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I wanted to become an erotic photographer and I needed someone willing to pose for me. So I put an ad in the paper. The results were not quite what I expected.
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Wanted Nude Model Shaved Pussy

When I was eighteen and a senior in high school I knew exactly what I wanted to be…a photographer, or more specifically a Nude Photographer where I could sell my work to magazines such as Playboy, Penthouse, and the like.

I had been accepted to a four-year college for photography, my father had bought me a really good digital camera for Christmas, and I had been taking hundreds of pictures to get better with that camera. They were mostly outdoor pictures of the snow and stuff but I took lots of pictures on my mother, my sister, and the family dog. However, what I really wanted was a nude model to photograph.

It was my mother’s idea to advertise for one. What I came up with was simply, “Wanted nude model shaved pussy.” I included my cell phone number.

The newspaper gave me a hard time and refused to print my ad. A free local paper that tells you where the various bands are playing agreed to print it but insisted of that I had to take out a block ad and pay a hundred dollars for it to run for two weeks.

Of course when that paper hit the market a few days later my sixteen-year-old sister Claudia told everyone in school that the ad was mine. The guys all teased me and said that I would have to pay a girl to get her out of her pants. Very funny! Some of the girls teased me too but in a different sort of way. They said that if they were more comfortable with their bodies that they would give me a call. Most of them had fabulous bodies in the first place and I’d love to see them nude.

I got a call that day after school but then Mom had me ask the girl’s age. She was fifteen years old. Mom reminded me about model releases, age requirements, and documentation of her true age. However I couldn’t pass up the chance to take pictures of a girl, any girl, even a dressed girl. So I told her that nudity was out but that I could still use her if she was interested. When I told her that her parents would have to sign the model release she hung up on me.

I expressed my disappointment and that was when Claudia suggested a sleepover for that weekend with some of her girlfriends, no nudity, and no model releases. Mom said that if I just wanted to take pictures that that was a good idea. Mom was all for it and it would give me some practice so what to hell.

That Friday six girls came home with Claudia to spend the weekend. It was a two-night sleepover with Mom providing everything that the girls would want including, snack food, rented movies, and some of the latest music too.

Mom suggested that the girls pose in the living room for me with the rest of them watching. Then she told me that girls were very competitive when it came to attention from an older good-looking boy. She suggested that I go to my bedroom, clean up, splash on a little after shave lotion, and put on a tight T-shirt.

When I came back down the seven girls were excited, including my own sister of course. Mom suggested that Claudia should go first. That was strange but I was okay with it. Shortly I understood why Mom suggested that Claudia go first. It was that competitive thing.

Claudia had changed her top while I was in my bedroom and she had removed her bra too. As I took pictures of her she unbuttoned her blouse until it was fully unbuttoned and just barely covering her ample breasts. She tied the tails in a knot under her breasts and then sat down on the floor up against the wall with her knees up. Her feet were spread wide and her knees were together giving me a great view of her bright yellow panties under her dark blue jean miniskirt. I noticed a wet spot that had formed in the crotch of my sister’s panties as I took pictures. Mom noticed too and just smiled as she looked over my shoulder and saw that I was zooming into my sister’s crotch. Mom whispered in my ear to check out my sister’s hard nipples too. I had noticed but I decided to zoom into them too. Then it dawned on me that Mom and Claudia had set that all up for me. So I smiled and asked Claudia to stand up and untie her blouse for me. As it hung from her breasts I got closer and took pictures of her one breast from the side. Then I got on my back and asked Claudia to straddle my body and walk up it as I took pictures up her skirt. Her girlfriends egged her on and cheered. I wondered how far they were willing to go.

Mom asked who wanted to be next and then took her to her bedroom first. When Mom came out she gave me a thumbs-up. The girl was wearing one of Mom’s sexiest neglig?. It was lavender, it was slightly transparent, and she looked good in it. Well Mom found a way to get the competition to another level. I was pretty sure that the no nudity rule was not going to last very long at all.

Jasmine smiled and posed for me. She was a natural. All I did was take pictures as she moved around, as she sat down, and as she stood on things. I got a fantastic view of her firm ass as she stood on a chair and leaned to get a book off the top shelf of the bookcase. I moved slightly to the side and got an even better shot up her top at the bottom half of her heaving breasts. She smiled down at me and got off the chair. Then with her back to the other girls she removed the neglig?and smiled at me in just the see through panties that matched the sexy top that she no longer wore.

Jasmine then turned so that the other girls could see what she was doing. She put two fingers in her mouth and then she played with one of her nipples making it hard, pulling it out and letting it snap back, and then twisting it as she moaned softly. One finger of her other hand went into her mouth. That caused the other girls to moan. Then that wet finger slipped down into those panties to find her clit. The other girls moaned again knowing what she was feeling. I took pictures as Jasmine masturbated in front of us all. She sat in a chair, closed her eyes, and leaned back as she stroked her nipple and attacked her clit ruthlessly. When she moaned out that her orgasm was coming I swear that all of the other girls cum with her including my mother and sister. It was fantastic to watch and Jasmine sure liked it. She actually glowed when her orgasm hit.

After that, two girls got up together and posed for me as they undressed each other and made love. Mom cheered them on as did my sister and the other girls. Before I knew what was happening, other naked girls were joining them. I saw my sister dive into a big hairy pussy just to see that my mother was attached to it. As I took pictures and watched, the eight girls formed a Daisy Chain. I could not believe that my own mother was eating out another girl while Claudia ate her pussy. I wanted some of that. I had dreamed of fucking my mother while I jerked off at night. I had never seen her or Claudia naked before and here they were having sex in front of me. I made sure to take lots of pictures of them. As I went around the Daisy Chain I asked each girl to move her head in such a way as to let me get some really good pictures of her tongue in another girl’s pussy. All eight girls cooperated fully. I could not believe how long those girls could keep it up. I can only jerk off for just so long before I blow my load but these girls had no off button. I swear that Mom had three orgasms from Claudia eating her out. I really wanted to see them trade partners. I wanted to watch Mom eat and be eaten by all of the other girls. I really wanted to see Mom and Claudia get in a sixty-nine but I knew that I could see that any time after the weekend was over. I also knew that I was going to fuck them both too.

Hell, why wait? When they finished and separated I removed my clothes and put my cock in my mother’s pussy as I took more pictures. She opened her eyes, smiled up at me, and then closed her eyes again. Once again the girls cheered one of their own on. Mom thrashed around forcing her pussy up against my cock harder. What a way to loose my virginity, fucking my own mother in front of seven other girls, including my sister. When I finally came it was the best cum ever and the most cum too. I flooded my mother’s love hole with my cum.

When my mother finally recovered she asked, “Do you still want a Nude Model with a Shaved Pussy?”

Of course I replied, “Yes. Why?”

Mom said, “I have an idea.” Then Mom picked up her cell phone and hit a couple of buttons. Then Mom said, “Hi Cecilia. Would you like to pose for my son? He needs a nude model with a shaved pussy for his Photography Portfolio. Okay. I can shave you when you get here, I think he’ll like that. Yes, I love you too. Oh there will be seven teenage girls watching us too. No they are underage. I can’t send you a picture. Okay hold on.” Mom then asked the girls to sit on the couch with a few sitting on the floor at their feet. She had them cross their legs to hide their pussies and to cover their breasts with their hands. Then Mom took a picture with her phone and sent it to Cecilia. Shortly Mom said, “You need to ask her yourself.” She handed the phone to Sylvia.

Sylvia listened and then said, “Okay. I’d like that.” Then she handed the phone back to Mom.

Shortly Mom said okay and hung up. Then she started laughing and said, “Cecilia wanted to know if she could have the blonde with the big tits as her reward. Obviously Sylvia said yes.”

Sylvia blushed and said, “She really likes my tits.” Then Sylvia smiled and lifted her big firm tits up with her hands and said, “They’re real and there are still growing too.”

An hour later Cecilia arrived and was she ever dressed to kill. Oh my God, she looked like she was going to a fancy dress ball or something. Mom asked her to sign my model release and then Mom signed one herself. Two girls signed Cecilia’s release as witnesses and two others signed Mom’s release as witnesses. I signed as photographer. Then Mom had me photograph their driver licenses and two other forms of identification.

I started taking pictures of Cecilia in that dress. It was red, it was silk, and it was fabulous. It was strapless and hugged her tits nicely, the waist fit her perfectly, and the length was just a few inches below her crotch. It fit her like a glove. I could tell that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath it because I couldn’t see any panty lines. After I had taken enough sexy pictures of her in that dress she told Mom that it was time for a shave.

We all followed Mom and Cecilia up to Mom’s bedroom. Since we could not all fit in her bathroom Mom had four girls stand or sit in the bathtub and the other three to stand outside the door and look in. Mom cautioned me not to get any of the girls in a mirror while I took pictures of them. She had Cecilia remove her nice dress and sit up on the counter next to the sink. She sat near the edge and leaned back as Mom knelt between her legs. Mom kissed Cecilia’s pussy and licked her slit right up the middle from bottom to top. She told Cecilia how much she loved her pubic hair and how much she would miss it. Cecilia told her that it would grow back. Then Mom used Dad’s shaving cream and razor to shave Cecilia’s pussy bald. When she was done and had rinsed it off Mom kissed her pussy and again ran her tongue up it.

Then it was Mom’s turn to sit up on the counter and let Cecilia shave her pussy. I was impressed with the way Cecilia did it. She kissed and licked Mom’s slit as Mom had done to her but then she fingered Mom’s clit to orgasm making Mom squirm all over the place. She put very little shaving cream on Mom’s pussy and then pulled out on her big outer lips as she slid the razor down her pussy. She repeated the procedure several times to each outer lip. Then she used two fingers and slipped them in between those big outer lips and spread them to open Mom up wider. That allowed me to see Mom’s swollen clit and the clear juices flowing out of her. That was when Cecilia started running the razor back and forth shaving right at the top of Mom’s slit before going after her pubic mound. Next Cecilia had Mom put her feet up on her shoulders and lean back further so that she could shave down around Mom’s asshole. Cecilia slipped a shaving cream covered finger into Mom’s asshole and finger fucked her for a moment while stimulating her clit to another orgasm. When Mom was totally relaxed Cecilia removed her finger. We all laughed when Mom farted in Cecilia’s face, so did Cecilia. When Mom was rinsed off Cecilia again kissed and licked her pussy.

They posed together with their freshly shaved pussies and let me get some extreme close-ups. I was totally surprised when I could see the pours in their skin where the hairs grew out of. I could see tiny bumps form after shaving. I could see a slight redness from the scraping of the sharp razor. They opened their pussy lips to allow me better shots of their clits. From there I went to close-ups of their nipples, their belly buttons, and their puckered assholes. Cecilia opened her mouth so that I could get her lips, her tongue, and her teeth. They kissed for more close-ups it was quite sensual. Finally my sister asked the two women to go out onto Mom’s bed so that they could get better views of the two women making love.

Rather than a sixty-nine Cecilia laid Mom back and went from kissing her to sucking on her nipples and then she went right to her pussy. Mom screamed, thrust her hip up into Cecilia’s face, and had another orgasm. That didn’t stop Cecilia though and she kept it up until Mom started to cry and beg her to stop. Finally Cecilia did.

Then she asked me if I had gotten enough pictures and I told her that I had. Cecilia smiled at Sylvia and she asked Mom to get up and make room for Sylvia. Mom smiled and got up. Sylvia smiled and took her place on the bed. Cecilia went right for her big beautiful breasts. Cecilia asked their size and Sylvia told her that they were a full C-cup and that she really need a D.

After Sylvia told Cecilia that she had never had an orgasm even from her own finger Cecilia went straight for her clit. Sylvia let out a scream and tried to push Cecilia away. She was kicking Cecilia in the back with her ankles but Cecilia had a death grip on the poor girl’s ass. I started to help her but Mom stopped me and told me to take pictures. After an excruciating minute and a half of that, Sylvia said “Oh God” and grabbed onto Cecilia’s hair forcing her tighter into her crotch. Her legs were locked around Cecilia’s torso keeping her from escaping…as if she wanted to. After another minute and a half Sylvia was panting so hard that she hyperventilated and passed out. Mom still kept me from getting involved.

Cecilia looked up at Mom, smiled with her face all cover in pussy juice, and said, “She is the best I have ever had.”

Cecilia gave Sylvia a chance to recover and started all over again. More than an hour later Sylvia was begging Cecilia to stop like Mom had but in a very weak way as if she really didn’t mean it. The poor girl was drained, exhausted, and just one big sexual nerve ending. The slightest touch from Cecilia sent goose bumps up Sylvia’s body and brought on yet another orgasm. Her body twitched of its own accord because she certainly didn’t have the strength to do it.

Cecilia finally let the poor girl sleep. She apologized to me and said that she would change the sheets and flip my mattress later. I was confused but Mom explained that Sylvia had lost all control of her bodily functions and had pissed in my bed. Wow!

That weekend I took hundreds of pictures of Mom and Cecilia for my portfolio. Twenty good ones was all that I felt I needed and I was sure that I got that many. I also took several hundred pictures of the seven sixteen-year-old girls for my personal enjoyment too.

Mom let me fuck her anytime that I needed too that weekend as long as I promised not to fuck the other girls. They were all virgins. Then after that weekend I had to share Mom with Dad but he was not supposed to know. Dad wasn’t stupid and a few weeks later we both fucked her at the same time. She had two holes down there and I wanted the backdoor.

The End
Wanted Nude Model Shaved Pussy


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Great story, just thought the last 2 sentences spoiled it a little.

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