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Once upon a time, when Stacy was an intern...
Stacy the Asian Pharmacist didn't always have that title. Once upon a time, she was Stacy the Asian Intern.

In her last year of college, Stacy took an internship with a pharmaceutical company in order to earn credits toward her degree. She was young and in love with her fiance, who was studying to be a doctor and had proposed to her only a few months before she accepted the internship position, and the future looked bright and amazing. Unknown to her, the small company she was interning with was almost on its last legs, supported mainly by its reputation for its long, friendly relationship with the small Virginia university she was attending. Once she started the job, her boss Dan--a decent looking, pleasant young man with a disarming smile--came clean about what her job would really entail: secretarial duties and cataloguing different medicines for storage. Stacy was disappointed, having hoped that she'd be getting hands-on experience in the assigning of medicines to patients or at least assisting a pharmacist on the job. But she couldn't complain too much, as the work did give her credits, and she'd still be able to learn about the medicines directly when she logged them away......

Barely into her twenties, Stacy the Asian Intern is admired by many guys on campus. She's 5'4" with straight shoulder length dark hair, light brown eyes that sparkle when she smiles, palm-sized breasts that just recently blossomed into B-cups, a thin yet attractive body and slender legs that look sexy no matter what she wears. Stacy never thinks of herself as overly beautiful, but she appreciates the attention her legs bring her when she wears short summer skirts, so she makes a point to cross her legs often when wearing them to class. This annoys her fiance a little bit, but she assures him that he's the only one for assurance she backs up every so often with lovingly given blowjobs from her thin, soft lips, although she's vowed to keep her virginity until their wedding night..

One day at work, Dan receives a visit from a business client named Mike, who headhunts for another company that's considering acquiring the one Dan runs. Mike is 6" with dark hair and eyes, and a quarterback's build. The two men get along fine, but the deal's on shaky ground, as Dan's company had lost a good deal of money its last quarter, and Mike's people are more interested in the prospects of the company turning a profit before it's acquired. On their way through the semi-deserted office as they're about to head out for lunch, Mike stops in his tracks and taps Dan on his shoulder. "Who in the hell is that?" Mike asks in amazement.

Dan stops beside Mike and looks. "Oh, that's Stacy...our cute little intern," he says smartly. Stacy is standing beside one of the cubicles, chatting with a co-worker seated at the desk. Stacy's wearing a white short-sleeved summer dress with tastefully sized blue, yellow and red flowers patterned on it. The hem of the dress falls to just below her thigh, outlining the shape of her small, yet well-rounded and spankable-looking tush. Dan watches as Mike shakes his head in wonder, nibbling on his lower lip as he says, "That is not cute, my friend. That is the textbook definition of fuckable!"

An idea comes to Dan, and he taps Mike on the shoulder--snapping him out of his Asian-inspired trance and gesturing for him to follow.. Dan leads the way to a nearby empty conference room with one-way glass. No one can see in, but anyone inside the room can see out easily. Dan closes the door behind them and says, "Look...this company was set up by my grandfather years ago, and I can't lose it. I can't watch it go bankrupt, and we need this buyout from you guys. What'll it take to get you to convince your board that we'll be a solid investment?"

Mike has an inkling of what Dan has in mind, but wants to see if he's serious or not. "What are you suggesting?"

Dan nods in Stacy's direction. "How about I get you some private time with her? She's young, she's fit, and I'll bet that pussy is sweet as the day is long. Plus, I've overheard her talking to some of the girls in the break room when they've thought no one was around. Stacy's a virgin!"

Mike huffs and shakes his head, annoyed. "Okay, I liked where you were going, but now I know you're full of shit. There's no way in hell some lucky bastard hasn't popped that cherry!"

Dan takes hold of Mike's shoulders and turns him around, wrapping a friendly arm around him as he points at Stacy, who's still chatting at the cubicle. As she laughs, her summer dress shimmies slightly, the outline of her shape and beautiful little ass seeming to offer the most tempting fruit. "I'm telling you, she's a virgin. Think about how fucking tight that must be."

"So what?" Mike says with a shrug. "She's just going to give it up because you say so? I saw the engagement ring on her finger."

"It's an engagement ring, not a wedding ring," Dan replies. "She's committed to getting married, not to putting off getting her bushy little Vietnamese village dive-bombed. Besides, whether she says yes or no, this room's soundproof, bro. I had it that way because I did a lot of shouting in here at my accountants before I fired half of them. I bring her in here, you have your fun, then you ride off into the sunset to save my company with a nice, padded acquisition. Deal?" He says this as he sticks his hand out to Mike.

Mike looks at him, then back at Stacy. She's still at the cubicle, one leg bent forward, resting against the desk, her feet wrapped up in little brown mini-pumps. There's something about that bent leg, the curve of the inside of her knee...

Mike shakes Dan's hand. "As long as she's satisfying. In every way."

Dan smiles devilishly. "I only hire the best. Wait here."

Dan heads for the door, and Mike adjusts his pants, feeling a hard-on start to press against the fabric as his cock begins to ready itself at the thought of tasting fresh virgin Asian pussy. Dan opens the door just as Stacy's finished her conversation and is walking down the hall. "Stacy! Come here a second, would you?"

With a pleasant smile, Stacy turns back and heads toward Dan, who steps partway out of the conference room. "Hey, you remember that bigwig from the other pharmaceutical company I told you about, the one that was coming today?" he whispers to Stacy, who nods in recollection. "Well, he's here now. I have to run back to my office and take care of something real quick, could you keep him entertained for a minute?"

"Uh, sure," Stacy says, uncertain as to how she's going to remain amusing for who knows how long Dan will be away. "What do you want me to do?"

Dan smiles and rubs her shoulder. "Be a team player, make sure he's happy. Just be yourself."

He wraps his arm around Stacy's shoulder and leads her into the conference room. "Stacy, this is Mike. Mike, this is our lovely little office flower, Stacy." Mike takes Stacy's small hand in his and makes a big deal of kissing it. "Nice to meet you."

"You too," Stacy says, more than a little flattered. "Okay, I gotta get going. Play nice, you kids," Dan says and exits, his body blocking Stacy's view of the doorknob as he quietly turns the lock on it. He closes the door behind him, the lock silently shifting into place.

Stacy smiles pleasantly, now more aware of Mike's eyes roaming over her body, particularly her pert little breasts and slender legs. She gulps lightly, trying to pretend she doesn't notice. "So...Dan says that your company is interested in merging with ours?"

Mike chuckles, nibbling eagerly on his lip.. "Yeah, there's gonna be a merger, alright..." He moves forward, setting his hands on Stacy's cool thighs just below her skirt and pulls her forward to him. Stacy tries to push his hands off, but he's too strong. She presses her hands to his chest, trying to push him away, but that doesn't work either as he leans against the conference table, pulling her to him in such a way that the front of her skirt presses against his pants, which bulge forward in anticipation. With a gasp of shock, Stacy tries to push away even harder. "Stop it, don't--!" She manages to break free and runs for the door, Mike chasing after her with an amused laugh, enjoying the game. Stacy grabs the knob and tries to turn it, realizing as it won't budge that it's locked. Two large, strong hands move forward, wrapping around her own, easily pulling them off the knob.

"STOP!" Stacy yells as Mike raises her arms high, turning her around and half-leading her/half-raising her off the floor like a petulant little child. He slaps her chest down on the table and presses his pelvis tight against her buttocks as he leans his hand to the small of her back, keeping her pinned. "Stop, please! Why are you doing this?" Stacy cries, but Mike isn't paying her any mind as he raises her skirt, admiring her crisp, clean white panties. He lets out a light whistle of admiration as he gently runs his hand across the smoothly rounded outline of her ass.

"Please, don't..."

"Dan said you'd be willing to take one for the team," Mike says as he reaches down, pushing the fabric of Stacy's cotton panties aside, revealing a vagina with a thin strip of dark hair covering it. "I'm just playing head coach."

"Bullshit!" Stacy explodes angrily. "I don't believe Dan said that, and when he gets back--" Stacy cries out as Mike slaps her so hard across her backside that the right cheek on her tight little ass turns beet red instantly. "Who do you think locked the door?" Mike says. "Now you be a good girl, and let your coach get to giving you a good workout." Mike isn't gentle at all as he inserts two, three and then four fingers roughly inside Stacy's pussy, testing the waters as he explores inside her. She begs him to stop, which he does...pausing only as his fingers brush up against the membrane of her hymen.

"Damn," Mike says, amazed. "You fucking really are a virgin."

"Please don't, please please don't..." Stacy begs as tears spill from her eyes and onto the conference table. "I'm saving myself for my fiance, we're getting married in a week! Please, don't do this, he'll be so upset. I'll do anything else you want, please--"

"Will you suck my dick?"


"Will you chug my cum like a champ?"


Mike reaches down with his other hand, rubbing his thumb against Stacy's anus. "What if I want to fuck you in the ass instead? Will you take it in your ass for your coach?"


"Oh, well...."

"No, please wait--EEEAAAAAAAHHH!!" Stacy screams as Mike brutally shoves his four fingers deep inside, breaking the hymen and taking the mark of her virginity with his hand. Her scream dies down quickly into a moaning sob, as Mike moves his fingers around inside her canal. "See, that was easy, right baby? That wasn't so bad, right?"

Stacy can't answer as she lies on the table, her body shaking with the force of her sobs, gently pounding her fist against the table in helpless frustration. Mike continues fingering her roughly even while he undoes his pants with his free hand. He lets them drop to the floor, then yanks down his boxers, letting them fall to his ankles as well. He looks up to see people wandering by the conference room's one-way windows, completely oblivious to what's going on inside...the knowledge that he's about to take what he wants from this hot, helpless young babe on the table without consequence turning him on, hardening his cock further. He looks back down at Stacy as he pulls his bloodied fingers out, wiping them on the inside of her panties before pulling them down around her thighs. His 8 1/2 inch cock now points directly to the opening to her violated snatch, and he leans down on top of her, first kissing her ear and then whispering into it, "Don't worry, honey. It only hurts for a minute. The rest is pure pleasure." He stands back up and holding onto her waist, begins to push his rock-hard member inside her. She's tighter than he could have imagined, so he has to finger her pussy for a moment, trying to get her to lubricate in order to allow him entry.

Stacy snaps to, pushing herself up from the table and trying to pull herself away from Mike's grasp. But he holds on even tighter as he now pushes his cock all the way inside her amazingly tight Vietnamese love hole. Stacy's head swims with the force of penetration and the immediate warming sensation which seems to shoot up through her body, straight from her pussy. She gasps heavily and falls back, nearly fainting into Mike's arms. He catches her, wrapping his arm around her waist while grabbing hold of one of the chairs with his other hand. He pulls the chair over and sits down, bringing Stacy along with him in a reverse rider position as he impales her on his cock.

"AAUUUNGHHH!!" Stacy cries out as the shock of his cock's full reentry inside her snaps her back awake. Mike throws his legs up on the conference table and then sets Stacy's legs on top of his. He grabs the bottom of her summer dress and yanks it up, pulling it forcefully over her arms and head as if he were undressing a child for bed. All Stacy has on now is her white cotton bra and shoes, with her panties draped around her thighs as Mike tosses the dress to the floor and holds her by the waist, lifting her up and down on his engorged member.

"Nnnoooo...!" Stacy moans weakly as she wrestles in vain with his strong hands, trying to push them off her. Mike manages to hold onto her waist with one hand as he uses the other to pull Stacy's bra straps down off her shoulders, loosening them enough that the bra falls by itself, uncovering her breasts. She starts to moan and sob, helpless as Mike kisses her shoulder and begins fondling her breasts with one hand and slapping her thigh with the other as he bounces up and down in the chair, the force making Stacy unwillfully ride up and down on his hardened cock.

"Sshhhh," Mike says over her sobbing protests. "You know it's not that bad. It's just your first time, that's all. Relax, baby, relax. Enjoy it. Listen to your pussy, you know you like it..." And Stacy has to admit, as her pussy gets more and more used to feeling itself widen and contract around Mike's shaft, that it does feel good. His hands are strong, but he plays gently with her little tits, cupping them and fondling them, playfully squeezing the nipples just enough so that the borderline into pain is never fully crossed, and they stiffen willfully at his touch. The slaps on her thigh begin to prompt Stacy into joining in on the ride, holding onto his lap to push herself up and down to help him. Before long she can't believe it, but she can feel a smile forming on her face as Mike kisses her cheek and tickles her belly button playfully. She laughs, and can feel her breath begin to synch up with his as his cock begins to pump ejaculate into her amazingly wet and now surprisingly welcoming pussy.

"Please....please don't get me pregnant...that's...that's for my fiance," she manages to say in between pleasureful moans.

"You don't want me to get you pregnant," Mike manages in between his own hard breaths, "but it's okay for me to fuck you now?"

"y.....y...Yes!" Stacy shouts back.

"That's a good girl," he says, and sets his legs down sharply on the floor. The loss of support for her own legs snaps Stacy forward and she grabs the edges of the table, barely managing to keep her head from slapping into it. Mike stands, getting her to her feet, his cock still inside her, and begins pumping away furiously at Stacy's pussy, slapping her on the ass as she begins calling out his name, to her own astonishment. Mike grabs one of Stacy's hands and guides it back to his balls, demonstrating how she should squeeze them. She does, kneading them between her slender fingers, using her nails to lightly scratch their underside, and squeezing them tightly, all while Mike continues pushing his cock deeper into her, forcing ever more excited groans out of Stacy's mouth, until finally he explodes deep inside her, the expulsion of his hot seed into her causing Stacy to cry out in her first legitimate orgasm, having never been fucked before!

She collapses against the table, spent, her sweat-drenched hair plastered to the back of her neck and shoulders. "Oh, no..." she moans in protest as she feels Mike pull out of her. He laughs in amusement as he turns her over, her sweat-slicked back sticking to the table. "Ten minutes ago you didn't want me inside you, and now you don't want to let my cock go? You need to make up your mind, little girl."

Stacy doesn't say anything. Wiping away tears--partly of satisfaction, partly of shame thinking about what she'll tell her fiance when he finds out on their wedding night she's no longer a virgin--she looks Mike in the eye and braces herself up on her elbows, spreading her slender legs wider. He has his answer.

Stacy rests her back against the table, gripping the edge with both hands as Mike lifts her legs up around his waist. He slides his cock in slowly, pleased that Stacy's pussy has adjusted to his size so easily, and opens eagerly to accommodate it. Her breaths come in rapid, eager pants as he fills her all the way and begins pumping his cock into her, slowly at first, building a rhythm with her as she wraps her legs around his waist, and then with more furious intent. He grabs onto her breasts, twisting them upward slightly, producing an expression on her face of pain mixed with pleasure as he leans on top of her. "I don't give a shit about your fiance," he whispers into her ear. "If I choose to knock you up, you're staying that way because I say so, you got it?"

There's a moment of silence from Stacy, and the sound of Mike's balls rapidly slapping against her tight ass is the only thing filling that silence. Finally, she moans weakly, "Yes, Coach."

They remain in this position, Mike on top and pumping his piston into Stacy's hot wet cunt, shooting his semen into her at least three more times, for another twenty minutes. Finally, as he pulls out again and lowers Stacy's legs gently, her feet dangling inches from the floor, she swears to herself that she's never felt anything this good in her entire life. She can only hope that her fiance matches up to this experience. She raises her head to find Mike sitting in the chair, looking at her expectantly. Somehow knowing his desire, Stacy manages to push herself off the table and walks over to him. She kneels in front of him and wraps her slender fingers around his penis, leaning forward and putting it into her mouth. She begins sucking obediently, lovingly, as if he were her fiance. Stacy takes as much into her mouth as she can, almost gagging at one point in her newfound eagerness to please Mike, but eventually settles for pressing six inches into her mouth, alternating between sucking his cock and pulling out to lap her tongue slowly around the entirety of the shaft. She licks his shaft from the top of the balls all the way up to the tip, slurping up all the mingled semen and pussy juice covering every inch. She never imagined she would ever be cheating on her fiance, let alone enjoying the taste of another man's cock, or the sensation of having him cum on her face as Mike's throbbing tool splurts some onto hers in between her sucking him off. Yes, technically he had raped Stacy, taking her virginity when she didn't want him to...but as she remains on her knees, sucking off this stranger as if he was the one she's meant to go home to every night, wiping some of his cum from her face and watching him enjoy seeing her rub it on her tits, could she even call it a crime as she enjoys the taste of him so much, the thundering sensation she felt when he was inside her?

If she did get pregnant, would she be willing to have his baby, and jeopardize her engagement?

"MMMmmmmmMMMM..!!" Is the only thing she hears, the murmured sound around Mike's cock of her own pleasure coming back to her.

It was only recently, after she was "adopted" into a family of strangers in an airplane washroom on the way home* that this memory came back to Stacy. Mike enjoyed his blowjob, the pleasureful sensation of feeling his sperm drain down Stacy's throat as she swallowed heartily...and then one last, hard doggy-style fuck on the conference room carpet before they went their separate ways. Dan's company was saved by the merger, and Stacy made an excuse on her wedding night about having ruptured her hymen while exercising. Her new husband was none the wiser, and luckily for Stacy, Mike had been dark haired...

...because otherwise, her husband might have noticed the slight difference around their son's eyes.

(*See Stacy the Asian pharmacist: The Trip Home)

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