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A middle aged man is walking along a beach when he notices a bottle lying in the sand. He stops to pick it up and when he uncorks it, a genie appears. The genie tells the man that if he makes a wish, it will be granted. The man thinks for a moment and remembers how much he loved drinking fine champagne, which he no longer could afford to purchase, so he asks the genie for the opportunity to drink champagne every day. The genie grants his wish and tells the man that when he returns home all he had to do is pee; that in the evening his urine will now be fine champagne.
When the guy returns home that evening and asks his wife to bring two champagne glasses into their living room. She complied, wondering where the champagne was. He then told her about the genie and his request and then proceeded to pee into each of the glasses. Then he hesitantly put the glass to his lips and drank the liquid. When the liquid hit his taste buds, he burst into a big grin. To his amazement the liquid in his glass tasted even better than Dom Perignon. He then asked his wife to sample hers. She does and also is amazed.
The next night when the man returns home from work, he again asks his wife to bring the champagne glasses into the room, wherein he proceeds to pee into each of them and the two of them drink champagne until they both have enough. This routine continues throughout the week until one day, the man comes home and asks his wife to come into the living room without the champagne glasses. She looks confused and wonders if maybe tonight they won't be drinking champagne. She notices her husband pulling his penis out of his pants but this time he asks her to put her mouth on it.
"You mean we aren't going to be drinking that wonderful champagne again tonite?" she asked him.
"Of course we'll drink champagne," he replies, " but this time we are going to be drinking from the bottle."
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