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I love sex in all forms, my life is a book with pages that won't stay blank forever, and pages that the ink has yet to dry on.
Now this is my first story, feel free to comment. I am anal about spelling and grammar, so there's no reason to belittle the content.

Here is a little background on my Aunt Lois. She has been married twice, both have failed. Her first because she is barren, meaning she can't bear children. Her second was because her husband was a complete asshole. Now not being able to have kids of her own, she always spoiled us kids. Mainly the boys though, she never did like the girls of our family. She is short, around 5'0 and weighs no mre than 115 lbs. That should tell you she has an extremely small build, her bust is a 34 B at most. She does however, have the the cutest bubble but I have ever seen on a small woman. Her hair is short and curly. When she gets dolled up, she can be a real knockout.

Even as a small child, I can remember being attracted to her. Always wanting to sit in her lap or getting kisses. After her second marriage failed, she moved back in with my grandparents, her parents. She also swore off men, not that she liked women. She pretty much became a nun. As my grandparents got older they needed her to stay and help them. Now this is where I came in, I am 5'10 and 170 lbs. So I can lift them up and help a lot, mainly because I stayed there almost everyday. Thing were going great, she cooked for all of us and we would flirt here and there. My grandmother died shortly after and my grandfather was bed ridden. That left us with the run of the house. We would talk about everything under the sun, except for sex. I guessed she was still angry at men.

One night after a movie which had more than one, very graphic sex scene, I noticed her face was flushed. "Aunt Lois, do you miss it?" I asked. "What dear?" she looked at me strangely. "Sex" I said. She looked at me then at the floor. "I don't think we should talk about that." she said. Then she got up and told me she was going to take a bath and go to bed, and that I should do the same. I finished watching the rest of the movie. Seeing all that must have gotten her horny, I thought to myself. I tiptoed to
the bathroom door, and placed my ear to it. All I heard was a constant splash, and then a small moan. She was playing with her pussy! I wanted a peek very, very badly.
I needed a plan...
I went to the kitchen for a snack to help me think.Then it came to me. I grabbed my plate and drink and went back to the den. "Oh no!" I said it loud enough for her to hear. I listened for the tell-tale sounds of water and swearing. "Whats wrong? Is it Daddy?!" She asked. I looked her up and down, she was wearing what looked to be a hand towel. "No not at all, I just dropped some food on the floor. My hands are full will you help me please? I used that sweet tone of voice. "Yes clumsy," she said with a smile. "let me get it." As she bent down the towel came open and I saw what I had been waiting for. Her pussy was covered in dark hair with some light strands, probably from being older. I became a little bolder and knelt down too. "Let me get that." I said as I gazed at her wet snatch. "Its no problem really." She said. Our eyes met as she looked to see what I was looking at. "You naughty boy, you ought to be ashamed! She teased. "Staring at you old aunt's twat, I never!" I couldn't really tell if she was genuinely mad or not. "'m sorry, I wasn't...I mean..." I stammered. "It's OK honey, really." She said. "It's been a long time since a man has looked at me there, or anywhere for that matter." I could feel my blood surging to my groin. "Why?" I asked. "You are such a beautiful woman." She looked at me like she had never seen me before. Something stirred in her eyes, something animal, like a predator. "I haven't noticed how grown up you have become, and so sweet." She said. The words, warm and silky, like butter. She started looking at the bulge in my pants. "I think it's time we took this somewhere,,,more private." She said as she squeezed my hard cock. I didn't know what to think, my mind was reeling. She grabbed my hand and took me toward her bedroom. It was dim, the sun peeked through the blinds and the fan was blowing softly as she began to kiss me. Her tounge felt so good sliding around in my mouth, out saliva mixing. I quickly reached for towel to take it off but she stopped me. "I am going to enjoy this, no rushing. You just sit back and let me do whatever I want." She said. Hell yeah! I wasn't about to screw this up. She rubbed my throbbing member through my pants. I know she could feel it straining to come out. She pushed my on the bed and I saw what I thought was sweat dripping down her leg. She undid the button to my pants. As she slowly took off my pants I sat on the bed, my cock sticking straight out of the hole in my boxers. "Mmm nice young cock" She said. "I can't wait to drain that fat nut sack." I wasn't one to argue. I slipped my boxers off and she dropped her towel and to her knees. In one thrust she engulfed my cock to the base. Now I am no Ron Jeremy, but my cock is 8" and fairly thick. I could not believe this feeling! She must have been on the swim team in High School cause she didn't breathe for at least 30 seconds. The warm sucking sensation was almost too much for me to bear. She must have also knew this. She came off my prick with a loud popping sound. This time she grabbed my ass and tried to cram my balls and all in her mouth. I could feel her throat relaxing and letting all 8 inches in. I reached behind her head and held her a few more seconds. Our eyes met and I could see her eyes well up. As she came off my cock again she looked up and said "Fuck my throat" I was more than happy to oblige. I tightened up my grasp on her head and began to thrust my dick in and out of her mouth. About ten thrusts and I felt my balls tingle. "I'm cumming" I whispered, unable to speak. Not missing a beat she gobbled my cock to the base and I blew a huge wad down her throat. At first I thought she was choking but it must have been larger than we both thought. I saw cum dribbling out the corners of her mouth. Once I was done shuddering with my orgasm, I looked at her to see her scooping the leftovers up with her fingers. She was sucking them as greedily as she sucked my cock. As she stood up I collasped on the bed. "Now I want you to eat my pussy." Of course, how could I not return the favor. I grabbed her by the waist and picked up her tiny frame easily. We kissed as I laid us both down, not like aunt and nephew, but as lovers. The towel fell off somewhere between the bed and the floor. I really got a good look at what I had been trying to see for ages. Her pussy was beautiful. It was small and her hair was thinned perfectly. Her lips were tucked inside and the hood of her clit was as big as the tip of my pinky. Her juices were dripping from her slit. She clawed her way to the other side of the bed so she could strattle my face. I have had a few girlfriends in my day and they all agreed that I could eat pussy like it was my last meal. I could smell her wetness, it was heavenly. I drove my tongue in her and she moaned like animal. "oh yes! Fuck me with you tongue you nasty boy!" She was running her hands through her hair. I drug my tongue from her slit and found her clit. I sucked and nibbled until she gasped and squeezed her hips together almost drowning my in her cum. She was so wet it was running down my cheeks. "Dear God! I want that cock in me NOW!" She rasped. I grabbed her hips and tossed her on the bed, lining my cock up with that gorgeous pussy. I scooted up a bit and the head was at her entrance. Even as wet as she was I had to force my dick in her. She was so unbelievibly tight! I knew she hadn't had sex in a long time, but it was like she was a vigin again. She was panting and squealing like a little girl. Begging she looked into my eyes and told me to fuck her silly. I grabbed her legs and put her cute little feet by my head so I could give her deep, long strokes. "Oh oh God you fucking, ah ah AH Jeez fuck my with you big dick!" She was almost screaming by this time. I fucked her like that for a while, sucking on her toes when I could. When I thought she couldn't take anymore I rolled her on her side and pushed her knees to her chest. I grabbed her hips and was fucking her as hard as I could. She wasn't talking anymore, at least not real words anyway. All she could do was reach up and grab my arms as I was giving her orgasm after orgasm. I really wanted to cum so I pulled out of her. She opened her eyes and looked at me. My aunt Lois pushed me back on the bed and sucked of all of her cum, liking me everywhere. At one point she even stuck her tongue up my ass, which felt awesome. I told her to get n her knees, I wanted to fuck her doggie style. She was more than happy to let me. As I rammed my cock in her i licked my thumb and slid it in her asshole. "Oh yes, you can have that hole too baby!" She moaned. She got off he elbows and laid chest down so I could get deeper. She was moaning about being split open by my cock. I felt that old tingle and knew I was going to cum so I reached down and grabbed her hair. "Yes baby yes treat me like your slut!" She screamed. I was fucking her with all my might. "I'm cumming" I said. "Cum in me baby, let me feel you coat my insides!" I couldn't hold on. I could feel my cock shooting rope after rope of my teenage cum in her belly. When I finally finished cumming I collapsed on the bed. She scooped up some cum that had dribbled out of her pussy and licked it off her fingers. "OH my God, that was fantastic. Why haven't I let you fuck me before" She asked. She sucked me clean with a grin on her face. "So I guess this means there will be more of this?" I asked. "Oh honey, I haven't been fucked like that in ages, of course you can fuck me anytime I ain't tending to daddy." Oh yes this is going to be a good day!

There will be more to this story, based on popular opinion. I had an awesome childhood full of older woman and a few younger girls. I like PM's so send them if you like, and if you have an idea please share.


2009-06-01 23:13:05
You may be "anal" about about spelling and grammar,but You obviusly don't use spellcheck and you don't proof read your work. however, once I translated tha boo-boo's, it was worth a positive rating./

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2009-06-01 06:47:03
it was very hot story i realy feel very horny reading this story awesome otwas realy very awesome.........

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2009-06-01 06:44:36
it was very hot story i realy feel very horny reading this story awesome otwas realy very awesome.........


2009-05-31 22:18:06
Hot aunty stories have alwlays turned me on.

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2009-05-26 07:37:16
yeh paragraphs would help, other than that fuking hot

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