Walking in on my wife with another woman
I have changed the names of everyone involved here.

Let me start by saying that my wife, “Bree“, and I have a great sex life. Every time I see her I want to put my hands and mouth all over her body! I mean who wouldn’t? She’s quite pretty, 5’6” 120lbs with long curly hair which has a bit of a kink to it. She’s got a great bubble butt at the top of very toned legs and let me say that doctor did a wonderful job on her tits, they are 36C and they match her body perfectly!

As I already said we have a great sex life even after ten years of marriage. Anyways throughout our marriage we would do some role playing and tell each other our fantasy’s. She would dress in ultra short mini skirts and tight shirts when we would go out ( she’s got the body to pull it off) although that was something I had to convince her to wear since she thought she looked kinda sluty and wasn‘t in college anymore. When she dressed like that it would drive me crazy especially when other guys and more often then not a lot of other women would check her out and hit on her. Even though some of our fantasy’s included having mmf, ffm threesomes and me watching while she would be ravaged by two other guys, we never went any further then just talking about it. Although we had a number of opportunities we just never acted on them even though I sensed as she told me her fantasy’s that she has had threesomes before and has been with a girl before as well, but she always denied it.

Anyways I travel a lot for work and I’m normally gone two or three days at a time pretty much every week. Even though I’m away often there has never been any infidelity between us, or so I thought! On a business trip I had about a year ago I was suppose to be gone for three days but things finished early and I headed home to surprise Bree. Little did I know I was the one in for a surprise. I got home around 2pm and noticed a familiar BMW 3 series in the driveway which belonged to her friend “Lisa.” Lisa was one of Bree’s best friends and I’ve known her since we got married. So as I pulled into the garage I thought nothing of Lisa being there since all of us hung out a lot, especially after her divorce. I figured they were probably on the pool deck drinking margarita’s and laughing like they were back in college. As I walked into the house I looked out to the pool and didn’t seen them there but heard voices coming from our bedroom and I assumed they were back there trying on clothes from a shopping trip like previous times!
I’m thinking this is great because they usually try everything on for me and not only do I get to see my wife in sexy outfits but I get to see Lisa in them too!

Now Lisa is a little shorter then Bree and has more of an soccer players body compared to Bree’s lean frame. Like I said Lisa is about 5’4” and 125lbs with long straight blonde hair and legs that can crack a coconut! She has a very nice body, a little softer then Bree’s but still very sexy and she loved to show off her chest every chance she gets plus brags they are real 34D’s!

When I made it closer to the bedroom I could tell something other then trying on clothes was happening. As I peered around the door frame I saw my wife tied up spread eagle on the bed and Lisa having her way with her. At first I was just stunned and getting angrier by the second seeing that my wife was cheating on me! But then the scene just took me in and I became more aroused as I watched what Lisa was doing to my wife and to see her beg for more! As I stood there and became very hard my wife realized I was watching and started stammering for words. Lisa for her part didn’t say anything but had the look that she wanted to still be licking Bree’s pussy! Then Lisa turned to Bree and said, “we’ve been talking for a long time now to bring John in on our little adventure, what better time then this?!” Bree just looked at me and I said if you are comfortable with me joining I’m all for it! Bree mouthed the word yes and with her still tied up Lisa and I took complete advantage of her. We took turns sucking on her nipples and pussy, then licked her pussy together. Then as Lisa continued to lick her pussy I got up and put my hard dick in Bree’s face so she could suck me for a while. This happening was such a turn on that I had to continue changing what I was doing so I wouldn’t cum, I wanted it to last! As I felt myself getting close to losing it I told Lisa to straddle Bree’s face so she could lick her pussy. Throughout this whole ordeal the best part was seeing my wife in complete ecstasy!

Don’t get me wrong I was having the time of my life as well but seeing her like that drove me crazy. This went on for a bit longer until Bree started to tell us what to do, as she laid there tied up she wanted to watch me fuck Lisa from behind as Lisa ate her pussy. With us both a little shocked my wife just said to Lisa, “come on you’ve wanted to fuck him for ever” and to me she said, “you and I both know that you would love it as well.”

I did as I was told and slide my cock deep inside Lisa as she licked away at Bree’s pussy. The feeling of a pussy other them my wife’s and watching her being licked by another girl was too much for me and I couldn’t hold and exploded in Lisa’s pussy. Although I couldn’t move at this point besides my dick throbbing inside Lisa, Bree just smiled and told me to untie her so we could work on Lisa.

As Lisa rolled onto her back and pulled her legs up Bree dove in and began lapping up my cum that was oozing out of her pussy. She coyly looked at me and said to me “you made the mess, help me clean her up!” I gladly began to help my wife lick Lisa clean and into complete hysteria as one orgasm came on quickly then a few more as we continued our tonguing of her pussy. By now I was hard again and I wanted my dick inside my wife’s pussy so bad I left her to keep licking away and I shoved my dick in her and started fucking her deep and hard just like she likes it! This time I was able to last quite a bit longer until my wife came all over my dick, which, when she is really turned on she tends to be very juicy as she cums but this time she came so hard a clear syrupy liquid gushed out of her pussy and all over my dick. The sight of this and feeling how warm it was running down the shaft of my dick caused me to lose it again and I had just enough time to pull out so she could finish me with her mouth. As I came for a second time I just collapsed onto the bed and looked at the two sexy women I had next to me. My wife with cum dribbling down her chin and onto her chest and Lisa next to her running her fingers over her tits rubbing my cum into them and I just thought to myself that life couldn’t get any better. Little did I know though!

If I get enough positive responses I will write about some of our other fantasy’s that we have turned into reality.

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2009-07-12 00:50:51
The last, promotional, paragraph turned me off, sorry.

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2009-05-21 01:42:10
PLEASE write more. i love imagining myself as you and have always wanted a threesome with my wife

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2009-05-14 00:16:21
PLEASE write more. Can't wait for part 2!!!!!!!!!!


2009-05-13 22:57:42
awesome lil short and could be a lil more detailed but keep em cummin

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2009-05-13 20:22:02
beautiful!!! [] Love it [] =]

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