* This is the alternative version of how Alison overcame her small-cocked husband's unwitting sterility and her desperation to have a child. Believe whichever of the two you prefer!

Unable to get pregnant from her vain and sterile husband - he would have refused to believe it was his fault and refused artificial insemination schoolteacher Alison made up her mind to resolve her childlessness in a spectacular was: she would seduce her entire class - fifteen young boys with spunk-burstingly full balls who would no doubt be able to penetrate her time and time again. It would be impossible not to conceive with such a flood of sperm...

The thirty year old teacher was attractive. Tall, blonde, good-looking and with a massive pair of breasts, she featured prominently in the wanking fantasies of many of the 13 and 14 year old boys in her class.

Planning things carefully she chose a cultural trip when she would be alone with the boys for one night. They day went well and although the class was generally well-behaved, the boys were in a lively mood and there was much horseplaying.

After their evening meal Alison led them back to their conveniently private lodgings - a dormitory for the boys and a spacious room for her, separated by a large living room for her use.

“Ok boys, listen to me!”

They quietened down, with some whispers and nudging but full of attention.

"Because you’ve been soooo good", she said with a hint or irony, "we’re going to have a party."

Cheering erupted which only got louder as Alison started handing out lagers, with a smile for the good-looking blond boy who was her favourite. Music was played and loud chatter was everywhere. To general laughter and encouragement one of the cheekier boys "asked" Alison to dance and she obliged, not holding back on wiggling her ass suggestively and moving with rhythm but fast enough for her big jugs to bounce freely.

With the boys now showing some signs of loosening up she stopped the music.

"Ok. I have a different game in mind now."

The flushed and attentive boys looked at each other, what on earth could Miss have in mind now? This had already been an unexpectedly enjoyable, even exciting evening.

She faced the class.

"It starts like this", and she started unbuttoning her blouse, to gasps and widening eyes. Then she stopped.
"But I can't do this's unfair."

The boys looked at each other. Some of them got her drift and Ray, one of the more forward lads, quickly slipped off his T-shirt. Understanding the trade-off, shirts were quickly removed and the "game" continued, until Alison was in her large bra and high-cut panties, both virgin white, and the boys in their various boxer shorts and Y-fronts; many of them already covering stiff bulges.

Looking at the boys each in turn whilst she undid her bra strap, she managed to fix her gaze on David as the bra fell and her huge breasts, released, swung freely. She nodded at the boys midriffs and with some hesitating more than others, all their underwear came off. In response Alison curled her thumbs on both sides of her panties and rolled them down, stepping over them to straighten up revealing her trimmed brown pussy.

Now totally naked Alison faced the fifteen nude boys, all bar one exhibiting erect penises. What a variety! From a charming little pencil-like thing sported by the young tousle-haired Tim - it could hardly have exceeded one and a half inches - to a wonderful large weapon rising from between the legs of the handsome David.

Secretly delighted that her favourite David was equipped with the largest penis in the room , the face of an angel, the body of a boy the cock of a well-endowed adult man – a good eight inches and thick too, Alison made a mental note to show TOO much favouritism to him! Even though the highly-sexed woman in her would have sent the other boys out and concentrated on him!

"Ok boys, form a're going to have a practical lesson in sex education"

She lay back on the bed, making herself comfortable and opened her legs slightly.

"Andy, you're first".

A short dark-haired lad with a thickish four-inch penis blushing deeply, Andy stepped forward not quite sure what to do. she beckoned him onto the bed and as he knelt in front of her she took his penis, his gasp was matched by some of the watching buys.

"Don't worry", she murmured to him, "you'll be fine"

Knowing he wouldn't last long she guided his eager cock into her well lubricated vagina and as he lay his light weight on her within a few thrusts his body was shuddering in a juvenile orgasm as his seed became the first to spill into his teacher to the cheers of some of the others.

Vikram, a good looking Indian boy took his place, a heavy thatch of black pubes already growing, his dark brown erection eager to enter a white pussy... little Tim followed to cheers, encouragement and some good-natured laughs. He gamely slid his tiny hairless cock into Alison and after two thrusts deposited a small squirt of precocious sperm into his teacher's already well-wet pussy.

Despite the laughs and the nudges and winks the boys took the thing seriously. An orderly queue formed as they saw they would all get their chance. Thirteen of the boys were complete virgins, one of them had enjoyed mutual masturbation with a girl and just one had enjoyed intercourse before. None of them was gay, and if any had inclinations he forgot them that night!

Waiting patiently the gorgeous David was one of the last. Alison gave him a smile of favour then let out a small involuntary grunt as his penis, the only challenging one on show, entered her fully in one swift movement. Biting her lip she resisted the urge to moan with pleasure as he filled her and gave a good account of himself, lasting nearly ten minutes before he succumbed with a huge load that left a trickle of sperm running down the side of her thighs.

At first they were all just eager to get inside Alison. The first session lasted little more than forty five minutes. However, the first orgasm out of the way most of the boys lasted longer from then on and some even quietly experimented, enjoying the feeling but also enjoying the power for the first of being a male pleasuring a female...trying different thrusts, angles and speeds.

Still having some lagers, the noise also settled and they observed each other's handiwork with interest, occasionally commenting:

"Come on ,,, do it harder!"
"That's right David, Miss likes being fucked with a big cock like yours!"
"Go on! Give it to her!"

Working as a chain-gang Alison was basically fucked non-stop by the boys for the next four hours. When the last boy stopped she had been fucked sixty-three times. From little Tim who only managed it twice to David and a couple of others who had six goes at her honey pot.

She had received over a pint of the finest quality young sperm inside her. It was impossible for her not to get pregnant with that huge amount.

"Right boys. Time to get some sleep...and don't ever mention this to anyone...because no-one will believe you!" She smiled sweetly at them. "Oh...and thanks! You all passed!"

But as they were filing out carrying their clothes Alison beckoned David to stay behind and as the last of the other boys, asked him to close, and lock, the door.

"Don't worry, David. I just think you need something a little bit more special."

And with that she embraced him, she was still a couple of inches taller than him, and started to kiss him
expertly, using her tongue cleverly. First teasing, then invading then withdrawing. Her reward was a steadily stiffening penis against her belly.

Naturally the keyhole was kept busy as some of the boys who were still not planning to sleep quietly took their turns to watch the favoured one take advantage of his special tuition.

She made the boy lie on the bed and knelt in front of him at cock level. For the first time that evening she showed her amazing cocksucking skills. Alison licked and sucked the pink knob now reddened from so much fucking, she began to get its measure sucking up and down the pole then, looking David directly in the yes, she started sucking down inch after inch until her nose was touching his pubic area and the full length of his sizeable cock had disappeared down her throat. His eyes wild and starting she withdrew then repeated the action this time swallowing the entire cock swiftly. He groaned, clearly about to come again Quickly she gripped the root of the thick penis hard to prevent the ejaculation and jumping on the bed rolled him onto and into her in one smooth action releasing the grip so the last few drops of preciously potent boy sperm entered her.

Laughing, she kissed him fervently, still wondering at his beauty and power then gently withdrawing his softening penis turned her back on him, kneeling on the bed with her face on it and waving her heavy buttocks at him. It had the desired effect and within seconds his stiff-again cock was penetrating her from behind. After a couple of minutes of fierce fucking he was finally spent. Eight orgasms wpuld be his limit that night. She held him tight to her murmuring endearments and that is how they slept for a couple of hours before she gently woke him and suggested he go back to the communal room.

Alison had already decided she would like to meet David for a one-to-one and she did, twice. Two weeks after the marathon she confirmed her pregnancy, a few days after that she met David and developed the strong natural sexual chemistry between them further. Resigning from her post in the summer, she had agreed with her husband to move to another town for work reasons, but she met David once more just before the end of summer. Her by now three-month pregnant belly and even bigger breasts enthralled the young stud to even greater heights of lust, culminating in his enjoying his first ever experience of anal sex - destroying Alison's anus in the process with his rampant manhood and leaving her with a sore and gaping asshole long after he'd had his way. Then David went down on her and gave her a very satisfactory climax with his tongue as well. The boy was a quick learner!

And then it was time to say goodbye.

"David...I'll be keaving next week. I won't see you again..."

The boy was close to tears.

"I'll never forget you miss"
"Call me Alison" she said gently
"Miss....Alison I LOVE YOU!"

And he did shed some tears then sobbing quietly whilst she held him to her chest.

It would have been impossible to tell who the father was without a DNA test, not that the sterile Nigel Shrimpdick suspected anything.. but the gray blue eyes of the lovely blonde baby boy that was born to Alison spoke volumes to her.


2014-02-11 21:51:07
"Impregnating Allison (II)" - Allison and David, and Fourteen Other Male Students - (Teacher and Student(s))

Fucked sixty-three times by fifteen young virile adolescent mid-teen male, horny males--and she still have the stamina to invite the best looking, David, to her room for most of the night!!! If her baby boy did look like David, it's a miracle, as he was the last of the first round of fifteen boys!! Simply amazing woman--and her husband never had any idea of her slight of hand (aka fucked nearly seventy times) in order to consummate her pregnancy!! Her "Shrimpdick" husband still believes the child is his!!

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the ending was sweet i loved it

XOXO[XXX] hot stuff

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Not as good as story #1. I enjoy the one on one fucking better than a gang bang.

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Good story.... and no, the premise of the story is NOT retarded in the slightest. Fact is that if I was a woman whose husband was too self-centered to realize that he had a problem with his sperm and I was a schoolteacher.... I might do a Mary-Kay and fuck the whole class as well!

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