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Part two, more of the same bad behavior
Part two of My Neighbor's Incest. (If you have not read the first, you might not follow this part two).

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Part Two begins:
My parents went out for the night and I wondered what I might see next door. I had not had an opportunity to go into the attic at night since this all started and I got excited thinking about what I might see. It had been a very hot day so it was still really hot in the attic but that was a small price to pay. There was a light on in their backyard but I didn’t see anyone. I sat there a long time hoping someone would go for a swim or something. Finally, Jasmin came out the back door, nude. I wondered if any of them ever wore clothes at home.

I watched with cock in hand as the most perfect body walked slowly across the patio toward the pool. Her firm heart shaped ass swayed side to side, one cheek would dip down, the other would rise up. I was sure I could hear her ass cheeks yelling fuck me, fuck me as they slid against each other. I had gotten thrilled so many times watching that goddess walk down the driveway or down the hallway at school, but my imagination had not even come close to how beautiful she was nude. My balls splattered the vents, once again.

The lighted pool and my spy glasses made for a great show as Jasmin floated on her back with her nipples looking like periscopes above the water. I watched for like fifteen minutes as she swam around, opening and closing her legs, running her hand over her mound, touching herself between her legs and fondling her breast. My balls hurt, I needed to cum again, so I put the binoculars down to jerk off but when I did I noticed Mr Davis standing outside the back door. His freakishly larger cock was being stroked as he seemed to be admiring his daughter's exhibitionistic behavior. His cock had to be at least twelve inches and fat as hell.

Jasmin started to climb out of the pool and Mr Davis went inside. I imagined he was going to fuck his hot wife pretending he was doing his daughter's tight body. He probably wanted to fuck Jasmin everyday, but knew he would ruin her fuck hole for life with that cock of his.

Jasmin's tan skin glistened with water running off her as she came up out of the pool. As the cooler air hit her body the whole top of both tits extended out two inches to an incredible cone shape. I couldn't believe it, it was like her whole tit stretched out as if screaming to be suck deep into someone's warm mouth. Mine watered with my thoughts.

Jasmin stopped and stood next to the picnic table. She put one foot up on the bench and turned her knee out to open her legs. I zoomed in close on her open legs and watched as her piss flowed from her opened pussy. Her one hand was on her ass while the other rested on top of her mound, which she used to pull up and aim her pee out in front of her. As the stream started to trail off she placed her hand in front of it and splashed it up between her legs. Her wet hand started working between her legs while her other hand massaged her ass.

I stroked my cock as she got on top of the table and fingered her slit wildly with one hand, while running her other hand up and down her inner thighs. I imagined she was longing for her dog's dick or maybe even wishing her father's torturous cock might be splitting her open. I watched as two, three, maybe even four fingers sped frantically in and out of her body. Her eyes closed, her legs wide open, her body tightened and relaxed over and over as she pounded herself through what looked like many orgasms.

I lowered the binoculars to concentrate on my own orgasm while Jasmin lay basking in the glory of her own. Her beautiful naked body laying limp on the table with her breast heaving as she tried to catch her breath. Just watching her lie there was enough motivation for me to stroke my sore cock to another vent splattering orgasm. Right as I milked the last drops from my dick I noticed Mr. Davis walking toward his daughter. His massive cock not hard, but clearly on the way to being erect as it swung between his legs.

My mind spun with excitement thinking about the possibilities. Would he feed her his cock and fill her head with a drowning load of cum, or would he get between her legs and split her teenage hole in two as his fuck pole drilled into her spread pussy? Could he possibly even consider fucking his own daughter?

Shit, a car turned into the driveway and I ran to get down from the attic before my parents came inside. I tossed and turned all night dreaming of Jasmin being fucked hard, or not. I needed to know what happened, I had to find a way to know more. I woke up with a plan, but I didn't know if I would have the balls to go through with it.

I saw Susan out front with some of her friends, I knew as summer wore down I wasn’t going to have too many more opportunities to make this happen, so I got up my nerve and called out to her. I said "Susan, I have something very important to show you." She must have felt important having an older boy talking to her and she said, "OK, what is it?" I told her to come with me and I would tell her and show her. She told her friends she would talk to them later and followed me.

Susan’s ass felt good in my hand as I helped her up into the attic. She had more meat to her than her skinny frame lead you to believe. My dick jumped as I looked up the leg of her shorts, to see no panties. Of course I was already excited thinking of my plan to black mail her for the deals I had to have. And maybe even help get me in with her sister, or into her sister, if I really had the balls to push it. I climbed up behind her and listened to her complain about how hot it was. I knew that all too well and sure didn’t need to hear her tell me about it. I told her it wouldn’t take long so don’t worry about it and I showed her the way down to the end of the house. She watched curiously as I moved the vent slat out of the way and said "look!" Her eyes were popping out as she saw her sister laying naked in the backyard.

I think she was already making sense of what I was about to tell her as she tried to make a sentence, but she just stumbled over her words as her face turned red. She looked around nervously at the bulge in my shorts, the many cum stains on the floor, then back outside to her sister, then back to me. "What did you see?", she questioned me shyly. I told her I saw many things, as we watched Jasmin spread her legs to allow the sun to hit between them. "Did you see me" Susan asked with a stutter? Before I could answer she said "did you do that while you watched me", and she pointed to the cum stains all over.

Now I was probably turning red as I realized she knew I stood up here masturbating. Suddenly I saw their dog prancing over towards Jasmin and I quickly turned the tables by saying, "look at your sister." The dog was already sniffing between her open legs and Susan’s eyes were glued to what was happening.

After thirty seconds or so the dog was licking away and Jasmin was holding herself open to allow him better access. As we watched I noticed Susan's breathing changing and I glanced to see her touching herself in front by her pussy. She finally said, "my god, you can see everything from up here, what is she doing?" Susan was almost panting as she spoke. It was clear to me she had never seen her sister doing their dog. I said, "you haven’t seen anything yet, just keep watching." My balls were throbbing so I gave Susan the binoculars and said, "here look through these." While she focused in on her sister, I took my cock out through my shorts leg and started rubbing it.

Susan said, "look at that, look at his dick, it’s so big and so red." She was obviously zoomed in very close. I asked her if she had ever done anything like that and she turned suddenly with a shocked look on her face, but then gasped at the sight of my cock standing straight up. Then she smiled and said, "no I never, and what are you doing?" I was busted, cock in hand but because of her smile, I played it cool. I told her I saw her touching herself, so I didn't think she would mind if I touched myself. There was silence as we both turned to watch Jasmin, who was now spread eagle with the dog’s head in her grip as he ate her. Susan's hand moved inside her shorts while her sister seemed to be thrashing with an orgasm, as her legs closed tight on her K-9 lover. Then Susan said "my parents would kill her if they knew she was doing that." I just looked with a question mark on my face, OK I guess they do draw the line somewhere.

Susan asked me what else I had seen, but before I could answer, she stammered and then finally said, "is he going to fuck her?" I alternated between watching the dog mounting Jasmin, who was now on her hands and knees, and peeking at Susan's hand working between her legs. Her shorts had been lowered just below her slit in the front as she got more and more into her self-service. There was no need to answer Susan's question because the dog was now stabbing his rod between Jasmin's legs and and it was clear he was going to fuck her.

Susan gasped as their dog buried his swollen dick fully inside her sister’s body with one thrust. I glanced to my right to see her shorts even lower, exposing her firm butt and her hand was obviously fingering between her bald pussy slit. I locked my gaze on her smooth sexy ass while I stroked my own dick. Susan struggling for breath said, "oh my, look how fast he is going in and out of her." Susan's hips were rocking as the dog fucked fast and furious into Jasmin's tender hole. Without warning my sperm launched from my dick splattering on Susan's ass. As she turned to look at me a second blast flew at her and hit the bald spot above her slit. I froze in place holding my jerking cock as it spurted cum from it's slit.

With a slightly evil smile she scooped my seed from her lower belly and licked it from her fingers. Without a word she focused back through the binoculars as the dog humped her sister silly. I stood behind her admiring my juice as it slid down the perfect skin of her firm ass cheeks. My cock now hanging down was just inches from being against her flesh. Suddenly I found myself imagining what it might feel like to stick it inside her little body.

Susan was short of breath again as their dog humped at lightning speed into Jasmin. It was obvious to me that he was just about to spill his clear fluid into his human bitch. Susan gulped hard as his fat red rod spilled out of her sister with a huge quantity of liquid. As the dog licked her clean I wrapped my arms around Susan, pressing her hard nipples into my palms and kissing her on the neck. She exhaled hard and then sighed with a sound of pleasure. My dick was pressed just above her firm cheeks as I lowered one hand to the wetness between her legs. The heat emanating from her smooth parted lips surprised me.

This was not part of my plan, I had actually never considered that I might fuck Susan, but now I was seriously considering that a change of plans might be needed. I whispered into Susan's ear, "I saw you sucking your father's dick." She said, "Did you get excited and make that mess", pointing to one of the many dried up cum splatters. I ignored the question and told her I wanted to fuck her sister, and asked if she would help me?

So, how will this twisted tale of incestuous affairs and bestiality turn out? Will I take Susan's tight hole right there in my attic, will I have my way with her sister, will Susan have her way with the dog or could their father manage to fit his massive tool inside one or both of his daughters?

Stay tuned.


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