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Me and my hot cousin. Alone in my house. Do the math.
This is my first time writing a story so comments and suggestions would be appreciated. I might consider making another one if this one gets good reviews.


I woke up with a start to the sound of my alarm clock. My hand instinctively smashed the top of it, turning it off. I sat up in bed and checked the time. 11:34. I got up and walked to the bathroom, without even bothering to close the door as I had my own bathroom in my room. I did my business and brushed my teeth. As I finished, I stopped and looked at my self in the mirror.

My name is Paul Allen and I’m 16. I’m an only child. I have short brown hair and I’m about 5’10”. I weigh about 190 lbs and I’m pretty athletic. My body has a lean and hard look that can only be achieved through years of practice in football, basketball, and track. I’m pretty proud of my body. I work out daily and never let myself slack off. I keep a rigid diet: water, juice, milk, and protein shakes only. I’ve always been the popular guy in school and one of the ‘jocks’. Girls always seem to be interested in me although I rarely ever return the favor. That’s because I have a huge thing for my cousin, Rachel.

Rachel’s 15 and she lives a few hours away from me. I’ve known here my whole knife and we lived in the same neighborhood growing up so we hung out often. We bonded together as kids and I was pretty devastated when she moved away when I was 12. She still comes by from time to time during weekends and vacations but I only see her about once a month. She has long brown hair with blonde highlights and blue eyes also. She’s around 5’5” and a total knockout, in my opinion. Sadly. I’ve never the chance to check her breast size but I’d wager that they were around a 36D.

As I thought about her, I realized with a start that she was coming over today at noon. Shit! That only gave me less than half an hour to get ready! I jumped in the shower and got myself ready.

I still hadn’t finished by the time my cousin came and one of my parents answered the door. As I made my way downstairs, I could hear them talking. “Hey Rachel! It’s so good to see you again!” my mom said.

“Thanks! It’s good to see you too! It’s been a while, hasn’t it?” Rachel replied.

“Yeah, I think it’s been about 2 months since we last came by. Your uncle and I were just heading out. I don’t think Paul’s awake yet so you might have to wait a bit before you get some company.”

“No need. I’m right here, mom.”

“Oh, there you are sweetie! Rachel just got here. She’s gonna be babysitting you for the rest of the day.”

I groaned. My mom and dad thought that I was too irresponsible to be home alone and so when they occasionally went out, they would ask Rachel to come over and keep me company. Today, they were going out of state to catch a show. They wouldn’t be home till after midnight and Rachel was staying over. What luck, I thought to myself.

“Mom! I already told you, it’s not babysitting! Rachel’s just here to keep me company and hang out.”

“Sure she is, honey” she cooed.

“Oh, I don’t mind, Mrs. Allen. I love spending time with Paul.” Rachel said. As I heard her speak, my eyes automatically searched for her and I found her standing behind my mom, almost hidden from my view. My mouth opened slightly as I checked her out. In the time since I’ve last seen here, she’s really changed. She was wearing a short, blue skirt and a pink blouse that wrapped tightly around her huge breasts. Her body’s more toned and her hair grew out a little. She looked a lot more athletic than usual. Her hips were wider and her stomach flatter. I’m sure that if I got the chance to check out her ass, they would blow my mind.

As I finished my inspection, I looked up and caught her eyes. She was staring right at me and she smiled. Her smile was radiant and I was dumbfounded. I must’ve looked pretty stupid because she giggled a little and I regained my composure.

We heard a car horn honk outside and my mom said, “I gotta go honey, your dad is so impatient. We’ll be back around midnight. You two have fun.” And with that, she walked out the front door, leaving the house to my and Rachel, all by ourselves. I smiled to myself. We stood for a minute or so, checking each other out.

I finally spoke up and said “So, how’ve you been?”

“Good. I joined track and I’ve been exercising more often.”

“That must explain that killer body.” I said before I stop myself. She giggled and went to the kitchen. I followed her.

As I was walking through the door, I stopped. The fridge door was open and she was bent over reaching for something in the fridge. Her ass was in my face and it looked better than I could’ve ever imagined. I got an instant hard-on. It only lasted a second but it was enough for me to take a mental picture and store it for later. Rachel got what she was reaching for and closed the fridge. She then went into the living room and turned on the tv.

As I watched her walk away, my dick was straining against the fabric of my jeans and I needed some release, immediately. I ran off to my room and closed the door. I threw off my pants and grabbed my penis. I started stroking it up and down to the image of Rachel bent over in the fridge. I knew I wouldn’t last long and sure enough, I came just a few minutes after. I pulled my pants back and went downstairs. It was going to be a long day, I thought to myself.

I joined Rachel on the couch and watched tv with her. She had turned on an MTV reality show. She’s always been into these kind of shows but I don’t understand why. I didn’t complain though and sat there watching it with her.

After about 5 minutes, she turned it off and looked towards me. “Hey, do you wanna go jogging with me? I usually go jogging for about 30 minutes every Saturday and I don’t wanna break it today. I’d really appreciate it.”

I agreed and went upstairs to change. I finished pretty quickly and went downstairs to wait for her. It didn’t take long though and she came out of the bathroom in her outfit. My stomach did a backflip as I saw what she was wearing. She had changed into a short white tank top and a pair of shorts, an entirely appropriate outfit for going jogging. Except for the fact that her shirt was way too tight on her breasts and they looked like they were about to burst. My cock had gotten hard again but she didn’t appear to notice.

We headed out and started running laps around my neighborhood. We started talking about school and our life and stuff. Pretty soon, we were talking about our boyfriends and girlfriends. I wasn’t dating anyone at the time, I rarely ever did. I just wasn’t that into girls besides my cousin. I usually jacked off to thoughts of her. She said that she had just broken with here latest boyfriend a week ago who was a total douche.

I sneaked a peek over at her and was rewarded with the sight of her breasts bouncing up and down as she jogged. It was almost too much to take. I almost exploded right there. I stared at them for a few more seconds until she glanced over at me and noticed what I was doing. I quickly looked away but it was too late, she knew was I was doing.
We finished jogging and went home. We were both sweating like crazy and were both in need of a shower. I let her go first and sat down in my room. My room only has one shower in it, despite the fact that we have three bathrooms; one in my room, one in my parents, and one main one.

As I was sitting there, I thought about how perfect her breasts looked when it was bouncing up and down against her chest. I couldn’t resist and took my dick out and started masturbating. I’d been doing it for a while and was about to cum when I heard my door creak open. Rachel! I had been so preoccupied with jacking off that I didn’t here her coming. It tried to cover up but it was too late.

I heard her before I saw her “Hey Paul, I’m done. You can go shower now.” She pushed the door all the way open and looked down at me. Her eyes grew wide as she realized what I was doing. Her timing was impeccable as I felt my load explode and shot after shot of my cum flew into the air.

Her hands immediately shot up to her face and she scrunched up her eyes. “Oh my god, Paul!! I’m so sorry!! I didn’t think you were, you know. I’m so embarrassed!” she said as she rushed out the door and ran downstairs.

I wanted to run after her but figured it would be best to ignore it for now and let it cool down. I got into the bathroom and took a long, cool shower. I finished up and cautiously went downstairs. I’d reviewed what I would say to her in my head many times over and I was confident that I wouldn’t screw up. I saw her sitting on the couch with her head in her knees, watching tv.

I went up and sat next to her. After what seemed like a long time, I looked over at her and said, “Look, Rachel. I’m sorry about what you saw. It was very inappropriate of me and I apologize. I shouldn’t have done that with you here. I’ll understand if you don’t wanna reply and just ignore it. I deserve it.”

A minute passed. Then two. Finally, she spoke up, “It’s ok, Paul. I don’t blame you. It’s natural. I supposed it couldn’t be helped. It was sort of my fault huh?”
I gave her a confused look and said, “Huh? How was it your fault?”

“Well,” she started, “I suppose I shouldn’t have went jogging with that tight shirt on. You were checking me out of the whole time and I’m pretty sure the incident in the kitchen didn’t help much either.” I blushed and looked away. I’m pretty sure I saw a smirk on her face.

“After a long silence, I heard her speak up, “Um, I know this might be weird and a bit…difficult for you but, could I see it?” My head shot up as I registered what she said. I must’ve looked pretty shocked because her face turned red and she looked away. “Oh god,” she said, “I’m sorry. That was a weird thing for me to ask.” She started to get up off the couch but I beat her to the punch.

I stood up and blocked her way. I then pulled my pants down and stood there as my member came full out. I don’t have a huge cock by any means but it’s certainly not small. It’s about 8 inches long and an inch and a half wide (I know, I measured it just the other day).

I heard her gasp as she sat there looking at my dick. She didn’t move for a while until she finally said, “Can I touch it?”

“I’d like nothing more.” I replied. She needed no more motivation than that as she wrapped her hands around it. I moaned as she started massaging it. She stopped and looked up at me. I nodded and she continued. I started to get hard and she worked her way around my cock. She started moving her hands up and down, stroking it. She took one hand and started massaging my balls and pretty soon I started panting as I was ready to explode. “Rachel, I’m about to cum.” I said.

She nodded and continued jacking me off. After a few seconds, my cock swelled and my first shot of cum shot out. “CUMMING!!” I yelled as burst after burst of my cum shot off and splattered all over her face, shirt, and hands.

After what seemed like forever, I stopped ejaculating and my penis went limp. Rachel put her hands to her mouth and licked off my cum, repeating that process until ass my cum was gone. She looked up at me and smiled, “Well, that was fun. Do you want to return the favor?” she asked.

I didn’t reply but got down on my knees and started working her pants off. She stood up and pulled her shirt off. I felt like I was in heaven as I saw her huge tits bouncing against her body. She reached back and undid her bra straps. Her boobs were now hanging freely by themselves as she sat by down.

I moved my hands to her tits and started massaging them as I kissed her on the lips. I pressed my tongue into her mouth. My hands were playing with her nipples which were pointing straight out now. I broke our kiss and moved my lips down her body. Systematically kissing her as I went. I stopped at her panties and started to take them off. I could heard her gasping and she moved her hand down to stop me. I looked up at her and said, “Do you want me to stop?”

She shook her head and started to remove her panties herself. As I crouched there taking in the site before me, I’m pretty sure I died and went to heaven. Her pussy was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. Before this, I’d never seen a girl’s vagina before. I’d never really gotten into a girl enough to go this far. I took into every detail of my cousin’s beautiful cunt. It was completely shaven and it had her pussy juices flowing out of it. It smelled like my mom’s homemade chocolate chip cookies, fresh out of the oven with just a slight variation; it was a vagina.

I moved my fingers to her pussy and stuck two fingers into her. I heard her gasp. I first worked it slow and deliberately, building up her anticipation and climax. Then, after a few minutes, I started moving my fingers faster and faster until they looked like a blur. My other hand was massaging her tits. Alternately between one and the other. Her nipples were rock hard.

As I felt her body tense up and pulled out my fingers. She looked down at me, confused. I smiled up at her and looked back at her clit. I stuck my tongue in and started to lick her pussy while both my hands played with her tits. Pretty soon, she tensed up again but this time I didn’t stop and almost immediately after, her back arched and a flood of her pussy juices leaked out of her and into my mouth. I started licking her clean, savoring the taste of her sex juices. Wave after wave of it came out and after she had finished, she flopped down on the couch.
My dick had been rock-hard for a while now and there was no way I could refuse it. I lifted her up into my arms and positioned herself on top of my cock. I looked up at her and met her eyes. Her lips moved towards mine and we embraced each other. I took this as a sign of approval and started lowering her onto my penis. As soon as I entered her, she broke our kiss and gasped. I slowly inserted more and more of my cock into her. I felt myself hit against a small force of resistance but pushed forward. She cried out in pain as I took her virginity and she did the same to me. I stopped and let the pain subside and after a moment, I pushed myself deeper into her and starting thrusting myself in and out slowly.

I knew when Rachel’s pain and discomforted ended and her pleasure and lust took over as she immediately started pushing down on me. Her arms wrapped around my neck for extra support as we stood her, my hands on her ass lifting her up. I moved her against the wall and held her against it. My thrusting got grew quicker and deeper and her pussy grew accustomed to my dick. I turned my head up and locked my lips with her. We made out as we stood there, fucking each other’s brains out and having the best times of our lives.

I felt Rachel have orgasm after orgasm. She was on her third one when I finally felt my cock swell up and I felt her pussy juices flow onto my dick. I couldn’t hold on any longer and I shot load after load of my cum into her. We stood there releasing into each other for a long time.

Finally, I let her down and set her on the couch as my penis went limp and flopped out of her vagina. She looked into my eyes and said, “That was amazing. I’ve always wanted it to be with you, Paul. Ever since we were younger, I’ve been thinking about you. That’s why I never did it with anyone else. I love you, Paul.

I smiled and said, “I love you too. I’d jacked off to thoughts of you for years. This was the best night of my life, Rachel.”

She looked at me seductively and said, “Well, it’s about to get better, stud. We’ve still got hours before your parents get home and I’m not done with you yet.” And with that, she kissed me right on the lips.

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2015-06-30 02:06:43
I agree with pod PROOFREAD and ever heard of the spell check function. Might want try that before posting another story


2009-06-30 16:51:55
Nice! Funny, I didn't notice the errors whilst reading the story. The cookies part was hilarious! Could have used more build up, but was very good.


2009-06-15 00:38:18
Hey guys. I posted my second story and its currently waiting for approval. It's a lot longer than this one but differs in that it isn't incest. I took your advice and proofread it, which I should've done for this story also so sorry about that. I also left out any weird comments about food. In my opinion, I think the other story is much better than this one. So be sure to look for it in a matter of days.


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2009-05-28 01:29:17
Great story you should totally write another


2009-05-21 11:50:25
You spoiled the story for me by not having enough pride in your work to take the time to PROOFREAD it! If they are cousins, why did Rachel call her aunt Mrs Allen? Proofing should have caught these: my whole knife; knew was I was; my room only has one shower in it; until ass my cum; as she sat by down; I could heard; as we stood her; got grew quicker.

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