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Dating two girls at the same time has its disadvantages…and as I soon found put, its advantages too.
Fbailey story number 353

Wrong Place Wrong Time

I had it made for a couple of months until summer rolled around. I had two girlfriends, one knew about the other, but not vice versa. So anyway the one would just come over to fuck around when the other one was busy after school or whatever. It was great and I got to screw one of them everyday.

Leslie was sixteen, a sophomore like me and pretty wide to be with. She loved to fuck and she loved me so she didn’t mind at all when I asked her if I could date Candice. Candice was fifteen and a freshman. She was very pretty and very smart. She got straight A’s in school or a 4.0 grade average. She was in the science club that met after school on Tuesday and in the band that met after school on Thursday. Leslie wasn’t in anything that she didn’t have to be and neither was I.

It worked out well with my parents working till five o’clock and not being home until six o’clock during the week. We always had a late dinner and that was usually delivered because Mom never wanted to cook after a long day at the office.

Weekends were always the same too with Dad going off with his buddies and Mom taking off with her friends. They spent so little time with one another and with me that I often wondered why they had even gotten married.

I suspected them both of cheating on the other. Basically because I never heard them having sex at night…and I listened for it too. Then of course I always kept a close eye on Mom’s underwear. Every day during the week her panties would be crusted over with some man’s cum that had leaked out of her pussy. On weekends she would not have any in the hamper but she would have two less pair in her drawer. Someone got souvenirs of a good time.

Well then school ended in mid May and we were free until about mid August. Our high school maintained the same school year as the two and four-year colleges in our area.

Candice signed up for two summer classes to get ahead. She wanted to skip a year and get into college before she turned eighteen. Her whole life had been laid out for her. She would have her four-year degree at twenty-one years old, Master degree at twenty-three, and by taking extra courses she would have her Ph. D. by age twenty-four…twenty-five at the latest. Then her goal of becoming a Vice President of some company by the time she turned thirty could become a strong possibility.

I could hardly think about going back to school in the fall let alone a fifteen-year plan. Leslie was planning on marriage, two kids, and a divorce by the time she turned thirty and not necessarily in that order. Also on her list was possibly dropping out of school, becoming a waitress, and maybe becoming and alcoholic too.

Well I suppose you are wondering where the title comes in…wrong place wrong time.

During the summer school session Candice was in school every morning form eight till noon. So Leslie would either come over early to have sex with me or she would spend the whole night and then we would have fun until noon so that she would be out of the way for Candice.

One Wednesday the school had a big power failure. The electricity was out and the air condition wasn’t working so they dismissed the kids shortly after eight o’clock. They just needed to take attendance first to get the credit from the state.

That Tuesday Leslie and I had gotten into Dad’s Irish Whiskey. We were drunker than skunks and had drunk ourselves senseless. Then about nine o’clock Candice let herself in, found us naked in bed together, and then she started screaming. Candice jumped on top of Leslie and started slapping the shit of her tits. Now that was her first mistake because Leslie was a scrapper and a lot stronger than Candice was. Soon Candice was on her back with her arms pinned to her sides with Leslie’s knees, her blouse and bra were up above her cute little breasts, and Leslie then slapped the shit out of her tits, she pinched and twisted her nipples too until Candice pleaded for mercy. Leslie stopped but did not let her up.

Candice’s second mistake was to tell Leslie that she would tell on her. Leslie could hardly care if she posted it on the bulletin board at school but she didn’t like being threatened.

Leslie spun around like a top and pinned Candice’s arms to her sides again but that time Leslie was facing the other way. Leslie removed Candice’s skirt, shoes, and panties living her essentially naked under her. Leslie started slapping the shit out of Candice’s inner thighs. That caused Candice to open them up wide. Then Leslie dropped her face into Candice’s crotch and started eating pussy. She backed her own pussy up onto Candice’s face and told her to do the same. Of course Candice objected, which got her pussy lips bitten and her inner tights slapped even harder.

Leslie told me to take a hundred pictures of them having sex together for blackmail purposes. I had always wanted to take nude pictures of Candice but she would never let me. Leslie had on a few occasions but nothing like that. Two girls making love really excited me. Near the end of my picture taking Candice was finally getting into it and gave me some very good pussy kissing, clit licking, and vagina poking pictures. When I hit the hundred I realized that they didn’t know that and took another fifty.

Leslie asked, “Candice, are you willing to share him with me?”

Candice said, “Yes.”

Leslie asked, “And yourself with me too?”

Candice said, “Yes. Anything you want. Just let me up. I have to pee real bad.”

Leslie let Candice up but lifted her blouse and bra up over her head first. Then we followed Candice to the bathroom down the hall.

As she sat on the toilet I took some more pictures of her. Leslie told her to open her legs up wide for me and she did. When Candice started to reach for the toilet paper Leslie wouldn’t let her. Instead she had Candice scotch forward so that she could lick her pussy dry. Candice thanked her. Then Leslie sat to pee and opened up wide for me. After she finished she scotched forward and Candice went right to the wet spot. That was better than I could ever have imagined.

The three of us went back into my bedroom and fucked ourselves silly. Whichever girl I cum in the other one ate her out afterwards. So of course I took turns cumming in their pussies.

Between erections the girls posed for more pictures, did some sixty-nine together, and sucked my cock hard for another go.

Candice got Leslie to promise not to wear me out before she could get to me after noon. Leslie promised but then Candice remembered that she had gotten to spend the night with me and wanted her share of that too.

Now Leslie was just cool, she had just snuck in and come up to my room so that Mom and Dad didn’t even know that she was here.

Candice on the other hand is too intelligent sometimes and simply walked up to Mom shortly after she had gotten home and said, “Leslie and I have been letting your son have sex with us all day, Leslie spent all of last night in his bed, so I want to spend the night tonight. Is that alright with you?”

Mom just looked at her, then at me, and then at Leslie. She turned to Leslie and asked, “Is this true?”

Leslie smiled and said, “Yes it is.”

Mom laughed, looked directly at me, and said, “You’re one lucky boy. Try not to knock them up. Your father will be jealous of you but he’ll be proud of you too.”

Mom looked at the girls, reached an arm around each of them, and then pulled them into her massive tits for a group hug. I saw her hand go down to cup each of their ass cheeks as she hugged them. Then she said, “Come with me.”

I was not to follow but I got to pick out dinner and call it in. When dinner arrived Mom came down to pay for it and the girls came down with her.

I was informed that Mom had shown them where she keeps the stuff for her periods, her disposable douches, her disposable razors, and put two of her robes and a few of her sexy nighties in my closet for their use. She showed them where she keeps her supply of lubricant, dildos, and sex movies. They were all bisexual and liked girls as much as they liked boys. They even got to lick Mom’s dirty pussy before she got a chance to wash it out. Mom licked their dirty pussies too. Then I guess they had a douche party until I called Mom down to pay the bill.

Damn and I missed it. Leslie picked up on that and asked if I could watch them in a three girl orgy on Saturday morning after my father left for the day. Sure but that meant that both girls would have to spend the night.

After Dad got home and we had eaten dinner Mom took us out to purchase a new bed. It wasn’t for me as much as it was for the girls. With Mom’s help I got a pink canap?ed with four posts and a mirror bookcase headboard with some drawers for or sexual needs. Mom bought a nice firm mattress after she and the girls tried it out. Then she bought a complete bed set in pink too. I opened my big mouth and suggested that she get the furniture to go with it too. There was a vanity with big mirrors, his and hers and hers chest of drawers, end tables, and frilly lamps. Then she bought a new plush rug, curtains, and drapes for my room. It was slightly embarrassing but on the other hand Mom had always wanted a girl and now she had two of them to spoil. Everything would be dropped off the following day we would have to strip my room that night and Candice and I would get the spare bedroom for the night.

Mom took me straight home to get started. I was to get Dad to help me. Then she left. When they finally came back it was because the mall had closed and made them stop buying thing. The girls had practically a full wardrobe to keep at our house. Many items they could share even with Mom. They had bras, panties, and sexy nylons with garter belts. They had T-shirts, blouses, and tank top. They had pants, skirts, and dresses. Mom even bought them makeup, brushes, and hair things to fill their vanity with. There were lotions, perfumes, and bath oils too. Mom went all out for them.

As I lay in bed with Candice that night in the guest bedroom Mom came in and kissed us both goodnight. She told me that she was taking me shopping with both girls after work the next night. Apparently the girls thought that I need tighter jeans, dress shirts, and new underwear and socks too. Maybe I did.

I fell asleep in Candice’s arms exhausted from all the work that I had to do stripping my room.

When I woke up about ten o’clock it was due to the noise out in the hallway. The furniture had arrived and Leslie was directing them to my bedroom. I quickly got dressed and joined Leslie in my bedroom. The walls had been papered and the molding had been painted very early that morning…pink of course. The deliverymen made a comment about my sister getting a brand new bedroom to sleep in. I didn’t say anything.

Leslie knew where everything was to be set so I just backed off and let her run the show. It was less that an hour before they had everything set up and assembled for her. Leslie handed each of them a fifty-dollar bill and showed them out.

Then it was my turn to be her slave. Not entirely because it was after noon and Candice came barging in screaming in pleasure. Before any more work was done we christened the bare queen-size mattress with our sweaty bodies and some of our bodily fluids too. After that we got to hang curtains, drapes, and make the bed. Then the girls started to fill their drawers with everything that mom had purchased for them. They took over most of my closet saying that my T-shirts and blue jeans needed to be folded and put in a drawer.

When Mom came home she brought a big sheet pizza with her, several dozen wings, and a six-pack of soda. While we ate she went up to admire her handy work. When Dad got home he just laughed and said, “Now you’re getting a taste of my world.”

Shopping was not as bad as I had dreaded. I didn’t have to buy anything pink. In fact I liked the way my new clothes felt. I thanked Mom for them and she told me to give my old clothes to the Salvation Army Thrift Store.

The girls moved in and started sleeping and eating at our house. Candice went to school in the morning and then we would go see their mothers in the afternoons. Mom and the girls had paid their mothers visits and had straightened everything out. Candice’s mother was not pleased about her having sex at fifteen but they were pleased that Mom was thinking about helping out with her college expenses. Mom’s company has educational funds for bright students too with the promise of a job afterwards. Leslie’s mother was not overly concerned and just glad that she didn’t have to buy her clothes, makeup, and food anymore. We didn’t visit her very often.

That summer the girls settled in, I got accustomed to my pink bedroom, and the girls started inviting their girlfriends to come over. They made no secret that the three of us slept in the same bed and had sex together. Some of Candice’s friends backed off, but others stayed by her side as friends should. Candace did extremely well in her two summer school classes and was on target for her future goal.

In mid August school started for real and all of us quickly got into gear, thanks to Candice and sex. None of us were wasting any time flirting with the other sex and we started to study together every night. Candice invited a couple of her friends to join our study group too. The girls were told in no uncertain terms that I was off limits. However, when they wanted to have sex with Leslie we were all for it.

The first few times we let those three girls go off to our bedroom for an hour of so and have sex together but then Candice and I followed them and watched. Soon we were both super horny and I was fucking Candice. She then joined in and let them all eat her freshly used pussy. Within a couple of weeks we all rushed to my house, went to my bedroom, and had sex with me always cumming in either Candice or Leslie. The other two girls didn’t really interest me all that much. I got to take pictures and feel them up all I wanted but that was it. I never had sex with them.

Mom and Dad’s sex life improved too. Especially when Mom asked the girls to let Dad catch them in a see through blouse or look up their skirts. They enjoyed teasing Dad and then he would drag Mom off for a fuck. She liked that.

Candice did advance and the three of us graduated together. Candice started her four years at the Local University while Leslie and I started our two-year degrees at the Local Community College. Mom got Candice a full scholarship based on her high school records. All she had to do was work for Mom’s company for five years after she earned her Ph. D. Mom paid for Leslie and I to go to college. Our study group changed slightly. The other two girls were replaced by two new girls that were in the same degree program that Candice was in. They were lesbians but they were also true to each other so my girls had to rely on me for their sex.

Mom and Dad fell in love again and I stopped finding crusty and missing panties.

Life was good.

The End
Wrong Place Wrong Time
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