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someone commented on my first story to just have a lesbian story, so here it is, i hope it's not too bad, please rate it and/or coment
Samantha had just started working at the warehouse last week on the loading docks. There were only a few girls there as it was a hard manual labor job, and most girls can’t hack it. She liked the hard work because it kept her in shape and paid well, but she didn’t like that she was always surrounded by sweaty guys who enjoyed staring at this hot sweaty girl. There was one other girl on her shift, Danny, but she worked at the other side of the docks, and so Samantha was stuck only being able to talk to the guys on either side of her.
About 2 weeks after she had started working there her car died one night after work. A couple of the guys she worked with had been drinking outside as soon as the shift ended, and drifted towards her as she lifted the hood to take a peek inside. None of the guys were helpful in the least bit, all they were doing was trying to cop a feel as she bent over, get her phone number, or get her to come with them to a party. Samantha was getting tired of them and tried to ask them to leave, but they didn’t listen. Finally, as she was about to just scream at them, Danny showed up. She brusquely shooed the guys off who mumbled something like “damn, all the good ones go that way”, and reluctantly left.
“so what’s the problem?” asked Danny.
“no clue yet. I was trying to look but those guys never leave me alone.”
“well, you are a girl, and they are just horny guys” laughed Danny. “looks like your timing belt busted. That sucks, need a lift home?”
“damn, guess there goes a paycheck. But I would love a ride, as long as you don’t mind, and it’s not too far out of the way.”
“no problem, I actually live 2 miles past your house, I was behind you one night after work and saw your house.”
“great!, just let me grab my stuff out of my car.”
So Samantha climbed into the passenger seat of Danny’s car, extremely grateful that she didn’t have to get a cab or ask one of the guys for a lift. As they were nearing Samantha's house she started thinking about work, and how to get the guys to leave her alone. Then she realized they didn’t bother Danny hardly at all, she turned to Danny and asked “you’re a girl too Danny, how come the guys don’t bother you at work?”
Danny blushed a little bit “you really want to know?”
“well, as long as you don’t mind telling me, I just want to know how to get them to back off”
“they leave me alone cause they know they don’t have a chance since I’m a lesbian” and Danny turned to look straight out the windshield.
“O, I didn’t realize….i’m sorry if I was prying.”
“it’s ok, you don’t feel uncomfortable or anything around me now do you?”Danny asked
“no, although I have a favor to ask you, if you don’t mind?”asked Samantha.
“sure, what is it?”
“well, would you be willing to be my ride to and from work until I can get my car fixed? I can pay you gas money for it”
“of course!i even have an idea to get those guys to leave you alone, if you’re willing to go along with it.”
“really?! How?”
“well, if you’re okay with it, we could act like we were dating or something, then the guys might lay off a bit and give you some peace.”
Samantha paused and thought for a second. would this possibly work? Was she willing to act like a lesbian’s girlfriend? “anything to get those guys off my back! I guess I should introduce myself if we are going to be dating, I’m Samantha, Sam for short.”
“Daniele, Danny preferably. So what time should I pick you up for work?”
So they spent the last 5 minutes of their drive working out times, and details for their fake relationship. The next day Danny showed up promptly on time and they headed off to work. As planned they held hands through the parking lot and once inside separated with a hug and peck on the cheek. When Sam moved to her work zone and started loading crates she noticed that none of the guys had flirted with her, or commented on how nice her bum looked when she bent over. As a matter of fact they hadn’t spoken to her yet. When she looked over she noticed that they looked a tiny bit depressed. Like someone had taken away their favorite plaything. she was ecstatic, their plan had worked! The rest of the shift passed wonderfully free of annoying guys, and she finished loading her last truck half an hour early. So she decided to go take a break.
Once outside she looked around and went to get her other shirt from the car, since it was before shift end she just pulled off her tank top and swapped it for a nice clean blouse. She had plans to go out that night and hang out at one of the local bars with Danny. Even though their “dating” was fake, they were still friends, and thought they should hang out sometimes to keep the story more believable. When she turned around though all that quickly flew out of her mind, there stood Danny and one of the guys, both with mouths wide open, looking stunned. Sam blushed and thought of what they had just seen, her bare bronzed back from all the hours spent out in the sun, toned arms, and probably a glimpse of her relatively pale 38 C breasts. Danny blushed like a little school girl and turned slightly and coughed, they guy, Justin, laughed, “damn, why do all the good lookers have to go the other way? Your one lucky girl Danny”. As he turned towards Danny he noticed her embarrassed look and got this weird look on his face and walked away.
“I didn’t think anyone would be outside this early.” Sam stammered, blushing as she thought of Danny and Justin seeing her.
“well, that was a fun way to start our first “date”, I must be one lucky gal like Justin said” Danny laughed and climbed into the driver’s seat, starting the car. Sam just blushed more and climbed into the car. The headed to the local bar and got a round of drinks. In truth neither was actually 21, Sam was only 18, and Danny almost 20, but 18 was the age to get in, and after that the barman and waitresses didn’t care. Danny and Sam got a booth seat and watched some of the more inebriated singles dance dirty with anyone in the hopes of getting a date for the night, or at least a phone number. After a couple more drinks both Danny and Sam moved to the dance floor and enjoyed just moving with the music, but when a group of guys from work showed up they decided, after another round of drinks of course, to make things a little spicier, and make this date more believable to the guys. So out to the floor they moved and began a little dirty dancing of their own. Sam and Danny took turns grinding on each other, and the guys in the corner seemed to be having an argument. Later that night when Sam and Danny were leaving the guys cornered them by their car.
“Hey Danny! Since when have you two been going out? my buddy Justin here says you two don’t act like a dating couple.”
“we just started going out, and unlike you guys us girls are a little more reserved in our relationships.”Danny said, slightly slurring her words.
“yeah, well we still don’t believe Sam is one of you.”
Sam, who was slightly more sober that Danny, realized their plan was in jeopardy, thinking quickly she grasped Danny’s hips and pulled her to her saying “come here baby, let’s give them some proof!”with that Sam planted a good kiss square on Danny’s mouth. She had originally just planned on a short kiss, just enough to convince the guys, but apparently Danny was more drunk than she had thought. Danny quickly grasped Sam’s waist and returned the kiss with a vengeance. At first Sam was shocked, but her body quickly overrode her brain and she responded more passionately too. What was originally supposed to be a quick kiss turned into a long open mouth kiss, with both tongues visibly darting back and forth, bodies pressed closely together. Danny’s brain must have finally kicked in and she pulled back, grinning at the guys “so, you guys enjoying the show? Now scram or start coughing up some dough.” The group of guys, appearing to be in a state of shock turned, and wordlessly filed back into the bar for more drinks, leaving the two girls standing outside.
“well, that was interesting” said Sam, who was quickly trying to calm her heart back to normal. Danny, face a bit red responded “yeah, um...sorry I got a bit carried away Sam, I think I had a bit too much to drink.” Wordlessly they both turned and got into the car to drive back home. During the drive Sam was trying to sort out her mind through the haze of alcohol. She had just shared a passionate kiss with a friend, whom she was pretending to date as her girlfriend, and she had liked it! When Danny pulled into her driveway she hesitated before closing the door.
“hey Sam, you don’t feel weird or anything about tonight do you? We can still hang out and pretend we are dating in front of the guys right?” Danny asked anxiously.
“yeah Danny. See you Monday for work? My car is still in the shop.”
“of course baby!” and with that Danny revved the engine and headed for her house.
The next week went by fairly event free, they guys didn’t question Danny and Sam’s “relationship” anymore, and they both got to work without being harassed. On Friday they planned on going out to the bar again after work. They both finished their final load early and, being in high spirits, decided to race to the car. They both took off full out sprinting, but a few feet from the car Sam hit a pothole in the parking lot and fell forward skinning her knees and palms. Her ankle felt like it was on fire. Danny, hearing Sam fall immediately turned around and sprinted back to her. “are you ok Sam?”Danny was honestly worried. “I’m ok, I think I sprained my ankle though.” And Sam gingerly tried to stand up, but collapsed with a cry when the pain seared its way up her leg. Danny immediately bent down and scooped Sam up as if she weighed nothing. Sam, being almost 6 feet tall and well muscled, especially for a girl, weighed around 180, and she was surprised at how easily Danny picked her up. Danny seeing the shocked look on her face just laughed, “I’ve been working here for 2 years loading crates heavier than you, so don’t look too surprised.” Danny carried Sam to the car and gently set her in the back seat. Danny began gently probing her ankle and said “tell me when it hurts”. As her surprisingly soft and gently hands slowly explored Sam’s ankle she grimaced in pain. “it just hurts all over. Maybe I should just go home and ice it this weekend. It will save me some money at least, not going to the bar” laughed Sam. “I agree, you should definitely ice it.” said Danny. So Danny closed the car door and got in to drive Sam home.
When she pulled into the drive way Sam started to get out to walk, but Danny stopped her saying “you shouldn’t walk on it yet, here”. And with that she picked her up again and carried her to the door. Sam clumsily fumbled her key out and opened the door. Danny closed the door with her foot and carried Sam into the living room and sat her down on a couch. “you didn’t have to do that Danny, I’ll be ok, it’s just a sprained ankle.”
“maybe, but still, you should ice it, it looks like it might be swelling. Where’s your ice, or do you have an ice pack?”
“it’s in the freezer on the shelf inside the door.”
Danny moved into the kitchen and got the ice pack, from there she asked “where’s a towel to wrap it in?”
“there is a set of drawers next to the sink, grab one out of the second one down” replied Sam.
Danny returned to the couch with towel and ice pack. she grabbed an extra cushion and placed it under Sam’s ankle to elevate it and wrapped it around the ankle. Sam was feeling very pampered by this point and wanted to thank Danny, “hey, if you want to we can have a girls night here, I have some movies we could watch, and snacks and stuff in the fridge. Danny smiled “sure, sounds like fun. give me a bit, I’m gonna go grab us some drinks from my house, my dad always forgets a few beers in the back of the fridge.” so Danny left Sam alone for a few minutes.
Sam had inherited her house from her parents when both of them died in a car accident. They didn’t leave much else, and so Sam had to work to keep herself afloat.
Shortly Danny returned with the promised drinks and they popped in a movie. it was a comedy, and the ice pack plus some Tylenol had made her forge about her ankle. Also the drinks helped a bit too. They popped in another movie, this time a “chick flick”, and opened another round of drinks. By the time they started the third movie, a romance, they were both slightly more than tipsy. All of a sudden Sam had a leg cramp and she let out a soft cry as she tried to massage it away. Danny jumped up, “what’s wrong?” “I got a leg cramp, it’s nothing” replied Sam as she continued to rub her leg, trying to make her muscle relax. “here, let me help” and Danny sat down on the edge of the couch and began rubbing Sam’s calf. Sam relaxed as the cramp went away and realized how good it felt to have her leg rubbed. She let out a soft moan of pleasure, “that feels so good, I’m always so sore everywhere after work. I guess I just haven’t gotten used to the hard labor.” Danny just looked at her and smiled, “it takes awhile to get used to it. If you ask nicely I might rub your other leg”. “ooo, pretty please?” said Sam, and Danny obliged with a chuckle. She began gently but firmly massaging her other calf, but this time Danny moved up to work on Sam’s thigh as well. Sam didn’t notice, she was caught up in how strong yet careful Danny’s hands were, and she knew just what to do for each muscle.
Danny, noticing how much Sam enjoyed this, said “why don’t you lay on your stomach, I can rub your back, I’ll have you begging for mercy then” and she laughed a bit, eyes dancing. Sam caught up in Danny’s hands turned over and Danny began rubbing Sam’s shoulders, and slowly began working her way down to Sam’s lower back. Sam was putty in Danny’s hands, she couldn’t have said no to anything at that point in time. Danny moved and firmly pressed her palms on Sam’s spine and was rewarded by several loud pops, she repeated this again a little higher up her back with more pops as a result, and on up her back all the way to her neck. “O Danny, that feels so good. i don’t want to move cause I’m afraid this feeling will go away. How do you do it?”
“well, I went to a massage school for a bit, but I had to quit because of the cost. But I’ve always been good with my hands. I used to do full body massages to try and pay for school, but not enough people would pay a unlicensed person.” With a mischievous twinkle in her eyes Sam asked “how much for a full body massage?” Danny threw her head back and laughed “for you, free, on one condition.” “Sam was intrigued, “what condition is that?” “you have to do whatever I tell you while I am massaging you.” said Danny. Sam thought about this, Danny wouldn’t ask anything bad, and she trusted her, plus Danny made her feel so relaxed she didn’t care. “deal” said Sam. “so, what first o master?” she asked. Danny laughed “well, first things first, clothes off. If you would like a towel I can get u one.”
Sam hesitated, “I’d like a towel, there is one in the bathroom by the tub.” Danny left to go get the towel, and when she got back she turned around while Sam stripped off her clothes and wrapped the towel around her. “what now?” Sam asked. “Lay back on your stomach” and Danny resumed rubbing her calves, taking her time and moving back to Sam’s back again. She then pulled the towel up a bit and started to carefully knead Sam’s creamy white thighs. She couldn’t help herself, she was getting slightly aroused. She hadn’t had a girlfriend in almost half a year, and Sam was very hot. Sam was having a similar reaction. Just having hands massaging her body and gently rubbing her thighs was making her wet. She kept making soft moaning sounds of pleasure. She started to drift off and had a half daydream of her and Danny kissing again. Meanwhile Danny had noticed a small wet spot forming on Sam’s towel and she smiled. She moved up and bent closer to rub more forcefully on Sam’s shoulders and neck. Her face was only a few inches away from Sam’s when Sam suddenly opened her eyes.
When Sam opened her eyes the first thing she saw was Danny’s eyes. The look of pure hungering and sheer magnetism of her gaze made Sam’s body react. Without thinking about it she twisted her head around to kiss Danny.
Danny had noticed Sam when she first started working at the warehouse. She liked the girl, and how well she was dealing with a hard job and the guys. She had a sense of humor and a body to die for, and Danny was dying for it. She had been hoping that maybe her idea to fake date might get Sam to notice her, and maybe even make her think about really dating her. But she didn’t have much hopes, she just liked having her as a friend.
But when Sam opened her eyes and Danny saw a look there, a look that pulled at her, she was powerless to resist, and as Sam twisted to kiss her Danny moved in too.
They kissed with a wild passion, both hungry for the taste of another. Danny slipped a hand in under Sam’s towel to softly caress one of those beautiful breasts she had only gotten a glimpse of once before. That glimpse had haunted Danny in her dreams, everyday she hoped the guys would doubt them again, just to give her an excuse to kiss Sam again. And now, here she was, holding the tit of one of the sexiest girls she had ever seen, and Sam had wanted to kiss her. This wasn’t a fake kiss, this was real. almost reluctantly they broke apart, each gasping for air. Sam immediately blushed crimson red and tried to pull the towel up to cover her now exposed chest. “I’m so sor-sorr” stammered Sam. “don’t be” Danny softly said. “but you were just giving me a backrub, and I just turned around and kissed you without asking if you wanted to, or if you even liked me.” said Sam.
Danny couldn’t help herself, she laughed like she had never laughed before. “Sam, you have no idea. Didn’t I kiss back? Do you know how much I’ve wanted to do that for real? Ever since you started work I’ve been crushing on you like a love sick puppy. But I was happy to have you as a friend, at least until I saw you that one day changing shirts. Since then I’ve wanted to do so much.” Danny stopped herself and just sat there, watching Sam, to see what she would do. Sam was so happy. She didn’t know it, but she had wanted the same, in an instant she decided. She sat up, took Danny’s hand and guided it to her breast again, “then do whatever you want. You forget, I have to do whatever you say until my full body massage is over”.
Danny couldn’t believe it, Sam wanted her to! She took a deep breath and leaned in for a slower kiss. Slowly Danny pushed Sam down on her back, and Sam let her towel fall open. Her chest was exposed in all its glory. Perfectly shaped breasts, topped by large nipples. Danny couldn’t help herself, she leaned down to kiss one, then the other. As Sam’s nipples hardened Danny softly caressed them, kissing, suckling, and finally nibbling lightly. Sam just lay back moaning, she was going to let Danny do whatever she wanted to her. After playing with Sam’s tits for a few minutes Danny suddenly stopped and stood up. “what’s wrong?” Sam immediately asked.
“I think I love you Sam. I am going to ask you one time, do you want this?” and Danny stood there, her eyes almost pleading for a yes.
“yes” Sam whispered. Hardly aware she had spoken at all. Danny quickly stripped off her clothes and stood naked before Sam.
“are you sure Sam? Because once I start, I don’t know if I can stop”
Upon seeing Danny’s naked body Sam’s voice failed. A slight sheen of sweat made her whole body glisten. There was not one trace of fat anywhere; Danny’s whole body was rock hard, from her toned legs to her broad shoulders. But she still seemed feminine, and despite the lack of fat anywhere else, Danny had a beautiful 38 D chest. Sam could only nod as she breathlessly stood up and let her towel drop completely off, sprained ankle completely forgotten. Danny moved in and wrapped her arms around Sam, almost desperately kissing her, as if afraid she might disappear. She moved down to kiss her neck, causing goosebumps to rise along her body. Danny gently pushed Sam back down on the couch and began to nibble and suck on her nipples again. Sam had given up her whole body to Danny and she could only lay there moaning in pleasure and Danny played with her body. Slowly Sam found herself caressing Danny’s breast too. Holding them and lightly pinching the nipples caused Danny to let out a soft moan. They met again to kiss passionately, tongues exploring each others mouths, devouring each other, and this time Sam bent down to take one of Danny’s nipples in her mouth, Danny froze, wanting to do more things to Sam, but wanting this too. Sam kissed and licked allover both, and while she suckled and nibbled one her hand was caressing the other. Danny couldn’t help herself, she orgasimed as Sam bit down harder and pinched the other. “well, I guess you liked that?” Sam said, half teasingly.
“you have no idea” Danny breathlessly replied, and with that she pushed Danny back down “now it’s your turn”. Danny again circled the nipples with her tongue, lightly nibbling. Sam was moaning again and when Danny moved a hand down to her pussy it was very moist. Danny moved her head down along Sam’s body slowly, kissing along her navel while her hands continued caressing Sam’s beautiful tits. She encountered a shaved pussy and deftly flicked her tongue along Sam’s opening. Sam jumped a bit and cried out, which only pushed Danny to want more. She slowly parted her pussy lips with her tongue, suckling each one in turn, until she found her clit. she lightly flicked her tongue and was rewarded by another moaning cry. She softly kissed it and began to suck on it. Sam was writhing and moaning loudly now, and shortly she came, a wave of juices flowed out and Danny lapped them up like a starving dog. It had been so long! She went back up to kiss Sam, and Sam enjoyed the taste of herself. But as Sam went to fondle Danny’s breasts again Danny stopped her saying, “nope, you have to lay there until I am done. I want to make sure I do this right, I’ve wanted to for so long.”
So Sam laid back down, submitting herself to Danny’s hands and tongue. Danny quickly moved back down and gave a long, loving lick over her whole slit. Sam moaned and Danny went in, finding her clit again and licking it furiously. In no time she had Sam cumming again, and once again she licked up every drop of her juice, savoring it like water in the desert. She then proceeded to start rubbing her clit with her finger and licking each fold of Sam’s pussy.sam started writhing again and she changed to sucking her clit again, but this time she inserted one finger and started to finger Sam’s pussy. Sam was moaning and writhing, crying out “faster, faster!” And Danny obliged. As Sam climaxed again she shook, her body convulsing as was after wave of juices flowed from her to Danny’s hungry mouth. As Sam lay regaining her breath Danny moved back up to kiss her deeply, sharing her juices with her. when Sam once again moved to try and duplicate what Danny had done Danny lightly pushed her back down, laughing “no you don’t, I’m not done with you yet.” So Sam lay back down, wanting all that Danny could do. Danny resumed eating out her pussy, but this time she used two fingers for Sam’s tight pussy. Sam started breathing harder, breasts heaving, hips writhing. But when Danny crooked her fingers up slightly and hit that elusive G-spot (which none of Sam’s past boyfriends had ever managed to find), Sam couldn’t help herself. She let out load cries of pleasure, moaning and twisting, her back arched and her body convulsed. Danny kept going as Sam exploded in orgasms, as wave after wave hit, Sam would moan louder and louder, her legs shaking as her whole body strained towards Danny. One, two, three….seven orgasms, each building on the last. Sweat was running in little rivulets off Sam, and Danny was slurping up all the juices that just kept cumming and cumming. Finally Danny could tell Sam was almost through, her whole body was quaking and she was nearly sobbing in ecstasy. Danny inserted a third finger into sams soaking wet tight pussy and sent her into a long final climax. Sam arched her back and opened her mouth in a silent scream as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her, and wave after wave of juices flowed into Danny’s waiting mouth. And as Danny enjoyed sending Sam into an overwhelming climax she was surprised as she herself came, letting stream after stream of juices soak into the towel she was kneeling on.
Sam slowly relaxed and collapsed to the couch, chest heaving as she tried to replenish the oxygen in her body. And Danny, with a jolt, managed to slump onto the couch next to Sam. Both were exhausted and they curled up naked with Danny tenderly holding Sam. They dozed for several hours, and woke only when Danny had to get up to go use the bathroom. When she came back she picked up the still drowsy Sam and carried her to her bedroom where she made love to her again.
The next day they woke up facing each other and Sam smiled and gave Danny a kiss. “well, we don’t have to fake anything in front of the guys, now do we? And they both laughed as they got dressed. Danny had to get home before her old man noticed she never came home, but before she left Sam stopped her. “my car is fixed now, so I guess I can drive to work again.”
Danny just replied, “why don’t we just keep riding together? It’s nicer, plus you’ll save gas, and I can grab those pretty tits of yours driving to work.”
Sam laughed and threw a pillow at Danny “sure, but only if I get to grab yours back!”

-please let me know what you think, how I can improve my writing, and subjects that would interest you. This is only my second story, so please be gentle and constructive in your comments, and I hope to write many more.

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2012-05-03 22:17:46
one of the best lesbian stories i have read on this site, if not one of the best period. some grammaticial and syntax errors but content was excellent.

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2011-06-04 22:59:27
more this is an awsome story. plz write a #2

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2009-06-23 16:22:33
A blank line between paragraphs would make it look much better. Your writing is fine, though.

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2009-05-11 03:47:40
if you make the love scene longer with more deion it will become a great story. also think about a part 2


2009-05-09 14:43:21
brillient story just one piece of advice watch the grammer and spelling

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