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She is so beautiful.....
Baby Sister Gives Virginity To Brother

This is a fantasy story of which I hope it can become reality.
Honestly, I believe it will in the near future. I am 25 and my
younger sister is 20 and is a beauty to behold.She is 5 ft 3" and has
beautiful legs, luscious breasts,and talk about a lovely ass.She is
perfect in every sense, very pretty and from the looks of it I am
almost certain she has a beautiful pussy of which I am dreaming to see
Please remember that this is how I would want my adventure with
my sister named Vidy. I have it all in my mind..So as I wait and monitor
the situation I want to see how it actually plays out.

It was a Saturday night when I decided that I am not going anywhere, but
just stay at home and watch some movies.My Dad and Mom went out of town
for the weekend and it was myself and my sister at home.My sister
and I were home alone so I decided that I am gonna watch TV all night.
At about 1 am Vidy woke up and came and bust me watching Porn with
a young girl and an older man having sex..I was shocked but was brave to ask
her to join me.Amazingly she sat next to me and asked how come the
mans penis so short? I replied, I guess he is unfortunate. Now
I had a raging hard on and my cock was dripping with pre cum in my
blue silk boxer.At one moment Vidy was looking at my erection and
she said, your look bigger.I blushed. Now at the moment I never thought that
she had experience but by the way she spoke, she was brave and
was not shy at all.

When the scene was over I said I am going to bed and left.I went to
to my room and straight to bed.As I was laying there about 10 minutes
later I could hear faintly, soft groanings. I was curious and got up
and when I opened my door I heard it more clearly. I went over to Vidy
room door and it was coming from her room. At first I thought that she
had a man in there but I was quickly corrected when I heard her saying
" oh I want my brother to fuck me, he is so sexy and has a pretty
cock, I want him to suck me and cum in me". This got me so aroused
I wanted to go in one time but was a bit skeptical.After 5 minutes she had
her orgasm and I went to my room. Soon after I heard her door open
ans she came to my room, knocked and I acted as if I was sleping then
answered.I let her in and she said she needs a favor.I said "at this time"?
Ok, what can I do for you Vidy.She stalled a bit and then said,"I want
you to make love to me".I was so excited but speechless as well.
I said are you sure? cause we are brother and sister.She was not
worried about that. Vidy said I have always wanted to have sex with you.

I happily agreed and she removed her Pjs.What a beautiful body. Her
pussy region was well shaven and they lead to the Golden Road. I
removed my boxers and she was wowed.My cock was fully erected at
7" but I told myself that I am gonna try and enjoy this moment as
long as I can.It was now 2:30am.She came on my bed and I slowly started
to massage her tummy.They were so soft.Then I kissed her on the lips
and it was pure passion. I then moved down to her nipples and had a feast
with her succulent breasts.She then moved aside and held my cock
and it was so wild I felt wicked that I am allowing my baby sister
to engage in such passionate act with me. But I wanted it so much.
She then licked the tip of my cock and I almost screamed and when she
slid it in her mouth it was so warm and soft and wet.She gave me an excellent
blow job and it was now my turn. As I kissed her lower tummy she twitched
and giggled and when I placed my tongue on her pussy lips it was
like having a drink from a honey comb. Her juices tasted so wonderful
I dived in and started sucking and she was just groaning and moaning.
We both were loving every moment.

I sucked her pussy for about 15 minutes when she started to shout
out as she was getting an orgasm.She was begging me to fuck her
hot pussy. But i did not.I sucked her and she had an orgasm at full strength.
Then I positioned myself on top of her and placed my love meat at the entrance
of her wet pussy.I was dripping with pre cum.As I pushed slowly
that is when I realised that Vidy was tighter than I imagined and I
asked her, " are you a virgin" she said "yes". More good news for me.
So I pushed slowly until I reached her hymen and I pulled back out and went
back in slowly and back out again. As I went in again I did not stop but
went all the way in and she gave a sharp shout when I broke her hymen
and then settled down.The inside of her pussy was clamping on my hard cock
and it was hot and just wonderful.I started to fuck her slowly and this whole incest
situation got us both on the wild side. As I fucked my baby sister
the speed picked up and I was now fucking her at passionate speed
and she was groaning and moaning.After about 20 minutes of fucking I began to feel
powerful and started to ram her harder and Vidy kept crying for more.
Her orgasm was building again and so was mine.As I pushed I can feel
her pussy walls starting to tighten its grip around my cock and within
seconds we both were blowing up and I gave her about 6 powerful
thrust and so did she as well and I shot my cum up in her pussy
and it was so unbelievable.Our juices were flowing at the same time and it
felt great.I wanted more but we were tired.And also my cock was exhausted
for being gripped with a tight pussy.

I then rolled off her and it was now 3:30am.We both fell asleep
in each other arms.When I woke up in the morning Vidy told me to
take a shower and meet her in her room...I told her "sure thing
sweety" and she said this time "I want you in my ass"...Honestly
that moment felt like X-mas morning...and I loved my gift.

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2013-11-19 13:42:39
I fucked my sister I was 19 she was sixteen and she loved me inside her

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2013-06-30 19:30:59
LOL queer thinking on ducking your sister your an incest prick

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2013-02-24 11:16:45
I wish i had a sister who would be my fuck buddy

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2012-10-12 09:26:12
i wont to fuck but i am not having a sister plz same guy give your sister just for 1 hr i will not hurt her

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2011-01-06 17:19:17
Eat her poop and cutt off her clitoris!!!!!!!!!!!!

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