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Mitch had often been at the brunt end of every cable guy joke ever known to man, but his friends didn’t know the real horror of being a cable guy with the nicest ass in town. Bored housewives. If Mitch had to fight off one more bored, lonely housewife, he swore he’d quit his job and push brooms in the streets. Another day and another 6 housecalls, Mitch prepared himself for the obligatory old lady who thought he was just the cutest thing they ever did see. Mitch breathed deep as he rang the bell at 67 Newbridge, then looked up as the door opened. This was no old hag, Mitch realized, this was one perfectly sculpted man in a pair of snug fitting briefs. "Cable down?" Mitch asked coolly. "Yeah, out back," the stranger answered with a smile, "I’ll show you where the lines fell." Mitch walked around the house to meet the customer in the back yard, cursing to himself the whole way since 98% of problems are inside the house, but just his luck this one was outside. "Up there," the man pointed to the house, "I think squirrels took it out, I’m not really sure." "Alright," Mitch answered, "Not a problem." Mitch got the extension ladder out of the truck and made his way toward the roofline cables. As he got closer, Mitch could see that the wires weren’t nibbled on, but cleanly cut with something sharp. Odd, he thought, for a neighborhood prank, but diligently replaced the broken connection. It was a brutally hot afternoon, so Mitch took his safety helmet off in order to wipe the beads of sweat from his forehead. As he looked down, he noticed an extension ladder lying in the shrubs. He wondered if the customer knew he’d left his ladder there. Then it clicked. This guy cut the wires! Almost simultaneously, Mitch realized the buff man was standing at the back door watching him. Mitch felt a twinge in his shorts, and he hurried to fix the wires. Within a few minutes, he was done and he climbed back down the ladder. The man came out to greet him. "Done already?" he asked. "Yeah, it was a pretty clean switch," Mitch replied while drying his forehead with the shirt covering his biceps. "Man, it’s hot out today, let me get you something to drink." Mitch followed the man inside, took his tool belt and helmet off and rested them on the kitchen breakfast bar. The stranger asked if cola was okay, and Mitch agreed. "You know that wire was cut, don’t you?" Mitch asked between sips. "Yeah, I know. I cut it myself." Mitch barely rested his glass on the counter when this man practically lifted him from his seat and pressed him against the dining room wall. With one hand pressed in the middle of Mitch’s back, the man unbuttoned Mitch’s jeans, and yanked them down around his ankles. Mitch’s dick grew hard, fast. He felt it press against the wall he was pinned against and reached down to free it up a little. The stranger grabbed Mitch’s hand and pulled his arm around behind his back, and now Mitch’s cock was throbbing. This was sooooooo much better than a hag in her tennis clothes. Mitch felt a warm fluid slowly roll down his back, but he couldn’t budge under the man’s grip to turn and see what it was. As the stranger spread Mitch’s ass open, he felt the warm liquid roll over his asshole. The man massaged the oily substance around the rim of Mitch’s hole, slipping the tip of his thick finger in and out, then burying the length of his finger deep inside Mitch. Mitch’s back arched involuntarily and the stranger breathed in his ear, "I knew you’d find this housecall a pleasant one." The man pressed his cock against Mitch’s asshole, sliding it up and down in his crack, greasing the entire shaft with the oils he poured down Mitch’s back. Then, in one powerful, hole splitting thrust, he buried his entire cock in Mitch. Still unable to move, Mitch just took it, and loved it. Mitch’s dick ached now as it was trapped between his body and the wall he was shoved against, and the pain was maddening, yet he didn’t say a word. He knew his customer was in control, and quite frankly, he was afraid he’d stop fucking him if he complained. Almost as if the man read Mitch’s mind, he slipped a hand in and pulled Mitch’s dick downward, giving it a little free space. Mitch’s eyes were shut tight as this man furiously fucked him. Every hard jab lifting Mitch to his toes, and every slam against his ass sending a wave of electricity through his helpless body. This went on for about 15 minutes, and Mitch couldn’t believe the stamina and strength this guy possessed. His ass had never been reamed so hard. Then, suddenly, Mitch found himself on the floor, face to face with the muscular stranger, and his ankles up around his ears. "You have the tightest ass I’ve ever fucked," the stranger hissed, "I’m gonna show you what it’s like to have a real man fuck you like a real man." His eyes were steely, his body beaded with sweat, and his dick was still as hard as it was 5 minutes ago. Staring down at Mitch, pinning his ankles to the floor, the guy continued to fuck Mitch with reckless abandon. Mitch’s eyes rolled back in his head and he started to jerk himself off. His own body drenched in sweat now, he could feel his asshole stretching wider with every forceful inward fuck. He could hear the stranger’s hips smacking against his prone ass and Mitch jerked himself even harder. Then he could feel it, the warm spurts of hot juice in his ass, Mitch didn’t know whether to cry or moan, he didn’t want it to stop! He felt his own wad surging, then spurting and he aimed his cock for the stranger’s face. Mitch opened his eyes to see his jism streaming down the customer’s face, and with satisfaction, Mitch laid his head back. When the man was finished fucking Mitch, he got up, left Mitch on the floor and walked into another room. Mitch pulled his jeans up and put his tool belt back on. He left a bill on the counter, put his ladder back in the truck and hoped the squirrels became a routine nuisance.

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2009-06-26 16:26:54
A saying from a friend of mine who spent some time in prison comes to mind. He would say " aint nothing wrong with a little man-pussy, it just smells like shit"


2009-06-23 16:36:54
ever heard of paragraghs geesh learn sentence structure

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