hope that my friend was not too rough with you?" came a voice that she knew all too well. The same voice she had heard on the television day after day now for the past 4 years. "You!" she snarled as she strained against the chair she was strapped to, "What do you want with me?" she growls to him. He walks around to stand in front of her, his hands in the pants pocket of his three piece suit, smiling he leans forward, "Here lets get rid of that..." saying as he removes the muzzle, which he had to jump back as she snapped at him fangs bared. "Now now lets behave ourselves. I only wish to talk." he says as he pulls up a chair sitting his out of shape form heavily down. "Where are the vials?" he started. "Fuck off! I don't know what you are talking about." she growls to him. Sighing he asks again, "The vials please." Shey snarls at him her jaws snapping in the air "I don't know what you are talking about!" growling at him. The sounds of his chair scrapping across the floor, "I was hoping we would not have to do this." he gets up and walks behind her out of her view. She feels her sleeve get pushed up and then the sharp pain as a needle pierces her skin. "What the fuck did you give me?!" she asks as her wrist begins to burn, "A sample I have been working on. Something to put you animals in your places." he says softly as Shey feels her skin crawling, and her body burning. "I'll be back to ask you again later." "You mother fucker you gave me silver." she gasped as she moans in pain, "That a something a little more, similar to what your boyfriend is carrying with him. Its why I need his vials, my virus does not have the same effect as the one that he has. It...well you will see for yourself in a few hours unless you change your mind and give me what I want." "Go to hell." she groaned to him as she felt her body begin to destroy itself from the inside out, "I'm sure you will get there first with that attitude." he smirks and leaves the room. Shey now began to sob as she hurt, hurt so bad that she did not know what to do. "Phoenix..." she gasps before howling in pain as blood began to spill from the corners of her mouth.

Her Commander remorseful for what he did went to Shey's apartment, knocking on the door he calls out, "I know your in there Phoenix and I know you are going to rescue her. I want to help."

Before he could finish the sentence the door flung open a hand reaching up and clamping around his thick throat pushing and slamming him against the opposite wall. "You son of a bitch!" Phoenix's eyes were furious, his other hand holding a 44 under his chin.
"I wish I could kill you right fucking now you know that? Sad thing is you probably can help me. Come in..." Phoenix let him down and walked inside, the lights were dim. Sprawled out were all of his guns, loaded. He wore his camo pants and boots, his vest was lined with shotgun shells and cartridges, his back holding his broadsword, his side the long katakana.

"I thought you were severely injured.. how can you be doing this?" The Commander questioned still holding his throat sorely.

"I am a scientist.. I can make myself go when I want it to go, meds are a wondrous and evil thing. Right now I'm running off of muscle relaxant and adrenaline doses." Phoenix said as he began to holster his guns, numerous dots in his right shoulder with orange smear across where he had wiped away the blood. Phoenix leaned up from sliding a pistol on an ankle holster and tossed the Commander a black box. "There you go blaggard... Those are them. You're job is to keep them safe, and get me inside." Phoenix put on a camo trench coat , looking just like the military walking the streets, before sliding his auto shotgun around his shoulder.
"Lets go. Following you."

Shey awoke with a gasp her vision was blurry, she was not sure how long she had been asleep well passed out. The pain had been so intense that she had not been able to to anything else. She looked down at her bare shoulders and noticed that her skin was slick with blood and sweat, her body was covered in open sores. Moaning she looked over at the two way mirror and gasped at what she saw there, it looked like she had been sprinkled with acid, her flesh burning and scaring in all over. The burning was no longer so intense, but it was still there. "So are you going to tell us where he is? Or are you going to get a second dose?" came a voice over the speakers. "Burn in hell." she said in a weak horse voice. "Wrong answer darling, it would appear you are already here." came a mocking tone as the door swung open slowly, panic began to creep into her.

Her commander tucked the vials into his jacket then lead the way to the base, taking his personal transport, The guard allowed him through the gate without any problems, as they glided through the parking area he spoke, "Are you sure you should be doing this? I know you have your drugs to keep you going, but you don't know what thats going to do to your body. You could kill yourself." he parks the transport, it lands with a hiss. He turns looking at Phoenix, "I'll wait here for you. But I'm not sure Shey would forgive me if anything were to happen to you, she is a very tough girl but she she loves hard and would go on a rampage through the city should you die." he said in a sadden tone as he handed him a key card, "This will give you access throughout the base, it should get you to Shey faster then shooting your way through the place. Good luck and sorry once again."

Phoenix's gaze was somber, then hardened as he turned to the Commander. "If she dies, my heart dies and what life is that worth living anyways? The drugs are already over clocking my body, there is no doubt about that. But risk is a four letter word." Phoenix got out of the car and shouldered his shotgun pulling over a ranger ski mask with a wide opening at his eyes and put on a barret. "So is love." Phoenix shut the door with a slam and walked to the entrance to the building swiping the card. A beep sounded and he was in.
White tiled floors matched the white walls that towered up to chapel ceilings. The white on white almost had a dizzying effect. Phoenix slowed as he came to a metal detector gate and a lazy guard standing at a security desk.

"Alright soldier, weapon over here and walk through." The security guard waved him in and Phoenix tossed the shotgun to him, the guard almost toppling with its weight. He stepped through, the gate whined and blared an annoying beep. The guard sighed and hitched up his belt around his belly and walked over. "OOook soldier, what else ya got." The guard said as he stopped in front of the silent Phoenix motioning for him to open his coat.

Phoenix did so revealing his array of weapons, the guard stepped back with eyes wide "Holy shit!" He yelled as he reached for a radio on his shoulder. A heavy hand rose a single 44, a hollow boom sounded as it kicked back. A quarter sized hole appearing in the guards forehead, a basketball crevice in the back of his skull exploding, blood and brain matter hitting the wall and floor behind him. Phoenix stood there, gun smoking, waiting for rushing reinforcements. None came.

Hitching his shotgun back on his shoulder he began his trudging walk through the halls, guards and other soldiers didn't give second glances. Must've been the key card badge he had hooked on the front of his coat. Finally he found a door labeled "1B Holding". Phoenix began to reach for the door as he heard a faint yell, his head turning to the side to listen. They had found the body. Quickly he grabbed two grenades off his waist and tossed them to either side of him, seconds later white smoke exploded clouding the hallway into nothingness. The door creaking open and closed as he disappeared. Boots clomped down concrete steps, his, as he ran down the coiling staircase. He could hear screams and echoes. His heart was pounding, it felt like it would give, but he had to go on. As he rounded the corner he screeched to a stop, his boots gliding in black marks on the white tile. Three guards stood standing, M16 on their shoulders talking, their head turned and looked at him. "Alo boys. Got a cig on ya?" Phoenix said as he began to step forward. One peered down into his pocket and began to pull a carton out, as his eyes raised his head lurched back a shotgun bebes shredded his face. A hard pump and the shotgun roared again as the second guard lurched backwards into the wall. The third had time to raise his weapon and fire, a three round burst nailing Phoenix in the chest. He grunted and spun around before straightening and shooting the large gun with one hand, the last shot nailing the man in the kneecap, it exploding into red pulp. Phoenix huffed in air, the bullets hit his vest but still probably re fractured his ribs. Slinging the shotgun over his back he opened his trench coat pulling out a .45 and aiming at the pleading guard. "Sod off..." Two shots rang out with that, the guard lying dead. Stepping through the bodies Phoenix came into a long passage. The hallway was black, doors were white with numbers and cell bars for windows.
Only one light was on, Phoenix began to run down the hallway. A run turned into a sprint, a sprint into an all out dash. There was a loud bang and Phoenix jolted as he was struck in the back flying forwards. A bullet ripped into his left shoulder blade and shot through his front, the bullet making a spark on the far wall. Phoenix spun on the ground as he slid, unholstering two pistols and emptying their clips into a soldier with captain bars on his barret down the hall that was aiming an AWP. The bullets showered the hallway before two of them landed into the soldiers chest jolting him backwards. Phoenix grunted, blood dripping from his lips, a through and through. Standing slowly Phoenix looked into the lit doorway, seeing Shey sitting crumpled in a chair. Adrenaline and fury coursed through him, his blue eyes jutting to the side seeing the soldier's shadow getting up and transforming. "You'll all die for this!" Phoenix gripped his katakana at his side. "Sing Teslah!" his arm swung the sword from its sheath. A high pitched ring became a blaring scream as a sonic boom of air sliced down the hall, each window behind blasted open as it flew past. At the end of the hall it hit the transforming soldier slicing him in two, the banshee like scream dying out.

The door slowly swung fully open. The figure walked into the light breathing heavily. Its gloved hand reaching for its mask pulling it away revealing Phoenix's face. "Shey.." He ran over to her kneeling down and raising her head looking at her skin. "Mary.. what have they done!" Phoenix held her face in his hands "Look at me! Look! You'll be alright, stay with me. Shey! Don't go to sleep, stay with me." Phoenix urged her trying to get her golden eyes to focus on him. Taking his gloves off he ran a thumb over her skin and looked at its shine in the light, almost glimmer.

"Fuck.. Silver nitrate virus. What the fuck. Alright, alright. Stay with me Shey, I've got you Lass." Phoenix shed his trench coat and winced at the pain in his arm, losing more blood. Pulling a clear box from one of his cargo pockets in his pants he opened it pulling out a syringe gun and three vials. One clear, one with a green liquid. "I figured that they'd do this..." Phoenix took the gun and stuck a clear vial in it and stabbed it into his leg wincing and pulling the trigger, the plunger pulling out, his red blood filling it. After that he slid the green vial in another slot on the gun and leaned up kissing Shey and hugging her with one arm. "I've got you, stay with me." Stabbing the needle into her leg and compressing the trigger both vials swirled and began to exit their contents into Shey. It was an anti-viral to the silver nitrate, the medicine binding to his blood cells as it went in traveling through her bloodstream faster than if it had attached to her damaged deteriorating ones. Her body felt a cooling sensation wave over her like she had just laid in snow after being in a desert. The sores on her body began to close, the dead skin falling away. Phoenix was working on her cuffs breaking them away with his bare hands when he heard the footsteps stomping the hallway. "Last Cell! Don't let him escape!" Running to the edge of the door Phoenix unpinned two frag grenades and threw them down the hall. There were screams before the loud explosion shuddered the building. Running over to Shey Phoenix lifted her on his shoulder and collapsed to a knee with a grunt. "Feck... not now." He began to cough, blood spattering the floor as he set her down against the wall, holding his chest. He had to get her out of here, that's all that mattered. He could hear more coming... Suddenly he gripped the syringe gun in hand and crawled over to Shey who seemed unconscious at this point. "I'm sorry.." He whispered as he pushed the needle into her thigh and pressed the trigger, her red blood filling the vials. Pulling it away he stood and leaned against the wall heaving in breathes. "Fuck it." He whispered harshly gritting his teeth and stabbing the syringe to his neck pressing the trigger, her blood slowly spiraled into his bloody stream. He gasped as air filled his lungs, his body burned, he could feel his wound closing. The syringe gun dropped to the ground clanking. His blues eyes began to glow, his muscles shifting and bones popping. He ripped away his vest as he grew, black fur beginning to shroud his body. His size was immense, his shoulder blades touching the low ceiling, his fur black as night and his eyes blue as the sky shining. Phoenix ran a long tongue the length of his muzzle, his ears pricking hearing everything from Shey's low breathing to the footsteps outside. With a slow heavy walk he bent over and exited the door into the dark hall, with loud howl the men stopped in their tracks, two blazing blue eyes staring at them.
"Run away little girl.. run away!" With that he began a full on charge into them, claws and teeth tearing into flesh. He didn't know how many there were, he didn't know how many were coming, his eyes just saw red and he kept going. Have to get her out of here.. at any way possible..

Shey moaned as the world began to come into focus once more, "Phoenix?" she said softly as she felt her body cooling, his scent so strong and close to her now. She thought she say his red hair for a moment as she felt herself get lifted out of the chair, then back down again. Her vision getting clearer as she looked over at him...

"I'm sorry.." He whispered as he pushed the needle into her thigh and pressed the trigger, her red blood filling the vials. Pulling it away he stood and leaned against the wall heaving in breathes. "Fuck it." He whispered harshly gritting his teeth and stabbing the syringe to his neck pressing the trigger, her blood slowly spiraled into his bloody stream.

"Phoenix?" she asked again weakly though she could feel her body beginning to regenerate. "No...don't...." she began to get up but when she tried her body resisted and she fell back back down.

The syringe gun dropped to the ground clanking. His blues eyes began to glow, his muscles shifting and bones popping. He ripped away his vest as he grew, black fur beginning to shroud his body. His size was immense, his shoulder blades touching the low ceiling, his fur black as night and his eyes blue as the sky shining. Phoenix ran a long tongue the length of his muzzle, his ears pricking hearing everything from Shey's low breathing to the footsteps outside. With a slow heavy walk he bent over and exited the door into the dark hall, with loud howl the men stopped in their tracks, two blazing blue eyes staring at them.

"No..." she said stronger this time as she felt her body grow stronger, "No...I'm not going to leave you!" she said as she stood now releasing the control on her inner beast and allowing the change to take. He was larger then her as was he right as being male, yet still she was not something to laugh at. She charged through the near by wall coming through the wall and into the room next to her, then with a howl she crashed through the wall leading into the hallway tackling a soldier who was in the process of transforming himself. Her golden eyes met that of Phoenix's blue, "What made you think that I would allow you fight them on your own? WE are leaving here together or not at all." she growls to him as she rips the throat out of the man she had pinned beneath her massive weight. Throwing back her head and howling she began to tear into the soldiers as they swarmed the pair. "This way!" she called out to him as she crashed through the wall into the stair case, "Come on we will try to beat them to the parking floor." she growls to him as she drops to all four and starts jumping the flights of stairs, landing on each level in one bound before moving to the next.

Her mind was racing as she tried to think about what to do.....he had given up his humanity to save her, there was nothing she could to reverse it. He was now a werewolf, like herself now and this changed everything for the two of them. Now they had to find a way out of here and then find somewhere safe in the city to hide, or they could leave the city and try to fight their way out in the waste lands. She could hear the foot steps of the soldiers above her and then from some beneath her. These she caught by surprise when she leap on them pinning them down as she disemboweled them alive, their screams echoing in the stairwell. Bursting through the door leading into the parking lot she saw her commander and his transport waving to them as he throws open the back doors. "This way!" he calls out. Shey turns as Phoenix exits the stairs ripping a water pipe from the wall and bracing it against the door blocking their path. The door shuddered with the impact, claws scratching and howling could be heard from those who had given into their beast as well. Shey climbs into the back with Phoenix as her commander takes off at full speed breaking through the gate and heading off into the city. Breathing heavily she looked over at him gold eyes intense, "What have you done?" she growls to him. Sighing she looks at him with sad eyes, "My did not have...become this..." she gestures to herself and then to him. She moves closer to him nuzzling him on the neck and chest as her nose took in his new scent, "Quite a pair we make now." she said with a sad laugh, "You know there is no way to reverse this? You are going to be like this for the rest of your very long life." she whispered to him as she continued to nuzzle him.

Phoenix's large chest heaved in and out pulling the air in around him. His glowing bright blue eyes shifted to her "I did what needed to be done." His head raising as she nuzzled his neck. He could smell her now, more than before, differently. It was strange but comforting as well. "Sooner or later I would have been a demon, awhile back ago I was caught by one. At least this way I'm mildly more attractive than that yeah?" Phoenix gave a low laugh, a hand running through his onyx black fur on his scalp. "Even if I did get you out by myself, I was dead. My muscles were deteriorating from the adrenaline, I had a cut lung from a shattered rib, and a through n' through sniper bullet in the shoulder... heh.. But it was going to be worth it." Phoenix hung his head a moment thinking "And I was ok with that."

Shey looked at him intently nuzzling up his head to meet her eyes, "I'm glad that you are alive, but I don't want you to think that your life is less valuable then mine. I love you and would want you to live on no matter what became of me because I would find you again in the afterlife. I know that to be true just as I know that I crave raw meat and blood." she says with a wry smile. She nuzzles him again, "Your not going to be able to change at will for time yet, thats going to take sometime. I'll teach you to control what you are now, you are strong and I know that you will be able to control the beast better then most. Although now that you get all big and furry...." she trails a claw down his chest, "I will admit this is a turn on for me. Now you are a strong and dominant male wolf, something I have been searching for my whole life." she says to him as the APC moves on toward some unknown destination.

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While this is an ok place to end the story, with Pheonix and Shey leaving to find a place to spend their life together, I think it would be great if we can catch the end of the story, completed. Are you still trying to find the co-author?

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2011-12-08 23:56:27
That's not just the best answer. It's the btesset answer!


2009-06-13 01:46:36
Well since people seem to like my stories so much I will get around to posting more. I'm glad so many people enjoyed it.

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2009-06-06 05:38:48
so there will be other storyes here?

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