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Janet's Encounters Continue
Janet Continues Her Exploration

I met my stunning wife when she was twenty-three year and I was almost ten years older. She was and is a beautiful woman and she is even more enchanting today after seven years of marriage. Janet was working in a bank that I happened to walk into to open a new account. She’s 5’7” tall and has shoulder length brown hair, which she has highlighted from time to time, mischievous green eyes, straight white teeth and an appealing smile. Her measurements are 34C/23 /35 and she has a long waist, which accentuates her breasts and her long legs. Her Texas twang is what one might expect of from a girl who grew up in Mesquite, Texas, primarily known for its Mesquite trees and rodeos. After high school, she attended the University of Texas in Austin.

We dated for over a year and a half before I asked her to marry me and we were engaged for six months before we were finally married. We’d enjoyed sexual intercourse on our second date and it was fantastic. While Janet technically wasn’t a virgin she’d only been to bed with one other guy and he’d been much more interested in his satisfaction than hers. As a result, she didn’t have much experience in bed and she was surprised when she climaxed on my 7 & ½” penis that I ground into her tight vagina. At the bank where she worked, she had a girlfriend named Danielle. Danielle’s husband attended a local seminary and she convinced Janet that it just wasn’t right for us to have sex before marriage. So, we enjoyed the next best thing…we engaged in a lot of oral sex instead. Janet loves oral sex, in fact, she’s always told me that, “Sixty-nine was her favorite number”. While she may not have gone all the way with different dudes, she’d made up for it by making out with umpteen different guys. Somewhere along the way she had developed ‘a virtually irresistible desire to suck ‘a hard dick’, and those were her words. There was no question in my mind that she’s the finest cocksucker that I’ve ever met. She’s been sucking guy’s dicks since she was a sophomore in high school. She explained, “she was sucking a friend’s dick in the tenth grade and both of them had their clothes on. He ejaculated in her mouth and she didn’t want to get any of his semen on her clothing, so she swallowed it. She went on to say, “she’d liked it so much that she never stopped swallowing”. When she was in college she would go clubbing with her girlfriends. When she met a guy that she really liked and danced and flirted with, she’d suggest they go out to his car. She’d make out with the guy for a while and charm him by telling him how good looking she thought he was while her hand rubbed his dick through his pants. Then, she’d unbutton his slacks or jeans and remove his rock hard penis. She’d play with his dick for a while, jacking him and teasing him before she slid down onto the floorboard of his car. She’d begin by licking and sucking his balls as she slowly worked her way up until the ‘helmet’ of his penis was in her mouth. She’d smile at him suggestively as her tongue licked the head of his penis in a circular fashion like a lollipop. She made a point of sticking the tip of her pointed tongue in his piss hole. Pretty soon, she’d have half of him in her mouth and the guy would be in a state of ecstasy. Janet said she always smiled innocently and then suggestively while she looked the guy straight in his eyes while she sucked his dick She thought eye contact was as important as smiling at the guy constantly. Another thing that she did was to spit on the guy’s dick and jack his dick up and down as she licked her spit off of it. She wanted the guy to know how pleased she was to be sucking his cock and she wanted him to know how hungry she was for his cum. Even today, she can’t ever get enough cum. Anyway, she didn’t even know these guy’s names and she’d never see them again, she just wanted them to cum in her mouth while they played with her swollen tits and her sensitive nipples. She loved the expression on a guy’s face when he came. She told me one Saturday night when she was out clubbing she’d sucked three different guy’s dicks. Of course, she’s always said, “sucking a hard dick was fun in and of itself, but swallowing a guy’s cum was the icing on the cake”. She admitted that it excited her so much…sucking a guy’s cock that it made her wet. Of course, she liked to come, too. She told me how she started out masturbating in the bathtub every night until she was a freshman in high school and a senior she was dating went down on her. She loved having her clit licked, “very rapidly and very softly”. She had a boyfriend in high school, who was two years younger than she was and they had oral sex everyday after school at his house for two years. So, she definitely knew what she liked. The more she orgasms, the easier and more intense her next orgasm will be.

Anyway, almost as soon as we were married I admitted to my wife that I wanted to watch her fuck another guy. She promptly told me to ‘forget it’ and so we continued on as we had, but I continued to mention my desire to her from time to time and I noticed every time that I mentioned it to her when we were making love she became very excited. Janet loves a lot of foreplay and I’ve already said that she has very sensitive nipples or maybe I forgot. If you tease her, caress her sides, back and neck and touch her ‘sweet spots’ as you gently play with her breasts and concentrate on her nipples, she becomes turned on, big time! If you are patient, you can bring her to a point where she finds it virtually impossible to say, “No.”

While Janet had no intention of granting me my desire, I began to work at softening her up. I began asking my young bride about her previous sexual experiences, I mean before we’d met. I wanted to know everything she’d done sexually with every guy she’d ever dated. She played down her sexual history and while her experiences were interesting and I was turned on, it wasn’t as if she had been a slut or anything. The one thing that came through loud and clear was the fact and it was a fact, she loved to suck a hard dick. So, what if I did marry the girl next-door type? I was determined to corrupt her one way or another. I would whet her desires and inflame her passions until she’d lost all control over her behavior and she surrendered to her most basic lusts. Janet’s a very passionate female and I felt that my efforts would eventually succeed. I determined that I wouldn’t give up, no matter what.

To begin, I purchased a number of different ‘sex toys’ that seemed to be everywhere at the time. Even upscale stores like Neiman Marcus sold personal vibrators as devices ‘to relieve tension’ while adult bookstores sold virtually everything you could think of. I bought her all sorts of toys. First, I bought her a standard battery operated plastic vibrator. I bought her something called the Rabbit and then several different dildos. But, the one toy she liked the most was called a Magic Wand. Then, I brought home all kinds of adult videos home for my wife’s viewing enjoyment and education so that she would have something to watch while she experimented with the new toys I’d purchased for her. I guess I’d become some sort of closet voyeur or your basic backyard voyeur. In our living room our sofa faces our entertainment center. We have three patio windows behind our sofa and I’d carefully leave a small opening in one of the window blinds before telling Janet that I was going to the adult bookstore and that I’d be back in an hour. I made a big show of getting in my car and backing out of the driveway and driving off. Actually, I only drove out of sight of our house and then I parked my car and ran back to our backyard entering through a gate that I’d previously unlocked. I would quietly approach our patio and peer through the blind that I’d cracked and then I’d watch my wife watching the x-rated movies while she masturbates. I hid on our secluded patio in the backyard and watched her and soon I began to masturbate, too. I loved watching her forehead wrinkle, her eyes widen and then close completely, her mouth fall open as her legs shook uncontrollably when she held the Magic Wand tightly against her clit as she orgasmed again and again. She enjoyed that toy a lot although she had reservations about putting a cyber-skinned dildo inside her, at least, she did back then.

I brought home videos of girls making love to other girls and she seemed to be fascinated with them. I remember she would climax again and again when she watched girls making out with other girls as they kissed and sucked each other’s nipples or finger fucked one another before they licked each other’s clits. Those movies turned her on and she was fascinated watching them. Maybe that was one reason why she’d been so easy when Michelle came onto her. The first time that hot little stripper made a pass at her she got into Janet’s panties without a problem. I brought home all sorts of videos; girls with guys, a girl with two or three guys at the same time and lots of movies of innocent looking young white girls with black guys who had enormous penises. From the reactions and expressions on these girl’s faces, they seemed to be in some sort of sexual heaven when those dudes slam-fucked their tight cunts until they stretched them out of proportion. These girls obviously loved their gigantic cocks. She also watched a number of videos where sensuous little white girls with fantastic bodies, quite like Janet, sucked some black stud’s oversized penis stretching her mouth obscenely until he pushed her away and positioned her the way that he wanted her before he bred her.

Of course, I’d purchased all that club wear for her; her tube tops and the tight crop tops that ended just below her unfettered breasts, her see-thru blouses and all of her revealing miniskirts and near mini skirts along with those tight form fitting dresses, which she liked. Every bit of her luscious body was on display and that fit in nicely with the see, but don’t touch image that I was attempting to create. Although, I wanted the touching that I knew would inevitably follow, too and I wanted to see a lot of touching! Then, I’d bought her all of those shoes, the ones with the three-inch heels that she referred to as her ‘Fuck me shoes’. I knew I’d picked up every color of Revlon lipstick that I could find, so many that the container on her bathroom counter was full and all of those lipsticks, mascara, make up and all her other accessories, incense and candles and bubble bath had cost a lot of money. I didn’t need to counsel her about not wearing a bra when we went clubbing. She never wore a bra except to work and sometimes she’d forget to wear one even then. It did take me a couple of weeks to persuade her to forget about wearing panties, but she finally caved in. Since her legs were tan because we went to a tanning salon, she never wore hose. I made a real production of creating a sensual environment on Friday and Saturday evenings in her bathroom, the master bathroom. I was naked when I meticulously cleaned the master bathroom and my penis would be at half-mast as I thought, or hoped, might happen that night. At that time, all I has was hope… Not only was her bathroom spotless, but it also it was erotic with the bath salts, the incense and the candles. I’d leave a Playgirl magazine in her bathroom to facilitate her temptation to fantasize about other guy’s bodies. While she was taking her bath and shaving her kitty I would always bring her a double Long Island Tea, her favorite drink, to loosen her up. When we went out and drove to a particular club I’d make a comment like, “You’re going to make a lot of guy’s dicks hard tonight, Baby!” This appealed to her sense of sexual esteem and she this quality began to grow in her much faster and stronger than I had imagined.

We began going to swinging single’s clubs, really just meat markets, and every single weekend we’d be at a different club unless we’d found a hot one, which we were beginning to find. I looked for the hot nightclubs in Dallas’s club scene. I scoured the newspapers, radio, the Internet and I talked with people whom I knew went out a lot. I didn’t always pick the right nightclub, but my theory was that if we went out enough, sooner or later something would happen. Things begin to happen much faster than I’d anticipated. We went to a club called the Red Jacket on Greenville Avenue that Jack Ruby once owned. Janet loved to dance and dancing seemed to energize her, but I’d never learned how to dance. The first night we were there I had to go to the men’s room and when I returned she wasn’t at our table. I looked around and she was dancing with a hot looking young stud. Janet was dancing in front him, bending over at the waist with her lips pursed seductively as she smiled at him, lasciviously. Even in the dimly lit nightclub when she shook her shoulders her top slipped down and her erect nipples were visible from my vantage point. I felt my penis harden immediately! This guy was all over her and it was obvious what he wanted, but I think my wife just wanted to dance. After another dance she thanked him and returned to our table. Janet was almost out of breath when she said, “ When you left this guy came up and asked me to dance. I thought that was why we were here and I said ‘Yes’. She responded, “Gee, I’d forgotten how much I love dancing.” I realized that perhaps I could loosen my young wife up by introducing her to the right guys at the right clubs! When we were driving home that night I asked her if she’d had a good time and she responded, “Yeah, but I wish that I could have danced with some other guys. When you came back nobody came up and asked me, again”. That was when I realized that if I dropped my wife off at the door to a club and she didn’t wear her wedding ring, she’d have lots of guys hitting on her. We began doing that and every weekend a number of different guys would try to pick her up until we linked up, usually in about an hour and a half unless it seemed that she was having a lot of fun with a particular guy. It was almost like a game at first, to see how many guys asked her to dance. Different guys constantly approached her until she was dancing all the time. I wanted her to get used to the idea of being with other men. When we went home we’d talk about the guys she danced with and then we’d have fantastic sex, especially if she fantasized about some of the guys with whom she’d danced. It was about six weeks or perhaps two months later after a particularly busy evening of dancing, Janet commented to me on the way home, “That she had not been aware how much she’d missed being with other men.” This surprised me, but my cut 7 & 1/2” penis was throbbing after she said that, I was ready to fuck her brains out when we got home.

I continued bringing home those adult videos during the week and I continued buying toys for my increasingly hot wife, including different vibrators and sensuous club wear. I also began to take pictures of our lovemaking and bought two albums, which I entitled, ‘Charlie and Janet’s Fun Pictures’. We were involved in all sorts of different sexual activities in these pictures, everything but anal. By this time, I’d purchased two, really huge cyber-skinned dildos. Both of them were much bigger than my dick and at my continued insistence Janet tried to take the larger dildo inside her vagina. It wouldn’t even fit, at least not then. So I concentrated on using the smaller one, which was still huge compared and contrasted to my penis. I learned by experience and after I’d satisfied her orally a number of times and used a lot of WET Platinum on her lips and the dildo, she could take the smaller one, the one that was three inches longer and three times thicker than my dick. She complained about how big it was at first, but then one evening she surprised herself (and me too) by experiencing an intensely satisfying orgasm on it. She’d creamed all over the dildo and when I pulled it out of her and she stuck it in her mouth to see how she tasted. I helped her lick her girlie cum off of it. After that, she began to orgasm on it, regularly and her orgasms got better and better. She tried to act like she didn’t like it, but she creamed on it every time I used it on her. She’d never creamed on my dick and she’d never come on it either. When I first slid it inside her she’d pretend she wasn’t interested, but she’d begin to move her hips, almost imperceptibly at first, and then faster and faster until only her shoulders and her heels were on our bed. She’d thrust her pussy up on the dildo and I’d push it completely inside her and she’d scream in ecstasy. She’d never climaxed on my dick that way and now she was climaxing again and again on this dildo! After she’d orgasmed a number of times on our dildo my dick would be raging hard and I’d fuck her, but sometimes I shot off watching her cumming on her dildo.

Secretly, I knew the whole club scene had begun to turn Janet on more and more. I’d put my hand her thighs while we drove to a club for the evening and her pussy would be dripping wet in anticipation. I’d made certain that any guy dancing with her would have easy access to her. In addition to the club wear I’d bought her, Janet had several revealing cocktail dresses she liked to wear and when she wore them she’d always be naked under them. When we went out on weekends, I encouraged her to wear her makeup a lot heavier than she normally would during the day and she said, “You mean you want me to look slutty?” I laughed at her and said, “Yes,” and she laughed too. Soon, she no longer needed my encouragement.

Kempi’s was a swinging club and they had a nice cover charge and their drinks weren’t cheap. But that meant that the people who went there were more upscale than you found at a lot of clubs. Janet had tried to teach me to dance, but I’d had a holier than thou Bible thumping mother who thought dancing was evil, so I’d never learned. When I got on the dance floor I felt like I had two left feet, it seemed useless. The second night we were at this club I went to the men’s restroom and when I returned my young wife was not at our table. I was used to that by now, however. I looked around the dance floor for her and discovered her dancing with an attractive sandy haired blond guy who was about 6’ tall and 200 pounds. While I was in excellent shape and worked out regularly I’m only 5’ 10” tall and weigh 160 pounds. I stayed in the background and watched my wife sensuously dancing with this guy. She looked at him through half closed eyes as she shook her body at him. She’s a dancing fool and she loves to dance, so I didn’t blame her, heck, I couldn’t dance. My penis stirred within my pants, I was incredibly turned on. This guy brought her back to our table and when I innocently walked up a few minutes later, my wife told me that while I was in the bathroom some guy had asked her to dance and she’d said, “Yes.” I asked her if she’d had fun and she replied, “Oh, yes, he was a stud. His dick was so hard!” Surprised, I asked her how she knew that and she replied, “Because I touched it.” At Kempi’s Janet began to loosen up more and more and when she entered the club ahead of me, she began looking for guys she wanted to dance with before she’d even been seated.

One crowded Friday evening in December we went to Kempi’s. Janet liked Kempi’s because the music was great to dance to and I liked it because there were always lots of horny guys looking for girls at this club and that meant Janet got hit on a lot. I paid the cover charge and watched as Janet was seated at table by the dance floor. I made myself scarce, mingling with the crowd so other guys wouldn’t think we were together. Kempi’s is a large club and since it’s very popular it becomes crowded on weekends. We were still giving Janet an hour and a half to dance before I’d hook up with her. I’d give Janet money for a couple of drinks, but many guys who asked her to dance would buy her a drink. At that time, Janet’s favorite drink was a Long Island Tea and that’s a pretty strong drink. I’d made her one at home and I watched a waitress bring her another one from across the room. My wife looked especially hot that evening and just looking at her made my dick hard. The white crop top she was wearing ended just below her heavy breasts and her long, thick nipples, accentuating her bare midriff. The gold skirt she’d worn stopped six inches above her knees and displayed her toned thighs and shapely calves. This evening she was wearing a pair of pair of her three-inch heels she referred to as her ‘Fuck me’ shoes. A number of guys were eyeing her pointed nipples that were as hard as little berries. Her white crop top was no match for those determined nipples! My dick was as hard as all the other ‘hard dicks’ undressing my wife in their heads.

Suddenly, I realized I’d left my company laptop on the back seat of my car. I don’t like to pay for valet parking and I’d parked three blocks away, but I had to go put my laptop in the trunk. I stopped at Janet’s table to tell her I had to go to the car and she immediately shook her head, “No.” I was a little surprised with her response. That was great acting on her part; she was really getting into our weekend game! Any guy watching me would assume I’d asked her to dance and she’d turned me down. I hadn’t expected it to take me as long as it did to reclaim my coat and walk the three blocks to our car and then back to the club. I thought to myself how proud I was of my wife, Janet. She was one of the hottest pieces of ass in Kempi’s that evening. When I got back to the club it was almost full; I even had to stand in line to get back in even though I’d had my hand stamped. It had taken me almost an hour from the time that I’d left. When I got inside, Janet’s empty glass was on the table next to another glass that was half full. I looked around and I didn’t see her.

Kempi’s has two elevated dance floors for small parties and there was one near our table. The floors are made of thick plexiglas making it almost possible to see through them, which made for some interesting sights. Janet was talking with two guys by the elevated dance floor drinking a Long Island Tea and there was an empty glass on the table beside her. I walked up the stairs only to be told by a bouncer, “That this was a private party”. When I was talking with the bouncer I noticed that there were about ten hot looking girls, my wife included, some of whom looked like strippers, and there were about twenty guys. The bouncer said he was sorry, “But, it was a private party”.

I returned to Janet’s table and watched as much as I could which surprisingly, was a lot. A big sandy haired blond guy that looked like the guy Janet had danced with several weeks earlier was dancing close to him as she talked animatedly with him. She looked hotter than hell dancing with him as she moved her breasts and ass to the music’s heavy beat. She was steaming hot the way she shook her booty. I noticed a waitress bringing another Long Island Tea to my wife. I began to become concerned because Janet never drinks more than two of those drinks and by my calculations this was her fourth. She’d already had too much to drink.

She took the drink that the waitress brought her and took a sip before she set her glass down, a little unsteadily, on a table near the dance floor. A muscular black dude who was about 6’ 2” and built like a football player came up to Janet and began hitting on her. He said something to her and she gave him a suggestive smile as she laughed and rolled her eyes enticingly at him. He must have been interesting because they both were laughing now. Janet uses her hands when she talks and she’d placed her hands on his arms and chest as they talked. After about ten minutes he apparently asked her to dance because his arm encircled her bare waist and they walked onto the dance floor. That was the first time they danced together, but they were great together; you’d have thought that they were partners. And, by the way Janet was shaking her body as she danced with him it was obvious she enjoyed dancing with him as he smiled down at her. Watching them together was captivating. The black guy’s hands caressing my young wife’s white body exuded eroticism. The contrasting skin tones was so stimulating one couldn’t take his eyes off of them.

Then, the disc jockey switched gears and played several slow songs. During the first slow song, the black guy pulled Janet tightly to him and they rocked slowly back and forth to the music. Her breasts rubbed against his muscular chest and their thighs rubbed against each other’s. The black dude had one hand on the back of her neck and his other hand wandered down her back before it settled on her tight little ass. I knew Janet wouldn’t permit that; we’d discussed that. I was surprised she didn’t mind his hand as it caressed her cheeks. It dawned on me that with all she’d drunk and his charming manner, she liked his hand on her ass. His practiced manner indicated he knew exactly what he was doing. Janet looked up at him and shook her head laughingly as she moved even closer to him. She had both of her arms around his neck. If I’d been shocked before, you could have knocked me over with a feather when his other hand lifted her face up to his and his lips found hers in a passionate kiss. Their kiss ended and she smiled at him and this time, she kissed him! She kissed him hungrily as he held her head to his and their tongues explored each other’s mouths. This was what I wanted to see, but I’d never thought about my wife with a black man. That was when I noticed that the bottom of her gold skirt had ridden up and her shapely thighs and beautiful ass were almost exposed. His right hand was between her thighs and he had two thick fingers in her tight pussy while she held tightly onto his neck. He wasn’t pumping them back and forth inside her. Janet was slowly fucking her hips back and forth on his fingers while his other hand was on her exposed ass.

Within minutes they came down the stairs and Kevin, the guys name, went to the bathroom. Janet’s lipstick was smeared, her eyes were glazed and her clothes were wrinkled. I asked her what was going on and she slurred her words when she replied, “As soon as I’d left the table Kevin had appeared at our table and he’d invited her upstairs to a party. When I hadn’t come back she’d decided to wait for me up there and she’d watch out for me from upstairs. She said she thought she’d have a better view, anyway. They’d bought her several Long Island Teas and she’d been excited thinking about what I’d told her I wanted to watch her do, but she’d decided against doing that. She wouldn’t have sex with another man, but she definitely wanted to suck Kevin’s dick. “Would that be OK with me? She wanted to do it like she had with the guys she’d met in clubs when she was in college.” My dick was as hard as a rock and I said, “Where?” Janet stammered, “That she hadn’t told Kevin that she was married, but that he’d just bought a Lincoln Continental, how about inside his car?” I reluctantly agreed but said, “I’d be outside, but I wouldn’t interfere”. When they left the club I followed them slowly until they reached a new four door Lincoln. Kevin unlocked the doors and got into the back seat with my wife. The rear window was slightly cracked and the ambient lighting gave me an unrestricted view of the car’s interior. Kevin had positioned Janet in the middle of the back seat. I was overwhelmed when I looked inside and saw her short gold skirt and her skimpy white crop top lying on the seat beside her. My wife was totally naked except for her high heels! Her heels were hooked over the front seat and her legs were spread from door to door as Kevin, who was also naked, crouched between her thighs. His black hands cover each of her creamy tits and his mouth covered her pussy, his thick tongue was everywhere. Her head whipped back and forth, her eyes were closed, her mouth was open and her breathing was labored interrupted only by her moans of pleasure. She was panting loudly, “Ohmygod! Uuuuhhh! Ummmm!” as her body trembled uncontrollably under Kevin’s tongue. One of her hands was between her thighs pulling her lips apart and her other hand clutched Kevin’s head holding his mouth tightly against her pussy. Her body glistened with a fine sheen of perspiration and her nipples were as hard as berries. She was panting as her hips rose off the seat each time he made her orgasm. She climaxed three times before he moved between her thighs. I almost didn’t see her hand guide his huge, thick penis into her wet pussy. Kevin’s massive penis was buried balls deep inside my wife as she grunted loudly, both of her hands on his ass, while she begged him, “to feed her hungry pussy, her pussy was so hungry”. He pistoned rapidly in and out of her and his powerful thigh muscles worked overtime as he made her orgasm three times before he stopped pummeling her and then he held her tightly as he groaned. His huge black cock was buried deep inside her and her hands clutched his black ass tightly. He slowly moved in and out of her widely stretched pussy several times. I knew he was filling my wife’s vagina full of his hot baby batter. Sweat covered her face and her nipples stood out proudly on her swollen breasts as she struggled to regain her breath. Finally, he pulled out of her with a loud sucking sound and his semen rolled down her ass cheeks onto the leather seat as he crudely told her, “Baby, you’re a fine fuck, and she nodded when he said, “I want to fuck you again.” I moved away from the car as they dressed and then got out of the back seat. I watched my wife’s hand disappear into her purse and she gave Kevin her business card after she’d written her cell phone number on the back of it!

Janet made up her little rule about not having sex with other people after the night Kevin fucked her silly in the parking lot at Kampi’s. I’d watched in the darkness from outside of his car. The interior was clearly illuminated from several halogen spotlights that were positioned near his car and I could see inside the back seat of his Lincoln Continental where my lovely wife, “Was just going to suck Kevin’s dick because she wanted to like she had in college.” I guess I not only didn’t blame her, but I also knew where she was coming from. Janet loves to suck a hard dick and she thinks that swallowing cum is the icing on the cake. Until that evening, she’d always told me to forget about her being with another guy, let alone a black guy! Something snapped that evening in the back seat of Kevin’s Continental. Her teasing and flirtascious behavior had become lewd, lascivious and wanton. Kevin had pushed all the right buttons with Janet and she was putty in his hands. Instead of sucking Kevin’s large penis, Kevin had eaten my wife’s horny pussy and then he’d fucked her senseless in the back seat of his car while I watched them and jacked off outside. I’d never seen her act that way! She’d hungrily acceded to his every desire and she’d responded to him unashamedly, like a brazen whore, and I’d liked it!

This was about the time that we discovered Sans Souci, an alternative nightclub, an off-premise nightclub for swingers. We went about four weekends in a row before we joined the club. The music was great; we liked the people who were not pretentious and the club exuded sensuality everyway imaginable. Eventually, Janet and I became members of two alternative nightclubs. They were both off-premise swingers clubs, but Souci was the first. It could be debated about ‘how much’ of an off-premise club the second club was since I had sex with my wife in front of other people there on a regular basis and we watched other couples, married to other people, enjoy sex with multiple couples. A number of girls and guys performed oral sex upon my wife at Ecstasy, our second club, located in Dallas, Texas.

At our first ‘alternative nightclub’ we’d been exposed to a club full of members that we genuinely enjoyed being with. Almost as soon as we’d become members we began to receive invitations from other couples to parties, to visit them in their homes, i.e. go home with them, etc. We were quite cautious at first, but we loved each other and were secure in our relationship so we said, Why not? At this club, Sans Souci, both couples and girls danced together. A few of the girls were gay, but most of them were bi-sexual and it didn’t take any time before lots of girls began hitting up on Janet. One of the first ones was a hot little blond housewife named Stacy, “Who wanted to find out more about Janet”. We invited Bob and Stacy over one evening, leaving the club early. Twenty seconds after Stacy had entered our living room she was naked and soon Janet was, too. They kissed and made out for a little while Bob and I chatted and then Janet led Stacy to our bedroom upstairs. In a few minutes Bob and I were also naked and Stacy and Janet kissed passionately while Stacy finger fucked Janet. She gently pushed her back against the bed and began to pleasure her orally. Stacy was very, very good with another girl. In fact, she liked women a lot more than men. In less than two minutes, Janet was climaxing under Stacy’s experienced tongue. And, that night Stacy made Janet orgasm ten times…before the evening was over both Janet and I realized that she was bi-sexual. As you might imagine a number of different girls got to her and she loves the pleasures of sex with other women. Janet’s told me, “It’s like nothing you would understand because you’re a guy. “It’s very sensual and soft and sweet and it (the experience) just leaves me wanting more. Lots of girls feel a guy just wants to use them.” Soon, going to the club meant four hours of sharing Janet with a number of hot women along with a guy every now and then, at least, at first. She had several special girlfriends that she couldn’t get enough of and they couldn’t get enough of her either. She particularly liked those girls who’d use her like a guy would. I mean they would control her. Laura, Clyde’s girlfriend, was like that. She had big tits and a tight ass and she was strong, stronger than Janet. She’d push her down and use her any way that she wanted. She even fucked her ass with her strap-on.

At Souci, when a girl danced in front of the guy it meant they were looking for another couple. Two girls could make out in this manner. At the same time, the guy behind one girl could touch the other girl, too, play with her breasts or finger her. While I didn’t dance with a lot of other women, I danced and made out with some from time to time and I even made out with some of them.

You need to remember, my sensuous, but sweet wife, was your typical All-American girl so she was going through a total learning period, especially after she’d surrendered repeatedly to Kevin’s 10-inch dick. She was beginning to make out with many different girls every weekend. What that meant was that on the crowded and very dark dance floor, other girls would pull her skimpy crop top up or down as the case might be or unbutton her blouse and suck her nipples and my wife has very long, thick sensitive nipples. In response, she did the same to them to them. A number of girls finger fucked her when they danced with her and some made her orgasm and she fingered several girls, as well. Over time, my sexy wife became very good at coming on to another girl who’d never even fantasized about sex with another girl. Typically; she’d be dancing with another girl, Souci had ‘Ladies Only’ dances and Janet would ask a girl to dance who she’d seen earlier dancing with a guy or her husband. Janet is a great dancer and she’d always talk to the girl before holding her more closely. They could smell each other’s perfume as their soft cheeks touched and their breasts and hips rubbed against each other. You could see the uncomfortable expression in the other girls face. She was enjoying the physical intimacy, but this was a societal taboo and she wasn’t supposed to enjoy it and she was having this internal fight with herself. Then, Janet would gently lift her chin up and her lips would softly touch the other girl’s lips with just a hint of tongue. She’d move away and then come back and do it again. Still, the girl would be fighting her long held beliefs and ideas and Janet would kiss her again and her tongue would boldly enter her mouth. Often, it was too much for the girl to handle and she eagerly responded, placing her arms around my wife’s neck and hugging her tightly to her as she enjoyed this new world. This would be the beginning for Janet and if she got into her blouse and played with her breasts, especially sucking her nipples, that girl belonged to Janet!

Janet isn’t a racist and several white girls were always at the club with black guys. A number of these girls took my wife’s hand and placed it upon their black boyfriend’s penis, which invariably was very big and very hard. As they did this they explained to my sweet little wife, “They just wanted their friend to have a good time”. I danced with Janet on several occasions when she was in front of me when she danced with a mixed couple and several black guys finger fucked her. In addition to wearing an abbreviated top she always wears a short skirt with out panties when were at the club or out ‘hunting’ as I’ve stated previously.

As time went by we were with other couples and Janet couldn’t wait to go down on the girl. She and the other girl made love while I watched along with the girl’s boyfriend or husband. Then, I’d be with the girl and my wife would be with the guy. Janet is fantastic at sucking a hard dick and she loves to do that more than anything. As she says, “Sucking a hard dick is fun in and of itself, making a guy cum in my mouth is the icing on the cake”. I don’t need to say that she always swallows as I’ve said that before, too.

I felt that we should be pretty much equal in what we did with other couples, but it seemed like she was always sucking a guy’s dick whether or not his girl or wife sucked mine, for whatever reason. We were with one couple, George and Joanna, and Joanna had too much to drink one evening when they came over to our house. Janet and Joanna were hot for each other, but Janet gave up on her. I went down on her, but I wasn’t having much luck, either. They were in their mid-twenties and Janet was thirty-five when we were with them. George had a huge dick; I mean it was really big for a white guy. I mean I’m almost seven and a half inches. George was, at least, nine inches and he was pretty thick, too. Janet had been eyeing him most of the evening because he kept stroking his penis and it was as hard as a rock. She’d been sucking my dick while I was going down on Joanna, but she couldn’t take her eyes off of George and his oversized penis. She moved over to him and took his big penis deep in her mouth. She was sucking his dick as she cupped his heavy balls. I’d taught her never to hold a guy’s dick with her hand, her hand was to be on his balls and her mouth would hold his dick. She would do that, stop and then she’d resume sucking his dick again. The next time Janet took him into her mouth he grabbed her head, he was very muscular, and pulled her mouth all the way down upon his penis. My wife didn’t mind; she loves sucking cock. George pulled her to the other side of the bed until he was sitting Indian fashion, leaning against the headboard of our bed. Janet was on her knees sucking his cock and she had all of it in her mouth while he roughly squeezed her tits with one hand and finger fucked her brutally with two fingers of his other hand. Janet doesn’t like a guy to ‘jackhammer her’ like that, but she climaxed on George’s thick fingers at about the same time he pulled her head completely down on his penis and he held her there as he shot string after string of his hot semen down her throat. She didn’t miss any and I barely heard her whisper, “Good to the last drop.” Joanna didn’t suck my dick, but they came back several weeks later and George couldn’t wait to get at Janet again. But, this time Joanna sucked my dick and when I was ready to come, I pulled out and shot my load all over her face. That was for her lack of responsiveness on their previous visit. You should have seen the look on George’s face when he saw his wife! My semen was in her hair, on her forehead and in one eye and even her nose! That was the first time that he’d seen his wife with another guy and I wanted him to see that if my wife swallowed his cum; paybacks would ensue.

On the other hand, I really didn’t care about other women. I had all I wanted with my sensuous, sexy Janet. What I did want was to maximize her pleasures with other men and the best way I knew how to do that was to put her in a position where we’d be with other couples and she’d be exposed to other guys. Remember, I’d begun by telling her I wanted to watch her making love with another man and I’d meant it. She had given me that pleasure that evening at Kempi’s, she couldn’t help it and Kevin had used her like a whore. There was something so undeniably sexy about watching her as it became increasingly difficult for her to live up to her self imposed ‘rule’ that we wouldn’t have intercourse with another couple, only to see her become so sexually excited that she violated her own prescription. I guess one of the reasons that I got off on watching another guy come on to her is that while we are all the same; we’re also a little bit different. I’d been with a lot of women, but I wasn’t so presumptuous that I thought I knew all the ways to drive my sweet wife out of her mind or as she often described it, “Finding her sweet spots”. She was loosening up and becoming more flirtascious, precocious and forward with other men. Many times she didn’t even know a guy’s name, but she’d play with his dick while dancing with him at the club.

At the same time, I’d begun to experiment and try some different things. I wanted to act out some of those desires most of us have, but usually suppress either because we’re embarrassed or because we think the people we love will think we’re ‘strange’ or even worse. I think many people fantasize about some of these things, but that’s about where it ends for them. I bought some bondage toys, handcuffs, thumbscrews, a few dog chains, a ball gag, a few whips and several spreader bars along with some other toys including a couple of whips. I bought Janet some leather clothing, gauntlets for her forearms and some other bondage clothing. Then, I injured my right shoulder. I’ve always kept in perfect physical through running, working out with weights and tough physical exercise. And, either through lifting weights or some other heavy physical exercise I’d torn my rotator cuff. Obviously, since I was such an active person, physically, I had to have surgery to repair this injury and it took a long time to heal. During my physical therapy I was given a Tens unit along with several different electrodes. It was really depressing and it took me a long time to come back from my rotator cuff surgery, but I did. I worked hard until my body was back in shape, but it wasn’t easy. I worked out hard as hard as I ever have until I was again in shape. My body was really honed and I met one girl at the club who referred to me as ‘buff’. I had to ask Janet, my wife, what ‘buff’ meant. I really didn’t care what other women thought about me; sure it was nice. But, I only cared what Janet thought about me. I had her take some pictures of me in our secluded back yard, which has both shrubbery and a tall privacy fence. In the pictures she took I was naked, handcuffed and my feet were spread apart chained to a spreader bar; I was totally immobilized. Janet’s always loved my tight little ass and I had her whip me while I was chained on our covered patio. I was curious what it felt like and though she didn’t want to, she finally did. As I said, she’d been reluctant to do that and she did. In truth, it hurt like hell! As part of our scenario, she left me chained outside in the dark. It was August in Texas and we have very hot summers. That particular evening at 11:30PM it was still ninety degrees and very humid. I was chained on the edge of our covered patio with my back to the house and I faced our privacy fence and thick shrubbery. Janet locked the patio door and closed the curtains and turned on our DVD and watched several of the pornographic movies I’d brought home for her while she masturbated with her Magic Wand. I had my ball gag in my mouth and my ass still smarted, but my penis was at half-mast as I thought about my wife inside. She was masturbating and climaxing again and again while she watching some black dude with a gigantic penis fucking a small young white girl who was trembling underneath him and creaming on his massive chocolate dick. I wondered if Janet was fantasizing she was the girl being slam-fucked and the guy was Kevin? I was helpless, I couldn’t watch, I didn’t know which movie she was watching or how great her orgasms were. Janet liked to play with her sensitive nipples with one hand while she used the vibrator with her other hand. When she came, she her back would stiffen as her head fell back, eyes closed as her body shook and shuddered, uncontrollably.

Of course, my wife let me in after she’d satisfied herself a number of times and then I’d make love to her. But, she’d begun to become devilish with me and she started teasing me. For example, from time to time if she saw I was really excited, she’d tell me, “She was too sensitive right then and I’d have to handle my problem”. She knew that I was going to take a shower, but I was so excited that she was forcing me to masturbate. I was so hot I’d go into the work out bedroom’s bathroom to take my shower and I’d jack off. It wasn’t what I’d planned. Janet was learning she enjoyed being in control of our sex life and she understood that she liked to be able to tell me what to do, when to come, and how I’d come and sometimes she wouldn’t permit me to come. She’d leave my hard dick waving in the air as she laughed, unmercifully. One night she took my Tens unit and attached the two electrodes to my penis, one underneath the head and one on the head of my rigid penis and she held on to the power unit. She lay back on our bed and I was on my knees by the side of the bed, my face between her thighs. I satisfied her orally while she controlled the electrical current that stimulated my penis. She kept it on low, just high enough that my penis was at attention. My hands were in thumbscrews behind me; I was helpless. I was beginning to enjoy being helpless, surrendering all sexual control to Janet and she’d begun to enjoy that more and more. I remember that night after I’d made her orgasm seven times in a row, she turned the power on the tens unit up to high and kept it there! The sensations that coursed through my erect penis were incredible. Damn they were awesome! My dick was so hard, I tried to get her to stop, but she refused and then my body shook as I closed my eyes and I came all over the floor and the side of the bed. I’d told her, “No, I don’t want to come that way.” She’d replied, “Why not? I am.” I’d wanted to fuck her, but she determined how I would orgasm, now.

We’re PADI scuba instructors and have taught many students scuba diving. We’ve dived in Belize, Mexico, Costa Rica and many other places. I love diving in Cozumel and Playa because it’s cheap, close since we live in Texas and I love drift diving. At Playa there’s a nude beach about a mile from the Blue Parrot, where we stay. Lots of Europeans sunned at the nude beach, but, initially, Janet was reluctant to remove her bikini. I told her she looked ridiculous wearing a bathing suit at a nude beach when everyone else was naked. First, she took off her top and then she finally took off her bottoms. We got all over tans under the majestic Yucatan sun when we went to Mexico. One day at lunch after our morning two tank dives we were enjoying chicken fajitas at Carlos and Charlie’s when out of the blue Janet looked at me and smiled as she told me, “From that moment forward, you’re going to swallow your cum every time I suck your dick (which was often) and you’re going to swallow more cum than you ever dreamed about.” That wouldn’t be hard since I’d never dreamed about swallowing cum. We finished our lunch and I pretty much forgot our conversation. That night we were engaged in a hot sixty-nine and I’d made my wife climax about nine times before I felt that feeling of my sperm leaving my prostate gland and entering my erect penis before I ejaculated in my wife’s mouth. We were pretty much worn out, but Janet put her arms around my neck and I kissed her deeply. Our mouths opened and she filled my mouth with thick semen. I tried to pull away, but she held me tightly and for the first time in my life I swallowed my cum. Janet praised me and said that wasn’t so bad, was it? I felt a differently about the issue, but I didn’t say anything about it. Then, we got back home and we enlivened our lovemaking with different scenarios. One of Janet’s favorite foreplay approaches was for her to kiss me and as I lay back on the bed she’d place her head several inches above my open mouth and she’d drool her saliva into my mouth and I’d swallow it. After doing this for several nights, she told me, “That’s the way I want to see you swallow your cum, Darling”. I began to open my mouth and she’d drool my semen into my mouth. After about six months Janet told me, “Sweetheart, when we make love and you fill my pussy with your semen, you make a mess! Oh, it’s a good mess but I think you should clean it up, don’t you?” I didn’t like the way this conversation was going, but I asked her how? She told me that she felt that I should eat her out after I’d cum in her. We had some discussions about this before I finally agreed. She seemed to enjoy it a lot and I soon got into it, too. One night I asked her why she liked it so much and she said, “Whether you know it or not you are a submissive and I have learned I’m a Top.” Not long after that conversation she was sucking my dick by the side of the bed and it felt great, she’s such a tease and very good. I wasn’t paying too much attention, just enjoying the sensations as I held the back of her head gently on my penis when she took my hand and place it around my penis. I guess it was a reflex action because I immediately began masturbating, jacking off rapidly as she sat there watching me intently and smiling at me as I fucked my fist. After a few minutes, she opened her mouth and I knew she expected me to ejaculate into her open mouth, which I did. She smiled again as she stood up and she kissed me and filled my mouth with my semen. Before long, I was swallowing my own cum without thinking and I did it all the time. I remember one evening at the club I overheard Janet talking with Stacy, the second girl she’d been involved with and I was mortified when I heard her say, “Stacy, you wouldn’t believe how much of a cumslut Charlie has become and she laughed, hilariously.” That was about the same time she began to tease me and refer to me as, “Her little cumslut.” She even began to tease me about us being with another couple and after she sucked some guy off, she’d be saving his semen for just for me!

Well, I didn’t like that idea, but I was turned on about Janet taking a more dominant role in our sexual act ivies. It seemed that the more Janet and I were with other couples the greater her desire for sex became. I was having a little problem figuring it all out. One night we were at Ecstasy and we met a popular couple that was seriously into the lifestyle that we briefly chatted with one evening. That evening Janet had too much to drink and Bob, the guy, upon meeting her said, “Such an attractive little girl, too bad she’s smashed.” While he made that statement his hand was under her dress playing with the slippery lips of her tight pussy. Janet didn’t even remember we’d met them the next time we ran into them, but we talked briefly. I wasn’t interested in them because I wanted to hook up with them; they were just funny. For example, one night we were dancing on the secluded dance floor upstairs where we always reserved a sofa. I happened to glance over at one of the sofas. Bob was fucking some girl senseless on the sofa, while another guy at the opposite end of the same sofa was fucking Marty, his wife. I pointed that out to Janet and we both laughed.

A month later we were at the club one Friday evening and we were upstairs by ourselves. Janet was wearing a slinky black cocktail dress that she liked because she liked the way it felt against her bare skin and she was naked underneath it. Friday evenings are slow to begin with and usually I’d lick Janet’s clit until she’d climaxed five or six times and then she’d suck my dick for a few minutes and then we’d fuck. If I go down on her and make her orgasm several times, she always wants me to fuck her because it makes her so hot and horny. That evening she wanted me to fuck her after I’d made her come the last time. She’d said, “I want it, I want you inside me,” and for some reason I put her off. Instead, I suggested we go downstairs and see what the few other people who were at the club that evening were doing. The main dance floor is downstairs along with the main bar along with a few suites that you can reserve. They are fuck suites for couples who want sex alone and who don’t want to go through the hassle of renting a hotel room although it’d be much cheaper. Anyway, we ran into Bob and Marty again and they came back upstairs with us. Janet wanted to go down on Marty, but I moved in between them and said, “No, I’m better,” and I proceeded to lick Marty’s pussy. I was licking her clit and she was moaning as I bought her to two orgasms. Bob and Janet were at the other end of the sofa; I hadn’t even looked in their direction. Later, I learned she’d been sucking his huge dick and it was huge. She was sitting next to the armrest at the end of the sofa and Bob had moved up to the sofa and guided his oversized penis inside her hungry pussy. She’d wanted me to fuck her earlier and I’d said, ‘later’. Obviously, she wanted to be fucked, ‘sooner’. When I glanced in their direction Janet had one leg over the armrest and Bob had both of his hands on her other leg, which was pointing straight up in the air. When I looked at them, Janet was in the middle of her third orgasm impaled on Bob’s horse dick. I couldn’t walk over and say, “Gee whiz, I wish I’d been watching sooner.” I did watch then while Marty sucked my rigid penis and I had about a five-minute show before Bob emptied his baby batter inside my wife’s swollen pussy. Needless to say, I got sloppy seconds that night once we’d gotten home. Janet told me on the way home, “I needed to be fucked, so I got fucked”. Yeah, she got fucked good that night and I got seconds. “And, when we get home I want you to eat Bob’s cum out of my pussy and I want to come, too.”

After Janet had fucked or been fucked by two other guys it seemed a little hypocritical for her to say that, “We’d could do anything we wanted to with another couple, but we wouldn’t have sexual intercourse, and that was final. I guess her rule wasn’t applicable to single men and her nights of unbridled lust that she’d enjoyed with Kevin and Bob. But, that’s the way that it was until three months later when we finally got together with Kim and her significant other, Stan.

Kim was a beautiful girl and we both liked and we’d wanted to be with her for some time. Kim and Janet had danced together at the club several times. Every time Kim had danced with Janet, Kim finger fucked her to orgasm. That evening when we first arrived at the club I saw them sitting by themselves and I walked over to their table and invited them over. I told them, “Look, skip the club and come over to our house, instead.” They followed us home and in less than twenty minutes we were all in bed, naked.

Janet went down on Kim first and I’m not certain if she even made her climax. I was on one side of Kim and Stan was on the other side, but she seemed to be interested in me. Her hand squeezed my throbbing penis while I alternately sucked and gently bit her erect nipples as our tongues explored each other’s mouths. Then, Kim began to make love to Janet was very accomplished at satisfying another woman, sexually. She made my wife orgasm almost ten times, one scorching climax preceding the next one. The veins in my wife’s forehead were visible, her eyes wide and her mouth open. Later, Janet described it to me as, “one giant orgasm.” Stan played with Janet’s tits and sucked her nipples as we lay on each side of her, holding her legs wide apart as we pulled them back over her head. Kim spread her labia and her talented tongue had complete access to her slippery pussy. Janet lay helplessly before her assault as escalating waves of pleasure washed over her body again and again. Watching my wife’s body quiver and spasm, her legs shaking uncontrollably and her toes curling as she placed her hand behind Kim’s in an effort to hold her to her pussy made my seven and a half-inch hardon even harder. I wanted to jack off I was so horny. It was the most erotic thing that I’d ever witnessed. But, Kim’s responses when I’d sucked her nipples made me think that she was interested in men as much as women. Finally, my wife weakly push Kim’s head away from her tingling clit and she sat up and embraced Kim, kissing her passionately. Kim put her arms around her and held her tightly; their tits rubbed against each other and they kissed deeply as she sucked on her tongue.

Kim was on her knees and Janet’s back was against Kim’s tits as she lay against her. Kim held her against her like a small child with her arms around her. Her left hand was on Janet’s breasts teasing her sensitive nipples while her right hand was between her thighs as Kim continued to stimulate her quivering pussy. Her experienced fingers gently masturbated her, keeping her on the edge of another orgasm. I’d moved behind Kim and my strong hands cupped her swollen breasts and erect nipples. My rigid penis was trapped against naked back as I silently watched the scene in front of me while I kissed Kim’s neck and ears. It was almost as if Kim and Stan had done this before. Their actions seemed almost orchestrated; I mean each of them seemed to know what the other one was going to do next. They were so smooth that each move appeared to be almost rehearsed.

I was holding onto Kim’s shoulders and my lips and tongue teased her neck. I realized I wanted to fuck Kim and I thought that she wanted the same thing. Stan had already doggy-fucked her while she was going down on Janet. That was about the time Stan moved over to Janet and pushed her ass back and her legs up as he spit into her vagina and then he began to rub his spit lubricant in her pussy with his fingers. My wife’s eyes were closed when she spread her legs widely apart for Stan. She moved her hands under her thighs and held them up waiting for Stan to continue. It was difficult for me to conceal my emotion as I squeezed Kim’s tits more tightly and my breathing increased. I couldn’t help but gawk when I saw that his penis was much bigger thicker than my own.

For a moment, I thought about what she’d said after Kevin and then Bob, “We wouldn’t do this,” as the thick mushroom head of Stan’s heavily veined penis began disappearing between her wet pussylips as she eagerly rotated her ass underneath him in her first orgasm. I watched spellbound as Stan buried his oversized penis inside my sweetheart’s pussy until his balls slapped loudly against her exposed asshole. I realized she’d never had a cock that big inside her in her entire life. Her luscious tits bobbed wildly and she grunted as she raised her legs wider in the air and abruptly locked them around his bucking hips. A few minutes earlier I’d planned on telling Kim that it was ‘OK’ if Stan fucked her, but he didn’t need my permission. I caressed Kim’s full breasts and erect nipples as she leaned into me. She looked into my eyes and softly said; “Look how she’s fucking him, Charlie, she’s fucking him so good.” Kim’s hand had moved to my throbbing penis and she’d begun jacking me off, rapidly. It felt so good and I’d been more excited than I could remember watching my sweet wife surrender to her lusts as her hands grasped Stan’s ass cheeks pulling him even deeper inside her widely stretched vagina. Stan lifted my wife’s legs and placed them over his shoulders until only her arched back was touching our bed and he slam-fucked her unmercifully as she writhed under him through three intense orgasms moaning and grunting loudly.

I was so excited watching Janet and Stan that within minute’s thick gobs of spunk erupted from my throbbing penis landing on Kim’s white thigh as I moaned loudly. Kim smiled at me almost condescendingly as she said, “See! You like watching another man fucking your wife, don’t you?” She pulled my neck down to her thigh and I licked my cum off her leg. I was so used to eating my cum at that point that I thought nothing of it. My penis had remained hard and Kim continued to stroke it. I’d nodded my head back and forth in acknowledgement to Kim. Sure, I think it’s extremely erotic, as does Janet, when another man is fucking her. What liberated couple wouldn’t? I moved between Kim’s thighs and was about to put my cock inside her well fucked pussy when I heard Janet whimpering almost unintelligibly, “Aaaaagh, ohmygod, g-ahh, so fuckin good, fuck me harder!” I gently pushed Kim back upon our bed and gave her my dick as she put her lips next to my ear and said, “You know Charlie, your wife’s going to want more of Stan’s cock, the way that he’s fucking her…she’s going to want a lot more of it!” I looked over my shoulder in time to see Janet’s toes curl as she climaxed, once again. I knew she was right and it sort of bothered me and excited me at the same time. I can usually last a long time after I’ve come, but I didn’t that evening. I didn’t even make Kim orgasm and I felt foolish as I felt my penis jerking uncontrollably as I filled her love tunnel with my semen. She just looked at me and smiled the way she’d done earlier and said, “You made a mess! And now you’re going to clean it up, baby, aren’t you?” I don’t know if it was the fact that Kim had such a commanding manner about her, which she did, or whether I was intimidated by the way that her boyfriend was pleasing my wife, but I kneeled between her thighs and spread her lips apart and began to lick my cum out of her. I paid a lot of attention to her clit and I licked between her cheeks where my semen had dripped out of her vagina. I buried my tongue inside her as deeply as I could to lick every drop of my semen out of her. I had no pride at all, I guess, but she came five times and she squeezed my neck with her legs until my neck almost hurt. Kim was satisfied as she held me against her and whispered, “You can eat me out the next time we’re all together and Stan is fucking your wife, Charlie. Believe me, Baby, once Stan fucks a woman, she’s going to want to fuck him again.”

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It's obvious Janet has come into her own (no pun intended) and decided she likes sex with other people. She needs other men and women to satisfy her and she will probably cuckold her husband in the near future as he is incapable of stimulating her any more as a result of her experiences with other people.


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I absolutely love it . Lets hear more.

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One of the few stories I've read I believe to be actually 'true'. I checked out the 'swinger's clubs' on the net and they exist. Psychiatric help might help this couple, but I don't know who needs it more.

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This is the hottest story that I've read so far. The husband is unable to control his sexual desires even though he knows they are going to hurt his relationship with his wife...

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