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I'm a 1st timer hope you'll like the story
Rachel was a late twenty-something professional woman. She was 5' 7" tall with shoulder length raven hair, eyes that were a deep sea blue, these were brought out even more by her skin complexion which looked as if she always had a deep tan, her breasts were 36C which sloped into her tiny 23" waist and 34" hips She was not promiscuous but was not a prude either. One problem she had was she had never found a method of birth control she was not allergic to. However from the time she was 13 her period was freaky regular arriving every fourth Wednesday some time between 4:00 to 6:00 am. This left her with the ability to decide when was safe and when she'd better not, or at least use the pull out method.

Before Rachel met Chris she had been with five partners losing her virginity to her longtime boyfriend Darren the night of their high school graduation. Keeping her virginity until graduation got her a new car. Which she spent many summer nights having sex in until she and her and Darren decided to break up before going off to different colleges. It was during this summer that Rachel would learn she was allergic to latex and spermicidal lubricants and jellies. It would be in college she discovered her allergies to various other forms of birth control

Rachel went to college and dated casually but nothing serious all the guys she met wanted sex far earlier then Rachel was willing to have it. It was Rachel's second semester of her freshman year when she slept with the second man in her life, Raven. Raven was a perfect gentleman and willing to wait until Melanie was ready. Raven was hoping it would happen before they went home for the summer, but it did not happen Raven was disappointed but understood. They spoke on the phone everyday until school started again, and when it did it happened that very night. They dated up until the middle of the second semester of their sophomore year. That was when Raven's parents found out Rachel was a different religion and threatened to cut off paying for his school unless he broke-up with her. Rachel was devastated but eventually moved on.

At the start of her junior year Rachel met Willy, Willy would be third guy she would have sex with. Willy wined and dined her and Melanie gave it up to Willy only one month into their relationship. Rachel fell for Willy hard and really thought he might be the one. Three months into her relationship with Willy, several girls warned her he was a player and advise her to end it with Willy before she got hurt. Well it was too late for Rachel was totally head over heels in love with Willy and she wouldn't hear any of it. She loved Willy, and Willy loved her period! Well on what should have been their four-month anniversary Rachel was waiting for Willy and he didn't show. She thought maybe they were supposed to meet at his dorm room, so dressed to the nines she went across campus to his room, and found Willy with another girl. Her name was Catherine and in fact she was one of the girls who warned her about Willy. Rachel was devastated, and began crying hysterically and ran off.

Rachel went searching for her best friend Amber but could not find her and wound up at a fraternity party. This would lead to what she would call the biggest mistake of her life. Rachel did run into Catherine's boyfriend Shawn who she knew casually and after having a fair amount to drink cried on his shoulder and told him what she saw. After a few more drinks Rachel wound up practically raping Shawn he would be the fourth guy she slept with. The next morning waking up next to Shawn and nursing a hangover she had felt dirty and was ashamed of herself. Shawn told her last night was great but he doesn’t want to start another relationship right now worsened the situation. Melanie felt the same way but was hoping to save face and say something similar first.

After that Rachel swore off men and would just masturbate when she felt the urge. She stuck with this almost till she graduated. Graduation was at then end of May and she began dating Casey in the middle op April. Casey was a good guy who was a kind gentle sole and it was he who did not to rush the sex thing. They were going out for nearly a year before finally sleeping together. They would date for two more years when Casey popped the question. Tragically Casey was killed in a car accident shortly afterward. Rachel would go into a deep depression and wouldn't even date for a couple of years.

Amber and Rachel were still friends and Amber finally succeed to coax Melanie out of shell she had put herself in. "Well are you always going to do the job yourself!” Heather asked. "Huh?” was the response. "I know you haven't been with anyone since Casey died but are you at least keeping yourself satisfied" said Amber. Rachel's response was I'm not answering that. To which Amber said while in college when you were on your no men kick prior to meeting Willy, you boasted as that's what you were doing. Rachel replied “I wasn't boasting!” “One time you were all talking about your sex lives with your boyfriends and I said I was fine by myself, then you all coaxed me into admitting I masturbated and then after that I just didn't deny it. But since you’re not going to let this go, I dared you to start the ball rolling!”

"Well do it" "Amber said" Remind yourself of femininity and your sexuality. Tonight when you got to bed do it to yourself you’re too young to give up on love and sex
Deep down Rachel knew Amber was right. That night as Rachel lay in bed she started touching herself, at first she started imagining Casey. She stopped thinking of him realizing he was gone and she needed to move on. However she could not find anyone to fantasize about, so she just let her mind wander to whatever thoughts came across it. When she had her orgasm it was sense of relief she had not felt in years, and it seemed to be just a mild orgasm at best. Rachel started masturbating more and more and soon began feeling ready to date again.

Her first date was with Chris, he was the friend of a friend of Amber's boy friend. Rachel wore a lavender blouse with a black knee length skirt and a pair of high heels. He was wearing a tailor made black long sleeved shirt and slack pair of pants showing his well built body and a pair of white shoes. They agreed to meet a restaurant and Melanie noticed Chris was a charming looking guy, average at 5' 10" tall. He also looked quite young despite he’s in his forties. He also came across as very intelligent and highly educated and seeming to be very much of a gentleman. He was definitely the type Rachel would have picked for her first date since Ron's death.

When they finished their dinner Chris asked Rachel if she would like to go back to his place. Normal Rachel isn’t the kind of gal that goes to the man place on the very first date. Every instinct in Rachel's body said to say no and she was going to but for some reason the word yes came out of her mouth. Chris said he lived within walking distance and that is how he got there. Rachel offered to drive but Chris said that for non-tenants at his apartment building the parking was nearly impossible. Rachel didn't relish the idea of any kind of walk in her heels but agreed.

The walk was about three quarters of a mile, which normally wasn’t to bad, but in her high heels it was brutal on her feet. It also turned out Chris lived on the 5th floor of a walk up. When they arrived at Chris apartment Rachel sat on the couch and removed her shoes, and relaxed with a sigh. She noticed the time was 10:00pm now.

Chris left for the kitchen for a moment returning with a bottle of wine and a beer. He poured a glass of wine for Rachel and opened the beer for himself. Rachel began to feel very nervous realizing that she was far away from her car and was in the apartment of a man she just met and new she would not be able to stop him if he tried anything she didn't want. She decided she would drink her wine and go. She drank the wine a little too quickly and before she could excuse herself Chris poured her another glass from the bottle. She drank about half of it before feeling light headed she had also had two glasses with dinner.

Chris sitting on the couch next her moved closer and leaned in and began to kiss her. At first Rachel resisted his attempts at making the kiss French by locking her teeth together, but after awhile she let his tongue slide into her mouth. After they kissed for several minutes they broke the kiss and Melanie finished her glass of wine. Chris leaned in and began kissing her again. This time he cupped her breast over blouse. Melanie's head was swirling from the wine and felt a burning down in her nether regions. Rachel knew she couldn't stop him but she also wasn't sure if she wanted to. After several more minutes of kissing and his rubbing her breasts he unbuttoned one of her the buttons on her blouse sliding his hand inside caressing her breasts over her bra.

Slowly Chris managed to undo all the buttons on her blouse and slide it off. Rachel had realized she had lost all control this situation. He eventually got her bra off as well. Rachel was now half naked in front of a man she had just met Hours ago. His hands were rough on her soft supple skin. As he caressed and licked her breasts Rachel's pussy grew very wet. As Chris started sucking her voluptuous mammaries Rachel decided to give in completely and just let whatever was going to happen, happen. Next Chris managed to slide off her skirt. Rachel was now wearing just her panties. Chris at first rubbed her pussy through her panties. Just as she was about come Chris stopped and slide off he panties.

Rachel realized she was completely naked and Chris was still completely dressed he even still had his shoes on. Chris stopping what he was doing completely for a moment and grabbed the bottle of wine and put it to Rachel's lips pouring its contents into her mouth, drinking at least a glass and a half's worth before she couldn’t drink any more. Almost immediately Rachel felt the effects of the additional wine.

As she lay naked on Chris's couch he grabbed her legs positioning her so that she was bent over backwards with her hips just over the outside of the arm rest and her legs dangling just off the ground. Vic rubbed and fingered her pussy and just as she was about come again he stopped. Just as Rachel though he was going to get naked, Chris just unzipped his fly exposing only his erect penis and Chris members was thick and broad his was not the longest dick she had had but it was definitely the thickest. Rachel thought for sure it hurt like hell when he entered her. When he did enter her it did hurt a bit but it was pain she relished. Somehow Rachel once again noticed the time it was now 11:30

Chris started off with a stream of slow steady strokes. Once again Rachel was about to come but just before she did he altered his strokes. His style would vary from the slow steady in out strokes to hard and fast to ones where he barely pulled out at all. Rachel had begun to lose track of the number of times she almost came before having a mind-blowing orgasm. Even after that Chris kept going. A short while later Rachel had another orgasm. After that Chris pounded her some hard fierce strokes. Rachel's pussy got very sore but when Chris finally came she still had another orgasm. Chris's load seemed immense. He was still coming when Rachel could already feel it rabidly leaking out of her. Chris gave a couple of more trusts and shot even more inside her. Chris pulled out and zipped his dick back inside his pants and then walked way. Rachel then slid herself entirely on to the couch laying there feeling all of his delivery inside her she could not believe how much it seemed like probably at least triple what was normal for her other lovers.

Rachel wanted to get up and run to the bathroom to clean up but didn't have the energy to move just as she past out Melanie notice the time was now 1:15, Chris had pounded her for nearly two hours. A short while later Rachel woke up to see Chris standing over her with his hard-on just inches from her mouth, noticing the time was now 1:50. Chris grabbed her head and Rachel did not resist. Rachel took Chris in her mouth, now Rachel had given blowjobs to all the guys she'd been with except for Darren. She had only let Casey and Willy come in her mouth, and she had never blown any of them after they had sex. Melanie could taste her own juices and some of Chris's cum on his shaft. Chris fucked Rachel's mouth fiercely. Rachel sucked his fat cock that barely fit in her mouth in fact she could feel her teeth grating against it. Rachel would stop and then suck Chris's balls, which she managed to work out of his pants. Rachel then returned to suck his member. This seemed to last a long time and Rachel's jaw got sore she stopped sucking and began jerking him off, her hand barely able to circle his member. But her arm got tired and Chris guided Rachel's mouth back to his cock. As Rachel began sucking him again it wasn't long before Chris came in her mouth and again it was a massive load. So much so it overflowed her mouth and began running down her chin. Chris pulled his dick out of her mouth and shot the last little bit of his load on to Rachel's cheek. With his thumb Chris push what was on her chin back into her mouth and then used his forefinger to do the same with what was on her cheek. After gagging a little Rachel swallowed it all. Still laying on the couch Rachel reached the for the bottle of wine drinking the rest of it as a chaser. Rachel then looked for the time and saw it was just before 3:00.

Rachel desperately wanted to get to the bathroom so she could clean up, but she once again past out on the couch. At 3:45 Chris shake had awakened Rachel. Chris helped Rachel to her feet and guided her to the side of the couch and then bent her over. She then felt some type of oil coating the crack of her ass, and Chris vigorously rubbed it between her cheeks she then felt his finger slide up her asshole and she realized what Chris was intent on. She thought oh God no not that. She had never done that before and felt that if she ever going to do that it should be with someone she loved. But as Chris slowly rubbed his finger in and out and then added a second finger and then a third, something came over she seemed to like it and decided to go with it. She had let this complete stranger totally control her and decided to give in to this act of ultimate control. Chris pulled his fingers out of her asshole and then slowly put the head of his cock in but then in hard fast furious manor slammed the rest of him inside her brown eye. He was relentless with how hard and fast his strokes were. Each stroke hurt but Rachel enjoyed the pain. She took her hand and started rubbing her pussy then Chris grabbed her legs and lifted them off the ground with as he slammed himself against her ass as hard as could he also pulled her towards him intensifying the force. Rachel kept rubbing her pussy giving herself an orgasm. Rachel continued to rub her pussy, which was still sore from the pounding Chris had given it, and it took a while but eventually she had another orgasm. Rachel continued rubbing her pussy giving herself many more orgasms as Chris continued to pound her Poop soot. Eventually Rachel was orgasmed out but Chris continued thrust inside her as he continued pulling her legs to him. Eventually Chris came in her ass this load seemed very large as well.

It was now 5:00 in the morning and Rachel finally managed to get to the bathroom to clear up herself and to pee as well. After Chris pulled out Rachel developed a strong urge to pee, after all she had drunk a full bottle of wine. She almost didn't make it, in fact just before she sat down she felt a little bit squirt out. When Rachel returned she went to gather her clothes and asked Chris where they were. Chris said he had put them in her car. “What! You want me to walk to my car naked!” Melanie exclaimed. “No wear this back to your car,” Chris said handing her an oversize T-shirt. Rachel put it on and it barely came below the bottom or ass cheeks. It was now light out and Rachel just hoped she wouldn't see anyone on the walk back to her car. Rachel grabbed her keys and purse and left as she was leaving she could not believe how many people she would pass at such an early hour. After Rachel got to her car and saw her clothes in pile on the passanger seat she felt like a dirty little whore. She totally let Chris use and abuse her. Yet somehow her shame and guilt gave her pleasure. She just felt that there was something to letting yourself be dominated and controlled that was thrilling.

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Melanie or rachel who's the main girl ?

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