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Tina has some unexpected fun with her boyfriend when her brother catches them
Hi, my name is Tina and I have story to tell about probably the most exciting night of my life. At the time I was 17 and had been fucking my first boyfriend – 21 year old Wayne- on and off for about 3 months, so my experience was limited to occasional quickies in the car. One night when my parents and my 14 year old brother had gone to a friend’s place for the night, Wayne and I decided to take the opportunity to fuck in some comfort and unhurried for a change.

In honor of the occasion I was wearing a tee shirt and skirt, no bra or panties of course, and Wayne and I had been watching some lame movie (pretending that we weren’t there just for sex) and feeling each other up for about an hour, getting more and more excited and, in my case, very wet, when I decided to move things along and suck his cock.

So I kneeled in front of him, pulled his pants down to his ankles and began to lick and suck his very hard and very thick cock. I had not seen many cocks but, although not very long, I think his has to be one of the thickest. I had been slowly sliding my lips up and down his shaft for about 5 minutes when I heard my brother’s voice say “Tina, what are you doing?”

Well I can tell you Wayne is lucky I didn’t bite it right off! Trying to keep my cool and hide Wayne’s throbbing erection I stammered “D..D..David ….what are you doing here, I thought you went with Mum and Dad?”
“No, I wasn’t feeling well but I’m better now and I’ll have quite a story to tell them. Finally you won’t be little Miss Perfect!”

I began to plead with him “David, please don’t tell them, they don’t even know I’m not a virgin.” In spite of his pretended disgust I knew he was enjoying this because he was wearing only boxer shorts and I could see he was almost bursting out of them.
Meanwhile Wayne had not even tried to pull up his pants and was still sporting a sizeable erection and a grin on his face when he said “David, as a reward for not telling on us, what about if your sister does to you what she was doing to me?”

“Wayne, that’s gross!” I blurted out, shocked that he would even suggest it. “He’s my brother, I can’t do that!”

My brother meanwhile said nothing but just stared at me. Wayne tried to encourage me “Come on Tina, it can’t hurt anything and I won’t mind if it means you don’t get into trouble ”

Then David said “O.K. I’ve never been game to ask a girl to do that. If you suck me until I cum I won’t tell anyone what you were doing.” And he sat down next to Wayne (who was looking more excited rather than resigned!).

“O.K” I agreed “But just this once, never again.” I pulled down his boxers to reveal a cock which I had not seen since he was a baby and I have to admit it was cute. Very thin like a pencil but fairly long and with a big purplish knob at the top.

I began to suck on that knob like a lollypop– I was fascinated by it – and David started to groan. I have to admit that, although I knew it was wrong, or maybe because of that, I was getting very wet again and, as I stole a glance at Wayne I could see he was he was looking very excited and stroking his cock madly. “You bastard, I thought, you’re enjoying this more than anyone!” ….. Well, perhaps not more than David because after just a few minutes of my sucking his knob and licking his shaft like an ice cream, he yelled “I’m gonna cum!”

I pulled away but then Wayne said “You’ll have to take it in your mouth or it will stain your parent’s couch”. I had never swallowed cum and thought it would be horrible but I didn’t really have time to consider so I clamped my lips around my brother’s little thin cock and he spurted more cum into my mouth than I ever expected and more than I could hold so I just swallowed it. “Hmm, it actually wasn’t bad” I thought.
David just collapsed back onto the couch but Wayne quickly grabbed my arms, pulled me up and said “quick! Sit on my cock now!” I lifted my skirt guided his by now huge cock into my very wet cunt and sat on his lap while he pulled my shirt up over my head, exposing my tits to him and, of course, my brother, but by this time I was beyond being embarrassed.

I was leaning into Wayne, kissing him while he played with my tits and trying to rub my clit on the base of his cock by sliding backwards and forwards. I was oblivious to my brother until I felt my skirt being lifted from behind and realized he was staring at Wayne’s cock plunging in and out of my cunt. Far from being embarrassed at this stage, the realization almost sent me over the top and I just kept going until I heard Wayne ask “Do you like watching your sister’s arsehole David? Would you like to play with it?”
“What?” I thought “Just how perverted is he?” but I said nothing and I guess David nodded because Wayne then said “OK, go and get some butter or something.”

I guess I knew what was coming next and I wanted to object, I really did, but I was too busy getting even more excited by the perversity of knowing my brother was going to play with my arsehole while I fucked my boyfriend.

David quickly returned, squatted behind me and lifted my skirt again and I Wayne said “Now smear the butter on her arsehole and slowly push it into her arse.” When I felt David’s finger slide into my virgin arsehole, first just the tip and then all the way in, I came really hard, gripping both my boyfriend’s cock and my brother’s finger equally as hard.

How Wayne prevented himself from cumming also I will never know but when I finally stopped, he just sat there, his cock like a steel rod inside me and said “Well, will you look at your brother – what a man!” And there was David, his cock hard and pointing right at me again.

“Now let’s really have some fun!” Wayne said and I didn’t know what he meant but I was having so much fun I didn’t care.

“David, would you like to put your cock where your finger just was?”

“My God” I thought, “he wants my brother to fuck me in the arse?” I couldn’t believe that my boyfriend, who had never even suggested doing that, was prepared to suggest someone else, let alone my own brother, do it. This wasn’t just playing around any more and I really should say no. My increasingly wet cunt however had a voice of its own and David’s cock really is not much thicker than his finger. My cunt won the argument!

So as David lifted my skirt yet again, I leant forward, Wayne’s still rock hard cock inside me and resting my clit on its base while David slowly pushed his knob into my arsehole. It did hurt at first (I had forgotten how big the knob was) but then, when I felt my brother’s cock rubbing against my boyfriend’s inside me and my clit rubbing on Wayne, it didn’t hurt at all.

“I can feel your cock!” my brother shouted
“I can feel your cock” my boyfriend shouted
“I can feel both your cocks!” I shouted and came again and came again and … you get the idea

“Fuck me! That was incredible.” I gasped. “We just did and it was … but we’re not finished yet” Wayne replied.

It could go on forever as far as I was concerned but after a few more minutes of double fucking me, David grunted and spurted another load of cum deep into my arse.

“O.K My turn” Wayne said and began to push even harder into my cunt. “Not so fast” I thought.
“No, now it’s my turn to have some fun” I said, and sat completely still.

“God! Finish me off!” pleaded Wayne.

“I sucked my brother’s cock for you and let him fuck me in the arse” I whispered in his ear, “Now you have to do something to amuse me.” I was feeling really depraved now.

“What?” he groaned

“David, slowly pull your cock out of my arse. Wayne is going to clean it for you.”

“You’re kidding!” said Wayne, knowing what was coming “I’m not going to suck a guy’s cock!”
“You will if you want me to finish you off. Start sucking”

So a reluctant Wayne took my brother’s cock in his mouth and started sucking it (and from the long slow strokes of his lips I suspect he didn’t hate it too much). Bugger me (oh! They just did) if in a very short time David’s cock wasn’t hard yet again and Wayne exploded inside me just as my brother pumped another load of cum into his mouth.

Now we were all exhausted, especially my brother, having cum three times, but I wasn’t finished yet, if Wayne wanted to be perverted, I would give him perversion!

“I’ve got an arse full of my brother’s cum and a cunt full of my boyfriend’s cum and I need to piss” I said “so let’s all go to the bathroom”.

I had to run to the bathroom clutching my cunt so as not to lose the load all over the carpet but when we got there I sat on the toilet and said “OK you both contributed to this so who’s first to clean me up?”
To my surprise, Wayne immediately volunteered and, squatting in front of me, began to lick my cunt clean as I squeezed out the cum. Wow! I don’t think there’s a better feeling! Suddenly I had the urge to piss.
“Don’t move!” I instructed Wayne and I let go a stream of piss right onto his tongue. He spluttered a bit but then, to my surprise, began lapping it up. I wanted to save some for my brother however.

“OK David, your turn” I said as I turned around on the toilet seat with my arse facing my brother.
David was more hesitant but began licking my arsehole as, again I let the cum flow out and then I let go the rest of my piss right into his face.
“You like playing piss games?” Wayne asked “OK we both need to piss now so sit back on the toilet.”
Thre was no way I was letting them piss on my face but I sat on the toilet with my legs splayed wide while first my brother and then Wayne pissed all over my cunt. The feeling of warm piss hitting my clit and running down over my arsehole was so incredible I was ready to cum again and all I had to do was point to my cunt and David shoved his face into my crotch and shoved his tongue right into my piss soaked cunt until I did.

We all three cleaned ourselves up, had something to eat and, by that time were ready to think up a few more perversions. “Do you have a girlfriend David?” asked Wayne “and do you think she could be convinced to play some games with us?”

I had met David’s girlfriend, she was pretty and sweet and innocent 14 year old and I was getting wet again just thinking about seducing her.
To be continued.

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2012-10-08 06:32:33
was at a gang bang, my wife had me lay down on floor,straddle my face, lower her pussy on my mouth, than started peeing in front of everyone there, when she was done a few guy pee in my throat we all had a good time.

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2012-08-21 11:52:00
unexpected pleasure i got, when my buddy and his friend pee in my throat,than took turns fucking me.

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2012-03-10 14:11:14
never leave out the guy on guy. thats what makes it so taboo and hot. they should get more into it, under the instruction of the girls


2011-09-20 06:29:22
This is such a perverted story .....I was so turnd on by reading it.Thank you so much xxxxxxxxxxxx. This has to be one of my faves of all time.

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2011-01-31 16:08:57
That's it use his 14 yo girlfriend and heTtr 10 yo sister and her 9 yo friend!

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