My Step Sister
My step sister and I have known each other since about the age of 6 or 7. My dad left my mom and never came back. So my mom started dating another man who is the man she is with still to this day. He has been my step dad ever since they got married when I was 8. He has a daughter who is about two years younger than me. She is now 16 and I am now 18. She’s not the best looking girl in the face but her body is so sexy. She’s about 5’4, has blond hair, big tits; about 36D, a perfect round ass and perfect legs. I’m about 5’11, very athletic, brown hair, green eyes and in good shape.

Everything started when I was about 15 years old. Cindy (my step sister) and I were pretty cool with each other. We never really argued or disagreed about anything, but we weren’t as close as brother and sister because she lived with her mom and she would only come to visit with her dad every other weekend. We never thought of each other in any other way other than step siblings, and I was never really attracted to Cindy at all and never thought anything sexual about her and I’m sure she never though anything like that about me either.

But any way, one night when I was fifteen, Cindy and I were in my room playing video games and watching TV. Our parents were downstairs in the family room below us watching TV also. So, were watching a movie and Cindy rolls over onto her stomach with her arms under her, her hands near her face and her head sideways on the pillow. She then asks me for a back massage and I said yes, thinking it was harmless and nothing to worry about. So, I start rubbing her back while watching TV and I move her shirt up a little bit so I could rub her skin and make the massage feel a little better for her, but her bra strap was getting in the way. Then she told me to unhook her bra, and I still thought nothing of it. So I kept rubbing her back, shoulders, and sides. When I was rubber her sides and my hands would come to the side of her boobs, I would feel Cindy lift her body up a little bit, putting her weight on her elbows. I thought I was probably just tickling her so I went back down her sides again. When I came back up with my hands, she moved up a little bit again, and I could feel my hands on the sides of her tits, that were no longer being held against her body by her bra. I became nervous and felt my cock begin to harden. She made no movement and seemed to not notice at all that I had just rubbed the side of her breasts.

Because I was nervous and now thinking about touching my step sister’s tits, I began to rub her back again until my heart rate slowed and I worked up the courage to begin to massage my sister’s sides again. This time I started to massage low, right above her hip bone and move slowly up toward her breasts. My heart was pounding, and I could feel my hands slightly shaking. But, again when I got beside Cindy’s boobs, I felt her lift her body up and I slid my hands to the front of her body. I was holding her tits in my hands, my cock was raging, and my heart was pounding. She said nothing but kept her body up for me to squeeze and massage her huge tits, which felt so firm and soft in my hands. I wanted to pull down her pants and fuck her from behind right then. But I kept rubbing and softly squeezing my step sisters tits until I moved my hands to her sides again, and eventually to her back. She laid her body back down and we both said nothing, until she looked up at me and said, “Do you want me to massage you?” I said yes and we traded positions.

I was now lying on my stomach, with my cock tucked up into the elastic band of my gym shorts with the head of my dick hidden under my shirt. I could feel my heart pushing my chest up with every beat. My head was on the pillow and I felt Cindy pull up my shirt and she softly rubbed my shoulders and back. I was so relaxed and I felt my dick start to soften beneath me. Then she started to rub my lower back and mover her hands toward my ribs, she would dip her hands below me, rubbing my abs, coming centimeters away from my cock, making it grow and harden again. She was teasing me and I couldn’t stand it. I let out a heavy breath and she knew I wanted her to grab my cock. So I rolled over onto my back and saw that Cindy’s bra was now beside us on my bed, but she still had her shirt and little shorts on. She was now instead of sitting on my butt, rubbing my back; she was sitting directly above me on my hard cock. My shirt was still up and I saw my dick bulging out of my pants, it was horizontal with my body. But I didn’t see Cindy look at it yet. Then she began to rub my chest and I closed my eyes. My dick was harder than it ever has been. When she rubbed my shoulders, she would lean forward, and I could feel her warm pussy rubbing against my cock. Then she would move her hands down to my abs, moving her pussy back down on my penis and I know she could feel it, but she pretended like she didn’t and nothing was going on. She was teasing my by rubbing everywhere on stomach except where my dick was. I couldn’t stand it and I again let out a heavy breath; a second after I did, I felt Cindy’s ass move down below my balls and her hands move slowly down toward my cock.

Cindy pulled down my gym shorts, exposing my raging cock and balls, and began to lightly rub her hands up my shaft. I felt like I was going to explode! But I didn’t, and she wrapped her hand around my cock and began to move up and down. Then she leaned over to my bedside table, and squirted a little bit of lotion into her hand. I opened my eyes and saw her rubbing her hands together and then grab my hard cock again. She moved her hands up and down fast now, gripping so tight onto my 8 inch cock. Then she started to slow down and stopped. I said, “What’s wrong?” and she said, “If you want me to continue, you’ve got to give me my second part of my massage!” I was disappointed that she stopped but I didn’t argue because I wanted her to make me cum tonight.

So she laid down on her back now, and she closes her eyes too. So I get on top of her, my dick still hard, and my hands are shaking a little bit again and I put my hands on her stomach first. But this time I don’t try to avoid it, so I lift up her shirt exposing her huge fucking titties. I’ve never seen her tits before this and they were more perfect then I could have ever imagined! Her boobs were perfectly round, her nipples were so hard and the perfect shape. She kept her eyes closed and relaxed. I began to massage Cindy, staring at her tits while rubbing everywhere around them. Then I began to slowly move my hands toward her nipples and I could feel her body tense up, then I ran my thumbs across her tipples and her body relaxed. I then leaned my body forward and licked in circles around her boobs, getting closer to her nipple every time my tongue went around her breast. She made a grown when I finally got to her nipple. I sucked lightly at first and she moaned a little, so I sucked harder and moved my mouth to her other nipple. I was getting into it and started squeezing her boobs and sucking on her perfect nipples at the same time.

Then I began to move my mouth down her body while I was still squeezing her big tits. While licking her stomach I moved my hands toward the top of her shorts and I felt her body move up into mine. I stopped for a second to look at her and her eyes were still closed. I could tell I was making her feel better than any guy has made her feel before me, if any had at all. I continued to lick her stomach, stopping every couple of seconds to lightly suck on her skin and then continue to lick lower. My hands were still on the top of her shorts. I put my right hand on the back of her leg and pulled her shorts down slowly with my left. I could hear her moan more now. She wasn’t wearing any panties with her cheerleading shorts, and I could now see my step sister’s shaven pink pussy. My face was inches from it and my mouth watered. Cindy kept her eyes closed with one hand on my head and the other squeezing her tits.

As much as I wanted to just burry my mouth into her moist pussy, I couldn’t. I had to make her cum tonight if I wanted to cum myself. So I licked down her right thigh slowly, and ran my finger tips over her legs and stomach. I could feel her hips slowly moving up and down. She wanted my tongue on her clit and in her pussy so bad now. So moved to her left thigh and began to lick up slowly toward her pussy. I could feel the warmth on my face now, and I knew I would be tasting what I’ve been craving all night now from her. I moved my hand to the inside of her thigh and moved my mouth above her pussy. She could feel me breathing on her and made her hornier than ever now. So I licked my step sister’s clit and put my fingers in her at the same time. She moaned almost too loud when I licked her. She moved her hips into me, and I could feel how tight her pussy was on my fingers. I licked up and down her clit, and pushed in and out of her pussy with my two fingers. Cindy was loving me going down on her and I was so hard I could cum from just the touch of her now.

After about 10 minutes of my eating my step sister’s pussy, I kissed back up her body and sucked on her tits again. She then leaned up and pushed me back onto my back and pulled down my gym shorts. She was being rough and I could tell how bad she wanted my cock. She grabbed my dick and lowered her mouth onto my cock and started sucking and jacking me off at the same time. She made it feel better than any girl I’ve ever been with and I couldn’t stand it. After 4 or 5 minutes I told her I was about to cum and she kept sucking my hard cock. I felt my cock harden and shoot cum into the back of her mouth. She moved her face above my cock and let the rest shoot into and on her mouth. After I finished cuming, she swallowed and continued to suck my dick.

After she was done sucking my cock, she laid back down beside me and took off her shirt. My step sister gave me the best time of my life, even without fucking her. Although I wanted more than anything to fuck her so hard, and If I do get to fuck her, I’ll post another story about how good she fucks and how tight her pussy is when its squeezing onto my cock.

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2012-12-08 13:11:43
I totally wished I had a step sis like that!!!!!


2012-10-10 04:09:25
dude wish i had a step sis like that just dam and leave the guy alone he says 8 inches so what maybe he is maybe he isnt what does it matter if what detail is fudged a bit

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2012-02-11 22:45:53
sb0Agk Hi! Everyone who reads this blog - Happy Reconciliation and Accord..!

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2009-06-29 01:10:39
one thing i would like to know, why in nearly all these stories the cock is 8 inches, my ass.. this story is posted in the true section, right???


2009-06-03 10:54:12
send it rihgt away when you fucked your satep sis...

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