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A bad teeanager gets what she might have wanted?
It was the first really warm day of spring and I was driving toward the car wash with my legs wide open so the hot sun and cool breeze could stimulate my freshly shaved pussy. My short skirt was hiked way up, so I could look down and see my hot little slit. My poor pussy had been cooped up for the long winter and it needed to be seen. I wanted someone to see me, but I didn’t at the same time. It was just the nervous excitement of knowing I was driving through town with my cunt uncovered, that I liked. I'd probably be so embarrassed if someone saw me, and what if they told my parents.

The front of the self wash, car wash faced the road and the rear faced the woods. I love to wash my car in a teeshirt, no bra and short skirt with no panties. Not a busy street, but the thought of cars passing so close while my pussy might be exposed, gets me so excited. Someone might even walk past while my wet shirt reveals my firm D-cups with their dark crowns point through the white cotton. If my exhibition doesn't get me hot enough, I'll hold the high powered spray handle against my box as I wet the car. The vibrations will surely get me so hot I'll cum without even sticking a finger in myself.

There wasn't a soul around when I got out of my car to wash it, which disappointed me in a way, but also made me feel like acting as dangerous as I could. I was squatting down sitting back on my heals to wash the wheels and tires. My legs apart so that my completely bald pussy would be seen by anyone that happened by. I felt extremely bold, and started fondling myself. I was so wet knowing that someone might see my beautiful teenage pussy being fingered right there in public. I wondered for a second why I was such a nasty girl, and what if I were to get caught like this, what would I do.

With two fingers sliding in and out of my wonderful hole and one flicking my clit, my eyes closed as I approached climax, imagining someone watching me. I pulled my fingers out as an orgasm rocked through me. My body squirted its sweet fluid to the floor as I shivered with the thrill of getting off in public. I caught my breath and started to stand up but suddenly I was pulled down. I looked up and a huge black man was standing over me. I tried to get away but he held me down easily by the shoulders. Then another man step in front of me and said, "don’t say a word bitch, or we’re going to fuck you up". Then he said, "look at you, you slut, you’re gonna get just what you been asking for". I was scared shit, and didn’t know what to do. These guys were at least 6’5” and ripped with muscles.

He stepped forward and the guy behind me grabbed me by my neck and pulled me up to my knees and then held me by my ponytail. I was praying for someone to show up and save me from these men. The man in front of me pulled his zipper down and reached inside his pants. With one smooth motion his charcoal colored flesh flopped out and hung down. It hung like that fat fucken rope we climb up in gym class. I started to beg but using my hair as the reigns, my face was lead to the massive black dick in front of me. I had never seen a black cock, nor any dick that big. Before I could do anything my mouth was being stuffed full of black cock. The man behind me was hurting me as he pulled my hair to positioned my head so it could best accommodate his partner.

I couldn’t even get half of him in my mouth, but he was trying to force all of it down my throat. The two men were working in unison to fuck my face. The man in front would thrust forward as the man behind pushed my head to meet him. I was gagging and gasping for air as he packed my throat.

I wonder if they will kill me, or just rape me, I thought. Would it matter if I did a good job, would it last as long if I did my best to get him off? Suddenly they stopped punishing my face and pulled me to my feet. The man in front grabbed my face and squeezed it hard. His hand was giant and easily covered my whole face. He said, "you remember to keep your mouth shut bitch, or you're dead". Then he spun me around like a rag doll and pushed me hard against the car. I felt so powerless, and scared. Is this what I get for showing my body off? Did I ask for this?

The man used his foot to kicked my feet apart and then pulled my skirt up over my hips so now my whole ass was exposed. The two men were commenting about my ass and how good it was going to be, but I was just hoping they didn’t kill me. Then he pulled my shirt up in the front over my head. My arms were still in it, it was just stretched over my head and behind my neck. My nipples responded to the cool metal surface of the car.

I was not prepared for what was about to happen to me. I had only slept with a few boys and they only had tiny little high school dicks. I felt a hand between my legs trying to locate the target. Once he found my tiny hole he didn’t take time to work himself in, he just rammed his cock in me. I felt like he had torn me in two, ripped my pussy fabric. Then he said, "shit, this slut is wet and ready". It was true, I was already wet, soaking wet.

The front of my body was pressed against the car while my insides were being pounded by a huge black dick. I couldn’t even think anymore as his cock, the size of a baseball bat, fucked me harder than I ever thought I could be fucked. Thrust after thrust he seemed to go deeper every time. I was being raped out here as cars passed by. At any moment someone could pull up to wash their car and they would see my bare ass being fucked in public.

Then the other man said, "let me get some of that, we don’t have all day". I hadn’t even considered that they were both going to do me. The guy fucking me picked up speed and started slamming me into the car as his body pounded mine. Thud after thud his steel pole bashed me deep inside my body. Then I felt his cock thicken, I knew he was getting ready to cum. A few more deep plunges and I felt his hot cum fill my womb. He just stayed in me up to his balls until he had pumped every drop into me. Then he pulled out fast and I felt as if my pussy was wide open and would never close up. Fluid ran down my inner thighs, I wondered how much was blood.

When he finished fucking me, he turned me to faces his buddy. His cock was standing straight out in front of him, it looked even bigger than the cock that had just filled me. "Wow nice tits", he said as he grabbed my tit and squeezed it. His fingers pinched my nipples hard, and it shot a wave of painful excitement through me.

The man who had already fucked me picked me up from behind and held me against his body. He held me behind my knees and raised them up and apart until my legs were open wide. He leaned back against the car while his friend got in position to enter me. I was so stretched out and wet that he had no problem shoving himself into me. He pounded juices out of my gushing hole with every deep stroke of his cock. He had hold of both my tits and was squeezing them hard, making my nipples sting. I had never been so scared, and I had never felt anything like this. I couldn’t have even imagined having something so big driven into me.

Before I knew what was happening he stopped and they had me against the car again, face first. Then I felt him positioning his wet cock head at the entrance of my asshole. I started to beg him not to, but he crammed his dick through my tight ass ring before I could speak. My asshole opened wide and he slide in, cum and pussy juice easing the way. There was a sharp pain at first but my hole seemed to quickly expand to accommodate the assault.

Then he reached around and roughly fingered my cunt and rubbed my clit as he pushed more and more black cock into my bowels. The deeper he went the fatter his shaft and the wider it opened my shit hole. The other guy said, "holy shit you're fucken her shitter, give it to her hard, she loves it".

The man worked my clit while packing my asshole and before long he grunted and he shot inside me. He was so far in me I thought he must be cumin in my stomach. He milked his rod in me before pulling out and then slapped my ass a few times with his dick, and laughing. Then they ripped off my teeshirt and skirt. They told me that I better forget I ever saw them, or they would kill me and then they left me there with no clothes.

I drove home in a dirty teeshirt I found in the trunk, nude from the waist down, with my ass and pussy filled with my rapist’s cum. I didn’t even think about who might be noticing me, I just cried. Nobody was home so I made it to my room without anyone seeing me. I stayed there the rest of the day, mostly crying. I struggled with the fear of being pregnant or aids, but I struggled even more with something else.

I cried myself to sleep for months, waking from dreams of strange people force fucking me. Sadly, every time I woke up suddenly from an assault, my pussy was wet. I live with constant confusion and guilt because I feel in someway I asked for it, but mostly because the truth is, if I knew they weren't going to kill me, I would have enjoyed it, more. I would have loved to have been forced to do what I really wanted to do, get fucked in public. There would be no guilt in doing it, because someone made me act like the slut I wanted to be. I wanted people to see me having my tender slit penetrated by a huge cock. I even had three orgasms while those two men raped me. A car went past right as the first man emptied his hot sperm in me and the thought of being seen sent me over the top. The real problem I have now is that I don't think I can get off from normal sex ever again. I need to be violated in public.

Don't rape anyone, I'm crazy.


2017-08-23 12:50:45
Omg, I do loved it. Being used in public is so freeing I love


2017-08-23 12:49:06
Omg, I do loved it. Being used in public is so freeing I love


2017-08-23 12:48:56
Omg, I do loved it. Being used in public is so freeing I love

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2016-05-14 01:57:46
Why does it matter what color he was. Black white it doesnt matter. He still did more for you than you do for him. Anyway enjoyed the story.

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2015-10-14 23:09:46
I wonder if she finished washing her car. Would have been a shame to pay for the wash and not even finish it

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