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A true story and my first post. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
Lying down beside me I wait to hear her response. I can see the debate in her blue green eyes. She is afraid to say yes and I can sense it but I don’t want to push her, I want her to give herself to me of her own free will.

"What about Amy?" she has a hard time looking me in the eyes. I can feel that she is afraid that if she looks in my eyes my desire for her to say yes will influence her.

"This is not about Amy, this is about what you want. If you want this, there are things I can show you that no one else has yet, all you have to say is yes. I will take care of everything." Her eyes dart away and look to the opposite wall, thinking. I can see the war in her mind. She wants this. She wants it the way a man in the dessert wants a drink of water. She has
wanted nothing else for sometime now. I can sense the burning hunger for me and her battle to suppress it rolling off of her as we lay together talking.
"Amy will kill me if she finds out." Fear and desire war within her, driving out all other concerns she uses her past experiences and thinks hard of the ‘what ifs.’ The ‘what ifs’ disappear like smoke in the wind before her desire. Her face blushes with her desire as she wonders what it would be like. She needs it, for weeks she has taken up with being an outrageous flirt trying to drive me mad with desire. Short shorts or just walking around my house in boxers. At night I have heard her masterbateing on the couch. Me in her mind. She knows she wants this but fear holds her at bay, she was never good at making choices and so much could go wrong.

"I can make is so she will not know. This is up to you, and it ends when you want it to. I know that the men you have been with have done a decent job of getting you off, most of the time. I can show you want it can be like all the time. I can show you heights of pleasure you have never known. However I cannot show you anything unless you want me to, it won’t mean anything then. I want this but I need you to want it too. It can be our secret." I wait…

"Fuck it, yes." She looks at me for the first time since this conversation started. Though she has said the words I can sense and see the horror and doubt of what she has just committed herself too. I can also see the desire in her eyes, take me she says in her mind, I need you so bad. Let this not be a mistake and let this be better than any before. I smile slowly to her and lower myself to kiss her. Her pleading eyes close and her lips part. I softly kiss those lips that have driven me mad over the last month. She throws her arms around me and for the next few moments we hold each other fiercely and kiss. Her hands tremble as she allows them to explore my back. Her body begins to follow suit as my hands begin to explore her back and thighs. I slide my hand under her shirt and allow my hands to feel her skin along her back. Smooth, soft, flawless, in my mind I can see as if my fingertips have eyes, I can see through my hands the curve of her back, shoulder blades, spine and sides. Her nipples harden and make themselves known as they rub against my chest through her and my shirt.

Our kiss is broken as she moans softly in my mouth. I ghost my hands lower along her body from her back slowly down her thighs. I squeeze them softly but more aggressively as I sense she enjoys a bit more force in her. I can feel her desire as I explore her likes and dislikes. She response in moans, sighs, and trembles when I squeeze her thighs and slide my hand lightly up her spine. Her moans escape her in pants as she finds it harder to breathe. We are trading breaths as I have yet to pull away from her, the sensation of sharing the breath of life throws her over the edge and before I have even touched her most intimate areas, she cums. Her orgasm shakes her to her bones and I hold her through it, using my body to steady her and our warmth throws her deeper into the moment.

She looks at me with wonder in her eyes, "Wow, I have never felt anything like that."

"It gets better, I have yet to taste you sexy." I smile at the look in her eyes, still riding the afterglow of her orgasm the thought of it being better seems alien to her.

I continue to hold her and run my hands over her back and thighs. I close my eyes and use my hands as my eyes and see threw my fingers. Softly I run my hands down her curves seeing in my mind what I am touching. Her breath begins to get quicker as I continue my exploration. I can feel from her that this is insane, she has never had anyone do this to her with just his hands, and not touch her clit. Her mind races through every sexual experience she has ever had and nothing seems to compare. The difference in her mind as the sensation rip through her is as vast as the sun shining and midnight. The heat radiating off of her rolls off her body in waves. Her hips begin to rock back and forth, touch me she screams in her mind, touch me please. The touch is driving her insane with desire, she craves the touch of something on her clit, she needs it more than the air in her lungs and would trade it for the touch she wants.

Slowly her shirt rides up higher and higher from my hand stroking her back until it cups her petit breasts. My arm still holding her while my other hand continues to caress her. Her body rocks with another mind-blowing orgasm and while her mind is enjoying that white out pleasure I lower my hand to her shorts. I allow my fingers to slide under the band of her shorts and ghost over the top of her pelvis. Her hips buck from it and her orgasm explodes anew. Her breath catches in her lungs and her voice locks, unable to scream with the intensity of her orgasm her body rocks out as she trembles and convulses in my arms. I slide my hand inside her shorts over her thighs, lowering her shorts and panties with each stroke down. It does not take long before I have her shorts close to her knees.

Her mind is a whirl of random thoughts and pleasure so intense it almost is pain. Her mind fills with thoughts of other lovers, some she loved with all her heart and some less so but in each though is one of them in similar situations. The experiences from these encounters are like leaves in a raging thunderstorm. Whipping across her mind, insignificant compared to this one experience. Thunder booms within her as the blood lust rushes though her veins and pounds in her ears. Her mind whirls with flashes of lighting as each orgasm in a never-ending string of pulsing pleasure rips through her. Each touch from another lover rips through her and thoughts of why has it never felt like this comes and is blow away as the pleasure tears into her rocking her soul and stoking the fires of her passion.

I slow my pace allowing her to catch her breath and calm down. It takes some time before she is breathing in something a bit less than a hard pant. I still my hands and open my eyes to look at her and take in her blushed face, lowered eye lids and the slight curve of her mouth slightly puckered from the ride she has just experienced. When she allows herself to open her eyes more fully she looks deep in my eyes and her passion blossom. She looks into the face of the man who has shown her something she never expected. "Wow…." Stupid thing to say, she thinks to her self, but her mind does not allow for much higher thinking at the moment.

"I am happy I could please you. Would you like to feel what I can do with my tongue now?" I smile at the line. I can hear her thoughts, if he can do that with his hands and fingers, what the fuck can he do to me with his tongue? The walls of her pussy contract with the thought and a small electric current of pleasure shoots through her body. Memories of me bragging about what I can do with my tongue ghost across her mind, always in a joking manner. Her mind whirls with the thoughts of what I can do based on what I did with just my hands. She reaches down to slide off her shorts and only just now realizes that her shorts are almost off already. She shoots me a quick puzzled look but pays it no mind as she removes them completely along with her panties. She allows me to slide my arm from underneath her as she opens her legs slightly. She blushes in embarrassment. For a moment, she feels like a whore offering herself to a client. The indecency of opening her legs before a man like this forces a dull twinge that cuts down her pleasure and almost kills her glow. On cam it never bothered her but here, with his breath inches from her, she feels that. I sense her unease and the thought of how this act is affecting her. It will pass I think, I have yet to met a woman who could resist me eating them out. I love this part. She will too.

I slide down her body raising myself up only high enough to allow her leg to get by me allowing me to be unhindered between her legs. I look down into her pussy and take in the sight and smell. I love this part. Lowering myself toward her I place my hands lightly on the inside of her thighs to keep her from closing them on me when she cums. Having never eaten her out before I needed to know what she likes. It seems crude to ask and by her thoughts I can tell that she has not done this to good results before. I start slowly, I want to enjoy this to its fullest, a memory that will never die. For either of us.

The feel of air on her lower body ignites her. When I place my hands on her inner thighs her hips rock of there own accord. She blushes at that. Control yourself she thinks. I need to get a grip on myself. This though does not last long when she feels my breath sliding down her leg. I take in the sent on her legs. Deeply inhaling her fragrance and slowly lowing my head deeper and deeper toward her pussy. But I do not taste her yet. I raise my head and take her in along the other leg. My lust is great as I take in her essence. So much pain in her life, So many bad choices, So many disappointing experiences. So many things to wipe from her mind. Her leg begins trembling in my hand. Her anticipation starts to take her breath, put it in me already her mind screams. It is what she is use to. Its not what she is going to get today however. My desire begins to take me. I find my self-control starting to slip. I need her; I need to feel her pleasure again. I lower my mouth to her and lightly kiss the top of her pelvis. My hands slide down her thighs and cup the sides of her hips. All thoughts of indecency have been lost to her as she opens her legs wide for me. I use my hands to close her legs just a bit so I may trail kisses up her thighs. Her pelvis bucks trying to get her clit into my mouth. Her mind whites out with her building orgasm. Her breath becomes erratic catching at odd times. Her mouth opens in a silent scream of pleasure as her orgasm builds, peaks, and then bursts but does not drop down in the moments that pass but holds at its peak far longer than anything she has known before. My kisses turn into fevered sucking along her inner thighs. I bite slightly just above the tendon of her upper thigh. Her eyes slam wide open as her hands grab a hold of her breasts and rake them. Her back arches and still she screams only in her mind, her only true sounds are gruntal gasps for breath that she has to fight to get out and take in. The heat coming from her pussy pulses and burns. I slide my face along her thigh as she trembles at the feeling of the three-day beard I have yet to shave. I open my eyes and take her in. Her mind is chaotic again, images of other lovers once again parade threw her mind as her pleasure slowly begins to fade. Never has she felt anything like this, event he best hard pounding she has ever had does not compare to what I have done, and I have yet to do a damn thing of note! I have not eaten her quite yet, or fucked her. Yet I have created surges of pleasure she has never even imagined before. Good I think. I wanted this to be special. My self-control is held only by a thin hair. I appear calm, smiling toward her my head framed between her legs, the end of my goatee tickling her clit. But it’s slipping. My mind begins to think not of her but of me, I force myself to finish what I started. I turn my mind and my eyes to her pussy. My lust for her surges forward. I need to taste her. I need to know what her orgasm feels like in my mouth, I want her to cum in my mouth.
I sense her looking at me while I slowly lower my mouth to her. Her thoughts chaotic with her orgasm still lightly ripping through her. She wants me; I can feel her mind reaching out to me. No more she thinks, take me, I need you to fuck me. O god please just fuck me, I can’t take more of this, I need you to FUCK ME! Her mind explodes a moment later and all coherent thought is lost to her. I lowered my mouth to her pussy and kiss her tender flesh. She is wet beyond all belief. My tongue slides between her lips nipping at her clit before exploring her downward. I close my eyes taking in her sent and taste. My lust takes over, I fight to hold back but it’s almost too late. My thoughts begin to shred into fragments from the feel of her pussy convulsing on my tongue. Her hips buck in my face and I ride it without difficulty. My mustache and goatee rub against her shaven lips and pussy. Her lips open and I force my lips inside her. My mouth takes in her pussy entirely as I force my tongue deep inside her. I open my mouth wider taking in more of her. My tongue stiffens and plunges deep into her, I can almost feel her cervix with the tip of my tongue as I begin sucking her juices into me and drinking in her essence. I can’t see but by her body language her eyes popped open and her back arches forcing her pussy deeper into my mouth. "HOLY SHIT!" She screams into the room as her hands grasp the top of my head grabbing my hair in a death grip. Her legs lock up and tighten on my face trying to force my face from her as she bucks wildly into my face as if she can throw my face from her pussy. I clamp down harder and take in her clit with the rest of her pussy. She loses herself to the moment.

I take her clit into my mouth and continue to plunge and wiggle my tongue deep inside her and suck with increasing force. I drink her in to me and I lose myself in the moment. I can feel her pleasure spiking into unknown heights, her back arched, her pussy bucks wildly in my mouth. Her hands grasp my head forcing me deeper while her legs iron vice my face between her thighs. Her sides twist back and forth, her breath comes in hard fought for gasps. Her mouth drying from being held open in a silent scream that I can hear in mind as her pleasure tears her mind until only the pleasure exists, no sight, no sound, no feelings but the unending pleasure that racks her body and mind.

My own mind is lost in lust, she tastes fantastic. The feelings of my tongue deep in her, electric. My facial hair soaked with her juices that somehow escaped my thirsty sucking and drinking. I start to lose control, my face begins moving side to side hard, my sucking moves to her clit and my tongue caresses it inside my mouth. My hands grasp her thighs and hips hard forcing her deeper into me as if I can somehow take her in me body and soul. I clamp down hard once more and through an act of will harder than I have had to use so far, I bring my face away from her sweet pussy slowly, unwillingly but away.

Her body drops to the bed. Her legs trembling and open. Her upper body desperately rising and falling with breath her orgasms denied her. The air is sweet to her. The cool air runs deep into her lungs crystallizing the moment of sweet release and orgasm more firmly in her mind than anything she has known. Her upper body is slick with perspiration. As it dries in the air quickly the cool feeling causes her body to tingle. Her after glow rocks her body and nothing is in her mind but for the pleasure as sensations and feelings slowly come to her as it fades. Her arms lie limply at her side. I slide along her body and lie down next to her. My cock hard and stiff against her side pined there between us as I hold her to me. It takes some time before she becomes aware of it. Her eyes slowly open and look deep in mine. Glowing from her pleasure she looks deep in my eyes. "How….."

I lower my mouth to hers kiss her deep. I know she can taste her own juices on my face and in my mouth. I hear her moan deep in her throat. Her mouth opens wider as she takes in my tongue and sucks it hard tasting more of herself upon me. She throws herself to me and pulls me on top of her. The head of my cock rests just above her pussy and she moans again, deeply from her chest. I break the kiss and look deep into her eyes as my hands reach down between our bodies. Her legs open wide as my back rises a bit off her. I reach down between us and grasp my cock to guide it to her entrance. Her breath comes in gasps again and she moans in anticipation. I place the head of my dick between her lips as she begins to buck. Through her eyes I can see her mind screaming at me to put more in. She pleads with me to fuck her in her mind. I slowly increase pressure to slide more of my dick inside her. She loses it almost immediately. Bucking she slams her face into mine sucking on my lips and tongue as my cock slides deeper and deeper. I manage to get 4 inches of my 7inch cock in her. She is so tight I can feel each rib of her vaginal wall. I feel her convulse and tighten even more as my vision whitens out with my own pleasure. My lust takes over when I feel her cum around my dick and slam all 7 inches deep inside her. Her face breaks away from mine as her back arches forcing me as deep as I can go. I can feel her cervix with the head of my dick, the pressure from her vaginal muscles griping me and her bucking causing me to slide a bit out and back in almost make me lose it there.

A gasping scream escapes her. Not very loud but her mind, like her pussy is filled with the feeling of my cock deep, hard, inside her. All feelings so far are nothing compared to this, there is no room in her mind to even think of other lovers and how they did not create these feelings inside her. Her vision is lost to her, all she can feel is my cock deep, steady, and iron hard deep inside her filling her up as she has never known. She can no longer taste her own juices in and around her mouth. She does not hear my grunts or groans as my own pleasure mounts higher and higher. My lust has overcome my self-control. I pull back and plunge deep inside her. Again and again, hard and deep I slam my cock inside her. I lift myself a bit off her keeping myself deep in her. Her hands and arms grasp my arms. Her legs float to each of my sides.

Repositioned I slam deeper and harder into her. Even with my eyes closed I can see and feel her body beneath me. With each thrust her body bounces hard. Her breasts bounce up and down, hard nipples lighting stroking my hairy chest. Hardening to almost painful degree, which she does not feel. She feels only my cock filling her insides with its hard presence. Her mouth locked open in an eternal scream she can’t seem to get out of her lungs. Her eyes slam open as I thrust deep. My balls slap against her ass as my body arches above her. Her back also arches, her eyes open wide though she sees nothing, her hands grip hard on my arms and her legs wrap around me. I take in all of these sights and sensations as my own vision dims. My cock is harder than it has ever been a steal rod deep inside the tenderest portions of her body. When I cum it feels like a shot gun blast deep inside her body, she begins to shake and tremble right before I cum and as I do her body jolts like mine, locked solid together, intwinined intimately, both of us livening in that eternal moment.

I collapse on top of her at the same time her body goes limp. I remain inside her while we lay together panting, sweating, and holding each other. My own afterglow is powerful and I lay there feeling hers pulse within her strengthening mine. Our bodies close, I can feel her thighs to each of my sides, her nipples pressing against me, the sound of her breathing deep in my ear. The feel of her heart hammering inside her chest. It takes some time before either of us can muster ourselves to move. When we do I slowly slide out from inside her and our visions momentary white out again for the pleasure. Our breaths blow into each other’s face as we stare deep into her eyes.

"That was….wow…." She giggles from embarrassment and from her after glow.

"I take it that you enjoyed it?" I know the answer but my mind has not quite kicked in yet for higher thinking either.

"Wow. Incredible, I never knew it could be like that. I…" She tears up a bit from the experience.

"Every time can be like that. Should be like that. It gets better with each time too as we learn each other." I can see in her eyes that she is blown away from the thought that it was not a fluke.

"It can get better than that?"

"You have no idea, but you will sexy."

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2010-05-22 16:54:07
usually a man in a dessert wants a drink of coffee with his cake or pie, not water.

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2009-05-31 02:05:41
Foreplay is a must but holy shit, enough is enough..and seems like there wAs lot of ghosting, what the hell ever that means..could have been a good story but you were too interested in telling us that you';re such a great lover


2009-05-23 12:14:57
A very confusing start: who is Amy? I gave up reading what could have been a very good story because the spelling and word usage was BAD! If you take the time to write a story, why not take the time to check the spelling and usage, and then PROOFREAD! A thorough proofing would, I hope, have caught such disruptive errors as: see threw; make is so; committed herself too; her sent and taste; kiss her deep.

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2009-05-19 14:48:18
If your going to write a "true" story, at least throw a little bit of truth into it. My god, she had her first orgasm when you did little more than kiss her. Come on!

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2009-05-19 00:15:55
great i loved it omg

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