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Authors note: This is actually the first erotic story I have ever written, and I have no idea how to do it. This is only the first chapter in a story that I am in the middle of writing. The plot gets better in other chapters.

I was walking home one night, when I started to think about my life. I work as a secretary at Briggs and Jefferson Law Corporation. It sounds great on paper, but in reality my job is to sit there looking pretty. Now, some women are very modest, and I guess I am too, but I’ve had too many people tell me I’m beautiful to try and hide it. I’m 5”5, with long blond hair and breasts the size and shape of small grapefruits. To be honest, I’ve never liked them, but I’ve received enough complements to persuade me to keep them. I have light brown eyes with flecks of green and gold. I personally think that my eyes are my best feature, framed by soft gold lashes sitting above a small nose and a sweet smile.

Here’s the catch. I’m 22 years old, and I’m a virgin. That’s right, Autumn Lucas is a virgin. Has never had sex. Has never gone past third base. Don’t misunderstand me, I have had opportunities, but there has just never been any guy who could catch my eye. I just can’t bring myself to do it. I haven’t been physically attracted to any one of them. Behind their insincere smiles, they’re all one thing: a penis.

I’m living a pretty lonely life. I had friends in high school, and when I graduated from university 6 months ago I was invited to parties. I’ve just never seemed to identify with anyone, especially when all of my friends were trying to get me to go and do Luke with the six-pack, or Brian with the 8 inch dick. No way.

All in all, I’m sure things will look up sooner or later. And, I’m going to have sex SOMETIME; I’m not like, the forty-year-old virgin or anything. I just need to find the right one. The one to take my virginity.


Autumn was sitting behind her desk on Monday, trying to think of ways to cool off in a hot office. Her employer, John Briggs, liked his office to be warm, and expected all who worked beneath him to suffer with him. Autumn fit in with her surroundings. Everything screamed expensive high class. She was wearing her hair in a sleek chignon, a black blouse and dark jeans. Only the desk could see the way the jeans hugged her curves, and caressed her buttocks. She was looking around the office, eyeing the window when Mary Jefferson walked in the door. She was the wife of Briggs’ partner Timothy Jefferson, and had come to look around.

For some reason, in her husband’s twenty years of senior partnership, she had never bothered to come into this part of the building. 52-year-old Mary knew less about the place than 22-year-old Autumn.

She took a quick look around, taking in her surroundings. She noticed the expensive leather furniture, the sleek Mac computers sitting on the exotic mahogany desks, and the scent of fresh orange blossoms in the air. At the desk in front of the window sat a young girl, barely out of school, looking vulnerable, and undeniably beautiful. Mary immediately thought of her son, Thomas, and strode over to the desk.

Autumn looked up at the sound of designer heels on the hard wood floor. A woman of about forty-five to fifty years old was crossing the room towards her.

“Hello, my name in Mary Jefferson, and I have come to speak with John Briggs.” she said, straightening up.

Autumn looked at her. She looked remarkably well preserved for a woman of her age. She did have creases around her eyes and mouth, but her breasts showed no wrinkles above the scoop of her top. Autumn suspected plastic surgery, which had transformed them into a formidable C cup. The skin below her arms did not look too slack, which was undoubtedly the result of many hours in a gym. Her teeth were perfect, and she was staring at Autumn.

“Of…course. Yes, Mr. Briggs will be right with you.” Autumn replied.

Mary strode over to the leather chairs, and sat down with an old copy of Vogue in hand. She absentmindedly flipped the pages, but her eyes were on the girl. She was the most gorgeous creature Mary had ever seen, with beautiful features, and a clear voice. Mary could not stop looking at her. Then, slowly, unbelievably, Autumn brushed a drop of sweat from her brow, and unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse. Mary’s throat became dry at the sight of the two perfectly round curves that swelled up above her shirt. The folds between her legs grew hot and wet, making her squirm and cross her legs. What was it about this girl that got her so worked up?

“Mrs. Jefferson?” Autumn called, “Mr. Briggs will see you now”

Mary got up and walked through the door to the inner office. Autumn sat back. The woman had been staring at her! Autumn couldn’t place the look in her eyes, it was almost like she wanted Autumn, was interested in her. Autumn grew quite flustered when she recalled the desire in the woman’s brown eyes, the way her red hair gleamed as she stared at the young secretary. Autumn took a deep breath, and tried to continue with her work.

Mary walked out of the office, pleased with the encounter. It was obvious from the way that Briggs was acting that he had been more than a little bit affected by her looks. Men, they were all the same. Still, it was nice to know that she could still give a man a hard on at 52. She smiled with satisfaction, and then noticed Autumn sitting at her desk. Determined to get the girl to meet her son, she crossed over to her.

“Excuse me, but what is your name?” she asked.
“Autumn Lucas” the girl said quietly.
“Oh,” said Mary, and continued on towards the door.


Mary walked towards her son, Thomas, and stood by his side, waiting to catch his attention. Even at 30, he was already very much like his father, always preoccupied with work.

She tapped him on the shoulder, “Thomas, honey. I’d like you to go and fetch my handbag. I’m afraid I left it in Mr. Briggs’ office.”

Thomas smiled at his adored mother, “Of course, I’ll be right there.” and walked away.

Mary smiled. Fetch her handbag from where she had strategically dropped it next to Autumn’s legs.

Thomas walked down the corridor, turned right and entered the office. He turned, and was immediately struck by the beauty of the girl at the desk. She was simply ravishing, the prettiest girl he had ever seen. As she uncrossed her legs, he swallowed, and said,

“Excuse me, but I was wondering if you would meet me for dinner tonight”
Startled, Autumn looked up, “Umm, I’d…love to, but, may I ask your name?”
“Thomas Jefferson,” he said, and wrote down his address. “Please come to dinner at seven o’clock”
“Seven. I’ll be there” Autumn replied, and watched as he left the room, lady’s handbag in hand.


Autumn didn’t know why she had accepted Thomas’ invitation. She had answered on impulse, and was now regretting her decision. She rang the doorbell of the handsome brick Jefferson household. Thomas was obviously still living with his parents.

Mary answered the door, and smiled, “Welcome, Autumn. I’m so glad you came”

Autumn inhaled sharply, it was Mary Jefferson. Of course, why hadn’t she made the connection? She should have known that Mary would be Thomas’ mother, and that he was the son of Timothy Jefferson. Well, “Hello Mrs. Jefferson”

“Oh please, call me Mary” she said, and flashed her laser whitened smile.

Autumn walked into the house. It was light and airy, with tasteful decorations and comfortable furniture. The phone rang.

“Hello, Mary?” It was Tim. “We’ve just gotten a call. One of our best clients has just been arrested for drug trafficking in Columbia. Tom and I are going to be on the next flight in about twenty minutes. I just wanted to let you know. Tom wants you to tell Autumn Lucas if she arrives.”

Mary thought for a moment. “All right, how long will you be away?”
“It’ll take at least a week to sort everything out. He’s going to trial as soon as they can pin enough charges on him”
Mary reassured him, “I know you’ll do a great job honey.”
Timothy smiled, “Don’t be a bad girl when I’m gone”
Mary rolled her eyes, “I’ll miss you baby. Don’t take too long or I won’t be able to stand it”
Tim grinned, “I’ll do my best to make it up to you when I get back” and hung up the phone.

Mary walked back into the room, shaking her head at her husband’s simple mind. As long as she continued to pretend that only he could turn her on, he was wrapped around her little finger.

Autumn looked up, “Is Thomas here?” she asked.
“I’m sorry, but Tim just phoned to let me know that he and Tom have urgent work in Columbia. He won’t be back for at least a week.”
“Oh” Autumn replied. She stood up, “I guess I’ll be going now”
“No” Mary said, “I want you to stay”

They walked into the kitchen, and sat across from each other on the stools.

Mary began to speak, “I guess you’ll be wondering why I was staring at you, why I don’t want you to leave, and why I sent my son up to get my handbag”
Autumn shrugged, “I can’t figure it out.”
“How old are you?” Mary asked.
“22” she replied.
“Well, I’m 52 years old, and you are probably the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. I’ve never felt so attracted to anyone in my life.”
Autumn blushed, the rosy colour spreading across her cheeks.
She stammered, “I-I’m a…a virgin”
Mary gasped, “Really honey?”

Mary couldn’t think of anything else to do. She walked around the counter, cupped Autumn’s chin in her hand, and kissed her on the lips. Autumn stiffened, and then relaxed, letting Mary’s knowing mouth explore her own. Mary took her lip between her teeth, and then kissed her way down Autumn’s face, trailing down her slender neck, all the way to her exquisite breasts. Mary stopped, and looked up. Autumn’s face wore an expression of wonder; this was an entirely new experience for her.

“Do you want me to stop?” Mary asked her.
“No, no. Never” Autumn replied shakily.

Mary took her by the hand and led her upstairs, through the hallway and into the master bedroom. She tenderly sat Autumn on the bed, and proceeded to kiss her again. The kiss was hot, passionate and exciting, but also tender, and careful. Autumn revelled in the sensations that she was feeling. A warm feeling was spreading across her secret place, a feeling that she had never felt before. Mary was trying to taste every part of Autumn’s face, taking an earlobe in her teeth and becoming even more hot as she tasted the sweetness of Autumn’s skin. Mary slowly began to unbutton Autumn’s blouse, the anticipation building as she glimpsed more and more of that perfect skin. When the blouse fell away, Mary caught her breath. She tugged away Autumn’s lacy black bra, and stared. She had never seen such utter perfection. Perfect, round breasts, just enough to escape from a reaching hand. Pale, creamy skin, and rosy pink nipples. They were puffy and soft, but as Mary ran her fingertips over them, they become as hard as diamonds. Autumn was definitely aroused. Mary lowered her head on to Autumn’s breast, and began to suck on one of her beautiful nipples. Autumn gave a small cry, and threw her head back, panting as Mary sucked them harder. Mary gently pushed her down so that she was lying on the bed, and climbed on top of her. She slowly unwrapped the ties of her shirt and bra, until Autumn was faced with two round C cups. Autumn paused, uncertain.

“Do you want to touch them?” Mary whispered.
Autumn nodded slowly.
“Go on baby, touch my titties, touch me like I touched you” Mary teased.

Autumn reached up, and laid a feather-light hand on Mary’s breasts. She giggled, and traced the contour of each rock-hard nipple. Mary sighed, completely awash in desire. She pushed Autumn’s hand away, and kissed her breasts again. She then proceeded to kiss her way down her soft belly, licking her belly button, until she reached the top of Autumn’s jeans. Mary could hardly contain herself. She tugged the waistband down, and whipped the jeans to the floor. Autumn’s lacy black panties were the only thing between Mary and the object of her desire. Mary whipped off her own skirt and thong, and pulled Autumn’s panties all the way down the length of her smooth legs. When all articles of clothing were all on the floor, Mary looked at Autumn.

“Do you want me to make love to you? Do you want me to take your virginity? Do you want to be mine?” she asked.
“Yes! Oh yes! Please Mary, please!” Autumn cried.

Mary dove down and plunged her tongue into Autumn’s pussy. Autumn squirmed, and squealed. Mary’s tongue moved with lightening speed, plunging in and out of the slick folds. She suck Autumn’s clit until her juices were practically pouring on to Mary’s face. Mary took her fingers and began to rub Autumn’s pussy. Autumn’s breath was coming in short, fast bursts. She rocked under Mary’s touch, couldn’t get enough of the feeling. She was close to the edge, dangerously close to coming. Mary took a finger and slid it into Autumn’s tight little hole. Autumn gasped, with pain and then with pleasure. Mary pushed her finger in and out, stretching her pussy. She moved her finger faster and faster, feeling ever contraction of Autumn’s pussy’s tight walls. Moaning louder and louder, Autumn arched her back and came, squirting her juices into Mary’s face. Mary laughed, and began to suck the remaining fluid from Autumn’s hole, drinking the juices of desire. They lay down on the bed, wrapped in each others arms, spent.


When Mary awoke, the first thing she saw was exquisite perfection. Autumn’s face was inches away from her own, their bodies wrapped together. She nudged the sleeping girl, who lifted her head curiously.

“What is it?” she asked.
“Will you stay with me?” Mary asked.
“Of course.” Autumn sat up.
“Mary, will you teach me everything you know about sex? I want to know how to fuck in every way possible.”
Mary almost fainted with delight, “Of course honey, of course”

She kissed her, and Autumn noticed a musky taste on her breath. She shivered with delight when she realized that she was tasting herself, in her truest form. Mary decided that she wasn’t going to waste any time, and flipped her over on her back. Autumn’s perky little bubble butt was such a huge turn on that Mary practically came right then. She licked around Autumn’s butt hole, smiling when she squirmed. She took one finger and slowly slid it into her little girl’s ass.

“Do you want me to fuck you in the ass?” Mary asked.
Autumn nodded.
“I can’t hear you baby, do you want me to fuck you in the ass?” Mary repeated.
“Yes! I need you to fuck me Mary, make me yours again.” Autumn said.

Mary sped up the speed of her finger. One finger slowly became two, and soon Autumn’s asshole was stretched, it’s owner panting beneath Mary. It took a while for Autumn’s tight hole to get used to Mary’s fingers. Mary’s nipples were hard, and her pussy was dripping wet. This was such a turn on. She continued to shove her fingers in and out of Autumn’s pink little hole. Mary bent down, and began to lick pussy while still fingering Autumn’s ass. Autumn gasped, and begged her to keep on doing it. Then, just when Autumn didn’t think she could stand it any longer, Mary inserted her entire fist into Autumn’s ass. Autumn cried out, and squirted so hard she trembled. As her body was shaking, Mary began to finger herself, until she too, came, and they were both satisfied.

“You squirt like a porn star.” Mary grinned.
Autumn looked up, “I’ve never seen a porn star before.”
Mary laughed, “I’ll show you how to be a porn star”


After breakfast, Mary went upstairs to look for some things. When she came down, she asked Autumn a question.

“Have you ever used a toy before?”
Autumn giggled, “No, but I’ll try anything you tell me”
Mary smiled. Her innocent little girl was quickly becoming a dirty little whore. She pulled out a huge strap on, a vibrator and a glass dildo. Autumn gasped.

“Are you going to stick that in me?” she asked, wide eyed.
“Sure thing. But first, I want to watch you. Have you ever masturbated with a dildo before?”
Autumn looked puzzled, “No”
“Well I want you to fuck yourself with this. I’ll teach you.” Mary said.
Autumn smiled, “Whatever you say”

Mary pulled out another dildo, and gave it to Autumn.

“Rub yourself, touch yourself and feel yourself until you feel wet, and then stick this in your pussy” she told her.

Autumn took one look at the 10 inch dildo, and gasped.

“I’ll try”

She sat down on the floor, with her back to the couch and started to touch herself. She stroked her own nipples, and dragged her fingers down towards her stomach. She licked her lips, and began to rub her little pink pussy. She rubbed and stroked her slit, sometimes playing with the folds of skin. She lay back, and closed her eyes. She continued to play with herself, feeling and teasing, until her pussy began to drip. She stuck a finger inside herself, feeling the heat that was being produced inside her legs. She sighed, and reached for the dildo. She brought the head of the fake dick close to her pussy, and rubbed it in her juice. She began to probe it into her hole. She adopted a look of intense concentration as she set to work stretching her tiny pussy. Mary sat there and watched her, masturbating while she observed. Autumn began to slide the dildo into her slit, gasping when it hurt. She persevered and continued to guide it in. When she had taken almost all of it, she sat there for a while before she slowly began to pump it in and out. She plunged it in, speeding up and varying the tempo. She lay on her back as she plunged it inside herself. It wasn’t very long before, after some stroking, and a lot of dildo fucking, she arched her back and screamed. A long stream of hot juice erupted from her tiny hole. Mary came just watching, she couldn’t help herself, it was just so hot.

As Autumn lay there, completely exhausted, Mary decided that it would probably be best if they stayed inside that day.

Mary made tender love to Autumn for the rest of the day. She explored every crevice, every curve, every sensation. It was purely for Autumn, to make her comfortable with sex. Tomorrow was a new day, and Mary was sure it held some surprises.


After breakfast, Autumn and Mary stretched out on the couch together, holding each other. Suddenly, Autumn stood up.

“Mary, I want to fuck you. I want you to teach me how to make you feel good,” she said.
Mary was surprised, but more than eager, “Of course honey. It’s time.”

Mary spread a blanket on the floor, and lay down.

“Okay Autumn, this is your chance.”

Autumn didn’t need to be told twice. She straddled Mary’s body with her long legs, and kissed her long and hard. She sucked Mary’s tongue, relishing the control. She kissed her neck repeatedly, sucking in the sweet taste of Mary. Mary moaned, and rocked her hips. Autumn gently bit down on one nipple, enjoying the sensation it gave her when it grew even harder. She licked every inch of Mary’s huge breast, trying to bring it all into her mouth at once. She ran her hands down Mary’s sides, hearing Mary gasp as she did so. Slowly but surely, she bent her head down in to Mary’s soft triangular patch. Mary cried out! Suddenly, Autumn’s tongue was everywhere. She was plunging it into Mary’s pussy, exploring every fold of skin there was. Without planning to, she plunged her fist into Mary’s pussy. Every sensation that Mary had been feeling doubled. She shrieked and raised her hips. Autumn slipped her other hand underneath her and began to finger her ass. Mary could barely hold herself in. She began shaking convulsively.

“YES! Fuck me Autumn. Fuck my old pussy you sexy whore!” Mary’s pussy tightened around Autumn’s fist, and then her entire body went limp.


Later that day, Autumn went up to where Mary was sitting on the back veranda.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I’ll need to go home for a bit to get some clothes.”
Mary grinned suggestively, “Oh…don’t worry about that. I think I might have some things you could wear.”

She went upstairs, and when she returned, it was with an armful of leather and a strap-on dick. She handed Autumn a leather bustier, crotchless leather panties, fishnet thigh highs and a pair of stilettos.

“Put these on”
Autumn didn’t argue. Her entire life had been turned around. She now had a purpose. She was Mary’s whore.

When Autumn came back, she paused in the doorway. Mary inhaled quickly.

Almost every inch of her creamy skin was exposed. Her pale breasts were spilling up over the top of the bustier, which was doing a terrible job of holding her in. The black leather of her crotchless panties made a startling contrast against her porcelain skin. The thigh highs formed an erotic diamond shaped pattern on her legs, which looked about a mile long, perched on top of six inch stilettos. Her golden mane spilled over everything, barely dusting the top of her naked pussy.

Mary stood up, and buckled her strap on. She walked over to Autumn and smacked across the face. She pulled her up by the hair, and dragged her over to the couch. One look at her face told Mary that Autumn knew what was going on, that she was going to be playing the role of the dirty little whore she was. She lay on the couch, pretending to shield her pussy against Mary’s eyes. Mary pushed her hands aside, and with one swift movement shoved her dick into Autumn’s pussy. She pounded her tiny slit as hard as she could, slamming her hips against the girls. Without warning, Autumn’s biggest squirt splashed into Mary’s face. Mary opened her mouth, and drank it all in. She ripped the leather off of Autumn, and kissed every inch of her body. Then she came, dripping all over Autumn’s limp form. They were meant to be together.


Over the next few days, there was no sexual act that Autumn did not perform. She even went as far as to pretend to be Mary’s daughter. There was nothing she could not, or would not do. How could they be split apart? Mary’s husband was returning the next day, along with her son.

“Autumn. I have a plan” Mary announced.
“What is it Mary?” the girl asked.
“I need you to seduce my son”

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