A girl uses men for money.
Nicole stood outside the arena, looking around, hoping she'd find somebody who wanted some company at the concert. She might not be the typical sixteen-year-old girl, but she was still a sixteen-year-old girl, and this was the biggest concert of the year, with the hot new group that everybody wanted to see. The tickets had sold out in about five minutes, so here she was, wearing one of her "fuck me" outfits, hoping that it would get the attention of someone who had an extra.

Nicole knew how to get the attention of men. She was 5'3", about 110 pounds, with small boobs, a flat belly, and an ass that was just beginning to round into shape. She also had a gorgeous face, with long blond hair. That package, set off by the tight, white tank top and short black skirt she was wearing, should be enough to get her into the concert.

"Looking for somebody?" It was a man, an older guy, looked like he was about forty. Wearing a pinstriped suit that looked like it was pretty expensive. Not what you'd expect to see at a concert like this.

Nicole lied. "Yeah, I'm supposed to meet a friend of mine here. She's got the tickets, but I can't find her and she's not answering when I text. I hope nothing's wrong." Nicole did her best to sound concerned.

"How old are you, honey?" He was a medium-sized man with brown eyes and short dark hair, not bad looking, but no killer. He didn't seem at all nervous talking to a teenage girl he didn't know.

"Eighteen." Another lie. That wasn't hard for her, she got lots of practice.

"Well, if you don't think your friend is going to show up, maybe you'd like to come in with me. I've got extra passes." He smiled, confident, sure he was going to get what he wanted. And he was right.

"Sure. If she shows up, she can give my ticket to somebody else." Nicole gave him her best little-girl grin, and followed when he motioned her which way to go. She almost had a stroke when he led her straight to the VIP entrance.

Nicole had learned early that life was a pain in the ass, and that you did what you needed to get by. Her mother was a junkie, her father had left when she was a baby. They lived in a small apartment, and barely managed to scrape by on public assistance and whatever her mother could convince her boyfriend of the moment to give her. If they had anything left over after rent, utilities, and food (not much and not very good), it was a good month.

It was a Saturday. Nicole was twelve, just coming up on five feet tall, and built like a stick. Her mother was nodded out in the bedroom, again, so Nicole had gone out for a while, just to get out of the apartment and walk around. When she got back she opened the door and saw her mother's latest boyfriend, a guy named Jim, sitting on the couch, a porno movie on the TV and his dick in his hand. There were several beer cans on the table in front of him. Nicole quickly closed the door and stood staring at Jim. She knew what a dick looked like, she'd seen pictures and stuff, but this was the first time she'd ever seen a real one.

"What are you doing?"

"What your mother should be doing for me if she wasn't always passed out from the smack." Jim leered at her. He was a tall, skinny guy, who supposedly worked construction but mostly seemed to hang out at the apartment and drink beer. "Hey, honey, I'll give you five bucks if you'll suck my cock!"

Nicole was shocked that he'd been so blunt, but five dollars was a lot of money to her. She never had any money of her own.

"I don't know how."

"I'll walk you through it. It's not hard. Well, I guess it is hard." He laughed at his own bad joke, then said, "Just come over here and pretend like it's a popsicle."

Nicole walked over in front of Jim, and he motioned her to kneel on the floor in front of him. She saw his cock close up, the long thin shaft with the head that looked like a mushroom. She saw the tiny hole in the end. She knew that was where guys peed from.

"If I do it, you're not going to pee in my mouth are you?"

"No, honey, don't worry about that. Just put your mouth on my cock."

Nicole leaned forward, put one hand on his dick to hold it steady. She stuck her tongue out and licked it, like a popsicle, the way he told her, starting low on the shaft by her fingers and moving up until her tongue flicked over the bottom of the head. It tasted strong, like she figured a man should taste, and salty, like he'd been sweating.

Jim groaned as her tongue slid up his dick. "Yeah, honey, that feels good. Do that a few more times."

She did, moving back down and licking all the way up. The shaft of his cock was hard and smooth, and Nicole could feel it twitch when her tongue slid across the underside of the head. On one stroke she moved up a little more, letting her tongue touch the pee hole in the end of his dick. It was wet, with something that tasted bitter. Jim groaned louder, seemed to shake a little.

"Okay, honey, put it in your mouth now. I want you to suck my cock."

Nicole moved her mouth to the head of his cock, still holding it with her fingers, opened as wide as she could. She wrapped her lips around the head, then moved her head down so another inch or so of his cock entered her mouth. She sucked lightly, swirled her tongue around the head. She got the full taste of him now, and decided it wasn't too bad. Jim was groaning harder, shoving his hips forward to try to drive more of himself into Nicole's mouth. She wasn't sure how much she wanted to take, so she kept her hand curled tightly around the base of his shaft to make sure only so much could go in. Nicole quickly got the hang of moving her mouth up and down on Jim's dick in rhythm with his thrusts, although her jaw was getting a little sore from keeping her mouth open so wide. She felt the shaft slide in and out over her lips, the head bump against the roof of her mouth, scrape along her tongue.

Jim's thrusts and grunts became stronger, then he suddenly grabbed her hair and went stiff. Nicole felt something hot, wet, and salty shoot out of his cock into her mouth, hitting the back of her throat. She tried to pull away, but his hands on her head were too strong. She gulped, trying to swallow whatever it was he was pouring into her mouth, almost gagging. She got most of it down, but she felt some leak out around her lips and down her chin. Finally Jim relaxed and let go of her hair. She leaned back, saw his cock already starting to shrink. She gave him her nastiest look.

"You said you wouldn't pee in my mouth!"

"That's not pee, honey, that's cum. That's the stuff that makes babies. You did real good, honey." Jim fished in his pocket, came up with a five dollar bill. Good, Nicole had been half afraid he wouldn't give her the money. "Maybe we can do that again sometime, when you want another five bucks."

"Yeah, maybe we can."

They walked through the VIP gate, the guy flashing a badge at the security dude guarding the entrance. Once they were inside, he handed her a similar badge on a string.

"Wear this, in case we get separated. Oh, I'm John, by the way, what's your name?"

"Nicole." It was the first thing she'd said to him that was true. And it was all she said then. She was too busy staring at what was going on around her. She was actually backstage, with all kinds of people who looked like big shots running around. The next fifteen minutes or so were pretty much a blur, as John introduced her to several people, none of whose names she could remember, and had quiet conversations with two or three folks who were obviously taking orders from him. He slipped an arm around her, let his hand move up under tank top, and slid it up to between her shoulder blades, then down, stopping just short of letting his fingers move under the waist band of her skirt. He leaned down and whispered in her ear.

"I've got to go take care of some business. You can just hang out here, or wander around pretty much anywhere you want. I'll be back before the concert starts."

"Okay, see you in a bit." She gave him her sweetest smile, trying to figure out what he was up to.

Jim hung around longer than most of her mother's boyfriends. Nicole figured a lot of it was what he was getting from her when her mother was passed out. Sucking Jim's cock was a regular thing now, any time Nicole's mother was out of it, which was a lot. Nicole didn't mind having a cock in her mouth, and she loved the five bucks he gave her every time. As she got more used to sucking, she learned how to relax her jaw so she could take more in.

A couple of months after the first time, Nicole was blowing Jim when he grabbed her head in his hands and drove into her mouth harder than he ever had. His cock slid all the way into her mouth over her tongue, and she felt the head wedge itself in the back of the throat. She gagged, her throat spasming around him. Jim groaned happily.

"Yeah, baby, take it all the way down. Deep throat that fucker!" Jim pulled back, thrust in deep again, and again Nicole gagged. She wasn't sure she liked this, but she wanted to get her money. She leaned forward, and the next time Jim's cock rammed into her mouth, she felt the head move down her throat like she was swallowing it. She grabbed Jim's ass, almost panicked, afraid she'd choke. He moved back, then in again, his cock reaching farther into her throat, and Nicole found she could breathe through her nose if she concentrated.

"Fuck, Nicole, that's it. Take my whole cock, you slut!" After a couple more thrusts, she realized that she was taking all of it. Her nose was rubbing in his pubic hair, which she didn't care for much, and she could feel his balls banging against her chin. Not long after that she felt him shudder, and his cock pulsed in her mouth, sending his cum shooting straight down her throat into her stomach. She didn't even have to swallow.

When Jim had finished shaking, and had handed over Nicole's five dollars, he gave her a wicked look.

"Hey, baby, I got this friend, Jake. I been tellin' him about how my girlfriend's got this little cocksuckin' whore of a daughter, and he'd like to get some of that himself. And he'll pay. Not no lousy five bucks, either. I told him if you'd do it, it'd cost him fifty. I figure we could split it, twenty-five each. What'd ya say?"

Nicole thought about it, but not for very long. She figured one dick was probably about the same as the next, and the money sounded real good.

"Sure, I'll do it. But anybody besides you, we gotta see the money up front."

He grinned at her. "You learn fast, Nicole."

Big shock, Jake turned out to be a lot like Jim. Construction-worker type, mid-thirties, not exactly sophisticated. He was about the same height as Jim, but he was built a lot heavier. His cock was heavier, too. Not much longer than Jim's, but it was bigger around. At first Nicole was worried about whether she could actually get much of it into her mouth, but once she started working on it she didn't have any trouble.

Jake was a moaner, kept it up practically the whole time, with a break once in a while to say "Yeah, baby," or "Oh, fuck." It occurred to Nicole that most guys weren't going to be very original about what they said while they were having their cocks sucked.

Jake tasted a little different than Jim, too, a little bit stronger. Nicole figured that Jake probably didn't shower very often, even compared to Jim. Oh, well, it was all for the money, anyway.

Jake didn't try to shove his dick all the way down her throat. He let her keep her hand wrapped around the lower part so she didn't have to take the whole thing in her mouth. When he finally shot his load into her mouth, she swallowed the whole thing, which seemed to impress him.

"Damn, she swallowed it! On her own! Damn!"

"I told you she was one hot little whore. Hey, you want to go grab a couple beers?'

"Yeah, sounds good."

Nicole broke in, "Could you drop me at the mall? I've got some money to spend."

Everybody left happy. And Nicole's mother was unconscious in the bedroom the whole time.

The next few months, Nicole had more cocks in her mouth than she could keep track of. Jake came back for more, and Jim brought other friends around who were willing to put up the money to get blown by a twelve-year-old girl with the mouth of a hooker. And Nicole ventured out on her own. She wasn't ready to try any grown men yet without Jim there, she had enough sense to know that some of them could be dangerous. But she found some boys at her school, and a few at the high school down the block, who had some extra money and wanted to get their rocks off. And, of course, there was always Jim. For the first time in her life, she had a little bit of money that she could spend however she wanted.

Now it was her thirteenth birthday, she was finally a teenager. Her mother actually managed to stay vertical long enough to get her a cake, and it was even the ice cream cake she'd asked for. They had pizza, then the cake, and her mother was there for the whole thing, even had a card and present for her. Eventually, though, nature took it's course, and her mother headed for the bedroom. When she did, Jim smiled widely at Nicole.

"Honey, I got a real special birthday present for you. Come here." Nicole figured it was something like he'd let her suck his cock, then pay her more than usual. But when she sat down on the couch next to him, he slipped an arm around her, turned her to face him, and pressed his lips against hers. Nicole squirmed. She didn't know what to think. She'd sucked Jim's cock, and plenty of others, but she'd never done anything else, not even been kissed. She finally decided to just go with it, after all Jim had said it was going to be her birthday present. She relaxed, opened her lips, and let Jim's tongue into her mouth. He tasted of beer and cigarettes, but as his tongue started gliding over hers, and up to the roof of her mouth, and along her teeth, she didn't care. Especially after his hands started to move across her body.

He grabbed at one of her small breasts, squeezed it through her T-shirt. Nicole broke off their kiss and gasped for breath as a new feeling shot through her body. Jim reached down, took hold of the hem of her T-shirt, and pulled it off over her head. She wasn't wearing a bra, and she felt the cool air on her tits, and saw the look on Jim's face as he stared a them. He dropped his head to her chest, started licking her tits, and Nicole mewled in pleasure as she felt his warm, wet tongue and lips glide over her body. At the same time, she felt his hand moving down along her belly, his fingers brushing over her skin, until they reached the waist band of her jeans. And they kept going.

"God, Jim, are you gonna touch me down there?" Nicole didn't know whether to be scared or excited. Or both. She was definitely horny. She could feel the moisture between her legs starting to seep into her panties.

"I'm gonna do more than that, baby." Jim laughed. She felt his fingers creep inside her jeans, down into her panties, brushing through the light hair that hadn't been growing there for very long. Nicole was breathing heavily now, trembling. His fingers dipped lower, and she felt them touch the lips of her opening.

"Uh! God! Mmmmm!" She reached down herself to unbutton and unzip her jeans so he had more room to work. Then his fingertip curled up inside her pussy. "Ah! Ah! Yes!"

She shoved her hips out against his hand, helping him force his finger all the way up into her virgin pussy. She felt his finger move inside her, her muscles gripping it, pulsing, more juices flowing through her body.

"God, Jim, that feels good!" She moaned as he started moving his finger in and out, finger-fucking her. It was the first time she'd ever been penetrated, by anything, and she liked it. Just as she was really getting into it, Jim pulled his hand out of her jeans.

"Don't stop!" Nicole was about to put her own hand between her legs when Jim started pulling down her jeans. He chuckled.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to stop. I'm gonna use something else instead of my finger." As Jim finished pulling off her jeans and panties and started unfastening his own pants, Nicole realized exactly what her birthday present was going to be.

She lay on the couch, naked in front of a man for the first time, hoping her body looked okay to Jim. She didn't look almost like a boy any more, like she did the first time she sucked his cock, but she was still pretty thin and didn't have many curves. She thought guys liked girls with big tits and round bottoms. She looked down at her small tits and almost hairless pussy and wished she looked more like a woman and less like a little girl. Jim seemed to think she looked just fine, though, licking his lips as he finished stripping off his clothes. He moved over to her, his cock sticking out hard and straight. He spread her legs on the couch so that one was draped over the back, one hanging down off the front, and positioned himself between them. Nicole was looking into Jim's face as she felt his cock press against the opening of her pussy. He bucked his hips forward, and Nicole was overcome by a sharp pain as she felt something tear apart inside her, then a tremendous pressure in her belly, like everything was being moved around, as his whole cock shoved into her in one stroke.

"OW! Jim, that hurts, real bad! Uhhhh!"

"It's supposed to hurt the first time, baby. Now you got that all over with."

He had already started pumping his cock in and out of her, not taking it easy at all because she was a virgin. And "that" wasn't all over with. It still hurt. And the pressure of a grown man laying on top of her (barely) thirteen-year-old body wasn't very comfortable either. Slowly, though Nicole started to feel better, the pain and pressure easing up as she got used to the feeling of a cock sliding in and out. She felt her pussy open up as it entered her, then close back around the empty space as it pulled back, felt the lips of her pussy cling to it as it slid out. She started to arch her hips up to meet his thrusts, and found out that it felt better when she did. And if she angled her hips just right, Jim's cock rubbed against her clit, and that felt even better.

"Mmmm, Jim, that's better. God, you're really fucking me!"

Jim didn't say anything, just kept grunting as he pumped into her. And Nicole could tell by the way he sounded that he was going to cum soon. She felt him stiffen and give that last thrust, this time into her pussy instead of her mouth, and his cum spurted out of his cock in waves, washing over the walls of her pussy, mixing with her own juices, and dripping out around his cock onto the couch.

"Shit that feels good in me!"

"You like that, don't you, ya little whore? You like to feel my cum inside your cunt." She was used to being called a whore and a slut by now. And she knew that was exactly what she was.

John was as good as his word. He got back from whatever business he had and found Nicole about half an hour before the concert started.

"The first band's going to be starting pretty soon, you want to head to our seats?"

"Sure." Nicole followed John around to the front of the stage and down into the orchestra pit. Right in the front. About a foot away from where the band was going to be. This just kept getting better and better.

As they settled into their seats and watched a couple of members of the opening act working on a final sound check, John leaned over and whispered, "You're going to come to the party after the concert aren't you?"

Nicole giggled. "Well, yeah, if I'm invited."

"Oh, don't worry, you're invited." John's lips and tongue brushed against Nicole's earlobe and neck as he finished talking, and she shivered a little.

The concert was incredible. The band was everything she'd expected, and more, and they were even cuter in person than on TV. She squealed, cheered, clapped, and bounced on her toes. Generally acted like a teenage girl, something she didn't really do very often. It was fun.

When she sat still long enough, she felt John's hand brushing over her thigh. Or he'd slip his arm around her shoulders and let his fingertips drift down to stroke her breast. That was okay. She hadn't expected to get into the concert without paying something, and getting to go backstage and sit this close was worth a lot.

When the concert was over, way too soon, Nicole wondered if they'd go backstage again, but John led her toward the exit instead.

"We need to get to where the party's going to be. I have to check on a couple of things there." They walked out of the arena and down the block to a hotel/nightclub sort of complex down the street. As they walked through the hotel, several people waved or talked to John when they went by. Nicole figured he must spend a lot of time here.

They finally walked into a big room set up like a disco or something, with wild lights and music. There were several bars set up around the edges, and some people were already getting drinks. John led her to one corner of the room, where he spent several minutes talking to three other men. Nicole wasn't paying any attention to what they were saying, she was too busy just looking around at the decorations. She wasn't used to things like this.

When John came back, he led her over to one of the bars, walked behind it himself, and poured himself a glass of booze, whiskey probably, but Nicole didn't know much about liquor. With a junkie for a mother, she tended to stay away from things like that.

"So, honey, what do you want to drink?"

"Uh, I'm a little young for that, remember?"

"Hey, this is a private party. There won't be anybody around here asking for IDs. How about a little wine?"

"Mmm, sure, why not?" Nicole figured having a little bit wouldn't hurt. Besides, she didn't want to seem like a jerk or something after he got her into the concert and the party and everything. She took the glass of white wine and sipped. It was sort of sweet and sour together, and didn't taste bad at all.

Nicole didn't mind fucking Jim at all after the first shot of pain eased up, and when she found out he'd give her a lot more money for that than for sucking his dick, she knew she was going to be doing a lot more of it. Turned out all of the guys she'd been blowing were real happy to stick their dicks in her pussy instead of in her mouth, and they'd all pay more for that.

Over the next year Nicole learned quite a bit about guys and how they like to get laid. She found out that some only like to get sucked, some only want pussy. Some want a little of each. Some wanted to shoot their loads in her mouth and have her swallow, some wanted to bury it deep in her cunt (and looking back, she was amazed she didn't get pregnant). Then there were the ones she thought of as freaks, the guys that wanted to shoot all over her belly or, worse yet, her face and hair. She didn't like that much, so she charged guys like that extra.

The other thing Nicole found out was that the guys didn't worry much about her. It was all about them - get their cock out, put it in her someplace, dump their load in her or on her, then tuck it away and get on with their business. Didn't make any difference to them if she liked it or not. And it didn't really make any difference to her, either. She was doing it for the money.

Not that she didn't enjoy sex. It was fun. How much fun depended on how good the guy was, of course, but it always felt nice to have a dick inside her. But the way she felt with a guy was nothing compared to what happened when she was alone.

She learned how to take care of herself a couple of months after Jim popped her cherry on her birthday. She was soaking in the bathtub, just relaxing and trying not to think about anything. The hot water made her comfortable, and then she started to feel horny. Nicole wasn't really used to that, all of her experience had been about giving a man what he wanted and getting the money. But now her own body was starting to tell her what it needed.

She moved her hands to her breasts, began massaging them slowly and gently. She was used to being pawed by guys, which wasn't bad, but she found out that the softer touch got her really hot. She licked her lips, moaned a little, as she felt her belly begin to flutter. She moved the fingers of her right hand to her left nipple, pinched a little, gasped as she felt a shiver run through her.

Nicole let her other hand slide down over her belly, brushed her fingers against her skin. Her body tingled, and she could feel her pussy getting wet. Her hand drifted lower, her hips jerked slightly when her fingers reached the lips of her pussy. She wiggled one finger between her lips, let it slide up inside her.

"Ooohhh, god!" Her pussy gripped her finger, and she felt her muscles tense and relax. She started stroking in and out of herself giving herself the kind of finger-fucking she wished she'd get from guys. As she did, her finger rubbed against her clit, and her whole body twitched. Nicole pulled her finger back, put the tip against her clit, pressed hard. "Fuck!" She felt like she'd been hit with an electric shock. Nicole rubbed her clit, hard and fast, and within seconds she was gasping and moaning, her body shaking. This was better than anything she'd ever gotten from a man.

"Oohh, oohh, oohh, oohh! Ah! Fuck!" Nicole sat straight up in the tub, her legs clamped around her hand. Spasms ran through her pussy, up the rest of her belly. She tried to catch her breath as her first orgasm rolled over her in waves. Finally her body relaxed, and she lay back in the tub, whimpering.

For the next half hour or so, John and Nicole circulated through the crowd, drinking, making small talk. John introduced her to several people, and she actually recognized a couple of them as being in one of the bands that had played that night. Nicole was starting to feel a little inadequate. All of the other women at the party were gorgeous, and elegant, wearing fancy clothes and jewelry. Their hair and makeup were perfect. Nicole felt like an under-dressed little kid next to them. She really didn't belong here.

She'd just finished her second glass of wine when she felt John step up behind her and wrap his arms around her waist. One of his hands began rubbing her lower belly, just above the waistband of her skirt, while the other moved up, brushed against the bottoms of her tits. Nicole was a little surprised that John would be so bold in the middle of the party, but she knew something like this was coming. He hadn't gotten her back stage at the concert and brought her to this fancy blow-out because he felt sorry for her.

Nicole spun around, lifted her face up to John's, felt his lips press against hers, took his tongue into her mouth. He tasted of whiskey, a sharp, clean taste, better than the cigarettes-and-cheap-beer that she was used to from most of the older guys she'd been with. Or the sweat and fear she got from the boys her age. John's left hand cupped her tit from the side, squeezed it. Nicole moaned into his mouth. She felt his right hand glide down her back, tickling slightly. He moved it past her waist, down over her ass. His fingers slipped between her legs, taking her skirt with them, and he began to rub her pussy from behind, through her skirt and panties. Nicole moaned again, pressed her hips forward, and felt John's cock through his pants, already hard. John pulled her closer, moved his mouth off of hers.

"Want to go where we can be alone?"

"Mmm, yeah."

He took her hand in his, led out of the ballroom, down the hallway, to an elevator. While they rode up, John pulled her back to him. Nicole's ass pressed up against the front of John's slacks, feeling his cock pressing against her. She didn't pay any attention to which floor they went to, but it must been a high one, because they seemed to be on the elevator a long time. John took her to a door just down the hall from the elevator and when they walked in, Nicole looked around with her eyes wide. It was a suite. The first room was like a living room, and bigger than the one in the apartment where she lived. With better furniture, too. But they weren't going to be spending much time there. John quickly ushered her into the bedroom, which had a king-sized bed, big-screen TV, and several bottles of booze sitting on a side table.

While Nicole was taking all of that in, John wasn't wasting time. By the time she looked over at him, he was already out of his coat, tie, and shirt, and was pulling off his shoes. Nicole reached down to start pulling off her tank top, but John said, "Wait and let me take care of that." So she watched while he finished getting undressed. Not a bad body, looked like he took care of himself. He moved over to where she was standing, pulled her tank top up and over her head. He looked down at her bare breasts and smiled. His hands went to her skirt, unfastened it, slid both the skirt and her panties down until they dropped to the floor. She kicked off her shoes, and they were both naked.

Nicole figured John would want her to suck his cock, and she started to squat in front of him, but he took her by the shoulders and pulled her back up.

"Time for that later. You first." He was smiling at her, and his smile made her feel relaxed and safe somehow.

John put his hands on her waist and picked her up easily. She wasn't a big girl, but he seemed to be a lot stronger than he looked. He set her down on the bed, her legs dangling over the side, and knelt down next to the bed. He used his hands to push her knees apart, spreading her completely open. Nicole wanted to watch, but it would be too uncomfortable to try to sit up, so she just lay back to wait for what was going to happen. She felt John's fingers on her pussy, spreading her lips apart. Then a breeze drifted across her crotch and she realized it was his breath. A split second later, his tongue began to lick around the inside of her pussy lips, and Nicole moaned as her fingers clutched at the quilt on the bed.

Nicole had never had her pussy licked. All the sex she'd had was about getting the man off and getting her money. If she enjoyed it that was fine, probably made it better for the guys, but doing something for her was never the point. As she felt John's tongue swirl around her pussy lips, then dive deep inside her, she realized that there could be more to sex. She had no illusions about what was going on. This was a trick like any other, she'd just gotten paid with a concert ticket and a party instead of cash, but even when she was being a whore she might be able to get something out of it, too.

John licked Nicole's pussy for what seemed like hours. He would slide his tongue up all the way up and down her slit a few times, moving from just in front of her ass all the way up to her clit, teasing it with his tongue. Then he'd lock his lips around her clit and suck it. When he did that, the heat rose in Nicole's body, her pussy gushed, she could feel her orgasm rising within her, getting close. And then John's mouth would leave her clit, move away, lick her lower belly, or the inside of her thighs for a bit, while the raging lust inside her receded, her body relaxed. Then his tongue was back on her slit, then her clit, bringing her close again only to let her down. Nicole lost track of how many times he teased her this way, she felt like she was going to go insane. She was clawing at the quilt, her tits, her belly, in frustration.

He brought her up again, she gasped for breath, her body shaking, not sure how much more she could take. She felt him sucking on her clit, waited for him to abandon her again. But this time he sucked harder as she got closer to cumming. His fingers moved into her pussy, reaching up, opening her, twisting inside her. Then his teeth closed over her clit, bit down, not hard, but enough.

"OH FUCK FUCKFUCK!!! AAAAHHHH!!!" Nicole's entire body spasmed, she felt like she was going into convulsions. Her hands clawed at the quilt, at the air. Her head whipped back on forth on the bed. Her back arched up, then crashed back down, bringing her shoulders up. But she didn't feel any of it. All she could feel was her cunt going wild under the touch of the first man she'd ever been with who actually knew how to treat a woman. When her savage orgasm finally passed, she simply lay there panting for a few minutes until she could catch her breath enough to function. She looked up at John, who was standing by the side of the bed, smiling down at her and stroking his cock.

"So, baby, are you ready for this now?" He nodded down at the dick he was holding in his hand.

"God yes! I want you to fuck me until I can't move!"

Not long after Nicole's fourteenth birthday, things changed. Her mother dumped Jim and started a revolving door of boyfriends. Nicole wouldn't have cared much, one of her mother's boyfriends tended to be pretty much the same as the next, but it put a crimp on her money-making activities. Jim wasn't there to set her up with his buddies, and she didn't really know any other older guys that she could just go to and offer sex for money. That left just the guys at school, and they usually didn't have much money to spend for something like that. After more than a year of having decent money coming in that she could spend on herself, Nicole was back to having not much more than her mother was willing to give her, which was basically nothing. Not only that, but with no steady boyfriend at all around, her mother didn't have anybody to give her a little extra to supplement what she got from the county. Things weren't looking too good.

The break came a couple of months later when Nicole was walking along the street, wearing one of her more revealing outfits (which wasn't anything unusual, she was not what you'd call a conservative dresser). A car pulled up along side her, and she looked over. It was a middle-aged guy, who looked like he was maybe just barely a cut above Jim and his buddies. Not that she expected classy in her neighborhood. The guy rolled down his window.

"Hey, sugar, how much?" The way he was looking at her made it obvious what he was talking about.

"Fifty bucks." She hadn't even hesitated.

"For that you're going to have to blow me and fuck me." This time she did hesitate a bit, she'd usually get more than that for both from a grown man. Then she realized that she wouldn't have to split the money with Jim this time.

"Sure, let's see the money." He handed her the money, she tucked it away and climbed into the car. The guy drove into a nearby alley, where Nicole quickly opened up his pants and went to work with her mouth. He was hard and panting in no time, and after a couple of minutes, Nicole had him sounding like he was ready to shoot. He suddenly pulled her head up off his cock.

"Okay, baby, time to get it in your pussy." She silently breathed a sigh of relief. She'd been afraid he was going to want her to make him cum twice, once in each hole. She straddled him, moved her panties out of the way, and sat down on his cock. He grunted. She moaned. She hadn't had a man's cock inside her since Jim had left, only the boys at school and, whore or not, she liked the feel. She bounced up and down on his cock until he dumped his load inside her, then climbed off and got out of the car, leaving the guy sitting there with his dick hanging out and a silly grin on his face.

Now she knew she'd be okay. She could find guys on her own, get back to making that extra money that made life easier. She might not get as many customers as when she had Jim bringing them in for her, or get them as often, but she wouldn't have to split the money with him, either. She was going to have to be careful, though. Some of the guys out there that would pay money to fuck a young teenager might not care too much about how many other laws they broke, either.

Nicole purred as John's cock penetrated her pussy. He pushed her knees up along side her head, spreading her open wide, and drove all the way in with a single thrust. His dick was good sized, but not huge, and her cunt wrapped itself around his shaft comfortably. John put his hands down on the bed and braced himself, holding his body up off Nicole rather than laying on top of her. He was using his arms to keep her legs pinned up alongside her body. He started pumping his cock in and out of Nicole's pussy, and she moaned as she felt him drive deep into, then pull back almost all the way out. He was holding himself at an angle that caused his cock to scrape over her clit as he fucked her, and it was making her start to shake. Her pussy was gripping his cock tightly, she could feel it stretching outward as he pulled back.

"Damn, baby, you're tight. And you know just what to do." Good, he was enjoying it, too. He deserved to after what he'd done for her tonight. "I might not last too long."

"That's okay, just shoot it into me. I want to feel you cum inside me." She meant it, she wanted him to fill her cunt with semen.

He didn't say anything else after that, just fucked her hard. Nicole lay back, closed her eyes, and let the feelings rush over her. Her breathing got heavier, she could feel her pussy and clit pulsing at the touch of his cock.

"Fuck, dude, I'm going to cum again!" Her body spasmed, her pussy tightened around John's cock. "Yes, god, cumming! Oooohhhhh fuuuck yes!" She dug her fingers into his arms, and felt his cock pour a torrent of cum into her cunt. He was grunting, still thrusting into her as he shot his load inside her. Nicole took the last of his cum, relaxed back on the bed as John rolled of of her.

He got up off the bed, stepped over to the table, poured himself a shot of whiskey, took a long drink, looking at Nicole laying on the bed the whole time.

"You like this, don't you," gesturing with his whiskey glass around the room. "The concert, the party, the hotel, the money. You know, you can have all of this, if you really want it."

"You're a pimp, right?"

John laughed. It wasn't a nervous laugh, he really thought it was cute that she'd figured it out. "Except that at this price level we don't use terms like that. You wouldn't be referred to as a 'whore' either. Now I am right in thinking that fuckin for money is nothing new to you?"

"Yeah, dude, you're right on top of things. And, yeah, I like this. Especially if I get to fuck guys like you that know how to make a girl cum instead of dorks that don't know about anything but their own cocks. So what do I have to do to get in with a 'don't call me pimp' like you?"

"Our clients are very sophisticated, and they do know how to treat a woman. And lots of them would be really happy to have a young thing like you for a night or two. By the way, how old are you, really? And no bullshit."

"Sixteen." She was afraid to tell him the truth, figured he wouldn't want anybody underage working for him, but she was also pretty sure he'd be able to find out the truth if she lied.

"You look younger. Which won't bother some of my clients a bit. Girl that looks like you and already has your talents. You'll need to dress a little classier, but we'll take care of that. You might have to learn a few new things, too."

"Like what?" Nicole couldn't imagine much about sex that she hadn't already done.

"Well, you ever sucked a cock?"

"Yeah, want a demonstration?"

"Maybe later." John was grinning. "Swallowed?"

"Of course."

"Been fucked in the ass?"

"Uh, well, no."

"See, there are a few things you still need to learn." He was grinning again. "I'm not worried though. The way you fuck, I'm sure you can take anything that comes up."

"So, when can I start?"

"Not until tomorrow. The rest of tonight you belong to me." He grinned again. Nicole grinned back, and shivered in anticipation.


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