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It was pleasue beyond my imagination
Black Labrador Gives Me Pure Pleasure

I trust as you read this true story that you will be encouraged to try it for yourself.First I begin by saying
that I love sex and would only cross the line if one of my fantasies presents it's self then I would not hesitate.

My story begins in June 2008.I am a hard working lad,well respected and married but no kids.My wife is very good to me in every aspect of life.But for a long long time now I have been strongly interested in the pleasure from sex with a dog. I have a 4 year old Labrador named Blacks.He is a very playful
and loyal friend.I had been watching him for months when I decided that I have to come up with a plan to get my fantasy. I am an outdoor person and at the back of my house,you can get lost in the woods if you don't know what you are about. Then i got an idea,I bought myself a Camping kit and decided to go camping about 300 M behind my house in the woods. Now Blacks always lead the way anytime I go I told my wife that I am taking Blacks as my bodyguard.

So it was Saturday morning at 10 and I made my way..and Blacks was leading the way.It took me about 45 mins to locate a suitable spot to set up was a nice spot with lost of tall trees and a small stream running by. So I set up camp and decided to take a swim. Now i was alone so i decided to swim in the nude. Blacks sat nearby just looking and I was more than happy to show off myself to him.Next I got a fire going and boy it was getting cold fast. At about 5 pm I gave Blacks his Tin of Pedigree and I had 2 sandwiches plus some tea. Now at first I wondered how Blacks was gonna cope with sleeping outside the tent.Then I said no way, he's sleeping with me.My Tent was big enough to house 3 adults.So I had a lot of room. But I did not just come on this trip to relax but to get wild. I got out a small bottle of Whiskey and started drinking.My friend was just watching and relaxing. After about 1 hour I was now ready to begin.I got out my Fantasy bag...(KY Jelly,Blacks grooming brush,Honey) I started brushing his body and as usual,he loves it so much he just rolled over on his back and was loving every moment.

I started rubbing his body and just playing with him.This made me horny but I was not ready yet.
I rubbed his chest,his head, more like giving him a massage.After about 30 minutes of playing and teasing himI noticed that his pink cock tip would show itself quickly and pull back in.
Next I started to rub his cock and what a surprise, Blacks seemed to want this more than me, he
was actually groaning and I just kept rubbing his cock until finally in a dash his beautiful and succulent meat came out.It was about 5 inches long and about 70% erect.This made me started to pre cum. I was so aroused, I felt wild. My entire body was tingling and I was in ecstasy. My cock was hard as a rock at 7" full.Now Blacks love honey, strange for a dog to, but he does so I took my bottle of honey and rubbed it around my cock and Blacks went straight to work. When his soft tongue met my cock I was so so loving it.Every stroke his hot tongue gave was loaded with experience and it made me love him more.

He licked me clean and next I now rubbed some more, but this time in and around my lovely
virgin ass.I confess, when Blacks tongue touched my anus I shouted "yesssss".It was so amazing
I got shivers all over my body.My cock was dripping with pre cum and I just wanted more and more
pleasure.And boy did Blacks made me feel pleasure. While he licked my ass I felt so relaxed and free.
Then I got up and turned my attention to him now.I started rubbing his cock and in a matter or seconds
his pink wet fuck meat emerged and it was now about 90% hard so i rubbed it and decided to give it a lick.
At first I was a bit shaky BUT when his cock entered my mouth, everything changed.First Blacks was loving
it and for me it was like sucking on a magic wand, a wand that makes you feel special and so horny.
I then grabbed the KY jelly and emptied half of it in my hand and proceeded to rub it around and directly
inside my anus.I was totally lubed up.Then i got on all four and Blacks was now very excited to see me like his bitch. I tapped my ass about 3 times and immediately he gave my anus a few licks and then mounted me.He started to jab my ass but was missing the mark so i reached back and placed his now hard 7 inch of pure love at my anus and he rammed it up my ass.It hurt but went in quite quickly due to the amount of KY...It was amazing...his cock was hot and wet, it hurt at first but as he started to fuck me the pain subsided and a massive massive rush of Pleasure took over my entire body and mind.I was shouting give it to me Blacks, yes push. My cock was raging and after about 5 minutes of intense ramming...I started to feel his knot growing. Everytime it went in and came out it got bigger until he stopped ramming me and he was now tied to me. This was all new to me but I knew what to expect..As he rested on my back I can literally feel his cock inside me beating and then he started to get all excited again and I knew he was about to shoot his ton up in me...So i grabbed my raging cock and started to stroke it. I timed every stroke so that we would both cum together.

Boy oh boy was my timing right. As Blacks started to shoot and full my now non virgin ass with his doggy cum my own cum started to shoot all on the floor.Now the feeling of having a dogs cock deep in your ass,shooting his cum in you and at the
same time you are having an orgasm is "THE BEST" pleasure of its kind. I was loving every second of it. Eventually i was drained
and so was Blacks.After about 15 minutes of knotting with him he slipped out of me and I fell down and went to sleep
immediately.I woke up in the morning at 6 and guess what? I went for a swim and started all over again..this time it was more
of him licking me and yes he fucked me even harder but I was no longer a virgin..I took him in me with less pain.
If you have never tried this or thought about doing this then I encourage you to do so...once you use your common sense
then you will never ever ever regret it..I have not

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2016-07-14 19:02:56
I have often thought about possibly allowing a dog to fuck my arsehole,
Unfortunately it has not been anymore than fantacy.
One day perhaps :)
From Misterjedi.

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2010-09-19 17:21:03
i have my dog fuck me every day i always come but i need it more often because my pussys always wet and ready love mandy

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2010-08-31 13:46:20
NOthing feels as good as knotting with a dog. My boyfriend jacks off while watching his lab fuck the hell out of my pussy.

Anonymous readerReport

2010-05-28 08:47:06
god i Always wanted 2 try that but cant hav pets n my apt. G8 job

Anonymous readerReport

2010-04-30 18:57:50
wow I really liked this

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