First time with sexual poetry. Please do not be too harsh or give it a negative rating because you do not like poetry in general. If you don't like poetry why are you reading it!? Thank you, that is all. Read on, don't mind me.
Where Am I?

Where am I? You often wonder
You speak my name like it comes from under

You think you killed me, you think me dead!
Too bad for you! You had already fled

Before they found me! I was saved
From everything you were, everything you craved

You had whisked me away, onto the clouds
But I couldn't see through your lucid shrouds

You stole me away, with promises of love
And vows that you'd show me above

My life here, my fate sealed in stone
But you never said you'd leave me alone!

Your words made me tender, your words stuck me deep
I can't believe you were really a creep!

You snuck me away into the darkened room
Chuckling at how you knew it would soon be my doom

It was there in the shadows you took from me
What no innocent girl should have to see

Your heart cold, your fingers chilling
You was not one new to this thing called killing

You caressed me, your lips even colder
And as the moments moved on you grew even bolder!

Laughing with evil, hellish, disturbing delight
The day disappeared into the long night

More and more touches, but then you grew weary
And as you urged on you became more merry

A toy for your pleasure, I was ready, you assumed
As you touched me again, my body had bloomed

Since you saw me last, we had both much so changed
And our feelings for each other were very much ranged!

It was not for you! I had so long saved
You told me it'd feel good if I just behaved

My struggles and whimpers came to a halt
As you thrust in and pulled out of my sacred vault

I swore for revenge, I longed for retribution
But I would never find such a pleasant solution

Warmth pulsed through me, shattering my soul
Into thousands of pieces! Was that your goal?

Finally done with me, you peeled your skin from mine
Leaving me alone in this forgotten shrine

Quickly you moved throughout your escape
Your cool demeanor a billowing cape

To hide your work in the dark
Where I lay, my life barely a spark

To convey my messages to thee
My life a mere speck on your killing spree

And terrible pain, I did face
As my existence did erase

My utter agony, faded away
As the night slipped into day

The flashing lights, the cries of cars
They couldn't clear away the hidden scars

So fearful was I and my family too
They thought they understood, they thought they knew

But none of them could see deep down
I wished I had died there, I wished I had drown

In your kisses and touches, and just ended it then
So I didn't have to live now, remembering it again!

And the kind, kind lady, changed my name
And stowed me away as if it was some twisted game

My life was reborn, the night was now gone
Brought with my new life was a brand new dawn

I saw you again, who had thought me dead
My hair was now dyed, my eyes filled with dread

I could simply watch, with watery eyes
Through your mischievous twinkles filled with lies

As you swayed another, with your charm
And she had no feelings of alarm!

Too trusting was she, her heart so clear
As I watched I shed one tear...

This is my first time trying sexual poetry. Please feel free to leave any constructive comments, they would be greatly appreciated.

A basic summary if you didn't get it:

Someone is tricked by and old friend they think loves them. She is lured into a a bedroom, and she gets raped for hours before the person decides to leave them - barely alive. Somehow they're found before they die. They make a recovery. Then they're put into a witness protection program, (or they change their name, life, and looks) to keep from ever being found by their rapist again. Then one day she sees him flirting with some other girl, and cries because she knows what he's planning.

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2016-08-26 05:35:02
I loved it

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I loved it

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2016-08-26 05:34:59
I loved it

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2014-10-16 12:28:38
Just needed to write and erqiune where you got your layout? I'm scouting for one for my current weblog and really appreciate yours. Thanks so much.

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just me, but too dark

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