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ok this story is about a young boy

Ok just some info to get things going here. The story is based in the not
so distant future. The main character is a boy who discovers who he
really is in a world gone totally mad. He's a country raised 13 year old
kid from the mid west living near a big city when a catastraphy strikes.
Light brown hair and blue eyes. 5ft 5 in tall around 115 pounds just to
give you an idea of him. The future puts his will and soul to the test
now lets see how things unfold.

chapter 1

The end. Well that's what it seemed like that one late in August when
the world as we know it ceased to be. It was because of nuclear war, or
global warming, or any of the other concerns people normally think of in
everyday life. It was one of those things that people always thought
would never happen in their life time. A thing that was always played off
as just science fiction and not real or possibly biblical in context
since I have heard it called the wrath of god. What ever you would like
to call it the life we know ended that day. Governments fell, societies
crumbled, all systems of wealth meant nothing and every one was on an
equal level striving just to survive. It happened while I was in school
in my first few days of my 7th grade year. The skies grew dark as if the
sun was being eclipsed, and the ground trembled like a massive earthquake
has happening. Then just as sudden as it started the shaking totally
stopped. I looked up to see what was obscuring the sunlight and that's
when the dark clouds parted revealing their secret. Just then I heard the
civil defense siren going off. The same one used for tornados. It could
only mean an emergency. I gazed upward to see something I never thought
I would see in my life time. The only word I can use to describe it was
ALIENS. As my classmates and I looked upward. We heard and announcement
to take immediate shelter in the schools old bomb shelter. The girls in
my class heard that they all screamed out in fear and some of the guys
did to. I tried to keep my composure and wits about me so I could get
through this alive. I looked skyward once more and that's when I saw the
first of hundreds of smaller craft descending from the massive one
hovering above us. It was at that point I figured they must be hostile.
The other kids in my class ran out of the room to the shelter but I was
transfixed on the skies above. When I looked back in the room everyone
had gone and I was alone. I ran as quickly as I could to the shelter but
it was now locked and I couldn't enter. It was now I started to feel a
bit of fear. I searched frantically around the basement of the school to
find a hiding place as I heard a loud rumbling noise coming from outside
the building. I figured it must be one of the landing craft touching down
outside. I looked around and found no where to hide. I was panicking now.
I looked to the janitors' desk and saw a flashlight. I grabbed and
flipped it on and scanned the dark room. Then I saw the old furnace the
school use to use for heat. It was an old huge cast iron wood burner with
a thick iron door on the front of it. I then heard the sounds of
something above in the school. At that point the decision had been made
for me. I opened the thick door to the furnace and climbed inside
shutting the door behind me, but not latching it. I turned my light off
and that's when I heard the noises grow very close, as if they were now
in the room with me. I heard some sort of strange noises that I could
only figure was the aliens talking or something. I peeked carefully
through the small slit in the door and gazed out at them. I though to
myself "Oh my god their hideous." They resembled a cross of a reptile and
an insect in looks. They looked nothing like I would ever imagine an
alien to look like. They actually reminded me of humanoid lizards to me,
kind of like evolved dinosaurs. I watched as they creatures laid waste to
the thick door to the bomb shelter and entered to the screams of my
classmates, friends, and teachers in there. Then I heard the most god
awful screams of pure terror from the people in there as these beasts
maimed and killed every person in there. In a few minutes that seemed
like hours to me I sat and listened as they killed every single person I
knew in that school and tried not to cry out fearing they would find me.
The aliens then emerged from the shelter drenched in the blood of the
people they had just slain. I clinched my fists in pain for my friends,
and my new found hatred of these monsters as tears raced down my cheeks.
I tried my best to keep quiet though so I would not meet the same end as
every one else. The monsters had some sort of device they waved around
the room. I had seen them use the same one before they entered the bomb
shelter. I could only figure they were searching for life or something
with it. I closed my eyes and prayed they wouldn't find me in the
furnace. They looked around the room and a few minutes later left. I
then began to breath normally again. I hid in that furnace for hours
after I heard the creatures leave the building to be sure they were
really gone. S

Sometime after it had gotten dark outside I slowly and quietly inched the
this furnace door open. I poked my head out slowly to peek around in the
room. I turned the flash light on and scanned around. The coast seemed
clear so I crawled back out of the furnace. When my feet hit the floor I
nearly slipped and fell. The floor was soaked but I didn't know from what
ill I shined the light down. The floor was now a slick crimson red mess
from the people that those things murdered earlier in the day. A flood of
emotions swept over me as I slowly shined the light to the bomb shelter
door. It was totally ripped away from the wall as I peeked around it.
What I saw could never be described in my worst nightmares. Bodies of
people I knew and cared for dismembered and maimed laying all over the
room. I felt several emotions at once but I couldn't sort them all out at
once. I turned and threw up from the grizzly scene in front of me. Once I
regained my composure I decided to get out of there so I wouldn't be
found and die to. I slowly and quietly crept to the stairs leading out of
the basement. I turned the light off and began to climb them. At the top
the lights in the school were still on. I opened the door to the
janitors closet and stepped in. there I found another flashlight and an
old paper cutter I could use as a weapon. I grabbed them and then started
for the exit of the building. Just about half way out the power to the
building was cut ad the lights went out. I quickly ducked and crouched by
the wall. I looked out of the window to see that the whole area had lost
its power. I flipped on one of the flashlights and made my way out of the
building keeping low. Once I got to the front door I peered around
outside and made sure nothing was there. I ran as fast as I could to the
woods just to the north of the school about a hundred feet away for
cover. I found a spot and sat and rested for a while taking in what has
happened today. Tears dripped from my eyes and fell on my hands resting
on my legs. That's when I noticed I was covered head to tow in black soot
from being inside the old furnace. I then realized that I had perfect
cover to not be seen wondering around in the night. I was bitch black as
the night was. I then slowly made my way towards my home nearly 10 blocks
from the school on the other side of the woods. I tried desperately not
to make too much noise as I trudged through the trees. As I got closer
to home I noticed a glow in the sky in the direction of my neighborhood.
It was coming from the sky but rather it was an orange glow coming from
the ground. I increased my pace once I saw that. Minutes later I was at
the very edge of the woods looking out at the now burning wasteland that
use to be my neighborhood and home. All the houses were either leveled to
the ground or burning close to it. I now had no where to go and I didn't
know what to do. I knew I was now alone, hungry, scared to death, and for
the most part on the run. I did the only thing I could think of then, I
headed deeper into the woods up towards the hills nearby. I figured there
would be at least cover for me to hide there. Some hours later and now
with a flashlight going dead I found a small hollowed out spit near the
base of a tree to hide in. I crawled inside and sat and thought if this
really was the end of the world.

Sleep had taken me suddenly it seemed as I woke the next morning to the
smell of smoke in the air from the burning buildings nearby and the sun
shining through the clouds. It was now that I saw how filthy I really
was, and realized how hungry I really was. I decided to wonder back down
to town to see if I could find any signs of life. When I got to where my
house was supposed to be only a pile of burnt smoldering runnel remained.
Same as every other house for blocks around. Everything I ever had was
now gone. I wondered aimlessly for hours looking for anything to eat or
any people that may have survived. I found nothing. I decided to if any
one could help it would be the police so I went to the police station.
There was no one there not even prisoners, but the cell doors were ripped
off the hinges and blood was everywhere. But the oddest thing was there
was no bodies to be found. I guess they had taken these people with them
for some reason. I walked around in the building for a while till I saw a
gun rack with shotguns on it. I grabbed one and loaded it full. I had
never shot a gun before, but if I had to I would kill one of those
things. I looked around some more and found a back pack by one of the
desks in the room. I grabbed it and filled it with all the shot gun
shells in the rack and also I gabbed a pistol laying on the floor and
tossed it in. I wondered around further and hit the jackpot, I found a
refrigerator in a break room. Inside were several uneaten lunches and
drinks that the people working there had brought with them. I grabbed a
sandwich and tore into it. I ate it half way before I realized it was egg
salad and I hated egg salad, but I was so hungry I didn't care. I took
all the food and put it into the backpack with the ammo. I decided to
make my way back to the school to see if any one else had escaped the
hell unleashed there the day before. I walked through the building with
the shotgun at the ready. There was no signs of life there so I decided
to check back downstairs in the shelter for some remote possibility some
one survived. Once don there I flipped on my other flashlight and scanned
around. The floor was still bloody but all the people who were in the
shelter were now gone. "Where the hell did they al go? There must have
been 400 people in here." I thought to myself. I left that tomb then to
look around some more. I crept around the semi dark building from room to
room searching for anything useful or any sign of life. I had checked �
of the school and was about to leave when I heard what I though was a
noise coming from the kitchen. I raced down there and readied myself
outside the door. I turned with the gun pointing ahead and entered the
room. I swept from side to side with the gun and light and saw nothing,
but I heard a tapping noise. It sounded like it was coming from the walk
in food cooler. I cocked the gun and readied it as I reached for the door
handle. I pulled the handle and pointed the gun inside as I yelled out in
fury. Then I heard, "No, No don't eat me please! Please don't kill me!"
Then I knew I had found another survivor. I lowered the gun and pointed
the light down at the person. I saw a boy around 10 or 11 laying on the
floor in a defensive posture hoping I wasn't going to hurt him. He was a
smaller boy with dark blonde short hair and blue eyes with tear streaked
cheeks. I then lowered the light and spoke to him. "I' not gonna eat you.
I'm not that hungry." The boy then sighed as if he was going to pass out
and collapsed backwards. "Hey, hey stay with me. You're the only one I've
found so far." I said as I gently patted him on his cheeks. He opened his
beautiful blue eyes and cried then. "I thought you were one of those
monsters trying to eat me." He said as he hugged my arm. "I just heard
you growl at me and you looked all black so I thought you was one of
them." He cried. I couldn't help it I wrapped my free arm around him and
hugged him to me. "No bud I'm a human. I'm not gonna hurt you." I told
him as I was now crying to. "What's your name? I'm Derrik" "I'm Chris."
The younger boy answered. "Why didn't you run when those things left
Chris?" I asked. "Because I got locked in here. There's not way to open
the door from inside. I nearly froze in here." He replied. "Well come on
the coast is clear now. We can get you warmed up some and get out of here
now." I told him. "Where are we going?" he asked. "I'm not sure yet, but
there seems to be no one left around here. I think we should try to go
back up into the hills and hide for now in some of those old mines up
there." I told him. He being totally shocked at what's went on followed
me without question. "Come on Chris we need to gather some supplies
before we go. We need to find you a big back pack to fill up with stuff."
I told him before he hit the lockers looking. In no time we found a good
sized pack and headed back to the cooler I found him in. "Ok load up
anything that's wrapped up good and will last for a while and put it in
the pack. I'm gonna look around the kitchen for things we can use." I
ordered. I looked around and grabbed a few knives and some matches to
make a fire with. I also grabbed a first aid kit on the wall just incase
we needed it. I returned to Chris who was finishing packing the back
pack. "Here put this stuff in to." I said handing him what I'd collected.
Once the packs were full we strapped them on our backs and left for
safety, we hoped.

A few hours after we had left the school trekking through the woods we
cam across a small pond with a stream feeding through it. "Oh yeah, just
what I need right now." I said wanting to wash off the black soot that
covered my body. I stripped all my clothes off and stood naked in front
of the younger boy not really thinking or caring about modesty and jumped
in the cool water. I surfaced and noticed Chris was looking at me wide
eyed and opened mouth like he couldn't believe what he just saw. "Come on
dude jump in the water's great. I need to was this soot off me." I told
him. Hisitant at first he slowly took his shirt and shoes off, but
hesitated more when it was time for his shorts. "Come on your almost
there." I told him. He slowly unbuttoned his shorts but wouldn't unzip
them. "What's wrong?" I asked. "My thing is hard." He answered. That sent
a rush through me and concentrated in my dick making me hard to. I walked
towards him just till I was out of the water from my knees up and said,
"So what mine is to see." I said showing him my rigid cut 4 incher. He
ten unzipped and dropped his shorts to the ground and his briefs soon
followed. Sure enough he had a hard cock looking to be about 3 and �
inches long. I smiled to him and waved him in with me. He half smiled and
walked in the water. I then jumped back in and splashed him. He then
jumped in to with me. " Hey Chris can you get the soot off my back
please?" I asked him. Without reply he bean rubbing my back and neck. In
the midst of all this tragedy I couldn't believe how good his touch felt
to me. He gently rubbed my back and neck cleansing me free of the
blackness. We played around splashing in the pond for a little while more
but decided to get a move on to a safe place before night hit. We walked
out of the water together still with both our cocks pointing the way from
being hard. I couldn't help but stare at his smooth hairless little tool
and imagine rubbing it. It seemed he had some interest in my hairless
body to. We couldn't keep our eyes off each other until we re dressed. He
had a beautiful small frame as I stood and looked him over. Just under 5
foot tall. Maybe 90 pounds at the most. Beautiful bright blue eyes and a
crew cute blonde head of hair. And he had the cutest smile to. Soon we
were dressed and ready to go again. "Thanks Chris I needed that." I told
him but I could have sworn I heard him mumble under his breath , "I did
to". I didn't know what it meant but oh well we trekked on.

Chapter 2

We walked for a while longer and finally came to the area in the woods
where some old mine shafts were. We found one entrance that was covered
up with old rotted boards. We pried the rotted wood away from its framing
enough so we could get inside. Once inside I flipped on a flashlight and
scanned around the dark cavern. "Wow that looks spooky." Chris said. We
walked on into the mine exploring until we came across a room off the
side of the shaft that had an old metal door. "It looks like an old
storage room or something." I said as we entered. "I think we can make
some kind of shelter out of this, that is if you're with me on this." I
told Chris. He nodded yes so we started making plans of how we could make
a shelter of the cave. We had decided that for now we would hang out
outside the entrance since we only had the one light left. Tomorrow we
would make our way back to town and see if the hardware store was still
standing. We were going to need supplies to make this place livable. We
emerged back outside into the blinding sunlight to notice the temperature
difference from being in the cave. It was much cooler underground. Chris
sat his pack on the ground against a tree then sat down and leaned
against it himself. "Man I'm super tired. All the walking wore me out." I
said to the younger boy. Chris seemed to be staring into space as I tried
to talk to him. "Chris! Are you ok?" I asked. He snapped out of his
transe a minute later and looked up at me and his eyes started to tear
up. I sat next to him and asked what was wrong. "Every one I know is
gone. My mom, my dad, my little brother, everyone!" he said as he started
to bawl. I sat down next to him and draped my arm around his shoulder. "I
know man I lost everyone I know to." I said as I started crying a bit to.
Chris through his arms around me and hugged me as he sat and cried
heavily. I hugged the smaller boy back and felt my own sorrows flooding
over me to. As we sat holding each other I noticed that my dick was
growing from Chris' contact. I didn't mean for it to happen, but it was
definatelly getting boned. Some minutes later Chris was still hugging me
now half sitting in my lap and sobbing a little less now. "I promise I'm
not gonna let those things get you." I whispered in his ear.

By now it was getting late and we needed to get an early start in the
morning. "Come on lets eat something and get some sleep we got a big day
tomorrow." I said as I began to dig through the packs for some food. We
both ate a few sandwiches and gulped down a few sodas. Once darkness
started to set in we turned in for the night and decided to try and get
some sleep. That first night we didn't make a fire in fear that the
aliens would see it and find us. I made a make shift pillow out of my
back pack and laid down and got comfy. Just as I was starting to drift
off to sleep I felt a nudge against my stomach that woke me. I opened my
eyes to see Chris scooting up against me in the pale moon light. I draped
my arm over his side and pulled his back against my chest and he sighed
in exhaustion. I figured we could keep warmer this way plus I liked the
feel of him against me. We soon drifted off to sleep, him first as I
dozed off to the sounds of his light breathing. As we slept sometime
during the night the heavens opened up on us with a crack of thunder and
a down pour of rain. We woke as soon as we felt the drops, but by then it
was too late. We were both dripping wet from the storm. "Come on lets get
inside the mine its dry in there at least." I yelled to him. We grabbed
our packs and ran inside as fast as we could. By the time we were inside
we were drenched. Our clothes were completely soaked. I looked to Chris
and noticed he was shivering. "hey we better get these wet clothes before
we get sick." I told him. I began stripping my clothes off right away and
again like at the pond he hesitated. Slowly he removed his shirt and
shorts. But when he got to his undies he stopped. By now I was naked and
wringing the water out of my wet clothes. I looked to him and noticed his
cock was sticking straight out again. "Come on dude better get those off
to their soaking wet to. We don't need you getting sick." I told him, but
still he hesitated. "Look Chris it's kool, I'm not gonna make fun of you
cus you're hard ok. Hell mine gets hard all the time to. I mean look." I
said pointing to my now inflating dick. He looked down at my stiffening
cock and I noticed his seemed to stiffen more and twitch a bit. Still he
wouldn't take the off so I acted on my own. I stepped over to him grabbed
his undies by the sides and pulled them down to his ankles. He made no
effort to stop me what so ever. Once I had them down to his ankles I
looked up to see his small hard dick staring me right in the face. It
took all I had at that moment not to just engulf it in my mouth. I
instead looked up at his face and smiled. "Nice cock you got there." I
told him. He then smiled at me as he stepped out of his wet undies. I
then took them and wrung the water out of them. I then sat down and
leaned my naked cold body against my back pack and tried to go back to
sleep by the dimly moon lit mine entrance. As soon as I closed my eyes I
felt a warmth against me. I opened my eyes to again see Chris snuggling
up against me. If my dick wasn't hard before it sure was now. Feeling his
small tender skin against mine was like electricity to me that shot
straight to my hard 4 inches. "I heard this is the best way to keep
warm." Chris said smiling to me. I was thinking of a totally different
way to warm him even more than what we were now. As hard as I was and as
much as I wanted to have fun with him I was more tired. I decided for now
to just close my eyes and try to get some sleep.

The night seemed to go by in a flash as my watch started to beep from the
alarm I set the night before for 7 am. I opened my eyes the room was
still dark as if t were still the dead of night, butt then I remember
where I was. I prodded around my side felling on the ground for the
flashlight. I ended up finding it laying to the far side of me on the
other side of Chris. I reached over the smaller boy and grabbed the
light. I then flipped it on and shined it around the room. Once I was
sure we were alone and ok I proceeded to wake him. I shined the light on
him then shook him slightly. As I shook him he slowly stirred awake and
that's when I noticed his morning hard on pointing up towards his slender
belly. My own cock was stiff from the need for a morning piss, but once I
saw his it sprang to full mast and started to throb with my heart beat.
Right then I wanted so badly to just wrap his smaller shaft in my hand
and give the best feeling he's had in days. Chris opened his eyes and
greeted me, "Hi. What time is it?" he asked in the dark room. "Well my
watch says 7 am. But I know it sure looks like night in here still. Lets
get dressed and get a move on we got a lot to do today." I told him. He
then stretched his small body out making his little hard cock stick out
even more. He noticed I was looking at it and smiled. That's when he
glanced down at mine and started giggling. I just smiled at him then got
up to fetch out still damp clothes. I tossed his damp clothes to him and
he started to slide his damp under wear back on. Once he got them to his
groin he let out a shreek. I asked what was wrong. "Nothing, just a cold
chill. These things are a little nippy on the balls." He answered. As I
slid my own boxers back on I totally agreed with him. When they hit my
balls it sort of took my breathe away. Soon we were redressed and ready
to get the day started. We grabbed our back packs and headed for the mine
entrance. As we grew closer to it the sun light coming into the cave
caused our eyes to squint almost shut since we were used to being in the
dark for so long. After a few minutes our eyes had adjusted to the light
and we were off on our way back to town for supplies. We would definitely
have to find some more clothes to wear.

Hours passed and we now were getting close to the out skirts of town.
That's when he heard a low ground shaking noise coming from ahead of us.
"What's that?" Chris asked getting scared. "I don't know. Let's keep out
of sight until we know what it is." I told him. We them decided to get
ourselves off the path through the woods and walk deeper into the
thickets and bushes for camouflage. We walked on through the trees and
bushed at a much slower pace trying our best to keep quiet and not move
too many of the trees around as we walked. Another half hour passed as we
came in sight of the edge of the woods. We crouched down and stopped as
we then saw the source of the noise we heard earlier. It was a smaller
ship that the creatures used to make the landing days earlier. There were
many monsters standing around the ship with the same kind of devise I saw
them with when I was hiding in the furnace at school. They seemed to be
scanning the homes and buildings or something. I wasn't sure what exactly
they were doing, but I assumed they were looking for life signs. All of
the sudden one of the monsters scanning around pointed to a house nearby
and then 2 of them rushed into it. A moment later they emerged with a
large dog. The dog was barking and trying to bite the monsters as if his
life depended on it. What the aliens did then was horrendous. They
literally ripped the poor animal limb from limb. Chris started to
hyperventilate when he saw that and freak out little. "Oh my god! They
killed that poor dog. They're gonna find us and kill us to!" he was
sobbing. I had to grab him to me tightly and cover his mouth so the
monsters wouldn't hear him. "Chris damn it be quiet. If they hear us its
over for us. Do you wanna end up like that poor dog?" I whispered in his
ear as I held onto him. He then shook his head no. "Ok then be quiet and
calm down. If they hear you we're dead." I told him. I let go of him and
he calmed down so we wouldn't be found. We watched them for a while
longer not daring to move from the spot where we were. We were too afraid
any movement we made might attract attention from the aliens. A while
later they all filed into their craft and it ascended back into the sky
and shot away at a high rate of speed. "Thank god they're gone now. Lets
get what we need and get back up into the mine." I told him as we stood
up. We walked cautiously towards the hardware store keeping our guard up
for anything. As we walked we came across a wood pile in a yard with an
axe laying against a stump. I grabbed it and took it with us for some
sort of protection. Our first stop was the hard ware store again. "Chris
I was just thinking, we're going to need some way to get this stuff back
to the mine. Our packs are sorta full already and we can't carry it all."
That's when he hard a surprisingly good idea. "Why don't we just take a
car or something? I mean it's not like any ones gonna be around to miss
it." "Good idea, but a car is way to big for one thing to get up the path
and trails, plus I don't know how to drive." I told him. "Let's look
around for a big wagon or cart or something we can use." I suggested.

Soon we arrived at the hardware store. "Ok Chris let's get a lantern and
some fuel for it, the flash lights aren't going to last for ever and we
need light in the mines. We need batteries and any flashlights we can
find to. Grab any kind of camping gear you might think is useful." I told
him. We both tore through the place gathering supplies. I found a lantern
and gas, and he found some fishing poles and tackle. "Good idea we might
need to catch some fish for food sometime." I told him. Before long we
had a pile if gear we would possibly need laying near the front door of
the building. "Damn it. There's no way we can carry all of this." Chris
said concerned. We had a tarp, rope, rain coats, and all other sorts of
gear for the out doors. "Ok let's just leave it all here for now, and
let's go and see if we can find some clothes and food before we lug this
stuff up to the mine. I think food and clothes have priority now." I
said. He agreed and we set out to see if the local grocery store was
still there. We walked the few blocks to the store and it seemed to take
a secondary hit from the aliens. The front part of the building was
demolished, but most of it still stood. We cautiously walked slowly
inside with the axe I found at the ready to strike. "Let's check the
place out first before we start grabbing stuff. There might be some one
or some thing here." I suggested. We both walked to the back of the
building and checked things out. We approached the freezer of the
building and I reached out for the handle. "Wait, let me open it that way
if there's some thing in there you can swing the axe at it." Chris said.
For being a younger boy he seemed to have a good sense of reason about
him. Chris grabbed the handle and on the count of three he swung the door
open and I had the axe at the ready. 1 2 3 we counted and the door flung
open. "OH GOD KILL IT!" Chris screamed in sheer terror as the was a
monster I the cooler. I swung with all of my might and buried the wedge
of the axe in the middle of the creatures head. It fell towards us and
hit the floor with a thud. Chris ran to hide behind me as he was scared
out of his wits. I kicked the creature as hard as I could and it was like
kicking a brick wall. "Oww fuck that hurt!" I said loudly. I grabbed the
axe handle and with drew it from the alien and gave him one more good
whack in the side of the head. It appeared that it was already dead. "Ok
Chris calm down I think it was already dead. The mother fucker is frozen
solid." I said. We stood there for a few minutes and studied the
monster. It was truly hideous in looks. It had skin like a reptile but it
seemed to have head features of an insect. I draped an arm around the
shoulders of the still trembling Chris and we finished checking the place
out. "ok bud I think the place is clear now. The thing must have gotten
locked in the freezer and froze to death. At least we know now they can
be killed." I said. We grabbed a cart then started gathering food. Chris
was getting things like bread and meat. "No, no Chris we need things that
won't go bad. Grab stuff in cans or jars. That stuff you're grabbing will
just spoil. Who knows how long we'll need to keep this stuff." I told
him. Realizing I was rite he emptied the cart back out and started to
grab canned and jarred foods. Once we had a cart full we again left it
next to the front door and went in search of clothes and a way to get our
gatherings back to our hide out. There was of all things a wal mart
nearby so we decided to check it. It wasn't a large one, but rather a
very small one compared to the super centers. It only had clothes and
assentials in it. Again we gathered any clothes we could that fit us and
carried them to the front door. On our last trip to back into the store
we went to the sporting goods department. "We need some way to defend our
selves. I'm going to grab a bow and arrows and some hunting knives. You
grab some sleeping bags and gear like that." I said. As Chris went for
the bedding I snuck over to the gun display. I went under the counter and
grabbed all the guns that were there. A 12 gauge shotgun, a 22 gauge
shotgun, and 2 22 rifles. There was also bullets for all of them there as
well. I didn't really like the idea of having a gun near me, but the need
for then outweighed my discomfort. Just as I was about to walk away from
the counter something else caught my eye. "I'll be damned this might come
in handy." I said as I reached down and picked up a night vision hunting
scope. Just then Chris came back with a cart with sleeping bags and
blankets in it. His eyes got large when he saw all of the weapons sitting
on the counter. "What's all that for?" he asked. "Protection, hunting for
food, and just in case we need them." I answered. I piled the weapons in
the cart and once more we headed for the door. "Chris as much as I don't
want to admit it, I think we're actually going to need a truck to move al
of this stuff to the mines. It would take us days to carry it all." I
said now worried. "Well I don't know what to do. What do you think we
should do?" he asked me. "Well lets just grab a few things from each
place for now, and we'll have to come back for the rest." I told him not
really knowing what else to do.

We left the small wal mart and headed back to the grocery store. On our
way back something in some ones driveway caught my eye. "Son of a bitch
look over there." I told Chris. He looked over and saw the large atv in
the drive way. We ran over to it, but to out dismay there were no keys.
"Now what?" he asked. "Easy we go inside the house and look for them. We
entered easily since the door was already open. I searched for the keys
while Chris went to the kitchen. "YES!" I heard him yell. I ran to see
what he was yelling for. There he was at the fridge guzzling down an ice
cold pepsi. I ran over to the fridge to see what else was there. Chris
had already grabbed another pepsi and was holding it in front of me
before I go to him. I grabbed it and downed it in 3 large drinks. I guess
all of the walking today had gotten me thirsty. Inside the fridge was all
kinds of wrapped up food from left overs. We grabbed what was left of a
cold pizza and destroyed it in no time. Just as I was swallowing my last
bite of pizza crust I looked over by the wall and saw the key to the atv
hanging. I jumped up and grabbed the key then ran out to the atv. I
cranked it a few times then it came to life. "YES!" I cheered to myself
as Chris came running when he heard the engine running. He climbed in the
seat next to me and we then set out for the hard ware store. "Why are we
going there first?" Chris asked. "Because here was a big yard card there
that we can hook up and pull behind this thing. That way we can load
everything we got today up and take it all back to the mine in 1 trip." I
explained. While I was hooking up the yard cart to the atv Chris loaded
the gear from inside the we gathered earlier. By the time I was done
attaching the trailer to the atv he had our gear loaded. The next stop
was the grocery store where we had food ready to be loaded. In no time we
had it loaded and we were ready to go to the wal mart. "Hey wait. There's
a couple things we forgot to grab that we need." Chris explained. I sat
in the atv and waited on him and a few minutes later he emerged. "What
the hell did we forget?" I asked. "Well for one thing toilet paper. I'm
not wiping my ass on a leaf. And soap we need something to wash off with.
And some bottled water just incase. And a first aide kit. And oh yeah we
gotta have some oreo cookies." He said laughing. He tossed the stuff in
the cart and we left for wal mart. By the time we had everything from the
town loaded that we needed it was almost 6 pm. "Come on we need to get
this stuff back to the mine before it gets dark. I don't want to try and
drive this thing in the dark." I said.

It took us nearly an hour and a half to get back to the mine entrance. We
would have been back sooner if we hadn't had to make a detour around a
hill leading to the mine. "Ok let's get this stuff unloaded. Once we got
it all emptied out we can take to the store room. Then we can back the
atv and cart inside the mine entrance so no one will see it outside." I
told Chris. We got out supplies unloaded. And I grabbed the lantern and
filled it up with fuel. In no time I had it lit and we started hauling
our gear to the store room. I left the lantern there after our first trip
since we could see our way to the store room door but not inside with out
the lantern. Nearly an hour passed and we had all the gear and supplies
inside and the atv was now inside the mines entrance. We then replaced
the boards we had to remove from the entrance to get the atv inside. Soon
it will be dark and I'm sure the monsters will notice their friend down
there in the grocery store is missing before long and they will be
looking for him. Once they see the axe wounds in his head they're going
to know some one is still alive so they're going to be on the hunt. All
Chris and I can do is pray and hope they don't find us here. If they did
we could at least defend ourselves now. "Holy shit I'm tired now. Lets
get all this stuff organized and situated." I told Chris. "Yeah I'm beat
to. I have never walked so much before in my life. How do you want to do
our sleeping bags?" Chris asked. I didn't know exactly what he was asking
me. "What do you mean how do I want you to do them?" "Well do you want
me to make 2 separate sleeping places, or one big one for both of us?" he
asked with a blushing look. "Well considering we've already slept
together naked I guess make us one place." I told him smiling. He made a
thick base layer with a bed bad and blankets then laid out a sleeping bag
on top of that with another on that so we could sleep in between them. We
froze last night, but we will b comfy from now on. In no time he had our
bed ready as night set in on us. I slowly shut the thick steel door to
the storage room and latched it from the inside so that the light from
the lantern wouldn't be seen from outside the mine. "Where's the soap and
water at? I need to wash a little of the sweat off before I go to bed." I
told him. He pointed to the corner of the room.

I grabbed the gallon of water and a new rag from wal mart and soaked it
then lathered it up with soap. Before I washed up it stripped off all of
the clothes I had on from the last few days and began scrubbing. I
noticed Chris watching me with great interest. "Hey would you wash my
back off for me?" I asked him. When he stood up to walk over to me I
noticed he was tenting his shorts. When he got to me I said, "Why don't
you go ahead and undress to and I'll wash your back for you to. I'm sure
u need cleaned off to." He then stripped naked and sure enough he was
rock hard. I looked down at it, then at his face and smiled. He looked at
mine and saw I was hard to and smiled. He took the rag from me then
washed my back for me. I loved the contact of his hand on my back and
neck. Once I was cleaned he gave the rag back. I resoaped it up and
handed it to him, bur he gave it back. "Will you do it for me?" he asked
with a slight smile. I took the rage and began to wash his small body for
him. I washed his chest and neck which he seemed to like a lot. I then
turned him around and washed his back. I slowly slid the rag lower and
lower till it was on his tight firm ass cheeks. He didn't make any
efforts to protest so I kept washing to my enjoyment and apparently to
his also. I then let my hand with the rag wander around to the front of
him. He then turned around to face me. He grabbed my hand and brought the
wet rag down to his stiff rod. I proceeded to wash him as he closed his
eyes and enjoyed it all. I couldn't help but look down at his beautiful
smaller body, being that he was a full head shorter than I was. As I was
washing his cock off for him and enjoying it a vision popped into my
minds eye that stopped me dead in my tracks. I pulled my hand away from
him and his eyes opened. "What's wrong?" he asked. "Nothing. Sorry it's
just I had a vision of those damn things and what they did today pop into
my head." I told him. He seemed to understand completely why I stopped
pleasuring him. "Yeah I guess that would make you stop." He said. "Well
let's dry off and climb in our new bed. I'm ready to get some sleep." I
said yawning. I laid down on my back and turned a flashlight on. "Turn
the lantern off before you lay down." I told him. Soon the room was
barely lit by the flash light as he lay down next to me. I pulled the
sleeping bag up over us and flipped the light off. The next thing I felt
was Chris snuggling up to me again. Again I wrapped an arm around him and
he draped his over my chest. I could still feel his hardness pressing
against me side as I held him. "Good night little buddy." I said to him.
"Good night." He said. Next thing I felt was his finger tips laying next
to the base of my hairless cock. I fell asleep that night rather easily.
I was laying in a actually soft bed, with a smile on my face, and a very
cute naked 11 yo next to me with his fingers next to my hard cock. At
least for now I felt good. Tomorrow could be a totally different day.

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