I just finished the new chapter and I'm posting it before I head for bed. In this chapter Pornacopia gets his chance at Sally Kimball, and boy does he take it. Enjoy.
Chapter 3

“About time you made it down for breakfast,” Mrs. Brown told her son as she placed his eggs in front of him. Pornacopia smiled up at her she spun away from the table, sending her open robe swirling just enough to reveal the slight bulge of her pregnant belly. Outside of the house Leroy’s mother was still keeping her pregnancy hidden, but inside the house she took great pleasure revealing the fact that she was carrying her son’s baby to the rest of the family.

“Now make sure you eat it all Leroy,” Mrs. Brown instructed her son, “if things work out you’re going to have a busy day and I want you to keep up your strength for the orgy tonight.”

“I can understand making sure Leroy has strength for the orgy tonight,” Mr. Brown said from behind his paper as his free hand felt blindly for his coffee mug, “but if all three of us are going to be out of the house until this afternoon why does he need his strength now?”

“He and Sally have a case dad,” Lynn said spreading jelly on her and taking a bite.

“I see,” Mr. Brown said, lowing the corner of his paper and giving his son a knowing wink before he raised it again. “So, do you think today will be the day you finally pop Sally Kimball’s cherry?”

“Maybe,” Pornacopia said slowly. He could feel his cheeks burning and he heard Lynn giggle as he blushed. “I’m hoping there will be enough time after the case is done for me to seduce her.”

“What you mean,” Lynn said with a soft chuckle, “is that you hope you don’t chicken out again like you have every day for the last three months.”

“Now Lynn,” Mrs. Brown said as she took her own seat between her son and daughter, giving Leroy a quick pat on the cheek before she reached for her silver wear, “it’s not Leroy’s fault that he’s too shy to fuck the one girl he wants more than both of us. Of course I know that Leroy is too cunt hungry to let this go on much longer, especially since he decided to fuck Sally before he goes after any other pussies.”

“Mom,” Pornacopia whined, “do you have to remind everyone about that?”

“No,” Mrs. Brown said with a grin, “but you look so cute when you’re embarrassed I just can’t help myself.”

“Don’t worry son,” Chief Brown said, folding his paper and setting it on the table before he raised his coffee mug to his lips and downed the last of it in one gulp, “I’m sure you’ll pop Sally’s cherry today, you want new pussy too much to let her get away this time.”

“Thanks dad,” Pornacopia muttered, reaching for another slice of toast from the plate in the center of the table.

“Mom,” Lynn said in an obvious attempt to get the conversation away from a sensitive topic, “do you think I’ll be able to pick up some maternity outfits today? It is getting a bit hard to hide my belly under bulky clothes.”

“I know,” Mrs. Brown admitted, “but we need to hide it for a few more weeks if we want everyone to think you got knocked up a month later than you actually did. That is why you’ve been fucking all thos boys at school, right?”

“That’s not the only reason,” Lynn said with a mischievous grin, “but that was the plan. But I’ve been thinking, maybe it would be better if we let everyone think I got knocked up before I moved in with you guys. In fact, we could say that was part of the reason you decided to let me in, because I was so upset about my mother’s death and my unexpected pregnancy that you felt sorry for me and decided to take me in.”

“Not a bad idea,” Chief Brown said thoughtfully. “And you have established yourself as the school slut since you moved here, I’m sure everyone will be willing to accept the idea that you could have been pregnant before you moved in with us. And I’m sure there are at least a dozen boys who will be relieved to realize that they’re not the father of your baby.”

“Relieved or disappointed,” Pornacopia pointed out, “and dad, from the rumors I’ve been hearing around the junior high it could be more than a dozen boys.”

“Not that many more,” Lynn said with a shrug, “you know how rumors spread. But I think more of them will be relieved than disappointed.”

“Well,” Mrs. Brown said as she chewed thoughtfully on her bottom lip, “if that’s the way we’re going to do it, than yes, I think it’s time to get you some maternity clothes.”

“Gotta run,” Chief Brown said, scooting his chair back from the table and grabbing his folded newspaper as he rushed toward the garage door. “I have a phone conference with Mike Eversley from Mapletown Pd in about thirty minutes. Oh, I almost forgot. Leroy, I thought you should know, Bugs Meany gets out of county on Monday.”

“Already?” Pornacopia asked in surprise. “How is that possible? He’s only been in about six months.”

“I know it’s not fair son,” Chief Brown said, “but it was his first offence as an adult so the judge went easy on him, and when he turned eighteen his juvenile records were sealed so we couldn’t use them to show his criminal inclinations.”

“At least that means he can’t be part of today’s case since he’s still in prison,” Leroy said with a frown.

“Don’t be so sure about that,” Chief Brown said with his hand on the door knob, “the county lockup isn’t exactly maximum security, he’s been able to run his gang from inside the prison.”

“You mean he’s still running the Tigers?” Pornacopia asked, “I thought he was getting a bit old for them.”

“He is,” Mr. Brown said with a nod, “he’s got a new gang, most of the members of the new gang were in the Tigers, but they’re still together with a new name and larger plans. So far we haven’t been able to catch them at anything, but you might want to keep them in mind if anything comes up. And if it does you let me know young man, since most of the gang members are adults now that means I can charge them and send them off to prison for real.”

“Ok dad, I’ll keep you informed if I hear anything,” Pornacopia promised.

“Isn’t it about time for you to get out to the garage young man?” Mrs. Brown asked her son.

“You’re right mom, thanks,” Leroy said, pushing his chair back from the table and grabbing his dishes.

“We’ll take care of those,” Mrs. Brown said, “now you get out there and do whatever it takes to get into Sally’s panties before the end of the day.”

“I will,” Pornacopia said as he headed for the empty garage.

“About time you got out here,” Sally Kimball said as she finished setting up the table and chairs next to the empty red gas can, “I was beginning to think you forgot all about our client.”

“Never,” Pornacopia said as he took his chair and turned to watch Sally take hers. For as long as Leroy could remember Sally Kimball was always the prettiest girl in class, not only was she cute and almost as smart as him, she was also the strongest student in school, strong enough to knock out Bugs Meany with a single punch. In the last three years Sally had gone from pretty to beautiful with her curly blond hair and flawless skin, and when her breasts started growing it made her whole image so sexy that it was all Pornacopia could do to keep his hands to himself when they were sitting this close together. “By the way, who is our client? You never did tell me when you called last night.”

“Not that it matters now,” Sally said, “but we were suppose to meet with Jim Anderson. Yesterday he told me that he wanted our help finding the person who stole his prize yo-yo.”

“It sounds like that’s changed,” Pornacopia said.

“Yeah, I saw Jim on my way here this morning and he told me that his mother found his yo-yo on the kitchen table and put it away in his old toy chest to teach him a lesson. By now he’s headed for the yo-yo competition, confident that he’s going to win because he has his lucky yo-yo.”

“So if we don’t have a client,” Pornacopia said, “then why are we out here?”

“I thought we’d put up the agency sign and wait around to see what happens,” Sally told Leroy, “something usually does.”

“Good point,” Leroy said, leaning back in his chair and watching Sally as casually as he could without revealing that he was watching her tits rise and fall with her every breath.

After about a half-hour in the heat with no clients walking into the garage Leroy found himself wiping the sweat from his brow. He turned to get another look at Sally and noticed that she was sweating heavily as well, but for her the sweat had pooled under her well shaped breasts and soaked her thin white shirt until it was almost transparent. For the first time Pornacopia realized that the blond girl wasn’t wearing a bra and he could see her nipples clearly where the cloth of her shirt clung to her sweaty breasts. He was surprised to realize that her nipples were erect and forming a small tent in the wet fabric of her shirt.

“Is something wrong Encyclopedia?” Sally asked, turning her head to look at him.

Leroy was glad Sally couldn’t see his erection through the surface of the desk and tried to keep the husky sound of his arousal out of his voice as he spoke. “Actually I was just thinking that it would be more comfortable if we went inside and cooled off in air-conditioned comfort instead of sweating our butts off waiting for clients out here. We could put a note on the agency sign saying we’re in the house.”

“That sounds comfortable,” Sally said with a smile as she brushed back her sweaty hair.

“The only thing is that no one else is home right now,” Pornacopia told his partner. “Dad’s at the police department taking care of some paperwork and mom and Lynn are out shopping.”

“That’s ok,” Sally said, “I’m sure we can trust each other. Let’s go before we turn into a couple mummies.”

Pornacopia led the way into the house, letting out a sigh of pleasure as the cool air his face and dried the sweat from his forehead. “Leroy, is something wrong?” Mrs. Brown asked as she swung around to look at the two of them.

“Mom?” Pornacopia said in surprise, “I thought you and Lynn would be out shopping by now.”

“That was the plan,” Mrs. Brown admitted, “but something came up at the last minute and we had to put off the trip until now. We would have been gone by now if Lynn wasn’t taking so long to get dressed.”

For the last sentence Mrs. Brown turned to shout up the stairs and Pornacopia heard a muffled gasp escape from Sally’s lips when she saw his mother’s profile. For a second Leroy was afraid his partner may have noticed something and he remembered that Sally was almost as good as he was at putting things together, but when he turned to look at her she just shook her head in bemusement.

“I’m coming mom,” Lynn called from upstairs, “hold your horses.”

“That girl,” Mrs. Brown said with a shake of her head, “she’ll be late for her own funeral if she keeps this up. Now why are the two of you in the house instead of the garage?”

“It’s so hot in the garage we decided to come in and cool off,” Pornacopia explained.

“I hope you don’t mind Mrs. Brown,” Sally said apologetically.

“Now why should I mind?” Pornacopia’s mother asked with a smile. I’m sure I can trust the two of you alone in the house, just don’t do anything I wouldn’t do young lady.”

“I won’t,” Sally promised. Just then Lynn came clattering down the stairs and all eyes turned to look. While Leroy’s mother was wearing a skirt and blouse bulky enough to hide her belly bulge Lynn had gone for the other extreme. Her loose black shorts came up to the bottom of her belly while her half blouse managed to cover her breasts with the bottom two buttons opened so that the top of her bulge was clearly visible.

“Is that what you’re wearing to go shopping?” Mrs. Brown asked her daughter.

“It’s the best I could come up with,” Lynn said with a quick wink in Pornacopia’s direction. “Everything else is either too small with my belly, or so big and bulky it will hide everything and leave me sweating to death on a hot day like this.”

“You’re right of course,” Mrs. Brown said with a sigh as Lynn took the last few steps and stood in front of her. Leroy was sure there was no way Sally could miss Lynn’s pregnancy since was so blatant about it. “We are going shopping for maternity clothes and it’s not like we can hide it for much longer. I guess if we’re going to announce your pregnancy to the world we may as well do it in style.”

“Thanks mom, I knew you’d understand,” Lynn said, hugging the older woman so that their pregnant bellies pressed together. Pornacopia was sure that if Sally had dismissed the bulge in his mother’s belly before she wouldn’t miss it this time.

“Lynn,” Sally said in a strangled voice, “you’re pregnant.”

“Leroy always told me you were observant,” Lynn answered with a soft chuckle. “This is part of the reason the Browns agreed to take me in. That first night I showed up I was such an emotional wreck about my mom and my pregnancy that I could barely tell them my story. But in the end they finally understood what I was trying to tell them and decided to take me in. Up until now we’ve kept the pregnancy under wraps, but I’m getting too big for that so we decided it was time to stop hiding it.”

“And what about you Mrs. Brown?” Sally asked, turning to Leroy’s mother as she spoke. “I couldn’t help noticing that you have a bulge too, it’s just not as big as Lynn’s yet.”

“You are observant,” Mrs. Brown said, placing her hand over her slightly swollen stomach. “It’s hard to believe but after thirteen years of trying I’m finally going to have another child.”

“Congratulations,” Sally said, giving both women a bright smile.

“Thank you,” Lynn and Mrs. Brown replied at the same time.

“Hurry up Lynn,” Mrs. Brown said, urging her daughter toward the front door, “since we have to replace your whole wardrobe we’re going to be in the stores for hours. “Leroy, I’ll pick something up for dinner on our way home.”

“Ok mom,” Leroy said, rushing to hold the door open for the two of them, they both gave him a knowing wink as they passed him.

“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do,” Lynn said, patting her bare midriff when she didn’t think Sally could see her do it.

“We won’t,” Leroy promised, suppressing a groan at his half sister’s joke.

“So Encylopedia,” Sally Kimball said, turning her blond head to give her partner a cold stare, “who really knocked up Lynn and your mom?”

“What do you mean?” Pornacopia asked with a weak smile as he tried to avoid his partner’s glare. “You heard them, Lynn was pregnant when she moved in and is keeping the father of her baby to herself - that is if she knows who the father is - you know the kind of reputation she has around the high school.”

“Yes I do,” Sally said, “but she’s not big enough to be five months along yet, I’d say she looks just over four months and that would be almost a month after she moved in.”

“Maybe the baby is smaller than you’re use to,” Leroy said weakly, “and you heard my mom, she said that she and dad finally lucked out after thirteen years of trying for another baby.”

“Actually she avoided mentioning your dad in connection with her pregnancy,” Sally pointed out. “I think she was trying to hide something, like the fact that you’re the father of both babies.”

“That would be something wouldn’t it,” Pornacopia said with a weak chuckle. “Say, would you like a cold soda?”

“Sure,” Sally said with a shrug, “but I’m still waiting for a straight answer. Did you knock up your half sister and mother?”

Pornacopia pretended he didn’t hear his partner’s answer as he stuck his head in the refrigerator and grabbed two sodas but he couldn’t get away from Sally’s cold glare as she opened her bottle and took a refreshing sip. “Yes,” he said, finally admitting to himself that Sally was too good a detective to be fooled by any kind of lie.

“Let’s go in the living room and I’ll tell you the whole story while we cool off,” Pornacopia offered.

“I’d rather go to your room and get heated up while you tell me the story,” Sally said. “And now that I know the truth I know we won’t be doing anything your mom and sister wouldn’t do with you, right?”

“Right,” Pornacopia said with a weak grin as he led the way to what use to be his bedroom.

“How long has it been since you slept in here?” Sally asked, brushing the dust off the top of Leroy’s alarm clock and sniffing at the stale odor of disuse.

“About three months,” Leroy sighed, “if I’d known you were going to be in here I would have done a better job of covering that up.”

“But you didn’t know,” Sally said with a grin, “so you left a few clues around like the smell and the dust on your alarm, not to mention that the time hasn’t been reset for daylight savings time. So, tell me, how did you manage to knock up both your sister and your mother?”

As Pornacopia tell how Lynn had managed to seduce him and then how both of his parents had ended up joining the fun. He could see that the story was turning Sally on, and she wasn’t even trying to hide her arousal, first sliding her hands under her shirt to play with her tits, then removing the shirt and playing with her breasts in the open as he continued to talk. Finally, just before the end of the story Sally stood up from the bed to unzip her pants and let them drop to the floor to join the puddle with her shirt socks and shoes before she slid her naked body back across the comforter.

“And I haven’t really used this room since then,” Pornacopia finished, licking his lips as he watched Sally play with her own tits and cunt. “I only use this room for my clothes - and just in case we have an overnight visitor - the rest of the time dad and I take turns with who we fuck and where we spend the night.”

“Well,” Sally said with obvious reluctance, “now that I know the truth I guess I can forgive you. It’s obvious Lynn knew what she was doing when she seduced you. Did you really buy into her story about teaching you to fuck so you’d know how to fuck me?”

“I wasn’t exactly thinking straight at the time,” Leroy pointed out as he watched a big drop of Sally’s pussy juice slide down her inner thigh to join the wet spot in his bedding.

“I can see that,” Sally said with a chuckle, “I don’t think any guy could think straight with his hand on Lynn’s tits and her hand stroking his cock. And I can see how you and your mom got carried away too so I guess I can forgive you for both of them, and even for knocking both of them up.”

“But,” Leroy urged, sensing there was more to what Sally intended to say.

“But I won’t forgive you if you fuck someone else before you fuck me,” Sally said, giving Pornacopia her cold stare again.

“Are you serious?” Leroy asked in shock.

“Of course I’m serious,” Sally said with a groan as she stuck two finger tips between her pussy lips and swirled them around. “I’ve been trying to find a way to seduce you for months, but you were always so skittish you’d scamper off before I even got started.”

“I’ve wanted to fuck you since before Lynn seduced me,” Pornacopia said, “but I was afraid I’d scare you off if I said or did anything.”

“You really don’t know my family,” Sally giggled, “now get over here and show me a few of the lessons Lynn taught you while I tell you my story.”

Leroy was happy to obey and pushed Sally’s hands aside as he pushed his face between her thighs and stopped to get a good look at her pussy before he started eating it. “My family is probably one of the oldest family of swingers in the whole state,” Sally started as Pornacopia examined her cunt close up. Sally’s blond pussy hair was so sparse and fine it was more like a thin covering of down than the thick fur that covered Lynn’s pussy, but once he got a good look at the girl’s pink cunt lips he didn’t care what it looked like, he had to get his mouth on it.

“Not only are my parents swingers,” Sally said with a hiss of pleasure as Leroy kissed and licked her pussy and clit, “they’re actually cousins. You know all those weekend trips they take? Well it turns out that they’re visiting other family members who live out of town for an incestuous swap party. Mom and dad are pretty sure that I’m their child, but they’re not sure if my brothers and sisters are my full siblings or my half siblings.”

“Sounds like a fun family,” Leroy said, wondering how his parents would feel about joining Sally’s parents for an orgy.

“It would be if they weren’t so determined to get me to join in,” Sally said with a soft moan of pleasure as Pornacopia ran the tip of his finger between her pussy lips. “Ever since my periods started they’ve been trying to pressure me into joining the family parties.”

“And you’ve refused?” Pornacopia asked, “Why?”

“Because I wanted you to be my first Encyclopedia, or should I call you Pornacopia the way Lynn does?” Sally said with a smirk. “I can see how she came up with the name, you’re a regular cornucopia of pornographic knowledge. You run the two words together and you get Pornacopia.”

“I wondered how she came up with that nickname,” Leroy said, “and to be honest I don’t care what you call me, not if you’re willing to let me fuck you.”

“Not only am I willing to let you fuck me,” Sally said with a seductive grin as Leroy looked at her face between her tits, “I want you to cum inside me and knock me up - just like you knocked up your sister and mother.”

“Really,” Pornacopia asked, getting up on his knees and crawling forward until the tip of his quivering cock bounced off Sally’s wet pussy lips.

“Really,” Sally said with a seductive smile. “I’ve dreamed about having your baby since we were both in fifth grade. I didn’t think I’d be the only girl to have your baby, but I always wanted to be the first. At least I’ll be the first girl outside of your family to have your baby, right?”

“Yes,” Leroy said quickly, “you’re the first girl I’ve fucked outside of my family, and I promise not to fuck any other girls until after I knock you up. How does that sound?”

“Like a promise I can fuck and breed with,” Sally said with a nod. “Now before you stick your cock in my cunt why don’t you bring it up here to my mouth so I can get a taste of it first?”

“Whatever you want Sally,” Pornacopia said, straddling the thirteen year old girl’s body with his knees and inching his way up her body so that his cock dribbled a trail of pre-cum all the way up her body.

“You’re good,” Leroy said as Sally licked his shaft clean.

“As good as your mom and Lynn?” Sally asked teasingly.

“It’s hard to say,” Leroy said with a gasp as Sally popped the head of his cock between her lips and sucked on it while her tongue played across the tip. “Your technique is different so it’s hard to compare, but you’re good, a lot better than I would have expected.”

“That’s because I’ve been practicing,” Lynn said, spitting his cock out of her mouth and stroking it with her hand. “Not with a real cock you understand, but my mom did give me a large supply of dildos and insisted that I practice sucking them until she was happy with my technique. I’m glad you like it, it’s my first time sucking a real cock.”

“Oh I like it,” Pornacopia reassured the blond girl, “but if we keep going much longer I’ll blow my first load and then we’ll have to wait several minutes before I’ll be hard enough to pop your cherry.”

“Let me get it down my throat one time and then go for my cherry,” Sally decided.

“If that’s what you want,” Pornacopia agreed as he inched his cock forward between Sally’s open lips. Leroy groaned with pleasure as Sally sucked his shaft into her mouth and then used her throat muscles to draw the head of his cock deeper until her encircling lips touched the base of his prick and Pornacopia’s cum filled balls bounced off the blond’s chin.

“I think you better let me go,” Pornacopia told Sally with a strained voice as the fought to hold back his orgasm so he wouldn’t waste a load of cum in the blond girl’s mouth.

“Did you like my mouth?” Sally asked with a grin while Pornacopia took several deep breaths and brought him back from the edge before he shot his load all over Sally’s well formed tits.

“I loved it,” Pornacopia, “and I can’t wait to try it again, but right now I’m more interested in popping that pretty little cherry in your pussy and giving you a full load of cum so we can start that baby you want.”

“I don’t think I’m the only one who wants a baby,” Sally said, reaching up to wrap her hands behind Leroy’s neck and pulling his head down so she could give him a tongue filled kiss. “If you didn’t want to give me a baby you wouldn’t have given in to me so easily, right?”

“Right,” Pornacopia agreed with a sigh as he pulled his lips away from Sally’s mouth, “in fact nothing would give me more pleasure than to give you whatever you wanted. I love you Sally, and nothing will make me happier than to give you anything you want.”

“Anything?” Sally asked with an amused smile, the smile grew even broader at Leroy’s nod. “That should make things interesting, but first I think we better take care of my second cherry of the day.”

“Second?” Pornacopia said with a puzzled frown.

“Second,” Sally confirmed with a quick nod. “After all, yours was the first cock I ever had in my mouth.”

“Of course,” Leroy said with a grin as he shifted his hips around and brought the head of his cock in line with Sally’s pussy, “and now it’s time to take care of your second cherry of the day.”

When Sally gave him a quick determined nod Pornacopia moved his hips forward until the tip of his cock kissed Sally’s drooling pussy lips and then pushed forward until the blond furred lips parted for the head of his prick. With a little lurch Pornacopia thrust his hips forward until Sally’s pussy lips snapped closed around the head of cock as it slipped into the mouth of her cunt.

“Are you ok Sally?” Pornacopia said, pausing to let the blond girl get accustomed to the feel of his cock in her pussy.

“Yes,” Sally said in a strained voice, “it feels strange to have you inside me, but if the head of your cock feels this good I can’t wait to find out what the rest of your cock feels like.”

“First it’s going to hurt,” Pornacopia warned as he reached down to play with Sally’s small but beautifully formed breast, he could feel the hard nipples against his palms and they sent a thrill of sexual pleasure running up his arms and down his spine to his cock. “I wish I could do this so it didn’t hurt, but there’s no way to avoid it.”

“I know,” Sally said with a quick swallow, “but as long as you’re the one popping my cherry I don’t care how much it hurts. Now do Pornacopia, pop my cherry and fill my pussy with your cum.”

“Whatever you want Sally,” Pornacopia said with a determined smile and started put pressure on his cock so that it slid forward into Sally’s wet slit.

When Pornacopia felt the pressure against the head of his cock he paused and looked at Sally’s face, waiting for her quick nod, “Do it Pornacopia,” she said with a weak smile, “pop my cherry and fill me with your cum.”

“Oh yeah,” Leroy groaned as he put steady pressure on Sally’s hymen and he felt it stretch as Sally caught her breath against the pain. As he increased the pressure Pornacopia felt Sally’s virginity start to give and he gave one more quick thrust of his hips to break through the barrier.

“Oh my God!” Sally screamed, clamping her pussy down so hard on Pornacopia’s shaft that it actually hurt and Leroy had to hold still until Sally relaxed her cunt muscles.

“Damn you’re tight,” Pornacopia said with a relieved sigh, “you’re only the third girl I ever fucked but your cunt muscles are stronger than mom’s or Lynn’s.”

“When I exercise,” Sally said, brushing her sweety hair out of her eyes, “I exercise all my muscles.”

“You must have the strongest pussy in the world,” Pornacopia said as he eased his cock deeper into Sally’s cunt.

“I don’t know about that,” Sally purred as Pornacopia’s cock sent a surge of sexual energy through her pussy and belly, “but if anyone tries to fuck me when I don’t want them to they’re in for a very painful surprise.”

“I can see that,” Pornacopia said with a chuckle, “I can just imagine how surprised Bugs Meany would be if he tried fucking you, no, when he tries fucking you, I know how much he wants to fuck you. He wants to fuck you as much as he wants to beat you up, and he won’t be able to do either.”

“I don’t know,” Sally said, “it might be interesting to see how his cock feels in my pussy. Of course once I get him inside I’ll be the one in control, not him.”

“Ouch!” Pornacopia said in sympathy, “if I didn’t think he deserved it I’d actually feel sorry for Bugs.”

“Let’s not worry about Bugs, he’s in the future,” Sally pointed out as she locked her legs behind Pornacopia’s ass, “right now you’re fucking me and that’s all I care about.”

“Right,” Pornacopia said with a guilty smile, realizing that he hadn’t moved since he’d shoved the last of his shaft into Sally’s belly. Both of them moaned with pleasure as Leroy pulled most of his shaft out of Sally’s pussy until only the head was still inside her, then he slammed his hips forward while Sally pulled her ass off the bed to meet his thrust with her quivering pussy. Soon the two of them were thrusting back and forth like they’d been fucking each other for years instead of minutes and Pornacopia could feel his balls starting to clench with his approaching orgasm. “I’m going to cum Sally,” he warned the blond girl under him.

“So am I,” Sally groaned. “Oh my God, I never knew fucking could feel so good. You really did learn your lessons well, I’ll have to thank Lynn when she gets home.”

“So will I,” Pornacopia said, “know hold on because things are going to feel even better in a few seconds.”

With one last thrust Pornacopia buried his cock as deep as it could go in Sally’s body and she squeezed her legs to hold him tight as they both shuddered and quaked through their mutual orgasms. “Thank you Leroy,” Sally breathed in her lover’s ear before she kissed him on the cheek. “I knew it would hurt to lose my virginity, but I didn’t realize it would feel that good at the same time. I just hope your cum does as good a job for me as it did for Lynn and your mom.”

“Me too Sally, me too,” Pornacopia said with a sigh as Sally’s legs relaxed and he rolled out of her grip to lay next to her on the bed. “But just in case I think I can manage another load of cum for you without depriving mom and Lynn tonight.”

“I think I’ll take you up on that offer,” Sally said, turning to Pornacopia and raising herself up on one arm as she traced circles down her lover’s chest with her free hand until it reached his flaccid cock. “But I don’t want it in my pussy this time.”

“Why not?” Leroy asked, his forehead creasing in puzzlement as he felt the first quiver of life in his cock as Sally teased it with her fingers. “Do you think one load of cum was enough to knock you up?”

“Maybe it was,” Sally said with a shrug as she got up on her knees and leaned forward to lick the mixed juices from Pornacopia’s slowly hardening cock, “but even if it wasn’t I’m sure you’ll be giving me more than enough cum to knock me up eventually. No, the reason you’re not going to fuck my pussy this time is because you still have one more cherry to pop.”

“You don’t mean . . .” Pornacopia said hesitantly as he slid his hand down Sally’s body until it reached her beautifully shaped ass.

“That’s right,” Sally said, slapping her ass hard enough to make it quiver under Pornacopia’s touch, “we’re going to end the day with you fucking my ass cherry. Does it really surprise you that I want you to have all my cherries?”

“I guess not,” Pornacopia said with grin, “but your ass will be the first one I ever fucked.”

“No kidding?” Sally asked with a moan as Pornacopia squeezed her ass, “I thought Lynn would have included ass fucking as one of her lessons.”

“I guess she never got that far,” Pornacopia said with a shrug, “she and mom never even mentioned fucking them in the ass. I wonder why?”

“Not all girls enjoy ass fucking,” Sally said, “or maybe their afraid of getting your cock stuck up the ass.”

“Are you saying that you like it?” Pornacopia asked.

“I don’t know,” Sally admitted, “I’ve never tried it before, but at least I’m willing to try, and it looks like I won’t have to wait too long before I get you where I want you.”

“You are getting me pretty hot and horny,” Pornacopia gulped as his cock jumped to full life in Sally’s encircling hand. “And if you really want me to fuck you in the ass I’ll do it.”

“Good,” Sally said as she raised herself up on her hands and knees, “in that case get up here and get in position to pop my last cherry.”

“Whatever you want Sally,” Pornacopia said as he got to his knees and brought the head of his cock up to Sally’s ass crack.

“Not so fast Pornacopia,” Sally said, “you need to lube your cock before you stick it in my ass. Fuck my pussy for a few strokes until your cock is nice and slippery for my ass.”

“Sounds like fun,” Pornacopia said as he slid his cock along Sally’s wet slit before he shifted his aim and slammed it into her sloppy cunt until his whole shaft was coated with Sally’s pussy juice. Reluctantly Pornacopia pulled his cock out of Sally’s pussy with a low groan and shifted his aim again as the blond girl leaned forward to give him full access to her quivering ass.

“Fuck my ass Pornacopia,” Sally said, shaking her ass enticingly, “fuck it now.”

“Oh yeah,” Pornacopia breathed, catching Sally’s ass cheeks and pulling them apart as he brought his cock up to the blond’s virgin ass. “Say good-bye to your third cherry of the day Sally.”

“Do it Pornacopia, do it,” Sally screamed as Leroy thrust his hips forward and shoved the head of his cock into Sally’s ass hole. “Don’t stop now, shove that thing all the way in.”

“I will Sally,” Pornacopia promised, “I was just enjoying the feel of your ass around my cock. It feels almost as good as your pussy.”

“I’m glad you’re enjoying it as much as I am,” Sally groaned, “but the faster you bury the rest of your cock in my hole the more we’ll enjoy it.”

“I’m working on it Sally,” Pornacopia said, “but your ass is still cherry and still tight, I don’t want to hurt you by thrusting it in too fast.”

“Never mind me,” Sally said, pushing her ass back toward Pornacopia, “I’ll be fine as long as you get your cock in my ass.”

“I’m trying, Sally,” Pornacopia said through gritted teeth as he jammed his cock deeper and deeper into the girl’s thirteen year old ass with quick hard thrusts of his hips. “Try relaxing your ass muscles a little more and I’ll be able to get more in.”

“I’m trying,” Sally groaned, “but it’s hard to relax my muscles when I’m so excited.”

“Maybe this will help,” Pornacopia said as he reached around Sally’s body to cup her small tits. “Mom and Lynn always go crazy when I play with their tits while I’m fucking them doggie style. Why don’t you try playing with your pussy at the same time.”

“Good idea,” Sally groaned as Pornacopia played with her hard nipples. Supporting herself with one arm the teenager reached back to run her fingers along her juicy cunt lips.

Pornacopia felt Sally’s ass loosen up a little and he was able to slip most of his six inch cock into her body. “I’m almost there Sally,” he told the blond girl, “try playing with you clit, that may be all we need.”

“Ok Leroy,” Sally said, her breath coming in gasps, she shifted her fingers to the top of her slit and played with her erect clit while Pornacopia continued to slam his cock into her quivering ass.

“I’m all the way inside you now,” Pornacopia said proudly as Sally’s ass muscles clamped down on his invading cock. “Does it feel as good for you as good to you as it does to me?”

“It feel wonderful,” Sally moaned, “it’s not the same as having you in my cunt, it’s different but it still feels good. But I think I prefer to have you in my pussy more than my ass, at least that way I know you’re trying to knock me up.”

“I agree with you,” Pornacopia said as he started sliding his shaft in and out of Sally’s ass, matching her thrust for thrust as she pushed her ass back to meet his hips with every stroke. “I don’t think anything makes me hornier than knowing that I could be knocking a girl up when I fuck her, it’s as thrilling as it is scary. But I think ass fucking will make a good break every once in a while.”

“When you’re right you’re right,” Sally said with a groan of pleasure as her pussy started to quiver under her fingers, she could feel her stomach start to cramp and she knew it wouldn’t be long before she had another orgasm. “I’m about to cum Pornacopia,” Sally warned her lover, “when I do my ass is going to clamp down pretty hard on your prick.”

“I’m ready,” Pornacopia said with a groan, “in fact I’m about to cum too, let’s see if we can cum together.”

“In that case you better fill my ass right now because here I cum,” Sally screamed, her ass clamping tight around Pornacopia’s cock as he slammed his shaft deep in the girl’s ass while his balls cramped tight at the base of his shaft and shot five wads of cum deep in Sally’s bowels.

“That was wonderful Pornacopia,” Sally said a few minutes later, giving her lover an affectionate kiss as they snuggled together on the bed. “I really do need to thank Lynn for all the lessons she’s been giving you. You knew just what to do to make this a wonderful first fuck.”

“You were just as good,” Pornacopia said, returning Sally’s kiss, “I think you’re a natural.”

“It’s easy to be a good fuck when you’re in love,” Sally muttered as she sleepily rubbed her body against Pornacopia’s.

“I love you too Sally,” Pornacopia said as he moved his lips down her neck and chest until he started licking and sucking her tits.

“Sally?” Pornacopia said as he nuzzled her breasts.

“Yes?” Sally responded tiredly as she opened one eye.

“Will you marry me?” Pornacopia asked.

“Leroy, I’ve been waiting for you to ask me that for three years now,” Sally said as she pulled Pornacopia’s head away from his chest and gave him another kiss. “Yes Leroy, I will marry you as soon as we’re old enough. Just think, our oldest child could be our flower girl or ring bearer at the wedding. I guess that means we’ll have to make sure we have a baby as soon as possible so he or she will be old enough for the wedding.”

“I guess so,” Leroy said with a grin. “Considering how easy it was for me to knock up mom and Lynn I don’t think you and I will have much trouble.”

“Pornacopia,” Sally said pushing herself away from her fiancee and looking down at the stains on the bedding, “shouldn’t we replace your blankets before your mom and Lynn get back from their shopping trip?”

“No,” Pornacopia said after a short consideration, “I already told you I’‘m not sleeping in my own room anymore. Besides, if my parents let me I think I’d like to have the blanket framed in memory of today, the day I took all three of your cherries.”

“I like the way you think,” Sally murmured as she let her eyes close and a few seconds later Pornacopia could hear her soft breaths as she drifted off to sleep.

“Sleep tight Sally,” Pornacopia whispered as he felt his own eyes drifting shut, “today was only the beginning.”


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5/10 for sex and 5/10 for story = 10/20, I'm getting tuffer about the story rating.


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Ik this really isn't part of this story but your ben 10 stories are great u should read some of the comments from the last episode I thought making a danny phantom series is a great idea this story was good 2 but ready the comments on the first two comment pages of the last ben 10 would improve it

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dude there hasnt been any in a couple of weeks, where r they, no offense. ive read a couple of the books nice writing


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