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the dinner was great he had cooked up a steak for each of them with fresh potatoes from his own garden, mushrooms from the field and a nice green salad. the food was filling and left her relaxed and comfortable. "ok, i'm ed," was all he said as an introduction afterwards. "sue" was the response. in the quiet talk that followed she learned that the collies name was charlie and that one of eds favorite evening rituals was to bathe charlie.

she wanted to help and so the three of them went to the shower, stripped and got in. because the need was to clean the dog ed behaved while shampooing charlie and getting him clean and shining. charlie was wiped and the towels were left for him to lay on in the bathroom. he could dry a little while ed and sue finished their own quick cleaning. only, it seems that while ed was washing sues back his hands slipped/ the crack that he found was of course in need of washing, who can blame him for rubbing up and down with his hands and then maybe a nice clean finger just slipped inside that cute puckered asshole. sue, for her part was happy to be washed and needed only a little push to put that finger all the way in. it was after all only a shower. she thought that a fair trade would be to reach behind her and help wash what seemed to be a growing pole. it too must need a little hand washing, and who can blame her if when the finger left her ass, she took that pole and inserted it instead? now bending slightly at the waist she backed ed against the shower wall and pushed it deep within herself. hands on her breasts ed sighed and a surrendered. deeper==faster==and a quick explosion of cum was deposited within her bowls, only to start to leak out and be washed away.

sue hadn't had such fun ever before. now, though it was time to brush charlie. he was damp but had dried well while they were having their own fun. he had his own bench so that ed would not have to get down to brush him and charlie looked forward to the attention as much as ed liked the relaxing effort. tonight however, a third was involved and sue didn't want to miss anything nor did she want to come between the two. so mostly she just watched. first his back and head were brushed and combed then his legs and tail. charlie stood proud and happy to be the center of attention. next, over on his back so that his stomach could be brushed and now sue saw her chance to return charlies favors. while ed brushed under charlies chin and on his chest sue quickly grasped his wonderful dog cock and started to rub. not much different than rubbing a man's she thought.and it wasn't, charlie was becoming hard and starting to show. as more cock peeked out of its sheath sue bent over and started to lick. she was surprised at how silky and soft the surface seemed. not at all unpleasant and making charlie very happy. so, not even thinking sue put the cock in her mouth and went to work sucking and licking it. charlie started to fuck her mouth and pushed deep into her throat. for his part ed was enjoying the show. as charlie shot a throat ful of cum into sue she swallowed and swallowed again as more and more came. after just bathing charlie she didn't want any on his fine silky coat so she fought to swallow every bit --and did!

in the front room later ed mentioned to sue that as late as it was would she consider spending the night, he understood if she had to make a fast trip to get where she needed to be. unfortunatly sue said that she really had no place to go, she had no job, no family and was looking for a place to work and live. all that she had was in her car and it wasn't in the best shape. ed's only comment was "welcome home"

they awoke entwined together in the morning. things were looking up the way sue felt. she now had a place to stay but did not yet know what to expect that she might be required to do. Would she turn into nothing more than a sex slave for ed and charlie, not that she thought that that would be bad. she enjoyed the sex so far and was surprised at how much she liked charlie. she thought that somehow she just had to get him to fuck her again, that big cock of his was the best yet.

after a nice breaksfast ed took her around the farm to see what was there and to let her know just what she could expect. first, he admitted that he wasn't a farmer but a veteranarian who worked with abandoned and injured animals as well as raising miniture horses. the pens and cages all had to be cleaned, the animals fed and watered, many of them exercised, so that there was a lot of work. right now not very many rescued animals were in residence and so there was not a lot to do. sue immediatly noticed the miniture horses and was amazed at how small they were. at least until she saw the of the mares was ready to be bred. so, after securring the mare to a breeding stall ed had sue on one side while he took the other of the stallion. leading it up behind the mare sue noted that after sniffing the mare it became quite agitated and started to prance about. she and ed kept it in line with the mare and shortly noticed that its cock was emerging - more and more showed. she couldn't believe how long and big such a small horse could produce. ed explained that it did have to reach pretty far in order to breed and that everything was normal. he asked her to feel it for herself and to see that it was not a danger to the mare. when she clasped her hand on it and felt the warm wetness it all started to bring her own juices flowing. she slowly felt the tip and put her finger on the hole to catch some of the moisture flowing. trying to not let ed see how excited she was she slipped the finger into her mouth to taste andwith her other hand couldn't help but rub herself some.

now with a short jump the stallion was onto the mare but was not the best shot. ed had hold of his head and told sue to take and guide him in. feeling the hardness and thrust of the stallion sue wasn't too sure of this but did as she was told and aiming the cock at the mares' open pussy it was a success. a few well placed thrusts and the stalliion was well on his way to enjoyment. briefly he was done and sue watched as he pumped more and more cum up into the mares' cunt. finally, done he pulled out and dropped down. still dripping cum ed told her to lead him to his stall. while ed took care of the mare sue had a brief moment alone with the stallion. she couldn't help it but quickly reached into her jeans to rub her swollen wet, pussy. sticking a couple of fingers into herself she fucked her hand furiously while reaching down to rub the stallions cock. it only took a few moments. just then ed scared her silly as he put his arms around her and told her that next time the stallion was ready, it could be her turn.

sue went with ed for the rest of the morning seeing the various animals that he had in the rescue pens. they were an unusal group of abused and abandoned pets, and injured wildlife. there were wild birds of prey, a beaver and a skunk. within the pe tpens was one which had a sad story. It was a chimp that had been the close friend and pet of a young woman who was lost in a car wreck. when sue saw how sad and depressed it was she had to bend close and talk to it. ed told her to be careful, it didn't seem to like anyone. however when she talked to it he came right over to the side of the cage and wanted to touch her. this was the first sign of progress witht he chimp and ed was very happy with it. she wanted to take more time and work with the chimp. ed left her and went to work feeding and watering more of the animals. sue spent a long time with the chimp talking and touching its hands. when she finally had to go with ed she was sure that she had a new friend. she would get back with him.

now they went and cleaned pens and in general finished the morning work. after a lunch of sandwiches and coffee ed brought up another part of the job. because he raised miniature horses, and sue had seen part of the work, sales of semen from the stallion was a large income. now, they would go collect some. it's all in being natural, we don't want to stress the stallion when removing seamen is how ed explained it. but the surprise was that ed now brought out the stallion and let it smell the mares so that it would be ready for sex. he then put a hay bale in the breeding pen and told sue "take off your pants, you get to help collect now" shocked she didn't know what to do. she had no real wish to be fucked by a horse! even a small one! " i saw you earlier when we bred him" ed said. "you and i both know that you're going to like it" with that he took her in his arms and while probing her mouth with his tongue in a deep kiss, he rreached down and opened her jeans. with his fingers he massaged her pussy, feeling it already wet. she was excited and may have portested more because she thought it the thing to do. ready for sex or not she still thought that cock way too big. her pants fell to the ground where she removed them, all the while letting ed work his fingers in and out of her. she went over to the stallion and after petting it she felt under it and took its cock into her hands. it was huge, larger than anything that she had ever fucked. but oh so soft and smooth. thinking of sex with the horse and feeling its cock she began to play with herself and couldn't believe how wet she was. the stallion was ready, it was trying to fuck her hand even. so sue surrendered. bending over the hay bale she let ed lead the stallion to her ass and let it smell her sex. it whinnied and snorted--it wanted that cunt. and it moved up to breed. with ed's help the stallion put its hooves on each side of her where she grasped its legs. with her cunt in line with its hard cock she felt ed place it next to her hole. she was not treated gently as the horse all of a sudden rammed into her. it had no miss or hesitation but shot straight and deeply into her. she screamed from shock and pain at the size and force. ed helped hold the horse and directed it in its forceful invasion of her. she had never felt such cunt bursting fullness. it kept going on, and on. thrust after thrust tore into her, and yet she started to feel the sense of pleasure like never before. she felt her own body responding to this fuck and with waves of heat and pleasure she started to cum. she couldn't belive how good it felt then with a rush the horse started to cum. more and more she was filled with cum. ed was gathering it as it poured out of her cunt and into a bowl. it just kept cumming. finally the stallion was through and pulled out. ed quickly tied him out of the way and went up behind sue to draw more cum out of her cunt in order to get all of the liquid gold to be sold as non-stress natural miniature horse semen for double the normal price.

now, he heped her up and into his arms where she rested after her ordeal. sue could not believe how she felt but knew that this was not the last time that she would fuck a horse. she knew that next time there would be no hesitation on her part. maybe even that since she came here she had fucked a man, a dog, and a horse she felt each was getting better than the one before. ed had better be great or he'd find himself at the end of the line.

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2016-04-09 00:04:07
Instead of criticizing other peoples work maybe the writer of the previous comment should show us an example of their work.

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2013-03-25 15:12:23
AWFUL!!! Didn't you ever hear of capitalizing the first word of each sentence? Every usage of a proper noun (like a name) is capitalized.
Did you ever bother to go to school at all? It is difficult to believe that this was written by an adult. I gave up trying to read this garbage after the first poorly written paragraph. If part i of the story is as bad as part 2, I am certainly glad that I didn't read it.

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