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First Real Encounter
Chapter 3- First encounter.

When the words left his lips, I almost fainted with shock. But, no sooner said than done, I started to stroke him again. Rod lifted his ass up and took his sweats completely off. I did the same.

We lay there, both naked, with my hand on his cock. I was stroking him with the gentlest of touches. His cock was erect, and at its peak of 5inches. I put my hand to my mouth and spit on it for lubrication. I went back to stroke him.

"Oh..Keep going..It feels soo good. Go faster please." he said.
"OK...Grab my dick and rub it or something." I said
He put his hand on my balls; cupping them. He rubbed them gently.
"Take your shirt off, Ken"
I did.

I took my shirt of and Rod scooted up and started to suck on my nipples while stroking me. It was a feeling of extasy. I was now completely naked, and so was Rod, apart from his shirt. While he was sucking my nipples, I took his shirt off. We were in a circle of sexual passion. I was stroking him and he was stroking me. I was going to cum soon; even though I did not want to...I did not want this to ever end.
"Ken..Im going to cum...Ugh...Fuccck." rod said

Knowing what he really wanted, I released his cock and put my head by his dick without asking. I started to suck his cock. I was giving my first blow-job my best friend. It was a salty taste. A good salty. I sucked him harder, sticking his cock to the back of my mouth.

"OH MY GOD! That feels so good! This is awesome! God, Im going to cum. Keep sucking, milk my dick." he said. I was shocked at his choice of words.

Rod began to cum into my mouth. Three long streams of hot cum filled the back of my mouth. His cum was as salty as his cock. I took my mouth off his cock after he was done cuming and went up to kiss him. We kissed for a while; cum swapping in our mouths. I could tell he loved the taste of his own cum. He swallowed the whole load. We stopped kissing and He looked at me.
"Now, it's your turn." he said looking me in the eyes.
I laid back onto the bed and Rod got off. I spread my legs so Rod could lay between them. He sat down and took my cock into his hands. He toyed with it for a bit, trying to tease me. He eventually went down and put it into his mouth. The feeling was that of nirvana.

I was finally getting my first blow job. He put my cock to the back of his mouth like I did to him. He got the hang of it very fast, rubbing the tip of my cock with his tongue.
"That feels so good. You are doing great." I said

He cupped my balls while he was blowing me, playing with them like a worry stone. I was going to cum.

"Oh, Rod, Im cuming. Suck harder..!"

He did what he was told. He sucked vigeriously on my swollen cock. I began to cum in his mouth. Startled, He took my cock out of his mouth and let my cum land on his face. I shot two good streams of it on his lips and cheek. It oozed down onto his neck.

"Yum". Rod said as he licked his lips and swallowed my cum. I crawled up the bed and laid down next to him. He laid his arm on my chest.

"That was amazing. I can't belive you actually did that. I thought you were not bi." I said.
"Yeah, me either. But when I woke up to you jacking me off, I could not contain myself, so I let you continue. We need to do this again, but it needs to be kept a secret." Rod explained.
"Of coarse. Now, lets go back to bed. We have to get up in like 4 hours." I said.

We laid down in the bed naked. We hugged until we were almost asleep.
"Love you, Ken"
"Love you, too."

We fell asleep. Tomorrow could not cum soon enough.

~~Chapter 4 coming soon. Please rate and comment on this story and tell me what you think~~

~Love, Beastken4


2009-05-13 15:29:40
Hope you post all the chapters soon as these are getting me really hot and hard. Really hot to read.


2009-05-13 15:04:44
Hope you post all the chapters soon as these are getting me really hot and hard. Really hot to read.


2009-05-11 15:58:18
You need to add some older bi-male and female incest chapters. Family bi-action is hot.

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2009-05-11 10:57:25
This is a very good story I have but one complint use other words than God,use gosh or something we all don't care about the same thing,but this is a really good story,keep it going,maybe there are other brothers or sisters in the family that needs to join in with them,heck maybe the intire family who knows.This stor excites the hell out of me.Check your words before you print, Keep it up.

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