A Boarder Finds More Than He Barganed For
Doyle anxiously awaited for Mrs. Bixby's reply as to whether she would rent him a room in her home. During his first interview he had found out that Mrs. Bixby was a widow and had been left a large house with several bedrooms that she would occasionally rent out to make extra money to make ends meet.
Mrs. Bixby was probably in her late forties, although she didn't look it. Doyle figured that when she was young Mrs. Bixby had been one hell of a hot woman, not that she wasn't attractive now. She still had a slender figure and from what he could tell her breasts were still nice and firm. She had a sweet smile and made you feel right at home.

A few days later Mrs. Bixby called Doyle asking him to drop by after work, she had come to a decision. Doyle arrived and took a seat in the living room along with Mrs. Bixby. She explained that Doyle's background check came out fine and that his references spoke very highly of him. She went on to say that she had one other boarder, a young woman named Joanna. Mrs. Bixby explained that the rent was eighty dollars a week and that dinner was served at six sharp every evening, and breakfast was served at seven in the morning. If that suited him she would be happy to take him as a tenant. Doyle smiled saying,

"Thank you Mrs. Bixby."

"Oh please call me Virginia."

"Now follow me and I'll show you to your room."

Doyle followed Virginia upstairs noticing that her ass looked very nice as she walked up the stairs. She showed him to his room where he laid his bags on the bed.

"The bathroom is over here Doyle, and I expect you and Joanna will work out a schedule."

"No problem Virginia."

"The shower works fine, only there is no shower curtain, I need to replace it so make sure you lock the door so you won't get embarrassed."

She had a twinkle in her eye as she chuckled at the prospect of someone walking in on Doyle. Doyle thanked her and said he'd put the shower to good use after he unpacked. Once Doyle had finished unpacking he went into the bathroom and got into the shower. Doyle had only been in town for a couple of weeks and didn't have time to meet anyone so he was in a perpetual state of arousal, which is why he was sporting such a tremendous hard on as he showered.

The feel of his soapy hands on his cock as he showered, reminded him how horny he really was. Doyle proceeded to stoke his long, hard cock as he stood there, hoping now that he was situated, it would give him more time to find some female companionship. His hand was a blur as he stroked his cock, his balls slapping against his legs. Finally he felt the burn and his cock spasmed, sending a torrent of cum splashing against the shower wall. As he stepped form the shower he noticed that the light below the bottom of the door was partially blocked out meaning someone was spying on him.

He could actually see movement of the shadows along the bottom edge of the door. It could only be one of two people spying on him, Virginia or Joanna the other tenant he hadn't met yet. He decided to give whoever it was a show. He toweled off taking special care to dry around his crotch. He could feel his arousal growing from the thought of someone watching him. He took his half erect cock in hand and worked it back into a full erection. Doyle started jacking off again, positioning himself so that whoever was spying on him had a great view.

After a couple of minutes had passed, he lunged for the door whipping it open to find an attractive young blonde kneeling down with her hand under her skirt. He reached down and pulled her inside the bathroom and closed the door.

" you have a habit of watching strange men taking showers?"

"No, I ah, dropped a quarter and I was looking for it."

"Please, you should know that you can't bullshit a bullshitter, now fess up, you're just a little voyeur that was playing with herself watching me."

"No, I wasn't doing anything of the kind."

Doyle grabbed her hand and lifted it to his nose.

"I suppose what is on your fingers isn't from between your legs?"

She blushed and looked down at the floor. Doyle took her fingers and put them in his mouth and sucked her juices from her fingertips causing her to sigh.

"You must be Joanna, I'm Doyle."

"Hi Doyle, sorry I was spying on you."

Doyle let go of her hand and pulled Joanna close to him, his cock pushing against her stomach.

"So do you like to watch?"

"Sometimes, I guess."

Joanna felt her pussy starting to tingle. Doyle was really handsome, and seeing his rock hard cock was really starting to get to her. She sensed that Doyle was a good guy, just horny like her. Her thoughts were interrupted when Doyle said,

"It's cool with me Joanna, I'm not going to say anything, it's our little secret."

Joanna smiled as they looked at one another, the sexual arousal simmering between the two of them. Doyle smiled and asked,

"Is your pussy still nice and wet?"

Before Joanna could answer Doyle slipped his hand beneath her dress and started fingering her pussy. He eased a finger deep inside her pussy as Joanna gasped and grabbed his cock and started stroking and squeezing him. It didn't take long for Doyle to send Joanna over the edge with a strong orgasm.

"Do you like to suck cock Joanna? "

"Mmmm yes."

"Would you like to suck mine?"

Joanna smiled and knelt down and took Doyle's hard cock in her hand and started running her tongue over the purple head of his cock as Doyle moaned. Joanna then pinned Doyle's cock back against his stomach and began running her tongue up and down his shaft, the veins bulging from his engorged cock. Doyle placed his hand on the bathroom sink to steady himself, because Joanna's prowess at giving head was making him weak in his knees. Joanna held his heavy balls in her hand as she sucked Doyle's cock, tugging at them and rolling them between her fingers.

She slid her hand back and eased a finger between his cheeks. Doyle hadn't experienced that sensation before, and sensation of her toying with his asshole really got him going. The more Joanna teased his ass the hotter he became. Then she penetrated his ass and started finger fucking his ass as she continued sucking Doyle's cock. The sensations were too much for him and with a loud groan, Doyle sent a load of cum streaming down Joanna's throat. She took all he had to offer, as she looked up at him and smiled.

Doyle helped her to her feet telling her he had never had such an outstanding blow job and that she was the best. Joanna smiled, thanking Doyle for the compliment. Doyle and Joanna were about to continue their fun when they heard Virginia calling to them, that dinner was ready. Doyle and Joanna joined Virginia at the dinner table as Virginia introduced them. Doyle thanked Virginia for the introduction, but told her that hey had already met. Virginia smiled saying,

"I hope you didn't forget to lock that bathroom door."

Doyle laughed saying they had run into one another in the hall. After dinner Virginia suggested Doyle and Joanna go in the family room and get better acquainted, she would take care of the dishes. She had a few chores to do and would join them later if she weren't to tired. Doyle and Joanna went in and started watching TV, but with the lights down low Doyle and Joanna were soon making out on the sofa. They thought they had plenty of time before Virginia joined them. Before long things were getting hot and heavy, with Joanna unzipping Doyle's pants, taking out his cock. Expressing concern that Virginia might walk in on them Joanna suggested they go into the other room.

Once they were safely out of view Joanna took Doyle's cock and started licking it as if it were a Popsicle. Joanna raised her leg up onto the couch and started rubbing her clit as she took Doyle's cook down her throat. Doyle and Joanna soon lost track of time as Virginia finished her chores. Virginia walked into the family room to join her two tenants and watch a little TV. Finding them nowhere around she thought they must have gone to bed, that's when she heard a noise coming from the den.

Virginia quietly walked toward the den, the French doors were open just a crack, enough for her to peek inside. As she drew closer to the room she could hear muffled noises. Virginia stopped and carefully peeked inside the room. She put her fingers to her lips at the sight before her as she saw Joanna sucking Doyle's cock as Doyle leaned his head back on the sofa, moaning quietly as he stroked Joanna's hair. Virginia watched as Joanna took Doyle's cock form between her lips and kissed him passionately as Doyle unzipped her dress and pushed it off her shoulders.

Virginia watched Joanna lower herself onto Doyle's massive cock. Virginia wanted to turn away, but the sight before her was stirring feelings in her that she hadn't felt since the passing of her husband. She continued to watch as Doyle sucked Joanna's nipples as Joanna humped his cock, the two of them fucking and sucking with a passion that Virginia hadn't seen, or experienced in far to many years. As she continued watching, Virginia felt a burning between her legs that she had almost forgotten existed. Even her nipples were beginning to tingle as she watched the erotic spectacle before her.

Virginia found herself lifting her dress, her hand slowly inching down the front of her panties, past the waistband, and her fingers glide through her thick bush toward her sex. Her legs felt week and shook slightly at the prospect of touching herself in a way she hadn't done in years. Virginia froze in place when Joanna and Doyle got up. She watched as Joanna leaned over the arm of the sofa and spread her legs. She marveled at Doyle's cock protruding outward as he began stroking himself as he positioned himself behind Joanna. She watched as he eased his cock deep into Joanna's wet pussy, and grab her ass, thrusting his hips, driving his cock deep into Joanna's pussy.

Virginia's fingers slid past her clit and down between her lips. She was amazed at how wet she was. Virginia's pussy was awash in her own juices as she slipped a finger deep into her own sex as she watched Doyle fucking Joanna. Virginia's passion was overwhelming her as she fingered herself. A broad smile came across her face as the memories of orgasms past filled her thoughts. Doyle and Joanna were both moaning as the two of them started cumming.

Virginia watched as the muscles in Doyle's buttocks flexed telling her that he was filling Joanna with his hot load as she watched. Virginia felt her own orgasm shoot through her pussy causing her to gasp, and her legs to shake. Virginia gathered her thoughts and moved away from the door and up to her bedroom where she locked the door and took off her clothes, laying down naked on her bed. Virginia caressed her breasts, squeezing her nipples and fingering herself into a night of masturbation splendor.

The following morning Doyle went down to breakfast at 6am. He found Virginia smiling and humming to herself as she turned and greeted him with a cheerful good morning. As she set his breakfast down before him Doyle asked if Joanna was running late.

"Oh no Doyle, she had to leave on a buying trip and fashion show in New York."

"She'll be gone for about a week or so."

"Ohhh, she didn't mention that to me."

Doyle noticed that there was something different about Virginia this morning. She had a sparkle in her eye and a lightness in her step. Then he realized she was wearing make up. She looked very attractive too.

"Is everything all right Doyle, I notice you're staring at me."

"Oh I'm sorry, it's just that you look very attractive this morning, very attractive."

"Why thank you Doyle."

"You know, just because I'm in my late forties and a widow doesn't mean, well um." Doyle smiled saying,

"I think I know what you're driving at Virginia and I agree totally."

"Do you Doyle?"

"Sure, you're very attractive, no reason why you should hide it."

"Well, I've got to go, I'll see you around five or so."

Virginia could feel the fires of passion building in her again as she watched Doyle leaving for work. Doyle called and left a message for Virginia saying he wouldn't be home till late, and not to cook for him. Virginia was disappointed needless to say when she found the message. She had wanted Doyle to see her new look, but then she could always wait up for Doyle. As Virginia waited for Doyle, thoughts of what she had seen Doyle and Joanna doing the night before in the den filled her mind. The more she thought about it the more excited she got.

Virginia opened her blouse and began touching her breasts. Her nipples were so hard that they felt uncomfortable pushing against her bra. Virginia removed her bra, and while she was at it she slipped off her pantyhose and panties. With her bra gone, she cupped her firm breasts in her hands and squeezed them. She marveled at how hard her nipples were as they grew even harder and more sensitive. She ran her fingers over her nipples closing her eyes and thinking back to the sight of Doyle with his large cock in Joanna's pussy, thrusting it deep into her sex as he held onto her hips.

Virginia found herself rolling her nipples between her fingers, the fires building in her pussy as she felt her orgasms building and finally erupting as she moaned quietly in the dim light. Pulling up her skirt she started running her hands up the sides of her inner thighs feeling the dampness created by her love juices flowing from between her legs. Closer and closer her fingers crept to her pussy when she felt as if someone were watching. She opened her eyes and saw a figure standing in the door way. She gasped for a moment not sure who it was, but then she realized it way Doyle, and he was stroking his cock.

"Don't stop," he said.

"Keep going, I want to watch."

"Alright, but come closer please, I want to see your cock."

Doyle stepped forward, his hand firmly around his cock, looking at a very sexy Virginia sitting on the sofa, her legs spread, and her beautiful thick bush staring him in the face. Virginia turned on the lamp next to her so Doyle could see everything, she wanted him to see her. Her heart pounded in her chest hoping he'd like what he saw. Her hands trembling slightly as she parted her folds baring her pinkness to Doyle. He smiled which made Virginia feel beautiful.

Doyle watched Virginia tease and touch her lips, her juices glistening in the light. He knelt down between her legs and kissed her as he cupped her tits in his hand and gently pinched her nipples. Virginia's tongue met Doyle's as they hugged and caressed one another in a long passionate kiss. Doyle finally broke away so he could kiss his way down her neck to her breasts and take her nipples between his lips one at a time and suck them bringing Virginia to one of several orgasms. Virginia couldn't believe how wonderful it felt to have such a handsome young man making love to her, she didn't want it to stop.

Doyle removed Virginia's blouse while she slipped off her skirt. Now she was totally naked as Doyle removed his clothes. Doyle kissed his way down her stomach inching ever closer to her sex. The closer he got, the hotter Virginia became. Doyle felt the velvety softness of her thick bush caress his cheek as his tongue made it's way through the forest of her bush. Virginia shuddered when Doyle's tongue touched her clit on the way down toward her lips. Doyle's tongue split her folds as he tasted Virginia's sex for the first time. Virgina's body tensed and she started cumming, thrusting her hips against Doyle's face.

Doyle lapped up her juices, slipping a finger into her pussy as Virginia was racked with orgasm after orgasm. She came hard again when Doyle sucked her clit into his mouth, but nothing had prepared her for the feeling of Doyle's big cock in her pussy. It had been so long since she had had anything other than her husbands cock in her vagina. It hurt a little, but it hurt oh so good. Like Joanna had, Virginia had Doyle take her as she leaned over the arm of the sofa. Doyle eased his cock into her pussy so as not to cause Virginia any discomfort until she got used to his size. Once inside Virginia was ready for Doyle to take her.

Virginia took Doyle's full seven plus inches and loved every inch of it. Doyle was soon thrusting his manhood deep into Virginia's pussy, his balls slapping against her ass as he pummeled her pussy making her cum over and over again mercilessly. Virgina was moaning and urging Doyle to give her all he had and then some as she experienced one orgasm after another. Finally Doyle had lasted as long as he could and he filled Virginia with his hot load. Afterward he and Virginia showered and went to bed and made love again before dosing off.

The following morning Virgina had the vitality of a twenty year old and was loving it. Doyle and Virginia continued making love several times a week. Even Joanna had noticed the change in Virginia after she returned from her trip. Virginia confided in Joanna how she had caught Joanna and Doyle making love that night and how it had turned her on so. Joanna loved hearing the story and seeing the change. Virginia and Joanna became close and Joanna even showed her how much fun it was to experience another woman once in a while.

As for Doyle, he could have moved out anytime into his own place, but why. Why move when you have two women, one younger and hot, one older and equally as hot and both wanting your cock daily, at least one of them and sometimes both. Threesomes were the most fun. No, Doyle wasn't going to leave anytime soon, that just seemed silly.
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