Four siblings, quadruplets, have their first sexual encounter
Four Sexy Siblings Part 1

A note to the reader: This is a true story, and my first attempt at writing a story, so please go easy on me with the comments and criticism. If the reviews are good, there will be plenty of sequels because this is just the first tale of our sexual adventures together.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Rick. I have lived on a farm my entire life (23 years), and have the body to prove it; I am 6’ 2”, 215 lbs of solid muscle, I don’t have the body of a body builder, but have a very well defined body that only comes from farm labor. I have been blessed with a natural lack of body hair, except for my lower arms and lower legs which are not that hairy either. I have always been the type of guy that all the girls, and some guys thought to be hot, sexy, cute, or whatever you wanna call it. To round off my looks, I have a 9.5 inch long, 1.75 inch thick, and 5.5 inch circumference cock. As for my family, I am one of a set of quadruplets. I have a brother, Dave, that is an identical (in every way) twin, and two sisters, Haley and Elizabeth, who are the female versions of “perfection” like my brother and I. They are 5’7” tall; have long, silky brown hair, perfect round asses, and 36 D breasts that look like you cut a ball in half, put nipples on them, and hung them on their chests. Needless to say, all the guys and some of the girls have always wanted to fuck them. My parents both come from wealth families, the kind of southern families that have always had money and no one really knows where it came from anymore. When they joined the two families, the combined wealth allowed us to always have enough money for whatever we wanted. As for our house, the four of us live on the second floor, in our own bedroom/bathroom combos, and have a common “play room” which, since our early teen years, is a big hang out place for all or our friends complete with pool tables, a big screen TV, and, in recent years, a fully stocked wet bar.

Growing up it was never uncommon for my brother and I to see each other naked, and to spy on our sisters in an attempt to see them in all their naked beauty, which they also did to us. One night when we were fifteen, our parents were out of town, and the four of us were all sitting around watching one of our favorite shows, Friends, when our lives changed forever. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Haley asked Dave and me, “Have either of you ever had a blowjob?” Dumbfounded, we looked at each other and replied, in unison “No!” Knowing good and well we had been sucking each other’s cocks for about 6 months.

“Where did that come from,” I asked.

“Well, Liz and I have been watching the two of you for years and staring at those magnificent bodies and cocks of yours. There have been many nights when we would go back to one room or the other and masturbate, often times giving each other oral pleasure, while wondering what it would feel like to suck on those cocks and have them inside us.”

“Holy shit,” I said, “The two of you have been eating each other out? That’s hot! We have been watching the two of you for years too and have never seen that.”

“That’s because we knew when you were watching and didn’t want you two to see us doing it,” Liz commented.

“Anyway, the reason we ask, is because our friends have been talking a lot about giving their boyfriends blowjobs, and having sex and all that kind of stuff. And since we don’t have boyfriends we thought we could try things out on ya’ll”, Haley said.

“Truth be told,” Dave said, “Rick and I have been sucking each other off for about six months now. But we have wanted the two of you to suck our cocks, and fuck us, and let us eat those pussies of yours for a while now, and I am all for letting you try things out on me.”

“Me too,” I said.

“Hang on a sec there fellas. Ya’ll have been sucking each other off? Now that is sexy. But no one said anything about fucking. At least not right now. Tonight we just want to suck those big dicks of yours and let you eat our pussies,” Haley said sternly.

“That’s fine,” I said, “I’m content with getting a blowjob and eating a pussy, well two blowjobs and eating two pussies, cuz I damn well intend to taste both of you tonight.”

“Fine by me! Cuz I had planned on sucking both those dicks too,” said Liz.

With that being said, Haley and Elizabeth both stood up and began taking off their clothes. Now Dave and I had both seen our sisters naked many times when we were spying on them, but this was more exciting than any time in the past. Just knowing that my sisters were taking off their clothes in front of me willingly had my cock at full attention.

When the girls were completely naked, Dave and I realized that they were just as hairless as we were. Not to mention just as turned on, because standing there in the light of the two table lamps the wetness between their legs, and the aroma of their sex was completely obvious.

“Like what you see,” Haley asked.

“We certainly do,” replied Dave.

“Well now that you have gawked as us, it’s time for us to see the two of you up close,” remarked Liz.

Dave and I eagerly stood up and made quick work of losing our clothing; finally letting our nine and a half inch dicks spring out of their denim prisons, and drawing gasps from our sisters when they saw our size up close for the first time.

Eager to suck a dick for the first time, Haley grabbed my rock hard shaft and drew me over to one of the couches, where she shoved me backwards causing me to flop down with a thud. Following Haley’s lead, Elizabeth did the same with Dave. Once Dave and I had been placed where the girls wanted us, they slowly dropped to their knees and began fondling our cocks. Haley started by gently cupping and tickling my balls with one hand and gripping and stroking my cock with the other. She then leaned in and gently kissed the head of my cock and gave it a little flick with her tongue. Then, lowering her head, she began licking the shaft of my cock. Starting at the top, she slowly worked her way down the length swirling her tongue all the way around it. When she made it to the bottom, she licked straight back up it like a lollypop. She repeated this motion several times, then at the end of one of her downward spirals, she went a little farther and began licking on my balls like she was trying to eat a popsicle before it melted.

She continued this for about 30 seconds before she sucked my right testicle into her mouth and swirled it around a few times. Then she switched to the left one and repeated the motion. Haley continued licking and sucking on my balls, all while she had been stroking my dick, and then she licked all the way up to the tip and finally placed it in her mouth. Once she had taken the head of my dick in her mouth, she gently began sucking and twirling her tongue around it. I was in absolute heaven, ready to blow my load at any minute, and my moans told her this. Slowly but surely, Haley began working more of my cock into her mouth, moaning in ecstasy. She would go down about an inch and then bob her head up and down a few times before going down another inch and repeating. When it reached the back of her throat, she simply swallowed and let it keep going. It was all I could do not to shoot my load into her mouth, but fortunately I was able to hold back the explosion. Haley finally reached the bottom. Her chin was resting on my balls and all 9.5 inches of my cock were in her mouth and throat. Once she reached the bottom she began trying to lick around and let her throat muscles massage my cock. Then she pulled her head all the way off and began sucking my dick like there was not tomorrow while she fondled my balls. She would go all the way down and back up a couple of times, and then she would simple fuck her own face with my cock for a while.

Finally, I could take no more. I could feel my balls swell and feel the rush of cum make its way up my shaft. I yelled “I’m cuming” and tried to pull Haley’s mouth from my cock, but she resisted. Then I shot one of the biggest loads of my life into my sister’s mouth. Glob after glob of hot thick white cum entered her mouth, and she swallowed every last bit of it. Haley continued sucking and swallowing until my orgasm subsided, and she sucked the last little bit of cum out of my cock. Releasing my dick from her mouth with a pop, she looked up at me and asked “How was that?” Letting my eyes roll back forward in my head and catching my breath, I looked down at her and said, “That was amazing; even better than Dave. I thought you were going to ‘try things out’ on us. Where did you learn to suck dick like that?”

Haley looked up at me and laughed, “Liz and I have been watching porn and reading stuff on the internet. We even bought a couple of dildos off the Internet to practice with.”

“Well practice and studying sure made perfect,” I joked.

We looked over at Dave and Liz. They too were at the same stage of the game we were. Dave had blown his load and they were catching their breath. I asked Dave if he was ready to swap sisters to which he replied, “Hell no! I still have to taste that pussy. Besides, after the sucking she just gave me, I don’t think I will be able to cum for a week.”

“Ha! I know what you mean. But I will definitely try as soon as I’m finished eating Haley’s pussy,” I said.

With that, I reached down and grabbed my sister’s boobs and began to massage them in my hands. Gently pulling upwards, she got the hint and got up on the couch beside me. Then, leaving my left hand on her right breast, I leaned down and began kissing her left one. I gently kissed around her entire boob, deliberately missing her nipple. Then I let the tip of my nose drag across it, causing her to gasp, only to pass on by and continue kissing her boob. After a couple more times of teasing her, I gave it a little flick. Haley gasped and then sighed in pleasure when I continued to lick her nipple. Seconds later, I took her whole nipple and areola into my mouth and began sucking in time with her moans of pleasure.

As I continued to suck on her gorgeous tits, I let my left hand trail down her abdomen to her smooth, hot, wet pussy. I began rubbing on the inside of her thighs and directly above her slit. Haley instinctively opened her legs to allow my hand access to her lovely pussy. I gently began fondling her pussy. Playing with her lips, and barely sticking the tip of my finger in before pulling it out, completely ignoring the one place that she wanted me to go.

I pulled my mouth away from her breast and my hand away from her pussy, grabbed her shoulders, and pushed her backwards onto the couch so that she was lying down. I leaned forward over her tits and began sucking and flicking her other breast. I then began my slow descent towards the thing that was filling the room with a wonderfully intoxicating aroma, and that I could not wait to taste. I kissed down her abdomen, past her belly button, and down the inside of her right thigh. Then I switched and made my way up the inside of her left thigh to her slit. I leaned down and drew in a long breath through my nose before sticking my tongue out and ran it from the bottom to the top of her sweet lips, careful not to touch her clit. I continued this delicate licking for a few seconds before I finally let my tongue dart across her clit causing her to shiver with pleasure. I licked her clit for a few seconds before losing control. I began assaulting her pussy with my mouth, eating her like a mad man. I had my tongue as far inside her pussy as I could get it where I would simply lick and eat away before returning to suck and nibble on her clit. When I returned to her clit, I replaced my tongue with a finger which slid in with ease. Haley reached out and grabbed the hair on the back of my head and shoved me down to her pussy like she was trying to put the whole thing in my mouth. I continued my assault on her clit and stuck a second finger in her pussy. She was moaning and I could tell by her breathing that she was getting close. She finally screamed, “I’m ccccccuuummming!” I replaced my mouth with a finger on her clit, and moved my mouth down to her pussy where I resumed fucking her with my tongue. She exploded when her climax hit, sending her almost into convulsions. I began lapping up her juices as they poured from her pussy and she shook on the couch. When her orgasm finally subsided, I sat up and stared down at my beautiful sister.
“Wow! That was amazing,” Haley gasped, “I have never had an orgasm that big.”

“Thanks,” I replied, “like you I have been watching porn and reading up on how to do that.”

Haley and I sat there on the couch for about a minute catching our breath before Dave finished eating Liz’s pussy. When they finished, Liz looked at Haley and breathlessly said, “That was better than having you lick my pussy.”

“I know what you mean. They are so much better at it,” Haley said.

“Well,” I said, “I don’t know about Dave, but I am ready to trade sisters. Eating Haley out like that got me ready to go for round two.”

Looking down at Dave’s throbbing cock, Liz laughed and said, “Oh he is definitely ready.”

The two girls got up and traded brothers. Liz and I gave each other some individual attention, and then tried out the 69 position. Liz sucked my cock just as good as Haley did, and, to my amazement, came just as hard and just as much as I did with Haley. In true twin fashion, Liz tasted identical to Haley, and came just as hard. That night was just the first night that the four of us had fun together. We later discovered sex, group sex, anal sex, gay sex, double penetration, and much more. But that’s other stories.

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