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A new employee and a wife all rolled up in one.
Fbailey story number 352


Have you ever noticed how the girls with exotic name seem to be more exotic themselves?

Take fore instance Raquel Welch, Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot, Ursula Andress, Nastassja Kinski, Evangeline Lilly, and Halle Berry.

I love Raquel and Sophia’s big boobs, I love Brigitte and Nastassja’s small boobs, and I love Halle’s perfect boobs.

I also love those tall thin beauties like Jenna Elfman from Dharma & Greg, Debra Messing from Will & Grace, and Helen Hunt from Mad About You.

So anyway when Daphne Hart entered my office for her interview, I was immediately impressed. Her application said that she was five feet ten inches, one hundred and twenty-five pounds, and next to that she wrote in 32-E.

Daphne was wearing a red skintight dress, red fuck me high heels, and a shinny gold pendant nestled in her ample cleavage. She walked to me with one foot in a straight line in front of the other. That made her fabulous hips gyrate, her breasts sway from side to side, and caused a lump in my pants. She shook my hand firmly for a woman. Then she turned around and bent over to move her chair back away from the desk a little. That allowed me a very nice glimpse of her incredible ass. I noticed that there were no panty lines what so ever, no bra marks either. With Daphne what you saw was what you got. Then she sat down. After a few questions about why she wanted to work for me and why she had left her previous position she crossed her legs. Now if you have ever seen Sharon Stone do that in Basic Instinct you know exactly what I mean. Daphne was a dirty blonde with a darker bush. She was making me very uncomfortable.

Actually Daphne was perfect for the job and that was why I had called her in first for the interview. I laid out her expected salary and her benefit package. Daphne accepted my offer and signed on the dotted line.

I pressed the intercom and told my secretary that she could send the other candidates home, that I had made my selection.

I asked Daphne if she would mind working closely with me, long hours, and some weekends. She said that she did not have a life, that she had just moved here, and that she had no husband, boyfriend, or pets. Perfect!

I asked Daphne if she visited a suntan salon very often. She said that it was her natural skin complexion and color. Then she saw me looking at her breasts and said, “They’re real too and I don’t mind you looking at them. I consider it a compliment along with my flat tummy and my great ass too.”

I spent the rest of the day showing her my latest project. It was a retirement village that would be built on the outskirts of Hartford, Connecticut. I was an architect but I needed artist renditions of what it would look like to show the investors. Daphne was that artist.

I ran a small company. I was in charge; my secretary was my office manager and my girl Friday. She was also my sister. I had two guys that made my detailed drawings, made copies, and ran errands. Up until then, the four of us had worked out very well, however, now I needed an artist too.

Daphne was very sexy, quite open minded, and very outspoken too. She talked about guys that she had fucked and even girls that she had fucked too. Then she asked me if my sister and I had ever considered a threesome with another woman before. Actually we had talked about it. I was thirty-five years old and my little sister Heather was thirty years old, had been married once, and then divorced after just one year. She said that the cause was because her husband had wanted her to help him get other women for threesomes. When she refused, he found someone that would. So naturally we had discussed it on numerous occasions.

Daphne wore a sexy outfit in to work every day. She drove my two gophers crazy. Hell, she drove me crazy too. Every day I was treated to a glimpse of her tits, her ass, and her pussy. It was not just one or the other but all three everyday and more than once each.

I started a score pad with T, A, and P across the top. Every time I got a good look I would make a hash mark, and then four hash marks got a diagonal slash for five. At the end of the day I would turn the page and start over.

At the end of that second week Daphne asked me, “What are you keeping track of?”

I smiled and replied, “Every time you show me a good view of your tits, ass, or pussy I keep score.”

Daphne said, “You’re going to need a bigger pad.”

I looked at her and she removed her skimpy little top and her tiny micro miniskirt. She had nothing on underneath but of course I already knew that. She looked fabulous in nothing but her high heels.

For that last hour on that Friday I could hardly think. I was tongue-tied and all of the blood had rushed to my cock making me light headed. I hadn’t been that frustrated since I was in high school and Mary Jane Riley bent over in front of me. Her short skirt rose up, her yellow thong panties tucked themselves right into her moist pussy lips, and my cock made a tent post in my pants. Then Mary Jane Riley stood up, turned around, and just laughed at me. After that day everyone in school called me ‘Boner.’

Daphne put me at easy though. She didn’t laugh and she didn’t try to cover anything up. Then she moved my laptop off my desk and sat directly in front of me. Her big tits were right in my face. She held the back of my head and pulled me into her cleavage. My hands held onto the top of her ass cheeks and pulled her toward me. She relaxed her grip and let me enjoy her nipples. God were they ever sensitive. I looked closely for any surgery scars, I felt around for a bag of saltwater, and I could not believe how they defied gravity.

I lowered my pants past my knees and my underwear too. Then I pulled Daphne off that desk and onto my stiff cock. She fell perfectly onto it as our gentiles sought each other out. She wrapped her long legs around me. Then using her feet she walked our chair across the room to the door. She opened it and called for Bethany to come in and join us. I was totally shocked when she came in, locked my office door, and closed the drapes. Then she dimmed the light to a romantic level.

Next I got to see my sister Bethany naked. Daphne noticed my cock stiffen some more inside her as I looked at my naked sister. Her tits weren’t ‘E’ but they were a very nice ‘C.’ Bethany came over behind Daphne, reached around her, and cupped those enormous tits. It was funny when she started to juggle them with her hands. Then her hands slid down Daphne’s flat tummy to her shaved pussy. She wrapped her hand around my cock, pushed a finger into Daphne’s pussy along with my cock, and then she went after Daphne’s clit.

That drove the tall thin sexpot over the edge taking me with her.

I was drained but the girls were still willing to go at it. I watched as my sister gently guided Daphne to the floor. Then Bethany got at her head and started giving her upside down kisses. It looked awkward but at the same time it looked sexy too. Daphne’s tits were sticking straight up in the air and my sister’s tits were hanging straight down. After a while Bethany started kissing Daphne’s neck letting Daphne do the same to her. Soon Bethany was going after one of Daphne’s nipples while offering one of her own to Daphne’s mouth. She traded nipples and so did Daphne, as if she had a choice. Finally I watched as my sister went after the very pussy that I had just finished fucking. We all knew what was in it but Bethany obviously didn’t care. She went after that cream filled pussy as if it were a cream filled donut. She had her arms intertwined in Daphne’s long legs to hold on. I could hear the slurping but I wanted to get a closer look.

Daphne got my attention and made a gesture that imitated a camera taking a picture. Okay! So I got the camera out of my desk drawer and took a picture of the two of them. Bethany did not seem to notice and just kept on slurping away. Daphne took a renewed interest in Bethany and grabbed her firm ass shoving her face into my sister’s pussy. Soon Bethany was groaning like Daphne had a while before.

Bethany suggested that we make our threesome a part of our Friday after ritual from then on. Daphne was all for it too. I sure as hell wasn’t going to say anything against it.

Bethany kissed Daphne and said, “You could turn me into a lesbian.”

Daphne replied, “So could you, but I like the way your brother’s cock feels inside me to much to give him up.”

Bethany smiled and said, “Maybe I should give him a try.”

Daphne said, “You really should. I’d love to watch a brother and sister fuck.”

Bethany said okay and then she bent over my desk with her fine ass sticking up nicely. I slipped up behind her and then my cock slipped into her. I ran my hands along her sides as I fuck her I felt the bulge of her flattened out breasts on my desk. Daphne got in front her and pressed her pussy into my sister’s head as she helped me massage Bethany’s back. I had often thought about fucking my sister over my lifetime and even more in the past year or so that we have been working together. Now that I had my cock in her it was like a dream come true. I was sure that it was just my imagination but I was trying to figure out whether Bethany’s pussy felt better than Daphne’s pussy. I decided that they must have felt just about the same but that it was the girls giving those two pussies life that I really loved. Yes, I had fallen in love with Daphne in just the last two weeks and I had always been in love with my sister but now in an entirely different way.

While my mind wondered my body kept fucking my sister on autopilot. Then I realized that my cock was in my sister, my eyes were glued to Daphne’s tits, and my mind was considering marrying her. It struck me as funny that I would be fucking one girl and thinking about marrying the other one.

Just a was cumming in my sister I blurted out, “Daphne, would you marry me?”

Daphne replied, “Yes, if Bethany will agree to go on our honeymoon with us.”

Bethany said, “I’d love too.”

I let my cock slip from my sister’s pussy and then I went around the desk to give Daphne a hug and a kiss.

She knelt down and sucked on my flaccid cock for a moment before saying, “I could get used to sharing you with your sister if you can get used to the same with me.”

I kissed her knowing that we would be one happy family.

The End
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