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Chapter 2

Pornacopia dressed quickly and stopped to look around the room he no longer slept in. The only signs that the room had ever been occupied were the damp towel on the floor where he’d dropped it while he was getting dressed in his red t-shirt and brown slacks, and the open door to his closet as well as the drawers pulled out in his dresser. Pornacopia picked up the towel from the floor and dropped it on the unused bed before he sat down next to it to pull on his socks and shoes. He still remembered the last night he’d slept in his own bed, about three months earlier, just five weeks after the first time he fucked Lynn.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Leroy eased his bedroom door shut and let out his breath in silent sigh of relief when it closed without a sound. Turning on his bare feet Pornacopia tiptoed down to Lynn’s room and was reaching for the doorknob when he heard the muffled voices in his half-sister’s bedroom.

“Oh my God,” Leroy heard his father say in an excited whisper just loud enough to carry through the door. “The only person who knew that trick for sucking cock was . . .”

“My mother?” Lynn asked with a short giggle at the end of her whispered reply. “Who do you think taught me to eat cock, daddy? And of course that’s not all she taught me. By the time we’re done you’ll swear you were twenty years old and fucking her all over again.”

“That sounds like a lot of fun,” police chief Brown said. “But first let me show you how much I’ve learned about eating pussy since your mother left, after all, I want you to be nice and wet when I slip my cock in your tight little cunt.”

“Daddy, I’m so glad you decided to take me up on my offer tonight,” Lynn said with a little squeal of pleasure as her father did something to her on the other side of the closed door.

With a heavy heart Leroy scuttled past his sister’s bedroom and moved on to the bathroom. Once in the bathroom Pornacopia made the usual noises for someone making a run to the bathroom in the middle of the night. When he returned to his own bedroom he stopped just long enough to listen at Lynn’s door before he moved on as casually as possible, but before he moved on he heard Lynn ask, “Do you think they heard us?”

“I don’t think so,” came Chief Brown’s hushed reply, “but even if they did Leroy would have no idea what the sounds meant, and your step mother would do her best to ignore them. Now where were we?”

Leroy was almost back to his room when he heard the wet sniff from his parents room and looked down the hall to see that their bedroom door was ajar. “Mom?” Pornacopia called softly as he pushed his parents door open and stuck his head inside. From the full moon shining in through the bedroom window the brown haired teen could just see the form of his mother where she sat on the edge of the bed she usually shared with her husband. “Mom, are you alright.”

“I’m fine Leroy,” Mrs. Brown said with a soft sniff that betrayed just how wrong things were.

“Mom, I know about dad and Lynn,” Pornacopia said as he slipped into the master bedroom and eased the door shut behind him. “I just heard them through Lynn’s bedroom door.”

“I guess I should have expected something like this,” Mrs. Brown said as her son sat down next to her and slid a comforting arm around her shoulder. He noticed that his mother was wearing a thin negligee and nothing else and he felt his cock stirring in his shorts as he wondered what her breasts would feel like through the thin fabric. “When I saw Lynn for the first time all I could think of was how much she looked like her mother, and I knew something was going to happen.”

“I thought you didn’t know Lynn’s mother,” Pornacopia said as he let his hand slip an inch down his mother’s back, he could feel his fingers twitching as he anticipated the feel of her soft tits against his palm.

“That’s what your father thought,” Mrs. Brown said, giving a little jump as she felt her son’s hand move slightly closer to her breast before she took a quick breath and held still against the slow intrusion of her son’s body. “But I knew Ming for a few months before she disappeared. The first time I saw your father I knew he was the man for me, but he was so intoxicated by Ming Gardner’s exotic beauty that he never even noticed any of the other girls who threw themselves at him, but Ming noticed. The night before she left Ming came to my dorm room and told me that she was leaving and why, she told me that she knew she wasn’t the right one for your father and that if she stuck around long enough for him to find out that she was pregnant then he’d insist on marrying her and she knew she wouldn’t be able to resist him. The last thing she told me before she left that night was that I should hold off for a while or your dad would think he was catching me on the rebound, but she also told me not to wait too long or someone else would catch him first. I guess my timing was just right because when I asked your father on a date two months later things worked out so well that we’ve been together ever since - at least until tonight.”

“Mom,” Pornacopia said, his fingers pulling back the edge of her nightie until he could brush his fingertips across her shrunken nipple. “Mom, I’m sorry about dad but . . .”

“No Leroy, it’s ok,” Pornacopia’s mother said with a sigh of mixed regret and pleasure, “I know your father still loves me, and I still love him, but he’s as intoxicated with Lynn’s exotic beauty as he was with Ming’s. And since he never knew about her until just a few weeks ago it isn’t even like he’s committing incest, it’s more like Ming has come back to life sixteen years after she disappeared.”

“How can you be so understanding, mom?” Leroy asked, he could feel his mother’s nipple starting to respond to his manipulation and he heard her catch her breath as the hard nubbin sprang to life under his fingers.

“You think so, Leroy?” Pornacopia’s mother purred, “the truth is that I’m jealous as hell.”

“What do you mean?” Pornacopia said as he reached across his mother’s chest to push the other side of her negligee away from her other breast so he could tease the half hard nipple of that breast with his finger tips. The teenager tried to suppress the hope that rose in his chest as well as the stiffening in his half hard cock.

“Well Leroy,” Pornacopia’s mother said as she turned to give her son easier access to her breasts as she brought her hand to rest on his thigh, “I’ll tell you a little secret. I’ve been dreaming of fucking you for years.”

“You can’t be serious,” Leroy said as tried to get a closer look at his mother’s face in the darkness of the bedroom.

“I am,” Mrs. Brown said as she inched her hand along her son’s inner thigh. “I have - of course - been suppressing an almost daily desire to rip your clothes off, toss you into the nearest bed, and fuck you raw because I knew it wouldn’t be socially acceptable - especially for the wife of Idaville’s chief of police. But now that your father’s broken the ice by fucking your sister, it’s only fair that I get my turn as well.”

As she finished talking Leroy’s mother moved her hand the rest of the way to her son’s crotch and brushed her fingers along Pornacopia’s cock through his shorts. “You know Leroy,” Mrs. Brown said as her son leaned close and licked her free nipple as his fingers continued to tease the other one, “as many time’s as I’ve dreamed of fucking you, I was the one who started the seduction, not you.”

“Don’t worry Leroy,” Pornacopia’s mother said, catching his wrist before he could pull his hand away from her nipple, “you’re doing a very good job of seducing me. In fact, you’re doing a much better job than I would have expected from you. Don’t tell me you and Sally . . .”

“No mom,” Pornacopia said as he slid one hand down between his mother’s thighs to run his finger tips along her damp hairless slit,“Sally is still a virgin as far as I know, but I’m not.”

“Well if Sally didn’t get your cherry,” Mrs. Brown said thoughtfully, “and I didn’t get it, then who did get it?”

“Promise you won’t get mad?” Leroy asked, taking his tongue away from his mother’s erect nipple long enough to ask his question before he went back to licking the skin around the hard nubbin.

“I promise,” Mrs. Brown said with a soft moan of pleasure, “I won’t get mad, no matter who got you cherry.”

“I trust you mom,” Pornacopia said as his mother stroked his shaft and he slipped his finger tips between her pussy lips and started finger fucking his own mother. “Let’s just say that dad isn’t the first member of the family that Lynn seduced. It started out with her convincing me that she could teach me to fuck so I’d know what I was doing when I finally got around to fucking Sally.”

“And you fell for it?” Mrs. Brown asked with a soft chuckle.

“Well I wasn’t exactly thinking straight since she was playing with my cock and I was playing with her tits at the time,” Pornacopia admitted with a chuckle of his own. “But once we started fucking I enjoyed it so much that I let her keep going with the lessons.”

“How many lessons have you had?” Leroy’s mother asked as her son stroked the full length of his fingers into her drooling cunt.

“I’ve lost count,” Pornacopia said, “but Lynn and I have been fucking at least once and usually twice a day for more than a month now.”

“I’ll have to thank Lynn for giving you all those lessons,” Mrs. Brown said as she reached slipped her hand into her son’s shorts to stroke his bare cock, “she’s obviously been doing a good job.”

“I think so too,” Pornacopia agreed, teasing his mother’s blood filled clit with his thumb.

“Leroy,” Mrs. Brown said as she leaned forward to kiss her son on the lips, pushing her tongue possessively into his mouth.

“Yes mom?” Pornacopia asked as he reluctantly pulled his mouth away from his mother’s hungry lips, slipping his fingers in and out of her wet pussy as fast as he could.

“How would you like to make your mother’s dream come true?”

“You mean . . .”

“Yes Leryoy,” Mrs. Brown said in a husky voice, “I want you to fuck me.”

“Of course mother,” Leroy said with a lust filled smile as he pulled his fingers from his mother’s cunt. He licked them clean and reached for the reading lamp next to the bed, only to realize that his mother beat him to the switch. Pornacopia blinked in the sudden light and then turned to look at his mother in the dim light of the bedside lamp. The brown curls framing her face made a nimbus that almost hid her head in shadows but he could see the spark of lust that filled her eyes and he knew that she could see a similar light in his own eyes.

“Did your sister teach you how to sixty-nine?” Leroy’s mother asked.

“She did,” Pornacopia said, licking his lips in anticipation.

“Then let’s see how well you learned your lessons,” Mrs. Brown said, standing up just long enough to slither out of her nightie, Pornacopia wondered if all women looked as hot and sexy as his sister and mother did when they were removing their clothes.

“You better hurry up, Leroy,” Mrs. Brown said as she bounced into the middle of the queen size bed she shared with her husband, “I want your tongue and your cock now, before I lose my nerve.”

“We’re both too horny for that,” Pornacopia said his cheeks blushing with embarrassment as he hopped out of bed and pushed his shorts down over his erect cock so they could drop down to the floor before he jumped back onto the bed and straddled his mother’s face before leaning forward to reach her hairless pussy.

“Mom,” Pornacopia said as he looked at his mother’s bare slit. “Why don’t you have any cunt hair? Lynn’s only sixteen and she has more hair than you do around her pussy.”

“That’s because I shave,” Mrs. Brown said. “You see, Leroy, I’m not the only one with dreams. Your father’s always fantasized about fucking younger girls, but just like me he’d never dream about fulfilling his dreams - or at least he didn’t until now - by shaving my pussy hair it helped us to live out his fantasy. Of course until Lynn came along he didn’t think he’d ever have a chance to fuck a daughter for real, and now he is, and I’m about to fulfill my fantasy just like him.”

“I didn’t realize it until just now,” Pornacopia said, “but I think I’ve been dreaming about fucking you too mom.”

“Why thank you Leroy,” Mrs. Brown said as she took the tip of her tongue away from the quivering head of her son’s cock, “that’s the nicest - and horniest - thing you could say right now.”

“Mom, there is one thing you should know,” Pornacopia said as he stroked his mother’s drooling slit with his fingers. “It’s about Sally Kimball, as much as I want to fuck you - and Lynn too for that matter - Sally . . .”

“Sally is the girl you love, and the girl who loves you,” Mrs. Brown finished as her son hesitated, “I’ve known that for three years Leroy. I know Sally has your heart, and someday she’ll have your cock as well, but until the day you finally get up the nerve to fuck her I’m perfectly satisfied sharing your beautiful cock with your sister.”

“I’m glad you understand, mom,” Leroy said, pursing his lips and blowing across his mother’s quivering pussy lips and sending a shiver of pleasure up her spine.

“And I’m glad you’re such a good student where your sister’s lessons are concerned, Mrs. Brown said as she licked her son’s fuzzy balls. “But I think you need some more lessons before you’re really ready to fuck Sally’s socks off.”

“So teach me mom, teach me,” Pornacopia said as he buried his head in his mother’s crotch and stuck his tongue deep in his mother’s pussy.

Mrs. Brown let out a low hiss of pleasure and grabbed her son’s cock as it waved back and forth in front of her nose and sucked it between her lips and down her throat. “I like your lessons as much as I like Lynn’s mom,” Pornacopia said, taking his tongue out of his mother’s cunt just long enough to speak before he attacked her erect clit.

For the next few minutes the master bedroom was filled with the sounds of sucking, licking, and moans of pleasure. Pornacopia thought he managed to give his mother one orgasm from the way her whole body jumped under his but she still managed to keep his prick in her mouth where her tongue along the underside of the shaft as the walls of her throat massaged the head. When Leroy felt his balls start to jump he pulled his mouth away from his mother’s quivering pussy, “Mom, I’m going to cum if you don’t let my cock go right now. If that happens it will be a few minutes before we can fuck so you better decide what you want to do.”

Mrs. Brown released her son’s cock with obvious reluctance and didn’t take her eyes off the quivering shaft as Leroy swung around until the tip came in contact with her drooling slit. “Ready for your dream to come true mom?”

“I certainly am,” Mrs. Brown said with a breathy smile as she wrapped her arms behind her son’s back and pulled him forward so his face ended up between her breasts as his cock entered her pussy.

Pornacopia couldn’t believe how hot and wet his mother’s pussy was as it wrapped around the length of his cock and massaged his shaft. His mother had much better muscle control of her cunt than Lynn did and knew just how to drive her son crazy with lust as he slammed his prick in and out of his mother’s cock hungry pussy. As his hips pistoned back and forth in his mother’s crotch Pornacopia buried his face in his mother’s tits and couldn’t help but notice the difference her tits and his half sister’s. Where Lynn’s tits were still on the small side and firm cones that ended in small hard nipples his mother’s tits were larger and softer, more like soft pillows under his head except for the large pink nipples that poked him in his cheeks.

“Oh my God,” Mrs. Brown screamed with pleasure as her son slammed his cock in and out of her pussy. “Oh my God, it’s a dream come true,” Mrs. Brown moaned. “Fuck me Leroy, fuck your mother the way she always wanted you to fuck her.”

“I am mom, I am,” came Pornacopia’s muffled reply as he tried to speak through a mouthful of his mother’s tit.

“Do you like fucking your mother Leroy?” Mrs. Brown asked. “Does it make you as hot and horny as it makes me? Do you like fucking your mother as much as you like fucking your sister?”

“I do,” Pornacopia said with a moan of pleasure as his mother’s pussy milked his cock for all it was worth. “Lynn may be tighter than you, but you’re hotter and more experienced then she is. You know more about using your pussy than she does, in fact you should be the one giving me lessons on how to fuck Sally.”

“I think Lynn and I can both teach you a lot about fucking,” Pornacopia’s mother said as she pushed her ass off the bed to meet every thrust of his hard cock. “By the time you actually get around to fucking that little girl she won’t know what hit her. She’ll be so addicted to your cock and technique that she’ll never want another one in her pussy.”

“Mom,” Pornacopia gasped as his balls started to quiver in anticipation of his approaching orgasm. “Mom, I’m gonna cum, I need to pull out.”

“No,” Mrs. Brown screamed as she threw her legs around her son’s ass and pulled him tighter against her body as her cunt muscles clamped so hard around Pornacopia’s cock that he couldn’t pull it out as her pussy milked his shaft for all it was worth. “I want your cum Leroy, I want your cum, I need your nice hot cum in my belly.”

“If that’s what you want mom,” Pornacopia yelled, forgetting all about where he was and who might hear him as the pleasure exploded through his body, starting with his balls and spreading through his whole body as he shot his load deep into his mother’s hot body.

“That was wonderful Leroy,” Mrs. Brown told her son as she patted her son’s head while his cum leaked into her thirsty pussy. “Just the way I always dreamed our first fuck will be like, except of course that I always expected to get your cherry and I thought I’d be the one to start the seduction.”

“Thanks mom,” Pornacopia said, kissing his mother’s soft breasts, “I hope this is only the beginning.”

“It is Leroy, it is,” Mrs. Brown promised her son. When his mother’s hand stopped stroking his hair Pornacopia turned to see what she was staring at. In the bedroom doorway he saw father standing there with a large grin on his face.

“I apologize Lynn,” Chief Brown said, his smile growing even larger if that was possible as his naked daughter slipped between her father’s nude hip and the edge of the door. “You were right, Leroy did know what we were doing when he walked past your room.”

“I guess this means we both had our fantasies come true tonight,” Mrs. Brown giggled.

“We certainly did,” Chief Brown said as he put his arm around his teenage daughter’s shoulder until he cupped her right tit in the palm of his hand and squeezed it possessively. “Why don’t the two of you take this room for the night and Lynn and I will go back to her bed. In the morning we can make some more permanent plans for sharing beds and partners.”

Pornacopia wasn’t sure what time it was when he woke up but his mother was sound asleep with his cock buried deep in her pussy from behind. “Mom,” Leroy whispered, his only response was a muttered reply in her sleep. “Mom, I’m getting hard again, are you awake enough to fuck?” The soft snore from his mother’s half open mouth. Leroy wondered if his mother would mind if he fucked her in his sleep, but he decided it would be bad manners to do it before he had a chance to ask her.

Moving carefully so he wouldn’t wake his mother Pornacopia eased his cock out of her pussy and slid off the edge of the bed. Leroy considered slipping his shorts on before he padded out of the bedroom but he decided not to bother since everyone in the house already knew what he looked like naked. When he left the master bedroom he noticed a slight glow from a downstairs light and headed for the stairs.

“Hi Lynn,” Pornacopia said when he saw his half-sister sitting at the kitchen table with a large bowl of strawberry ice cream on the table in front of her.

“Hi,” Lynn said with an easy smile on her face as she looked up from her ice cream so fast that her firm tits took an interesting bounce. “Mom still asleep?”

“Yeah,” Leroy said as he sat down across from his sister so he could watch her eating in the nude. Even after a month of fucking the girl he still couldn’t get enough of watching her nude body. “Dad?”

“He conked out after two orgasms,” Lynn said with a shrug. “He doesn’t have your endurance.”

“Same for mom,” Pornacopia said, “I fucked her doggie style after you and dad left and after that she just kind of snuggled in and went to sleep. I decided I may as well do the same, especially since my cock was still trapped in her pussy when she fell asleep, but when I woke up a few minutes ago I was already half hard. I thought about fucking mom in her sleep, but I didn’t ask for her permission before we went to sleep so I didn’t think it would be a good idea.”

“I’m sure mom wouldn’t mind you fucking her in her sleep,” Lynn told her half-brother, “in fact I suspect that she’d enjoy it.”

“Maybe,” Pornacopia said with a grin, “but I think I should ask before I do it. Say, that ice cream looks good, is there any left?”

“No, this is it.” Lynn said as she scrapped the last of the ice cream from the bowl. She stared at the empty bowl for several seconds as she considered what she was going to say next. “Pornacopia,” she said slowly, “I’m sorry about tonight.”

“I’m not,” Pornacopia said, his lips lifting in a silly grin as he thought about the way he ended up fucking his mother instead of his sister. “If you weren’t fucking dad when I went to your room tonight, then I never would have found out that mom wanted to fuck me.”

“Oh, I think you would have found out eventually,” Lynn said with a chuckle. “Mom may have kept herself under control for this long, but eventually I’m sure she would have ended up fucking you just as she always dreamed. I’m just sorry I didn’t tell you that I was planning to seduce dad before it happened.”

“Tell me what?” Pornacopia asked without taking his eyes off Lynn’s bouncing nipples.

“About the baby silly,” Lynn said with a broad grin as she placed her hands over her flat belly.

“The baby?” Leroy said slowly, his eyes shifting just enough to look at his half-sister’s tawny belly.

“That’s right,” Lynn said with a nod. “You remember the first day we fucked? When I said that if I was going to get pregnant it would have happened by now.”

“I remember,” Pornacopia said with a bemused smile, “it was right after I dumped my first load of cum in your pussy.”

“Exactly,” Lynn said, “in fact, that may have been the load of cum that knocked me up.”

“Are you sure it’s my baby?” Leroy asked, he wasn’t sure if he was excited about the answer or dreading it.

“I’m sure,” Lynn said. “My last fuck before I moved here was two weeks before my last period, and our first fuck was two weeks after my period. When I missed my next period I suspected I was carrying your baby and started coming up with a plan on how to protect the baby once mom and dad found out about it, but I didn’t want to tell you about it until I was sure I was pregnant.”

“And now you’re sure?” Pornacopia asked.

“It would explain why I’ve had morning sickness three mornings in the past week,” Lynn said with a chuckle. “Yes Leroy, I’m sure.”

“So what does seducing dad have to do with protecting our baby?” Pornacopia said with a puzzled frown.

“I knew it would only be a matter of time before mom and dad realized that we were fucking each other, and when they know that I’m pregnant it won’t be that hard for them to put two and two together and figure out that it’s your baby,” Lynn said with a weak grin. “I wasn’t sure how they’d react to my incestuous pregnancy so I thought the best way to make sure that they’d let me keep it would be to make dad think the baby was his.”

Pornacopia chuckled and shook his head as Lynn glared at him, “I’m sorry Lynn,” Leroy said as he tried to catch his breath. “I’m not laughing at you, I’m laughing at the situation. You see, there’s a family secret that no one’s thought to tell you yet, and if you knew the secret I think you’d realize that our baby was perfectly safe.”

“So, what’s the family secret?” Lynn asked with a sniff as she picked up her empty bowl and carried it to the sink to rinse it out before she placed it in the dish washer.

“The truth is that mom and dad always wanted more children,” Pornacopia explained as he got up to stand next to his half sister while she took care of her dishes, once the bowl and spoon were in the dishwasher Leroy put his arm around Lynn’s back and guided her toward the living room as he placed his hand against her flat belly and tried to imagine how it would feel when it started swelling with their growing child. “But about a month after I was born dad suffered a groin injury. The injury didn’t seem too bad at the time, but after thirteen years of trying with no success mom and dad figure that the injury was more serious than they realized at the time.”

“Didn’t dad ever get himself checked out?” Lynn asked as she and Pornacopia sat down on the couch.

“Never,” Leroy said with a shake of his head. “I guess he and mom thought that if they never had it confirmed than there was a chance that they could be wrong and it would be a pleasant surprise when mom got pregnant.”

“So you’re saying that mom and dad are still trying to have another baby even after thirteen years without success?” Lynn asked her lips quavering toward a smile as Leroy’s hands moved up to tease her taut tits.

“That’s right,” Pornacopia said, leaning forward to lick his half sister’s erect nipples.

“Which means that you fucked mom and dumped two full loads of your fertile cum in her pussy, and on one of her most fertile days,” Lynn added with a soft giggle.

“Are you sure it’s mom’s fertile time?” Pornacopia asked as a shiver ran up his spine.

“Pretty sure,” Lynn said, “mom and I were sharing tampons and I remember her period was a week after mine. That should make her fertile period right about now.”

“And mom insisted that I cum inside her both times,” Leroy said with a bemused shake of his head. “Do you think she’s planing to have my baby?”

“I’m sure of it,” Lynn said with a chuckle. “So, Pornacocopia, how does it feel to know you have two babies on the way?”

“Scary, exciting, terrifying, and horny as hell,” Leroy answered with a lusty gleam in his brown eyes. “Especially since it’s my mom and sister with my babies in their bellies. In fact the only thing that would make it hotter would be if Sally was pregnant with my baby too.”

“Well Leroy,” Lynn said, reaching down to stroke her half brother’s erect cock, “are you as hot as I am right now?”

Pornacopia nodded and reached between Lynn’s thighs to stroke her drooling slit, “I’m so fucking horny right now that all I can think of is how much I want to stick my cock in your pregnant pussy and fuck you until I give our baby a cum bath. How does that sound to you?”

“It sounds wonderful,” Lynn said dreamily as she leaned into her brother’s shoulder. “But you do realize that you’ve been fucking a pregnant pussy for over a month now.”

“Yes,” Leroy said as he kissed Lynn’s tits, “but this will be the first time I knew I was fucking a pregnant pussy, and that’s what makes me feel horny as hell.”

“Me too,” Lynn said as she shifted around on the couch and Pornacopia made room for her to stretch out across the couch before he straddled her naked hips with his knees.

“You’re already wet,” Leroy said as he stroked Lynn’s pussy with the tip of his cock and felt her juices ooze out to coat the head of his prick.

“Pregnancy can do that to a girl,” Lynn giggled, “all those hormones running through my body are making me so hot and horny that I’m always ready to fuck.”

“Is that why you fucked dad earlier tonight?” Pornacopia asked as he popped the head of his cock into his half-sister’s tight hot cunt.

“Dad was an accident,” Lynn said with a hiss, trying to get more of her brother’s cock into her pussy while Leroy kept teasing her by backing away every time she pushed her ass off the sofa cushion. “When dad came into my room to check on me I thought it was you sneaking into my room so I decided to surprise you by pretending to be asleep until you were close enough for me to hug you and push my bare tits into your chest. I don’t know which one of us was more surprised, but since I’d already decided to seduce dad to protect our baby I went ahead and reached for his cock. That’s when I discovered that dad was already hard and I knew it was time for me to go ahead with my plan.”

“That must be when I left my room and heard the two of you through your door,” Pornacopia said

“Well I did try to make enough noise to let you know that my bed was occupied,” Lynn said as she finally managed to wrap her legs around her brother’s ass and pull him tight against her pregnant belly so she could slide her wet pussy up his cock until it was seated deep in her pregnant body.

“Thanks for the warning,” Pornacopia said with a soft groan of pleasure as he rotated his cock in his sister’s cunt. “If it wasn’t for all the noise you were making I would have walked in right in the middle of the blow job you were giving dad - and that would have been embarrassing - but on top of that I never would have heard mom crying in her room and I never would have ended up fucking her.”

“Did you enjoy mom’s pussy as much as I enjoyed dad’s prick?” Lynn asked as Pornacopia started fucking his cock in and out of her tight hot cunt.

“I did,” Leroy admitted with a hiss of pleasure. “Mom’s pussy isn’t as tight as yours, but she really knows how to use it and her big soft tits. Did you like dad’s cock?”

“Yes,” Lynn said dreamily, “dad’s cock is bigger than yours and he really knows how to use it, but he’s not as enthusiastic as you, and he really doesn’t have your endurance. That’s why we’re fucking here and now while he sleeps it off in my bed.”

“And why mom’s sleeping off a double load of cum in her bed,” Leroy said with a chuckle. “One thing about fucking two pussies that are so different is that I now realize how much I love to fuck. It isn’t just that I love your tight little pussy, I love to fuck any pussy no matter how big or how small. I can’t wait to see what Sally’s cunt feels like when it’s wrapped around my cock.”

“You better fuck Sally next,” Lynn groaned as Pornacopia slammed his cock in and out of her pregnant belly and reached out to play with her tits, sending a surge of sexual energy running up and down her spine to warm her pussy and her brain. “That little girl of yours may forgive you for fucking me and mom since we’re right here in the same house with you and you can’t avoid us, but if you start fucking any other girls before you pop her cherry I don’t think she’ll ever forgive you. And I’m sure you know what will happen if she gets mad at you.”

“Oh yeah,” Lynn’s half brother said with a groan that made her wonder if he was responding to her question or just enjoying her pussy. “I have a good idea what Sally will do to me,” Leroy said, “I still remember what happened the day Sally caught Bus Meany bullying another kid and knocked him flat with a single punch - and that was before she started learning martial arts. So I think you’re right, her pussy better be the next one I stick my cock into. By the way Lynn.”

“Yes?” Lynn’s reply was almost a purr as her cunt and tits started jerking with her approaching orgasm.

“Now that you’re pregnant,” Pornacopia said as he squeezed his sister’s cone shaped breasts, “how long will it be before your milk comes in?”

“Not for several months,” Lynn said, pulling Leroy even closer as her whole body started to shiver with pleasure.

“In that case I have plenty of time to practice between now and then,” Pornacopia said as he caught Lynn’s left nipple between his lips and started sucking hungrily on the erect nub like it already held the milk for his baby.

“I’m cumming,” Lynn screamed as her whole body exploded with pleasure.

Leroy’s reply was muffled by his mouthful of tit but as Lynn’s slit milked his cock he slammed it deep in her hole and the older girl felt her brother’s shaft pulse as it shot four wads of cum deep enough in her belly to give her baby a cum bath. When her body came down from it’s orgasm Lynn looked down at her half brother in the dim light from the kitchen and smiled at the head that nestled between her breasts. “Pornacopia?” she asked softly. Leroy’s reply was a soft snore as the last of his cum oozed into her cunt. “Sleep well brother dear,” Lynn said, stroking her brother’s hair as he let out an inaudible murmur of pleasure, “once the babies come you won’t be getting much sleep.”

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Pornacopia shook his head to clear it and then bent down to finish tying his tennis shoes before he hopped off his old bed, picking up his dirty clothes to toss into the hamper on his way down for breakfast. “I wonder if today will be the day for Sally,” he mussed as he closed the door behind him.

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2011-08-20 03:10:28
5/10 for sex and 6/10 for story = 11/20. not bad.


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2009-05-10 22:48:52

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2009-05-05 06:24:38
i liked it!!!!!
keep it up!


2009-05-05 02:29:41
it's about time a son knocked up his mom


2009-05-04 13:32:50
to the Reader of 2009-05-03 15:24:35, they do in fact get wet when they're pregnant....i mean hell they're horny as hell when they are knocked up. trust me, my best friends ex-wife pretty much almost destroyed me when he wasn't home lol and we had to say she was..."upset" to cover for the broken items around the house lol.

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